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With no small amount of swagger, Gavin Greyling said, "I remember Gavin fucking Guile, who won the False Prism's War, who outwitted the Thorn Conspirators and ended the Red Cliff Uprising. Gavin Guile, who brought low pirate kings and bandit lords, who ended the Blood Wars with wits and one deadly wave of his hand, who brought justice to the Seven Satrapies. Gavin Guile, who hunted wights and criminals, who built Brightwater Wall in less than a week, who aborted the birth of gods, destroyed at least two bane, and killed a god full fledged at Ruic Head. Gavin Guile, who faced a sea demon and lived, saving all the people of Garriston and the Blackguard, too. Gavin Guile, who sank Pash vecchio's great ship Gargantua with a rat. Gavin Guile, who armed us for war and gave the Blackguard the seas entire with ou sea chariots and hull wreckers. Gavin Guile, heart of our heart, our Promachos, the one who goes before us in war, who came and conquered and will come again. ~ Brent Weeks
Greyling Valheim quotes by Brent Weeks
We're seastnan, we live to protect, sometimes we die and I can't think of a better way to go than fighting for someone I love. ~ Caroline Greyling
Greyling Valheim quotes by Caroline Greyling
It feels like I was made to fit here, in the space beneath his heart. ~ Caroline Greyling
Greyling Valheim quotes by Caroline Greyling
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