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There was a muchacha who lived near my house. La gente del pueblo talked about her being una de las otras, "of the Others." They said that for six months she was a woman who had a vagina that bled once a month, and that for the other six months she was a man, had a penis and she peed standing up. they called her half and half, mita' y mita', neither one nor the other but a strange doubling, a deviation of nature that horrified, a work of nature inverted. But there is a magic aspect in abnormality and so-called deformity. Maimed, mad, and sexually different people were believed to posess supernatural powers by primal cultures' magico-religious thinking. For them, abnormality was the price a person had to pay for her or his inborn extraordinary gift.

There is something compelling about being both male and female, about having an entry into both worlds. Contrary to some psychiatric tenets, half and halfs are not suffering from a confusion of sexual identity, or even from a confusion of gender. What we are suffering from is an absolute despot duality that says we are able to be only one or the other. It claims that human nature is limited and cannot evolve into something better. But I, like other queer people, am two in one body, both male and female. I am the embodiment of the heiros gamos: the coming together of opposite qualities within. ~ Gloria E Anzaldua
Gente Ignorante quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
We need more leaders among our gente - more teachers, politicians, businesspeople, organizers, and such. Turn the energy that many young people are putting into "war" and "death" and put it into life and true justice. ~ Luis J Rodriguez
Gente Ignorante quotes by Luis J Rodriguez
Scrape knees for love. Tell hard truths for love. And definitely run heart-first into the unknown for love. Try to have a plan. But if you don't, make sure you have people. You coming, mi gente? ~ Gabby Rivera
Gente Ignorante quotes by Gabby Rivera
We can not afford to be out of touch with our environment right now. So much is changing right in front of us and it's happening so fast. Stay connected mi gente to your internal net - your source of wisdom. ~ Rosangel Perez
Gente Ignorante quotes by Rosangel Perez
To conclude, gente expression is a complex matter. Sometimes it's indicative of a person's gender, sometimes it's not. Every individual gets to decide for themselves how they want to express and what the relationship is between their expression and their gender. ~ Ashley Mardell
Gente Ignorante quotes by Ashley Mardell
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