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I drive too fast;
I love too much;
I wish to die every day I live and I live like my wish was to come true.
Ghandi, Ensler, Chanel, and others… What have they got on you but the ability to put into words what you feel. Somewhere deep inside you feel, we all feel, that instinct for carpe diem. It is just that most don't know it until the moment they are about to die...
Carpe diem amici mei, carpe diem iam. ~ B. Farkas
Farkas Kutya quotes by B. Farkas
The mathematical giant [Gauss], who from his lofty heights embraces in one view the stars and the abysses ... ~ Farkas Bolyai
Farkas Kutya quotes by Farkas Bolyai
Please give it up. Fear it no less than the sensual passion, because it, too, may take up all your time and deprive you of your health, peace of mind and happiness in life.

[Having himself spent a lifetime unsuccessfully trying to prove Euclid's postulate that parallel lines do not meet, Farkas discouraged his son János from any further attempt.] ~ Farkas Bolyai
Farkas Kutya quotes by Farkas Bolyai
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