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I was a happy boy until one day my girlfriend became invisible!!!!!
Yes, she really became invisible!!!!!! ~ Ekta Renu Chandna
Fantacy quotes by Ekta Renu Chandna
All rising suns set, Archivist. [...] All revolutions are [fantacy, lunacy], until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities. [...] I was not genomed to alter history, [...] no revolutionary ever was. ~ David Mitchell
Fantacy quotes by David Mitchell
The path that you're traveling upon right now, may lead you astray. This is what scares us the most. What if fantasies are the truth and facts are fictional. What if everything takes a 360-degree turn only to tell you that whatever scares you is the exact opposite of scary and whatever you're living right now is the actual scary. The part that you seamlessly embrace. A fact doesn't stand any chance if doubt isn't there to give it support. It is easy to find an answer to a certain question, the difficult part is to formulate the correct question. The world is formally divided into two parts; facts and fiction. The facts are seen and fiction is what helps us believe in the unseen. A little bit of magic and a lot of madness is what keeps the heart alive. ~ Jazbia S.
Fantacy quotes by Jazbia S.
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