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I love Clinique. Their moisturizer is amazing. My skin tends to be really oily, but then at times I'm dry, and that's the perfect amount of moisturizer. ~ Francia Raisa
Clinique quotes by Francia Raisa
First of all, you're going to talk to her and get the whole story. I know you're in shock but sitting around here all day fingering your va**na isn't going to make anything better. So man-up. Go talk to her. You spent all these years trying to find her and here she is, right in front of you. So she's got a little baggage. Who doesn't?"

"A little baggage? Drew, she has a son. That's more than a little baggage," I complained.

"Wake up and look in the mirror baby-daddy. He's your son too. And you spent the last few years trying to f**k her out of your system with some chick you could barely stand. That's not just baggage, that's luggage, bags, suitcases, carry-ons, back-packs and Clinique make-up bags. ~ Tara Sivec
Clinique quotes by Tara Sivec
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