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Marriage did not hold much interest for Urmila but it was a social discipline she would have to conform to. She would rather seek knowledge instead of a suitor. ~ Kavita Kane
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Kavita Kane
Why would the Prime Minister make such an order, Mr. Chaudhry?" the General leaned forward to put out the barely smoked cigarette. "Would you advise him to do such a foolish thing? Are you tired of being in government already?" A barely noticeable sneer crept across his battle-worn face. ~ Khalid Muhammad
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Khalid Muhammad
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Urmila DéPaola Gaeta
Call me nerd today, call me boss tomorrow. ~ Bilal Chaudhry
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Bilal Chaudhry
Surpanakha, Ahalya, Renuka, Urmila - each one had a story of her own. Each one had followed a path of her own. Her path, her way, was hers alone.
Sita had learnt what she could from their experiences. At first, she felt only disdain and anger for them. Later, when she understood that the anguish in their lives was similar, she felt a camaraderie, a companionship with them. When Sita heard the sufferings of others, she realized that she was not alone. The awareness that she was one of them gave her strength. And it was that strength which enabled her to withstand the disgrace and bear her children, to give them a happy childhood and to train them in all the skills. ~ Volga
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Volga
You could always call her secretive, masking her feelings beautifully lest anyone intrude into her inmost realm of hidden thoughts. It was a defense Urmila had evolved since childhood. ~ Kavita Kane
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Kavita Kane
Who would hold her hand and guide her through that darkness?
'Am I not here, my girl?' The affectionate words of Mother Earth gave her the strength of a thousand elephants.
Her mother was independent. She would go to her mother. Her mother was omnipotent. So she could take Sita into her embrace. Sita had now seen it all - sons, fathers, sons' obedience to fathers, wives' faithfulness to husbands, motherhood. But there was one thing she had not seen. Nor had Ahalya, Surpanakha or Urmila experienced it. It was what Renuka had faced - the brutality of her own son. She had seen the dharma-bound cruelty of her son who, taking his father's word as the word of the Vedas, was ready to hack her head off. She then realized what the foundation of that cruelty was. How many whirlpools must have stirred in her heart then? And how deep they must have been? In fact, so deep as to challenge Arya Dharma itself. ~ Volga
Chaudhry Urmila quotes by Volga
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