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Eve. That torpedo mind-fuck sex was outrageous and fantastically titillating. Titi-fuck-illating. But there was something else as well. Emotional, a small voice in Beckett's head suggested. Connected. Well, shit. That seemed just about right. Definitely something new. ~ Debra Anastasia
Bakat Titi quotes by Debra Anastasia
...talent is evenly distributed. You never know how many talented people are out there until you invite and inspire them to be creative. ~ John Wood
Bakat Titi quotes by John Wood
I've always been a big fan of Thierry Henry. I enjoy watching all the great players, really. But we're always drawn to some players more than others, and in my case, it's Titi. He's my favourite player. I also really liked Luis Figo when he was at Real Madrid. ~ Stanislas Wawrinka
Bakat Titi quotes by Stanislas Wawrinka
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