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A madman and an arahant both smile, but the arahant knows why while the madman doesn't. ~ Ajahn Chah
Arahant Login quotes by Ajahn Chah
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To add or activate the Roku channels,
The first and foremost step is to make the device selection and there are lot of models.Connect the device to the network and you can choose the option, wireless.Login to the Roku account and navigate to channel store.Let us begin your search to find the channel and as you get the search results make the selection and tap on the Add channel tab.You can set the Roku account pin and this step will always help to avoid unauthorized channel purchase.
For pay channels find out the respective charges and pay it to complete the activation. ~ Damien Martyn
Arahant Login quotes by Damien Martyn
Do not be a bodhisattva, do not be an arahant, do not be anything at all. If you are a bodhisattva, you will suffer, if you are an arahant, you will suffer, if you are anything at all, you will suffer. ~ Ajahn Chah
Arahant Login quotes by Ajahn Chah
It was the men I was really concerned about so I worked through the male avatars more systematically. Several had clearly been pursuing her - but that in itself was no surprise. She'd given the majority a polite brush off. One or two had offered her their protection, whatever that meant. I took a note of the interesting ones, logged out of Rowena's account and back in under my login of Cassandra. All but one were open to new contacts, so I composed and sent flirtatious introductions. ~ A.E. Rawson
Arahant Login quotes by A.E. Rawson
God is available in your thinking, impulses, and impressions on your mind, so login ~ Ikechukwu Joseph
Arahant Login quotes by Ikechukwu Joseph
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