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I do preach the idea of individualism as in not adapting any kind of style or model other than that one of your own. I always found it strange in art history when studying about the different guilds and movements. It sounded too contrived and having to follow devised parameters to create art. I personally am not a team player in that manner. The art should be labeled by the artist's name only. ~ Adamo Macri
Adamo quotes by Adamo Macri
Its not about time, its about choices. How are you spending your choices? ~ Beverly Adamo
Adamo quotes by Beverly Adamo
I regard texture similar to the function of taste buds in our mouths. But in a visual form. Texture does create a specific flavour which affects our senses. ~ Adamo Macri
Adamo quotes by Adamo Macri
Successful people create a vision and then find
a way to grow into it. ~ Mike Adamo
Adamo quotes by Mike Adamo
Art exhibitions would be less censored if they were rated, G or NC-17, like movies. People in general see galleries and museums as family-appropriate excursions. Censorship is a provided system which caters to lazy parenting, which is publicly-funded and socially accepted. ~ Adamo Macri
Adamo quotes by Adamo Macri
Most people don't like to be confronted with an actual fact-of-life because it's difficult to metabolize. A painting of a bowl of fruit is much easier. It's for the same reason why we don't like going to the doctor. The diagnosis and x-rays are too honest. This is what creates the perception that contemporary art is shocking or suspicious. ~ Adamo Macri
Adamo quotes by Adamo Macri
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