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#1. It was sort of that in-between area when people don't talk about their personal lives. That's the kind of life I think Kerry would be living now if it weren't for the Lopez character sort of outing her.
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#2. I'm straight and I have a lot of gay friends.
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#3. But I'm not objective when I'm acting.
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#4. We've been back since July, but I spent some time with the family in the south of France over the summer. We rented a house with another couple and took it easy.
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#5. Our intention is to really explore this transition and, beyond that, explore the particular things that someone comes up against when they're gay or lesbian.
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#6. I think they do a great job on Queer as Folk.
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#7. I have a friend who is around my age, a little younger, and she's gay and came out to her own community when she was younger but not to her family and to the community at large.
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