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Twelve barrels of water are required to make one barrel of bitumen. This produces 400 million gallons a day of toxic wastewater at the tar sand mines. ~ Samuel Avery
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Samuel Avery
The "old school" of wastewater treatment, still embraced by most government regulators and many academics, considers water to be a vehicle for the routine transfer of waste from on place to another. It also considers the accompanying organic material to be of little or no value. The "new school", on the other hand, sees water as a dwindling, precious resource that should not be polluted with waste; organic materials are seen as resources that should be constructively recycled. My research for this chapter included reviewing hundreds of research papers on alternative wastewater systems. I was amazed at the incredible amount of time and money that has gone into studying how to clean the water we have polluted with human excrement. In all of the research papers, without exception, the idea that we should simply stop defecating in water was never suggested. ~ Joseph Jenkins
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Joseph Jenkins
I say we have not even had the decency to maintain the assets that our parents and grandparents built for us - our roads, our bridges, our wastewater systems, our sewer systems; by the way, those weren't Bolsheviks, those weren't socialists that built those things for us - much less build the infrastructure we need for the 21st century. ~ Michael Bennett
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Michael Bennett
According to a 2012 study, modern fracking "events" (as they are called) use an average of five million gallons of water - " 70 to 300 times the amount of fluid used in traditional fracking." Once used, much of this water is radioactive and toxic. In 2012, the industry created 280 billion gallons of such wastewater in the U.S. alone - " enough to flood all of Washington DC beneath a 22ft deep toxic lagoon," as The Guardian noted.

In other words, extreme energy demands that we destroy a whole lot of the essential substance we need to survive - water - just to keep extracting more of the very substances threatening our survival and that we can power our lives without. ~ Naomi Klein
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Naomi Klein
New challenges beyond navigation have spawned new conventions and institutions in the Rhine and Danube basins. A separate International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR) was set up in 1950 as a permanent intergovernmental body among the co-riparian states. But the ICPR began fighting pollution of the Rhine in earnest only after a 1986 accident at a Basel plant. For a long time, industrial and domestic wastewater flowed untreated into the Rhine, earning it the sobriquet, "the Sewer of Europe." The Basel accident spewed thirty tons of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and dyes into the river, turning a large stretch of it red and destroying some fish species. ~ Brahma Chellaney
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Brahma Chellaney
rotten fruits and vegetables n.
distressed produce

sewage plant n.
wastewater conveyance facility

sewage sludge n.
1. regulated organic ingredients
2. bioslurp
3. organic biomass

Some people may call the residue of treated sewage "sludge," but to John Gonzales of the Reno-Sparks, Nevada, sewage treatment plant it's "organic biomass."

4. biosolids

It might look like sludge to you, but others call it "biosolids."

5. regulated wastewater residuals ~ William D. Lutz
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by William D. Lutz
I, in fact, have been involved in the construction of and the management of wastewater treatment plants. ~ Jeff Miller
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Jeff Miller
We need to send hundreds of millions of dollars down to our public high schools, vocational colleges, and community colleges to begin training people in the green-collar work of the future - things like solar-panel installation, retrofitting buildings that are leaking energy, wastewater reclamation, organic food, materials reuse and recycling. ~ Van Jones
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Van Jones
when companies are not transparent, communities fear that such secrecy covers insincerity, dishonesty, and trickiness. Transparency ~ Luc Zandvliet
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Luc Zandvliet
We are wasting our water mostly by putting waste into it. One cubic meter of wastewater can pollute ten cubic meters of water. Discharging wastewater into oceans turns freshwater into the less useful salty stuff, and desalination is expensive. ~ Rose George
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Rose George
Designing a system for intrinsic responsibility could mean, for example, requiring all towns or companies that emit wastewater into a stream to place their intake pipes downstream from their outflow pipe. ~ Donella H. Meadows
Zandvliet Wastewater quotes by Donella H. Meadows
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