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#1. When you try to be someone else, you're not only neglecting your true self; you're also sacrificing the potential God has planted within you. The potential to rise to your calling, reach others through your gifts, and make a difference. - Author: Tessa Emily Hall
Youth Resources quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
#2. When the natural resources of any nation become exhausted," he warned, "disaster and decay in every department of national life follow as a matter of course."2 - Author: Michael Wolraich
Youth Resources quotes by Michael Wolraich
#3. This conference on religious education seems to your humble servant the last word in absurdity. We are told by a delightful 'expert' that we ought not really teach our children about God lest we rob them of the opportunity of making their own discovery of God, and lest we corrupt their young minds by our own superstitions. If we continue along these lines the day will come when some expert will advise us not to teach our children the English language, since we rob them thereby of the possibility of choosing the German, French or Japanese languages as possible alternatives. Don't these good people realize that they are reducing the principle of freedom to an absurdity? - Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
Youth Resources quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#4. Few problems are less recognized, but more important than, the accelerating disappearance of the earth's biological resources. In pushing other species to extinction, humanity is busy sawing off the limb on which it is perched. - Author: Paul R. Ehrlich
Youth Resources quotes by Paul R. Ehrlich
#5. The ability to impose one's values and tastes as if they were natural and objective rather than subjective leads to the legitimation of particular viewpoints being accepted or rejected. It is therefore the struggle over categories, as resources of symbolic power and representation, that is an extension - Author: Roberta Garner
Youth Resources quotes by Roberta Garner
#6. I assume the president's going to say he got bad intelligence ... I think that wherever you see poverty, whether it's in the white rural community or the black urban community, you see that the resources have been sucked up into the war and tax cuts for the rich. - Author: Charles Rangel
Youth Resources quotes by Charles Rangel
#7. In some country patriotism is shown only for cricket. When it comes to responsibilities' they started blaming their own country, politician, people, and others. And ends up praising the western. - Author: Vivek Thangaswamy
Youth Resources quotes by Vivek Thangaswamy
#8. If education really educates, there will, in time, be more and more citizens who understand that relics of the old West add meaning and value to the new. Youth yet unborn will pole up the Missouri with Lewis and Clark, or climb the Sierras with James Capen Adams, and each generation in turn will ask: Where is the big white bear? It will be a sorry answer to say he went under while conservationists weren't looking. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Youth Resources quotes by Aldo Leopold
#9. The young will not always be young, the famous will not always be relevant, the outspoken will not always have a voice. Make the most of now. - Author: Olarewaju Oladipo
Youth Resources quotes by Olarewaju Oladipo
#10. We are stronger than we think. We have emotional, spiritual and even physical resources at our disposal. We may get knocked down, but we don't have to stay down. - Author: Steve Goodier
Youth Resources quotes by Steve Goodier
#11. Also, as I looked at the mite of a youth with the heart of a lion, I thought, this is the type that on occasion rears barricades and shows the world that men have not forgotten how to die. - Author: Jack London
Youth Resources quotes by Jack London
#12. There are resources to help and simple steps that parents, preschools, businesses, and communities can take to help our kids succeed, because we're all in this together, and that's what the Too Small to Fail Initiative is all about. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Youth Resources quotes by Hillary Clinton
#13. The bad psychological material is not a sin but a disease. It does not need to be repented of, but to be cured. And by the way, that is very important. Human beings judge one another by their external actions. God judges them by their moral choices. When a neurotic who has a pathological horror of cats forces himself to pick up a cat for some good reason, it is quite possible that in God's eyes he has shown more courage than a healthy man may have shown in winning the V.C. When a man who has been perverted from his youth and taught that cruelty is the right thing does dome tiny little kindness, or refrains from some cruelty he might have committed, and thereby, perhaps, risks being sneered at by his companions, he may, in God's eyes, be doing more than you and I would do if we gave up life itself for a friend.

It is as well to put this the other way round. Some of us who seem quite nice people may, in fact, have made so little use of a good heredity and good upbringing that we are really worse than those whom we regard as fiends. Can we be quite certain how we should have behaved if we had been saddled with the psychological outfit, and then with the bad upbringing, and then with the power, say, of Himmler? That is why Christians are told not to judge. We see only the results which a man's choices make out of his raw material. But God does not judge him on the raw material at all, but on what he has done with it. Most of the man's psychological makeup is probably d - Author: C.S. Lewis
Youth Resources quotes by C.S. Lewis
#14. We are actually a very rich country with a lot of resources and the ability to do almost whatever we want. We could eliminate poverty in America by spending a fraction of what we spend on defense. - Author: Alex Pareene
Youth Resources quotes by Alex Pareene
#15. There was never any more inception than there is now,
Nor any more youth or age than there is now;
And will never be any more perfection than there is now,
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now. - Author: Walt Whitman
Youth Resources quotes by Walt Whitman
#16. Let's strive to become as protective over our time with God as we are with our daily cup of brew. Let's become addicted to our "spiritual caffeine fix. - Author: Tessa Emily Hall
Youth Resources quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
#17. Painting and sculpture, labour and good faith, have been my ruin and I continually go from bad to worse. Better it would have been for me if I had set myself to making matches in my youth. I should not be in such distress of mind. - Author: Michelangelo
Youth Resources quotes by Michelangelo
#18. The resource allocation task of top management has received too much attention when compared to the task of resource leverage. - Author: C. K. Prahalad
Youth Resources quotes by C. K. Prahalad
#19. As a matter of habit, I stop and pick up seashells that interest me, and I always put the ones I really like in a lovely Baccarat bowl in my living room. It's my way of remembering that I once was young and carefree. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
Youth Resources quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#20. Don't you think it would be better to legalize victimless crimes like drugs & prostitution & divert the resources to more important things like the rapes & assaults & things like that? - Author: Larry King
Youth Resources quotes by Larry King
#21. The opportunities and threats existing in any situation always exceed the resources needed to exploit the opportunities or avoid the threats. Thus, strategy is essentially a problem of allocating resources. If strategy is to be successful, it must allocate superior resources against a decisive opportunity. - Author: William Cohen
Youth Resources quotes by William Cohen
#22. If death should claim me
In my youth
Or when I go insane
These lines must tell you
That I loved you
Every single day - Author: Vincent K. Hunanyan
Youth Resources quotes by Vincent K. Hunanyan
#23. Youth is a lifestyle; it's not a blessing from God. If we treat our bodies as if they are not the most precious things we possess, then obviously we will show wear and tear. We're like a good pair of jeans. If we take care of them, they'll remain classic forever, but if we batter and abuse them they'll look like tattered old rags. - Author: Akshay Kumar
Youth Resources quotes by Akshay Kumar
#24. I grew up playing in youth orchestras, so they were my most treasured memories, so to be in front of an orchestra playing my own material would be incredible. - Author: Laura Mvula
Youth Resources quotes by Laura Mvula
#25. I had begun to think my ripening body would wither untasted on the vine. - Author: Jacqueline Carey
Youth Resources quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#26. Healing requires far more of us than just the participation of our intellectual and even our emotional resources. And it certainly demands that we do more than look backwards at the dead-end archives of our past. Healing is, by definition, taking a process of disintegration of life and transforming into a process of return to life. - Author: Caroline Myss
Youth Resources quotes by Caroline Myss
#27. If the bureaucracy is not checked, it will tend to build, in the name of peace, a defense against every conceivable contingency - so much 'security' that 'the secured' are without resources - helpless and hopeless. - Author: Leonard Read
Youth Resources quotes by Leonard Read
#28. Women are more than half of our globe, more than half of our promise and potential. And we have been not only underusing that resource but suppressing it. - Author: Sally Kohn
Youth Resources quotes by Sally Kohn
#29. There stand out in my life many incidents in my youth, of wonderful inspiration and power through men preaching the gospel in the spirit of testimony and prayer. - Author: Heber J. Grant
Youth Resources quotes by Heber J. Grant
#30. One should remember that where nobody flees, there is no pursuer: that where there are no little fish, there can be no big ones. Why does the girl not require her lover a noble and honoured name, a manly heart to protect her weakness, and a resolute spirit which will not be satisfied with engendering slaves? Let her discard all fear, behave nobly and yield not her youth to the weak and faint-hearted. - Author: Jose Rizal
Youth Resources quotes by Jose Rizal
#31. Tell Youth to play with Wine and Love and never bear away the scars! I may as well tilt up the sky and yet try not to spill the stars. - Author: Ridgely Torrence
Youth Resources quotes by Ridgely Torrence
#32. Though they know in their adult hearts,
even as they threaten to banish Timmy to bed
for his appalling behavior,
that their bosses are Big Fatty Stupids,
their wives are Dopey Dopeheads
and that they themselves are Mr. Sillypants. - Author: Billy Collins
Youth Resources quotes by Billy Collins
#33. Dream like a child, think like an elder, work like a youth. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Youth Resources quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo

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