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Why did you defect now? Why here? There are other troll tribes and hundreds of cities that aren't at war with your King."
"But only the Trylle have Wendy." Loki's smile returned but his eyes ere pained. "And how could I pass on that?"
"She is married, you know," Finn said. "So it might be a good idea if you stopped trying to flirt with her. She's not interested."
"It's up to her to decide who she's interested in," Loki said, with an edge to his voice. "And it's not exactly like you're following your own advice."
"I am her tracker." Finn sat up in bed, but this time I didn't try to stop him. His eyes were burning. "It's my job to protect her."
"No, Duncan is her tracker." Loki pointed to where Duncan stood in the doorway, staring wide-eyed at their confrontation. "And Wendy's stronger than the both of you combined. You're not protecting her. You're protecting yourself because you're a lovesick ex-boyfriend."
"You think you have everything figured out, but you don't know anything," Finn growled. "If it were up to me I'd have you sent back to the Vittra in a flash."
"But it's not up to you!" I snapped. "It's up to me. And this conversation is over. Finn needs to rest, and you are not helping anything, Loki."
"Sorry," Loki said and rubbed his hands on his pants.
"Why don't you go back to your room?" I asked Loki. "I'll be over to talk to you in a minute."
He nodded and got up. "Feel better," Loki said to Finn, and he actually soun ~ Amanda Hocking
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Amanda Hocking
If you wouldn't show or tell your mom, boss, and ex-boyfriend, then don't put it on Facebook. ~ Kelly Williams Brown
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Kelly Williams Brown
One of the pitfalls of having an ex-boyfriend is that people still pair you together in their memories, and sooner or later someone's bound to mention him. And now that it has happened ... I can't say I feel nothing. I don't think it's possible to get royally dumped by the only boy I've ever done it with, let alone loved, and then feel nothing when he's brought up in conversation. ~ Daria Snadowsky
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Daria Snadowsky
Please tell me you have to pee."
"What? No. No, I do not. Don't even ask."
"Oh, come on. I'd do it myself if I could, but I can't. I'm a girl."
"I know. Life is unfair. I'm still not going to pee on Karou's ex-boyfriend for you."
"What? I wasn't even going to ask you to." In her most reasonable tone, Zuzana explained, "I just want you to pee in a balloon so I can drop it on him."
"Oh." Mik pretended to consider this for approximately one and a half second. "No. ~ Laini Taylor
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Laini Taylor
One of my mother's friends said to me, 'Your ex-boyfriends didn't stand a chance with you and your mother.' And I think I probably was unfair to them because she was the first person and the last person I called about every single thing. Sorry, ex-boyfriends. ~ Lily Rabe
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Lily Rabe
It's probably a bad indicator of your lifestyle when you miss your ex-boyfriend because he's absolutely lethal. ~ Charlaine Harris
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Charlaine Harris
Ha! Does Agatha know we're coming?"

"It'll be a surprise!" Penny says.

"Surprise!" Baz singsongs. "It's your ex-boyfriend and his boyfriend and that girl you never liked very much!"> ~ Rainbow Rowell
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Rainbow Rowell
So did I mishear over the communicator, or did you send your girlfriend off on a super-sexy secret mission with her ex-boyfriend?'
'We're fighting a war here, Nine, it's not a joke,' John replies sternly. After a moment's awkward pause, a begrudging smile breaks on his face. 'Also, shut up. It's not super sexy. What does that even mean?'
'Wow, you really need my guidance,' Nine says. He throws his arm around John's shoulders and leads him towards the house. 'Come on. I'll explain what sexy is.'
'I know what it – ugh, why am I even discussing this with you?' John shoves Nine in frustration, but Nine just holds on tighter. 'Get off me, idiot.'
'Come on, Johnny, you need my affection now more than ever. ~ Pittacus Lore
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Pittacus Lore
Hiya, Alex. I missed you tonight."
My gaze rests on Sam. "Yeah, I see how much you missed me."
"Sam? Oh, I don't really like him," she coos, coming close. I can smell the mota radiating off her. "I'm waiting for you to come back to me."
"Not gonna happen."
"Is it because of your stupid chemistry partner?" She grabs ray chin, trying to force me to look at her, her long nails digging into my skin.
I grab both her wrists and pull them aside, all the time wondering how my tough-as-nails ex-girlfriend turned into a tough-as-nails bitch. "Brittany has nothin' to do with you and me. I hear you've been talkin' shit to her."
"Did Isa tell you that?" she asks, her eyes narrowed into slits.
"Just back off," I say, ignoring her question, "or you'll have a lot more to deal with than a bitter ex-boyfriend."
"Are you bitter, Alex? Because you don't act bitter. You act like you don't give a shit."
She's right. After I found her sleeping around, it took me a while to get over it, get over her. I wondered what other guys were giving her that I couldn't.
"I used to give a shit," I tell her. "I don't now. ~ Simone Elkeles
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Simone Elkeles
There should be a phone service that turns off your phone between midnight and six A.M. every night. And if you want to make a call, you have to pick up the phone and talk to an operator: Put me through to AAA. My car battery's dead. Yes, ma'am. Put me through to Pink Dot. I need vanilla Häagen-Dazs toute de suite! Yes, ma'am. Put me through to my ex-boyfriend... I'm sorry, ma'am, the operator would say. That would be a bad idea. Now you go to bed before you do anything stupid. ~ Kim Gruenenfelder
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Kim Gruenenfelder
I was thinking about the cow thing. About how hanging on to an ex-boyfriend is like chewing your cud until somebody drops a fresh bale of hay in front of you. Or something like that. ~ Dandi Daley Mackall
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Dandi Daley Mackall
There's a guy out there who's going to be really happy that you didn't get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend. ~ Greg Behrendt
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Greg Behrendt
If you had a man when I was your friend and then we started hooking up and you broke up with your boyfriend, so now we're together and you have a new male friend? I'm going to look at you sideways because your character's horrible and now I'm thinking you're going to do to me what you did to your ex. ~ Damien Lemon
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Damien Lemon
So you're going shopping with your ex-boyfriend to find an outfit to snare your next boyfriend? Oh, what a tangled web you weave. ~ Jillian Dodd
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Jillian Dodd
Fletcher was always going to be your ex-boyfriend, from the moment you met him. He's just finally caught up with where he's supposed to be. ~ Derek Landy
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Derek Landy
I had no doubt that Tiny thought he got depressed, but that was probably because he had nothing to compare it to. Still, what could I say? that I didn't just feel depressed - instead, it was like the depression was the core of me, of every part of me, from my mind to my bones? That if he got blue, I got black? That I hated those pills so much because I knew how much I relied on them to live?
No, I couldn't say any of this because when it all comes down to it, nobody wants to hear it. No matter how much they like you or love you, they don't want to hear it. ~ John Green
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by John Green
Do you love her?" I ask hoarsely.
His head whirls toward me. "No."
"You sure about that?"
"I don't. Not the way you do."
I relax, just slightly. "Still. You care about her."
Of course he does. We all do, because that girl flew into our house like a whirlwind and made everything come alive again. She brought steel and fire. She made us laugh again. She gave us a purpose - at first, it was us uniting against her. Then it turned into us standing beside her. Protecting her. Loving her. ~ Erin Watt
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Erin Watt
Let those feelings out. Talk about it. Even if you're talking to your journal by yourself in an empty room. That still counts. That still matters.

If you know someone who's struggling and isolated, help them talk about it. Even if they don't have the right words. Even if you sit in silence as they try to feel safe. Even if they shower you with complaints, excuses, and justifications. Even if you can see they're just playing small, being irrational, blaming circumstances. Just be there. It all counts. It all matters. ~ Vironika Tugaleva
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
Brother, if any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him. For you are worse than he thinks you to be. If he charges you falsely on some point, yet be satisfied, for if he knew you better he might change the accusation and you would be no gainer by the correction.
If you have your moral portrait painted and it is ugly, be satisfied. For it only needs a few blacker touches and it would be still nearer the truth. "I will be base in my own sight." This was well said. Perhaps if David had carried it out more fully and had been rendered watchful thereby, it might have saved him from his great fall. A sense of electing love will render you base in your own sight. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
You never date someone's ex-boyfriend. Period. That's not even the unspoken rule - that's the spoken rule. ~ Eva Longoria
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Eva Longoria
You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish; the more ardent the more selfish. How jealous I am you cannot know. You must come with me, loving me, to death; or else hate me, and still come with me, and hating me through death and after. There is no such word as indifference in my apathetic nature. ~ J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
I stepped closer still. He closed his eyes again and covered my hand with his own. 'You smell of violets. You always smell of violets,' he said. 'You've no idea how many times I have walked these moors and smelled them and thought you were near. On and on I walked, following the scent of you, and you were never there. When I saw you in the hall tonight, I thought I had finally gone mad. ~ Deanna Raybourn
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Deanna Raybourn
You come to me, you appear to me in the night, the fact that you're not here appears to me, that I can't tell you this even though I pretend like I can, not being able to ever tell you is still something I can't understand. That you could have taken so long to decompose, too, that, too, I can't believe there's still so much left of you, down there, buried, hair and things like that, skin. I don't want to take anything, I never wanted to, and I would give (I don't know what, not everything because you wouldn't be there, but I'd give a lot) so much to be able to tell you, for real, to see you, to sing a song with you, shout it out hugging each other, have you over to my apartment, for you to get to know my house and my boyfriend, the one I have now, and have him get to know you and have you tell me which one's better, which one you like better, if it's Juli, if it's him, even though obviously you would like Manuel better, and in reality you wouldn't care about either of them, because the two of us is enough, there's nothing else, we never needed anything else, although we did. ~ Romina Paula
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Romina Paula
I know he has a bad nature,' said Catherine; 'he's your son. But I'm glad I've a better, to forgive it; and I know he loves me and for that reason I love him. Mr Heathcliff, you have nobody to love you; and, however miserable you make us, we shall still have the revenge of thinking that your cruelty arises from your greater misery! You are miserable, are you not? Lonely, like the devil, and envious like him? Nobody loves you - nobody will cry for you, when you die! I wouldn't be you! ~ Emily Bronte
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Emily Bronte
He's tried to explain this a couple of times to a few of his buddies after about five beers. Like listen, listen. Imagine you live in this country, right? And there's a brutal war, and you witness and maybe participate in a horrific amount of violence, and you lose absolutely everyone you care about. Then you end up in this other country, where the culture and ways of doing things are completely foreign to you, and random assholes make fun of you for how you dress and act and talk while you're still coming to grips with the fact that everyone you love is gone and you can never go home again. Meanwhile, everyone around you is like "smile, motherfucker, you're in the Land of Plenty now, where there's a Starbucks on every corner and 500 channels on TV. You should be grateful! Why aren't you acting more grateful?" So you have to pretend to be grateful while you're dying inside. Sound like an traumatized, orphaned refugee? Also sounds like Steve fucking Rogers, Captain Goddamn America. Except that most refugees were part of a community of other people who were going through the same thing. Steve is all alone, the last damn unicorn, if the last unicorn had horrible screaming nightmares about the time when it helped to liberate Buchenwald. ~ Spitandvinegar
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Spitandvinegar
Anyway, you never get there, you just keep going. Things are repeated, and sometimes we mistake the fact of their repetition for their value. It can make it seem like we aren't supposed to change, or like our love has to be just so. It can make it seem as though what we know is best, which it only sometimes is. But maybe that's okay. Even when imagining takes us away, it still begins with what's already here. ~ T Fleischmann
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by T Fleischmann
What if everything you believe is wrong and you could still be loved and still be forgiven? ~ Cassandra Clare
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Cassandra Clare
Love, time doth change."

The rose was red,
The color of love,
Its petals vibrant,
A sign of your love.
Its stem did twine,
Around my heart,
But it couldn't keep it pumping,
One day it failed to start.
As clouds parted,
Oceans apart,
We only had our memories,
To remember,
Our love would last.
But time went on,
Your love did change,
And so the rose,
Began to change.
Thorns grew wild,
Petals did fade,
My rose was wilting,
Showing its age.
Red was no more,
Black was the hue,
Without your love,
What was I to do?
I tended my garden,
The thoughts in my mind,
For you were still my love,
For me in my mind. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
Sixteen and in love when our existence is taboo and still I choose you. I choose you. ~ Topaz Winters
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Topaz Winters
If you find yourself still clinging to every feeling you thought was lost forever... Maybe, just maybe, it's the only place you can be found. ~ Alfa Holden
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Alfa Holden
I've dreamed of you so much you're losing your reality.
Is there still time to reach that living body and kiss
onto that mouth the birth of the voice so dear to me?
I've dreamed of you so much that my arms, accustomed
to being crossed on my breast while hugging your shadow
would perhaps not bend to the shape of your body.
And, faced with the real appearance of what has haunted
and ruled me for days and years, I would probably
become a shadow.
o sentimental balances.
I've dreamed of you so much it's no longer right
for me to awaken. I sleep standing up, my body exposed
to all signs of life and love, and you
the only one who matters to me now, I'd be less able
to touch your face and your lips than the face and the lips
of the first woman who came along. I've dreamed of you so much, walked so much, spoken
and lain with your phantom that perhaps nothing more is left me
than to be a phantom among phantoms and a hundred times more shadow
than the shadow that walks and will joyfully walk
on the sundial of your life. ~ Robert Desnos
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Robert Desnos
I, Astaroth, Crown Prince of Hell, am in love with you, Layla Shaw. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. A hudred decades from now, I will still be in love with you, and it will be as fierce today as it will be a decade later. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Reed Flute's Work
I say to the reed flute, You do the work,
yet you know sweet secrets too.
You share the Friend's breathing.
What could you need from me?
The reed replies, Knowledge is total
destruction. I say, Burn me completely then
and leave no knowing.
How could I, when it's knowledge that leads us?
But this knowledge has lost compassion
and grown disgusted with itself.
It has forgotten about silence and emptiness.
A reed flute has nine holes
and is a model of human consciousness,
beheaded, though still in love with lips.
This is your disgrace, this moaning.
Weep for the sounds you make. ~ Rumi
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Rumi
My love has six sides, but it's not a coffin. That's just an optical illusion. Still, one day my love for you will be the death of me. ~ Jarod Kintz
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Jarod Kintz
She paid rapt attention to the carpet design
He did the same to his pint of beer.
She wished she were ten thousand miles away
He just wished she were here.

He smoked a rolled-up cigarette
She smoked a brand that was strong,
As she dreamily savoured her newly-won life,
While he wondered how things had gotten so wrong.

She whispered the words of an old favourite song
He joined – mistaking her meaning.
She shed a few reminiscent tears
He carried on – wildly dreaming.

He reached for her hand.
She snatched it away,
Brushing invisible specks from her lap
Then she endeavoured to say…

"I don't understand why you keep up this farce
Why can't you see there's no way?
I cannot revive what has long since died
There's nothing more I can say."

He cried like a baby;
He pleaded and begged her to stay.
She hated herself like a louse
But still she got up – and walked away. ~ Bernie Morris
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Bernie Morris
Just for the record, she still loves you. She wouldn't bother to torture you if she didn't. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
When you look out into the world and you turn on the news and it's just so dark, it's still there. But it's the battle, it's the struggle with that, and at the same time to recognize that happiness and love and all those things exist as well. ~ Lupe Fiasco
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Lupe Fiasco
He wanted to tell Nina that you could love something and still see it's flaws. At least, he hoped that was true, or he was truly cooked. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Leigh Bardugo
What kind of world does the core of your brain expect that you, you personally get to live in? Wendy wanted to be loved. However easily she might have abandoned or ruined her prospects, Wendy did still believe she would have love. ~ Casey Plett
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Casey Plett
So get up, pretty woman!
And from your beautifully shaped body don't be ashamed
For we are meant to be different,
Rounded shapes and squared
We come in a small, medium and a large size
And to each there is still a wide range
This is to create a beautiful portrait for the eyes
And we are not supposed to please the "media-thinking" and change!
So woman up!
Whether your size is infinity-X large or infinity-X Small
In love with "you" you should fall
Don't let them and their meaningless words or shallow looks
Make you lose it all
As to this nature you belong,
The beach, the mountains, the oceans
And the colorful life this mother earth has to give
So embrace this with your body and soul
No matter how they evolve…
For as long as you live! ~ Abeer Allan
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Abeer Allan
Jane and Mr. Nobley entered the great hall, the ceiling dazzling with thousands of real candles that put fire into the white dresses and cravats. Five musicians were seated on a dais--a cello and two violins (or maybe a viola?), a harpsichord, and some kind of wind instrument. From keys and strings, they coaxed a grand prelude to the minuet. Jane looked at everything, smiling at the amusement park novelty of it all. She looked at Mr. Nobley. He was beaming at her. At last.
"You are stunning," he said, and every inch of him seemed to swear that it was true.
"Oh," she said.
He kissed her gloved fingers. He was still smiling. There was something different about him tonight, and she couldn't place what it was. Some new plot twist, she presumed. She was eager to roll around in all the plot she could on her last night, though once or twice her eyes strayed to spot Martin.
Mr. Nobley stood opposite her in a line of ten men. She watched Amelia and Captain East perform the figures. They held each other's gazes, they smiled with the elation of new love. All very convincing.
Poor Amelia, thought Jane.
It was a bit cruel, now that she thought about it, all these actors who made women fall in love with them. Amelia seemed so tenderhearted, and Miss Charming and her heaving breasts so delighted with this world. Jane caught sight of a very striking Colonel Andrews who, now that she watched him dance, might just be gay.
Jane felt a thrumming of foreboding. ~ Shannon Hale
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Shannon Hale
You used to be the best to make life be real to me,
and I hope that you're still out there and you're like you used to be ~ Warren Zevon
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Warren Zevon
You can be anybody you want to be
you can love whomever you will
you can travel any country where your heart leads
and know (we) will love you still.

You can live by yourself,
you can gather friends around
you can choose one special one.
And the only measure of your words and your deeds
will be the love you leave behind when you're done. ~ Fred Small
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Fred Small
Derek's breath touched Sara's throat in unsteady urges. "Sometimes," he whispered, "I'm so close to you ... and I'm still not close enough. I want to share your breath ... every beat of your heart."
He cradled her head in both his hands, his mouth hot on her neck. "Sometimes," he murmured, "I want to punish you a little."
"For making me want you until I ache with it. For the way I wake at night just to watch you sleeping." His face was intense and passionate above her, his green eyes sharp in their brightness. "I want you more each time I'm with you. It's a fever that never leaves me. I can't be alone without wondering where you are, when I can have you again." His lips possessed hers in a kiss that was both savage and tender, and she opened to him eagerly. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Is that why we give flowers? To express admiration? Sometimes. But there are other reasons. A symbol of love or of commiseration. A way of saying thank you. A mark of respect. Proof we like someone and want them to smile. And we put flowers on graves to say Look, we still think of you. You've left a space behind. ~ Susan Fletcher
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Susan Fletcher
You know the saying that nothing can last forever? It's partly true. Feelings can stop, people can leave us, but regardless, a piece of them is always with us, in some way. Maybe it's in a song, or a forgotten note, a picture. Even when you no longer love someone or can't be with them, you still remember them, you still remember good parts of them, and you smile. Why worry about it lasting or not? Even if it doesn't, you'll still have a part of him. And he'll still have a part of you. And isn't that what's really important? Holding the best pieces of someone in our hearts so that the love never really fades, so that we don't forget that we once knew them, and they were special to us. ~ Lindy Zart
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Lindy Zart
I've got my own moral compass to steer by
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky
And all the preaching voices -
Empty vessels ring so loud
As they move among the crowd
Fools and thieves are well disguised
In the temple and market place

Like a stone in the river
Against the floods of spring
I will quietly resist

Like the willows in the wind
Or the cliffs along the ocean
I will quietly resist

I don't have faith in faith
I don't believe in belief
You can call me faithless
I still cling to hope
And I believe in love
And that's faith enough for me

I've got my own spirit level for balance
To tell if my choice is leaning up or down
And all the shouting voices
Try to throw me off my course
Some by sermon, some by force
Fools and thieves are dangerous
In the temple and market place

Like a forest bows to winter
Beneath the deep white silence
I will quietly resist

Like a flower in the desert
That only blooms at night
I will quietly resist ~ Rush
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Rush
If you want to get rid of Rose then fine, I'll take care of it. But I don't think that is going to solve your problem. You'll still be here. And you are your problem. ~ Holly Hood
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Holly Hood
I still wasn't convinced that tossing a shoe didn't mean you harbored an anger-management problem, but I did understand love now. How it wrapped around you and made you more aware of the prickles on your skin, the roots of your hair, the intensity of every touch and every inch of you. It was like life on hi-def. Everything was sharper. ~ Erin McCarthy
Your Ex Boyfriend You Still Love quotes by Erin McCarthy
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