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#1. There is no escape. You can't be a vagabond and an artist and still be a solid citizen, a wholesome, upstanding man. You want to get drunk, so you have to accept the hangover. You say yes to the sunlight and pure fantasies, so you have to say yes to the filth and the nausea. Everything is within you, gold and mud, happiness and pain, the laughter of childhood and the apprehension of death. Say yes to everything, shirk nothing. Don't try to lie to yourself. You are not a solid citizen. You are not a Greek. You are not harmonious, or the master of yourself. You are a bird in the storm. Let it storm! Let it drive you! How much have you lied! A thousand times, even in your poems and books, you have played the harmonious man, the wise man, the happy, the enlightened man. In the same way, men attacking in war have played heroes, while their bowels twitched. My God, what a poor ape, what a fencer in the mirror man is- particularly the artist- particularly myself! - Author: Hermann Hesse
You Played My Heart quotes by Hermann Hesse
#2. I want you to forget what i told you earlier, I... I couldn't love someone like you. I hate you. I thought it the second i saw you in the park. You were just poison! Drinking beer in the morning, quoting some stupid Tanka to me! You listening to other people talking all day just so you never have to reveal a thing about yourself! You knew who I was, I was just a kid! What were you thinking what's wrong with you?! If I'd know who you were I wouldn't have told you a thing about me or my dreams. You don't think I can do it! You don't think I'll ever amount to anything! What is that why you didn't say anything to me? You thought maybe you'd humor the little kid? Indulge his fantasies for a little while! Just string him along? Just say it I'll never measure up to my dreams! You knew from the beginning you could have just admitted it! But you played along. So tell me god damn it! Tell me that little kids should run along to school! Tell me that you hate me! Say it! Come on listener say something for a change! You loser! Its because you act like that. You never say what's important! You act like it's none of your business! You've been living your whole life alone! - Author: Makoto Shinkai
You Played My Heart quotes by Makoto Shinkai
#3. The gut wrenching howling as they informed me, "dead on arrival. Baby could not survive outside her mother's womb." Every finite detail of the worst night of my life played through my mind in HD Technicolor. Somewhere in the haze between past and reality, I heard a soft voice. "Nik? Can you hear me? Come back, you're scaring me, - Author: Lora Ann
You Played My Heart quotes by Lora Ann
#4. But in my family, playing music was still more important than the type of music you played, so when after a few months it became clear that my love for the cello was no passing crush, my parents rented me one so I could practice at home. Rusty scales and triads - Author: Gayle Forman
You Played My Heart quotes by Gayle Forman
#5. How can you, through my plain and simple words, possible experience the joy i felt when Robinson jumped into that Los Angeles pool, sledded on the golden sand of the Great Dunes, or kissed me in an ancient temple? How can you understand what Robinson meant to me? His laugh was like a peal of bells. He really did consider Slim Jims to be their own food group. When he played the guitar and sang, whether it was in the cancer ward or in Tompkin's Square Park, everyone stopped to listen. He was magic - Author: James Patterson
You Played My Heart quotes by James Patterson
#6. At first, my love was just to be in the studio and make the music and enjoy it when I hear it played back, but then the biggest thing for me was to see the response of the people. When you go out and see the energy in the crowd, it's incredible. - Author: Curtis Jackson
You Played My Heart quotes by Curtis Jackson
#7. You remembered what I like," he murmured.
She slammed her glass down harder than she meant to. "Of course I do. The only thing predicable besides your outrageous libido is your stomach. You ordered the same thing each and every time we came here."
A ghost of a flirtatious smile played at Aidan's lips. "If I don't clean my plate, are you going to spank me, Mommy?"
Emma crossed her arms over her chest. "No, but I will force feed you myself like the damn petulant toddler you insist on acting like! - Author: Katie Ashley
You Played My Heart quotes by Katie Ashley
#8. I was known as a Yankee killer. My best year against them was 1953. I beat them five times and shut them out four times. You just played a little harder against them. - Author: Mel Parnell
You Played My Heart quotes by Mel Parnell
#9. When I played basketball, I spent hours On the court practicing. When i became a body-builder, I was in the gym all the time. Like most beginners, I didn't really know what I was doing, but the more I did it, the more I loved it. I guess you could say I was a gym rat. Seeing my body change made me come back for more. - Author: Phil Heath
You Played My Heart quotes by Phil Heath
#10. I pray that the world never runs out of dragons. I say that in all sincerity, though I have played a part in the death of one great wyrm. For the dragon is the quintessential enemy, the greatest foe, the unconquerable epitome of devastation. The dragon, above all other creatures, even the demons and the devils, evokes images of dark grandeur, of the greatest beast curled asleep on the greatest treasure hoard. They are the ultimate test of the hero and the ultimate fright of the child. They are older than the elves and more akin to the earth than the dwarves. The great dragons are the preternatural beast, the basic element of the beast, that darkest part of our imagination.

The wizards cannot tell you of their origin, though they believe that a great wizard, a god of wizards, must have played some role in the first spawning of the beast. The elves, with their long fables explaining the creation of every aspect of the world, have many ancient tales concerning the origin of the dragons, but they admit, privately, that they really have no idea of how the dragons came to be.
My own belief is more simple, and yet, more complicated by far. I believe that dragons appeared in the world immediately after the spawning of the first reasoning race. I do not credit any god of wizards with their creation, but rather, the most basic imagination wrought of unseen fears, of those first reasoning mortals.

We make the dragons as we make the gods, because we need them, - Author: R.A. Salvatore
You Played My Heart quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#11. The Gold Glove surprised me a little. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect it. I feel I played at the top of my game, but I was new to the league and I didn't think that many people would vote for me. - Author: Omar Vizquel
You Played My Heart quotes by Omar Vizquel
#12. You have to understand, I don't play golf for fun. It's my business. When the mailman starts delivering mail on his off day, that's when I'll start playing golf for the hell of it. I like to play in tournaments. There are many great courses around the world that I have never played that are next door to tournaments. I have not played them because I don't play for fun. - Author: Lee Trevino
You Played My Heart quotes by Lee Trevino
#13. Liberty clutched him tightly. 'You played a part in my destiny. And maybe I played a part in yours.'
That was how things worked, she was beginning to realize. Destiny wasn't something you accomplished by yourself. - Author: Kelly Easton
You Played My Heart quotes by Kelly Easton
#14. I've got quite a big gay following. I played a lesbian prostitute in the TV series 'Band Of Gold' but I think my following really grew when I played one in the film 'Imagine Me & You,' with Piper Perabo. - Author: Lena Headey
You Played My Heart quotes by Lena Headey
#15. I come from a generation where I couldn't even contemplate such a thing. I find it amazing. You can become a multi-millionaire as a club player without playing international football. But international football is about individual pride and wanting to perform at the highest level. If I got picked at 41, I would have played, even if I thought I would make a fool of myself. I just wanted to play for my country. - Author: Trevor Brooking
You Played My Heart quotes by Trevor Brooking
#16. Weeks later, she said: 'The guy was about middle-aged. All his things right there in his yard. No lie. We got real pissed and danced. In the driveway. Oh, my God. Don't laugh. He played us these records. Look at this record-player. The old guy gave it to us. And all these crappy records. Will you look at this shit?'
She kept talking. She told everyone. There was more to it, and she was trying to get it talked out. After a time, she quit trying - Author: Raymond Carver
You Played My Heart quotes by Raymond Carver
#17. Her eyes widened slightly at the words and she played the last moments of their conservation over in her head. We are in love. He met her gaze, not letting her look away as he spoke. You appear to have missed my meaning. Allow me to repeat myself more plainly. I love you, Alex. - Author: Sarah MacLean
You Played My Heart quotes by Sarah MacLean
#18. That would have been too obvious," Matt said. "You just said I never choose scissors so you had to know I would choose scissors so I couldn't choose scissors because you'd know it. Hence, the rock."
"Hence the paper covering your rock. You ask her."
"Well played my friend," Matt said. "Well played. - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
You Played My Heart quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#19. The fact that nobody played tennis in my family and you'd say by chance they make three tennis courts in front of the restaurant that my family owned when I was 4, I think that's a destiny. That's kind of life circumstances that kind of come together for you to become who you want to become. - Author: Novak Djokovic
You Played My Heart quotes by Novak Djokovic
#20. When you look back you talk about legends of the game, he's certainly up there. Twenty trophies since 1994. He just seems to get better and better. I've had the honour of playing alongside him. The four years I've played alongside him, he is the best player, one of the first names on the manager's teamsheet. He is just a complete legend. There are not enough players like Paul Scholes around any more for my liking. 'Legend' is over-used but this guy is right up there with the very best. - Author: Dwight Yorke
You Played My Heart quotes by Dwight Yorke
#21. Hey, laugh all you want, but I grew up poor in backwoods Florida, with an immigrant, single mom. I'm the only person in my family who learned to read, and that was only because of comic books at first, and then fantasy novels and an active imagination. I got addicted to them when I was a kid and read like crazy. I must have read thousands of them. So I've been reading about elves and that kind of thing for twenty plus years. I can't help it if I'm excited." "You were a geek," she said. "Well, I guess." "I bet you played Dungeons and Dragons in a friend's garage." "Well, yeah." "Nerd. - Author: Larry Correia
You Played My Heart quotes by Larry Correia
#22. I am not here to pass civilities or compliments with you, but on other business. I have stood your meanness as long as I intend to. You have played the part of a damned scoundrel, and are a coward, and if you were any part of a man I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it. You may as well not issue any more orders to me, for I will not obey them ... and as I say to you that if you ever again try to interfere with me or cross my path it will be at the peril of your life. - Author: Nathan Bedford Forrest
You Played My Heart quotes by Nathan Bedford Forrest
#23. Of course I miss playing for Manchester United. I played there for six years and that's a long time. I am still interested in watching Manchester United and, you never know, maybe in the future I could return to play there. It's always possible. I want to fulfil my contract here but, in the future, only God knows. I will not say I am not happy here at Real Madrid. I am really happy and everyone knows this is my club but, of course, I miss Manchester United, the boss, the players, because I left family there. - Author: Cristiano Ronaldo
You Played My Heart quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
#24. After deliberating my options for a split second, I rolled my chair over to watch him tattoo the guy he had hunched over, working on an old pirate ship right smack on the middle of the man's brawny shoulder.

I didn't say a word as I watched him, not wanting to distract him from the man who had been all too excited to request Slim's work an hour before.

But my friend Slim had other thoughts. His green eyes flashed up at me. "What was that about?"

"Huh?" I played stupid.

Slim pulled the gun off the customer's skin, dabbing at the beaded blood before continuing with a shake of his head. "Since when are you guys BFFs?"

I'd learned over the last month how chatty all the guys were, well, specifically Slim and Blake. If I answered his question just remotely weird, I'd bet my first born Slim would jump to some kind of crazy conclusion that I wanted no part of. So I went with the truth. "I heard him fart last night. It kind of broke the ice."

The little whistle he let out told me that was good enough. He snorted and raised an eyebrow before getting back to work. "That'll do it. - Author: Mariana Zapata
You Played My Heart quotes by Mariana Zapata
#25. She's not my girlfriend. We're just friends," I said automatically.
"Shut up. You're so whipped I should buy you a saddle." Which he would've said about any girl I talked to, talked about, or even looked at in the hall.
"She's not. Nothing's happened. We just hang out."
"You're so full of crap, you could pass for a toilet. You like her, Wate. Admit it." Link wasn't big on subtleties, and I don't think he could imagine hanging out with a girl for any reason other than maybe she played lead guitar, except for the obvious ones. - Author: Kami Garcia
You Played My Heart quotes by Kami Garcia
#26. The summer I was ten years old, there was a group of kids in my neighborhood who played together every night after dinner. I often watched them from my window ... Every night around nine-thirty or ten, those kids would get called in one by one ... I knew the first ones called were full of resentment. But they needn't have been. Nothing ever happened after they left anyway. Things just sort of ended in a slow motion way, like petals falling off a flower. You couldn't have people leave like that and have anything good happen afterward. Whoever was left couldn't pay much attention to anything other than waiting for their turn to get called in. So, it wasn't so bad to go first, to head back toward those deep yellow lights and beds made up with summer linens. It was much better than being last, when you would be left standing there alone, finally going in without anybody calling you. - Author: Elizabeth Berg
You Played My Heart quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#27. He reached for her, slipping his fingers into the front pocket of her pants and tugging her between his thighs where he rested against the bike. "It'll be fun. You've never ridden until you've ridden with me."
"I've ridden you before."
He coughed and choked on a laugh. "Well played," he said, his voice thick. He sucked on her bottom lip. Just a tiny tug. A hint of things to come. "You ready?"
"Where are you taking me?"
"I'm going to abscond with you to the wilds of central Texas and have my way with you in the mesquite brush. - Author: Jessica Scott
You Played My Heart quotes by Jessica Scott
#28. Mr. Rush slapped Drew on the back of the head. "You pay attention, Morrow. There'll be hell to pay if you hurt my drum major. I'll have Clayton Porridge out in the middle of the football field, doing the cancan."
"The cancan is surprisingly difficult," Barry said. "It takes a lot more coordination than Clayton Porridge has."
Mr. Rush gave Barry the brain-melting stare.
Barry shrank. "I know this because I played Little League baseball with Clayton Porridge."
Mr. Rush kept staring.
"Sir," Barry added. - Author: Jennifer Echols
You Played My Heart quotes by Jennifer Echols
#29. For Adam, screwed-up bonding thing or not, I'd wait forever.
"Really?" he asked in a tone I'd never heard from him before. Softer. Vulnerable. Adam didn't do vulnerable.
"Really what?" I asked.
"Despite the way our bond scares you, despite the way someone in the pack played you, you'd still have me?"
He'd been listening to my thoughts. This time it didn't bother me.
"Adam," I told him, "I'd walk barefoot over hot coals for you. - Author: Patricia Briggs
You Played My Heart quotes by Patricia Briggs
#30. I am the kid who played with matches. I used to steal them from the shelf above the refrigerator, take them into my parents' bathroom. Jean Naté Bath Splash ignites, did you know that? Spill it, strike, and you can set fire to the floor. It burns blue, and when the alcohol is gone, it stops. - Author: Jodi Picoult
You Played My Heart quotes by Jodi Picoult
#31. So what are you studying at school?" I asked, watching the TV and not Cooper as he still played gently with a lock of my damp hair.
Glancing at him, I frowned then forced myself to stop. "You want to be a lawyer?"
"Nope. Hate lawyers. Hate laws. Hate it all, but I'm the only one of my siblings with an IQ over shitfaced so the burden is on me to be the lawyer."
"I don't get it. Tell your giant brain to dumb it down a little. - Author: Bijou Hunter
You Played My Heart quotes by Bijou Hunter
#32. That was a pretty one, I heard you call
From the unsatisfactory hall
To the unsatisfactory room where I
Played record after record, idly,
Wasting my time at home, that you
Looked so much forward to.

Oliver's Riverside Blues, it was. And now
I shall, I suppose, always remember how
The flock of notes those antique Negroes blew
Our of Chicago air into
A huge remembering pre-electric horn
The year after I was born
Three decades later made this sudden bridge
From your unsatisfactory age
To my unsatisfactory prime.

Truly, though our element is time,
We're not suited to the long perspectives
Open at each instant of our lives.
They link us to our losses: worse,
They show us what we have as it once was,
Blindingly undiminished, just as though
By acting differently we could have kept it so.

- Reference Back - Author: Philip Larkin
You Played My Heart quotes by Philip Larkin
#33. I "dated" one boy and our song was "Faithfully" by Journey. Every time it played my body would turn electric, and I would stare out whatever window I was near and reminisce about experiences I hadn't had. Is there a word for when you are young and pretending to have lived and loved a thousand lives? Is there a German word for that? Seems like there should be. Let's say it is Schaufenfrieglasploit. - Author: Amy Poehler
You Played My Heart quotes by Amy Poehler
#34. Brynn began to turn away, but he grabbed her by the arms. "Ah. Ah. No running away. I asked you a question, I expect an answer. How have I played with you? There's no doubt in my mind that I'd remember doing such and I guarantee you would. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
You Played My Heart quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#35. It's strange that such a chauvinist monster like me has been asked to speak to women scientists. Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry. Perhaps we should make separate labs for boys and girls? Now, seriously, I'm impressed by the economic development of Korea. And women scientists played, without doubt an important role in it. Science needs women, and you should do science, despite all the obstacles, and despite monsters like me. - Author: Tim Hunt
You Played My Heart quotes by Tim Hunt
#36. I'm not somebody that gets played a lot at parties and weddings. I mean, you know, you mention my name and you get an eye roll, until, of course, you're jumping off a bridge. - Author: Tori Amos
You Played My Heart quotes by Tori Amos
#37. Doctor Sharak did not hear from her yesterday. He requested that I rectify that today. I came here at his request, but two hours later, my gut tells me something is wrong. I'm the one you need to satisfy now, which is bad news for you and whoever you work for. I've got five generations of Starfleet brass in my family tree and, unlike Doctor Sharak, I actually know how this game is played. - Author: Kirsten Beyer
You Played My Heart quotes by Kirsten Beyer
#38. Were you ever going to tell me?"

"About the Grail?" He returned to the couch and handed her a glass. "I wasn't planning on it."

She knocked back the rum and swallowed, setting the empty glass on the table. Impressive.

She met his eyes. "So even if we had slept together last night, you were going to keep telling me you were descended from a pirate, not an actual pirate."

He took a swig, his gaze locked on hers. "Would you have believed me?"

"No." She shrugged. "Just wondering how long you would have lied to me."

"I could ask you the same thing."

She rolled her eyes. "I played you. There's a difference." She shrugged. "Besides that, was before our no lies between us deal."

"I see this as more of an omission." He finished off his drink and placed the glass beside hers. "In my defense, I've never told anyone who I really am. You're the first."

She raised a brow. "Are you saying I should feel…special?"

"Aye." He cleared his throat. "I've never taken a bullet for anyone either, not even my crew."

"Thanks for that." A reluctant smile curved her lips as she met his eyes. "Pretty heroic for a pirate."

He chuckled. "It's less heroic when you're certain you won't die."

"But you knew it would hurt."

He nodded slowly. "True."

She pinched her fingertips close together in the air. "It might've been a tiny bit heroic."

Author: Lisa Kessler
You Played My Heart quotes by Lisa Kessler
#39. Did they love me? The question is beside the point, somehow. Certainly they each spoiled me, mainly by giving me the false impression that I was entitled to attention nearly all the the time. They played. THEY were like children, if you consider that one of the things about being a child is that you are a parasite of sorts and have to brazen out self-righteously. I want. They were good at wanting and I shared much more common ground with them than with my mother when I was three or four years old. - Author: Lorna Sage
You Played My Heart quotes by Lorna Sage
#40. Ronan was waiting in his family's stables. He played with the gloves in his hands as he stood watching Kestrel and Arin ride toward him.
"I thought you would take the carriage," Ronan said to Kestrel.
"To go riding? Really, Ronan."
"But your escort." His eyes cut to Arin sitting easily on the stallion. "I didn't think any of your slaves rode."
Kestrel watched Ronan tug at the gloves' fingers. "Is there a problem?"
"Now that you are here, certainly not." Yet his voice was strained.
"Because if you don't like the way in which I have come, you may ride to my house the next time you invite me, then escort me back to your estate, then see me safely home again, and go back the way you came."
He responded to her words as if they had been flirtatious. "It would be my pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, let's take some together." He mounted his horse.
"Where is Jess?"
"Sick with a headache."
Somehow Kestrel doubted that. She said nothing, however, and let Ronan lead the way out of the stables. She turned to follow, and Arin did the same.
Ronan glanced back, blond hair brushing over his shoulder. "Surely you don't intend for him to join us."
Arin's horse, perfectly calm up until this point, began to shift and balk. It was sensing the tension Kestrel couldn't see in its rider, who looked impassively at her, waiting for her to translate Ronan's words into Herrani so that he could pretend it was necessary. "Wait here," she told him i - Author: Marie Rutkoski
You Played My Heart quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#41. One day I was in the studio with my cousin. My dad was on tour at the time, so just for fun I recorded some stuff with my cousin. We were just playing around. After my dad got back, one day he played what we recorded. He heard my part and was like, "Who is that?" My cousin was like, "Uh, that's your son!" So he was like, "That's hot. You wanna make a record?" - Author: Lil' Romeo
You Played My Heart quotes by Lil' Romeo
#42. At high school I was never comfortable for a minute. I did not know about Lonnie. Before an exam, she got icy hands and palpitations, but I was close to despair at all times. When I was asked a question in class, any simple little question at all, my voice was apt to come out squeaky, or else hoarse and trembling. When I had to go to the blackboard I was sure - even at a time of the month when this could not be true - that I had blood on my skirt. My hands became slippery with sweat when they were required to work the blackboard compass. I could not hit the ball in volleyball; being called upon to perform an action in front of others made all my reflexes come undone. I hated Business Practice because you had to rule pages for an account book, using a straight pen, and when the teacher looked over my shoulder all the delicate lines wobbled and ran together. I hated Science; we perched on stools under harsh lights behind tables of unfamiliar, fragile equipment, and were taught by the principal of the school, a man with a cold, self-relishing voice - he read the Scriptures every morning - and a great talent for inflicting humiliation. I hated English because the boys played bingo at the back of the room while the teacher, a stout, gentle girl, slightly cross-eyed, read Wordsworth at the front. She threatened them, she begged them, her face red and her voice as unreliable as mine. They offered burlesqued apologies and when she started to read again they took up rapt postures, mad - Author: Alice Munro
You Played My Heart quotes by Alice Munro
#43. Oh yes," said Randolph stretching his legs , lighting a mentholated cigarette, "do not take it seriously, what you see here: it's only a joke played on myself by myself ... it amuses and horrifies ... a rather gaudy grave, you might say. There is no daytime in this room, or night, the seasons are changeless here, and the years, and when I die, if indeed I haven't already, then let me be dead drunk and curled, as in my mother's womb, in the warm blood of darkness. Wouldn't that be an ironic finale for one who, deep in his goddamned soul, sought sweetly the clean-limbed life? bread and water, a simple roof to share with some beloved, nothing more. - Author: Truman Capote
You Played My Heart quotes by Truman Capote
#44. People recognize me on the street for all kinds of different things that I've done. 'That Thing You Do' remains to be my favorite film in which I played my favorite character. That role is the one that I'm most recognized for. - Author: Johnathon Schaech
You Played My Heart quotes by Johnathon Schaech
#45. For several years, I have had my eye on second baseman Del Pratt of St. Louis. I cannot say that he is a better player than our own Joe Gedeon, but he has played better ball, and we wanted him. Well, how did I get him? I paid $15,000 in cash and gave away a number of good players for him. But what can you do? - Author: Jacob Ruppert
You Played My Heart quotes by Jacob Ruppert
#46. I've come in and out of America for ... well, I've lived here for 15 years. And I've played here for nearly 30 years. On and off. But I've always played to my fan base. And I can come and do two or three nights in New York or two or three nights in L.A., and all that. But when I go away, nobody knows I've been gone. You know, I don't get reviewed or anything like that. So that's why I've come back and done a longer time in a smaller place, in New York. It's always the people who live here that get a chance to know me. - Author: Billy Connolly
You Played My Heart quotes by Billy Connolly
#47. When I came out of the Charity Ward of the L.A. County General Hospital in 1955 after drinking ten years without missing a night or day (except while in jail) they told me that if I ever took another drink I would be dead. I went back to my shack job and I asked her, "What the hell am I going to do now?" "We'll play the horses," she said. "Horses?" "Yeah, they run and you bet on them." She had found some money on the boulevard so we went out. I had 3 winners, one of them paid over 50 bucks. It seemed very easy. We went out a second time and I won again. That night I decided that if I mixed some wine with milk it might not hurt me. I tried a glass, half wine, half milk. I didn't die. The next glass I tried a little less milk and a little more wine. By the time the night was over I had been drinking straight wine. In the morning I got up without hemorrhaging. After that I drank and played the horses. 27 years later I am still doing both. Time is made to be wasted... - Author: Charles Bukowski
You Played My Heart quotes by Charles Bukowski

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