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#1. I think that fame removes true happiness. Because when you are famous, people know you for who they think you are and when you are happy, it's because people have met you and see you for who you really are. Of course, if you are not a great person, it's better to be famous. But if you have greatness, it's better to not be famous. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
You Not Being A Priority quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#2. Being rich is a good thing. Not just in the obvious sense of benefitting you and your family, but in the broader sense. Profits are not a zero sum game. The more you make, the more of a financial impact you can have. - Author: Mark Cuban
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Mark Cuban
#3. After all, the media have been and are the major dispenser of the ideals and norms surrounding motherhood: Millions of us have gone to the media for nuts-and-bolts child-rearing advice. Many of us, in fact, preferred media advice to the advice our mothers gave us. We didn't want to be like our mothers and many of us didn't want to raise our kids the way they raised us (although it turns out they did a pretty good job in the end). Thus beginning in the mid-1970s, working mothers became the most important thing you can become in the United States: a market. And they became a market just as niche marketing was exploding--the rise of cable channels, magazines like Working Mother, Family Life, Child, and Twins, all supported by advertisements geared specifically to the new, modern mother. Increased emphasis on child safety, from car seats to bicycle helmets, increased concerns about Johnny not being able to read, the recognition that mothers bought cars, watched the news, and maybe didn't want to tune into one TV show after the next about male detectives with a cockatoo or some other dumbass mascot saving hapless women--all contributed to new shows, ad campaigns, magazines, and TV news stories geared to mothers, especially affluent, upscale ones. Because of this sheer increase in output and target marketing, mothers were bombarded as never before by media constructions of the good mother. The good mother bought all this stuff to stimulate, protect, educate, and indulge her kids. S - Author: Susan J. Douglas
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Susan J. Douglas
#4. It's the only way to know you're really in love, when you ask the question would it be harder to watch him die, or to know he'll watch me die? Is there more mercy in being the one who does the watching or in being the one who does the dying? It's when you realize what mercy-killing actually means, it's when you actually care to the point of tormenting worry. It's not roses and white horses, it's fucking brutal and it can send a person running for the hills. To love is brave. - Author: Renee Carlino
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Renee Carlino
#5. Stefan wasn't sure if it had been watching them and realizing how deep Adrian and Madeleine's attachment ran, or if it was the fact he was already half in love with Adrian, but he found himself talking before he could stop himself.
"I know we've only known each other for a year or so, so it's not really my place to offer my opinions, and I have no concept of what it's like to be a Royal - the expectations, everything involved," he started, and Adrian looked up at him. "But my parents were Diplomats, and I did learn a few things from them about how to get what you want."
"Yes?" Adrian asked guardedly.
"I've been to many courts, and seen many Lord's daughters. None of them are like Madeleine. No, wait, I'm not insulting her," he added quickly as Adrian opened his mouth to speak. "What I'm saying is, those girls are being groomed for the traditional roles your father intimated she was to take when she's older. Now you find out what she really wants - at least at nine years old - to be a Healer and to marry who she wants to. She wants the independence she sees we have."
"Brion's marriage was arranged when he was thirteen," Adrian told him. "He seems happy enough, and so does Gwyne, for that matter, but she'd been preparing to be his wife since she was - since she was younger than Maddy."
"But the rest of you haven't been," Stefan pointed out, and Adrian nodded in agreement. "One of the basic ideas I grew up with was compromise, giving up just enough to m - Author: Wendy Clements
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Wendy Clements
#6. The worst thing is not that the world is unfree, but that people have unlearned their liberty.

The more indifferent people are to politics, to the interests of others, the more obsessed they become with their own faces. The individualism of our time.

Not being able to fall asleep and not allowing oneself to move: the marital bed.

If high culture is coming to an end, it is also the end of you and your paradoxical ideas, because paradox as such belongs to high culture and not to childish prattle. You remind me of the young men who supported the Nazis or communists not out of cowardice or out of opportunism but out of an excess of intelligence. For nothing requires a greater effort of thought than arguments to justify the rule of nonthought… You are the brilliant ally of your own gravediggers.

In the world of highways, a beautiful landscape means: an island of beauty connected by a long line with other islands of beauty.

How to live in a world with which you disagree? How to live with people when you neither share their suffering nor their joys? When you know that you don't belong among them?... our century refuses to acknowledge anyone's right to disagree with the world…All that remains of such a place is the memory, the ideal of a cloister, the dream of a cloister…

Humor can only exist when people are still capable of recognizing some border between the important and the unimportant. And nowadays this border ha - Author: Milan Kundera
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Milan Kundera
#7. I just wish all these young black kids would realize how significant it is to stop acting a fool out there, killing each other, not getting their education. You know, people have died to put us in a situation to be successful. - Author: Charles Barkley
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Charles Barkley
#8. While we think of the boundary between what is legal and what is not as a clear dividing line, it is far from being so. Rather, the boundary becomes further and further indented and folded over time, yielding a jagged and complicated border, rather than a clear straight line. In the end, the law turns out to look like a fractal: no matter how much you zoom in on such a shape, there is always more unevenness, more detail to observe. Any general rule must end up dealing with exceptions, which in turn split into further exceptions and rules, yielding an increasingly complicated, branching structure. - Author: Samuel Arbesman
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Samuel Arbesman
#9. My grandma always said, "Trouble is what God uses to prepare you for better things!" If you have trouble in your life, you are in a valley. If you are in a valley, you are being prepared for something bigger, better, greater; something you probably could not handle now. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#10. I can't have sex with you, Troy."
"Yeah. You've mentioned it once or twice."
She groaned again. "It's just that…you're so damn tempting."
He grinned. At her conflict and the absurdity of it. As if they were teenagers who'd sworn a virginity pledge and had the purity rings to prove it. He rolled up on his side, supporting his head with his palm. "I'm sorry. For being so tempting."
She snorted. "No you're not."
Troy laughed. "You're right. I'm not. - Author: Amy Andrews
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Amy Andrews
#11. Maybe someday you can accuse somebody of being a poseur by selling out and playing blues music, but that's just not going to happen in my lifetime. - Author: John Mayer
You Not Being A Priority quotes by John Mayer
#12. From time to time the by-products of using your inner energy worker will result in your experiencing odd sensations, seeming illnesses, unusual pimples or rashes, and unexpected emotional responses. Remember - these physical and emotional reactions are the by-products of the work you are doing. Release your anxiety over their occurrence and remind yourself they will be short-lived, do not reflect an aging or ill body, but are rather normal responses of a reflective energetic being. - Author: Elaine Seiler
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Elaine Seiler
#13. Do not settle for less than exactly what you want. Your heart's desires are there for a reason. Chase them. Pursue them relentlessly. Do not lose sight of your goals. They are your very reason for being. - Author: Franki Durban
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Franki Durban
#14. I had just turned 20, and Jackie told me the only way to be successful at anything was to go out and do it. He said baseball was a game you played every day, not once a week. - Author: Hank Aaron
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Hank Aaron
#15. And I don't know, it is one thing to look out a window, but when you are Out, actually Out, that is something very powerful, and how embarrassing was that, because I could not help it, I went down flat on my gut checking out those flowers, and the feeling of the one I chose was like the silk on that Hermes jacket I could never seem to get Reserved because Vance was always hogging it, except the flower was even better, it being very smooth and built in like layers? With the outside layer being yellow, and inside that a white thing like a bell, and inside the white bell-like thing were fifteen (I counted) smaller bell-like red things, and inside each red thing was an even smaller orange two-dingly-thing combo. - Author: George Saunders
You Not Being A Priority quotes by George Saunders
#16. The Celt, and his cromlechs, and his pillar-stones, these will not change much – indeed, it is doubtful if anybody at all changes at any time. In spite of hosts of deniers, and asserters, and wise-men, and professors, the majority still are adverse to sitting down to dine thirteen at a table, or being helped to salt, or walking under a ladder, of seeing a single magpie flirting his chequered tale. There are, of course, children of light who have set their faces against all this, although even a newspaperman, if you entice him into a cemetery at midnight, will believe in phantoms, for everyone is a visionary, if you scratch him deep enough. But the Celt, unlike any other, is a visionary without scratching. - Author: W.B. Yeats
You Not Being A Priority quotes by W.B. Yeats
#17. You are afraid that you have been here with me too long, and are not really white anymore. That's probably true, but you were never really white in the first place. Nobody is. Nobody has, even, ever wanted to be white, unless they are afraid of being black. But being black is nothing to be afraid of. I knew that before I met you, and I have learned it again, through you. Perhaps being white is not a conceivable condition, but a terrifying fantasy, a moral choice. - Author: James Baldwin
You Not Being A Priority quotes by James Baldwin
#18. Don't always think about being a subordinate, otherwise you would lose your self esteem and not succeed in society. - Author: Saaif Alam
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Saaif Alam
#19. Creativity comes from accepting that you're not safe, from being absolutely aware, and from letting go of control. It's a matter of seeing everything - even when you want to shut your eyes. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#20. Drop guilt! - because to be guilty is to live in hell. Not being guilty, you will have the freshness of dewdrops in the early morning sun, you will have the freshness of lotus petals in the lake, you will have the freshness of the stars in the night. Once guilt disappears you will have a totally different kind of life, luminous and radiant. You will have a dance to your feet and your heart will be singing a thousand and one songs. - Author: Rajneesh
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Rajneesh
#21. Sentences that begin with 'You' are probably not true. For instance, when I write: "You are a pet human named Morlock being disciplined by your master, a Beowulf cluster of FreeBSD 22.0 servers in the year 2052. Last week you tried to escape by digging a hole under the perimeter, which means this week you may be put to sleep for being a renegade human."

That's not true, at least not yet. - Author: Richard Dooling
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Richard Dooling
#22. You would think that the more a man knows and loves God, the deeper he gets into understanding His Word, and the further he progresses in personal holiness, the better he would be at being a watchful man, but that is sadly not the case. - Author: James MacDonald
You Not Being A Priority quotes by James MacDonald
#23. It was heart-shaking. Glorious. Torches, dizziness, singing. Wolves howling around us and a bull bellowing in the dark. The river ran white. It was like a film in fast motion, the moon waxing and waning, clouds rushing across the sky. Vines grew from the ground so fast they twined up the trees like snakes; seasons passing in the wink of an eye, entire years for all I know. . . . Mean we think of phenomenal change as being the very essence of time, when it's not at all. Time is something which defies spring and water, birth and decay, the good and the bad, indifferently. Something changeless and joyous and absolutely indestructible. Duality ceases to exist; there is no ego, no 'I,' and yet it's not at all like those horrid comparisons one sometimes hears in Eastern religions, the self being a drop of water swallowed by the ocean of the universe. It's more as if the universe expands to fill the boundaries of the self. You have no idea how pallid the workday boundaries of ordinary existence seem, after such an ecstasy. - Author: Donna Tartt
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Donna Tartt
#24. Man, what is your problem?" Leo grumbled. Percy blinked. "So ... I guess we're not cool?" "Of course we're not cool! You're as bad as Jason! I'm trying to resent you for being all perfect and hero-y and whatnot. Then you go and act like a standup guy. How am I supposed to hate you if you apologize and promise to help and stuff?" A smile tugged at the corner of Percy's mouth. "Sorry about that. - Author: Rick Riordan
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. Acting is ephemeral. It's not like making a painting that lasts forever. You're doing something, and the very action which comes and goes, is being demonstrated in front of you. Within that process, you're trying to go against the grain. - Author: Giovanni Ribisi
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Giovanni Ribisi
#26. A human being has close kinship with the whole human race -- not a bond of blood or seed, but a community of mind. And you have forgotten this too, that every man's mind is a god and has flowed from that source; that nothing is our own property, but even our child, our body, our very soul have come from that source; that all is as thinking makes it so; that each of us lives only the present moment, and the present moment is all we lose. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#27. The main rule to me is to honor God with your life. To life a life of integrity. Not be selfish. You know, help others. But that's really the essence of the Christian faith. - Author: Joel Osteen
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Joel Osteen
#28. People think of faith as being something that you don't really believe, a device in helping you believe simply it. Of course that is quite wrong. As Pascal says, faith is a gift of God. It is different from the proof of it. It is the kind of faith God himself places in the heart, of which the proof is often the instrument ...
He says of it, too, that it is the heart which is aware of God, and not reason. That is what faith is: God perceived by the heart, not be reason. - Author: Malcolm Muggeridge
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Malcolm Muggeridge
#29. I'm the competitor, I'm the one who has to wear the brunt of that being a good or bad score. And I'm not too worried about it. I don't know why so many are to be honest with you. - Author: Kelly Slater
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Kelly Slater
#30. There seems to be an audience that demands everything be explained to them that everything be easy. And I don t think that s doing us any good as a culture. The ease with which we can accomplish or conjure any possible imaginable scenario through CGI is almost directly proportionate to how uninterested we re becoming in all of this. I can remember Ray Harryhausen s animated skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. I can remember Willis O Brien s King Kong. I can remember being awed at the artistry that had made those things possible. Yes I knew how it was done. But it looked so wonderful. These days I can see half a million Orcs coming over a hill and I am bored. I am not impressed at all. Because frankly I could have gotten someone a passerby on the street who could have gotten the same effect if you d given them half a million dollars to do it. It removes artistry and imagination and places money in the driver s seat and I think it s a pretty straight equation - that there is an inverse relationship between money and imagination. - Author: Alan Moore
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Alan Moore
#31. You think that I am naive, but it is you who are naive. You have no idea what is happening inside of you when you look at a painting. You think that you are getting close to art voluntarily, enticed by its beauty, that this intimacy is taking place in an atmosphere of freedom and that delight is being born in you spontaneously, lured by the divine rod of Beauty. In truth, a hand has grabbed you by the scruff of the neck, led you to this painting and has thrown you to your knees. A will mightier than your own told you to attempt to experience the appropriate emotions. Whose hand and whose will? That hand is not the hand of a single man, the will is collective, born in an interhuman dimension, quite alien to you. So you do not admire at all, you merely try to admire. - Author: Witold Gombrowicz
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Witold Gombrowicz
#32. It was not like everyone had said.
Not like being needed,
or needing; not desperate;
it did not whisper
that I'd come to harm. I didn't lose
my head. No, I was not
going to leap from a great
height and flap
my wings.
It was in fact
the opposite of flying:
it contained the wish
to be toppled, to be on the floor,
the ground, anywhere I might
lie down ...
On my back, and you on me. - Author: Deborah Garrison
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Deborah Garrison
#33. Let's not overlook that eating the Lord's Supper with God's people is a kind of preaching that is also meant to feed the joy of Christ's people. "For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes" (1 Cor. 11:26). The death and resurrection of Christ are being - Author: John Piper
You Not Being A Priority quotes by John Piper
#34. War brutalises a man. It is not surprising he was moody and violent. But you must remember two things: running away from battle has always been punishable by death. Military discipline must be harsh, or every soldier would run away; and secondly in a firing squad of ten men only one held a rifle with live ammunition - nine held blanks. So every man had a nine out of ten chance of not being responsible for the death of his colleague. - Author: Jennifer Worth
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Jennifer Worth
#35. The purpose of ritual is to change the mind of the human being. It's a sacred drama in which you are the audience as well as the participant, and the purpose of it is to activate the parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity ... 'Magic' becomes the development of techniques that allow communication with hidden portions of the self, and with hidden portions of all other islands in this 'psychic sea.' - Author: Margot Adler
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Margot Adler
#36. I try not to look at him, but it's impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I've heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really appreciated what it meant. He's like the boss of my eyeballs or something.
Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit , you looked at his package! And ... oh my ... Oh my, my, my ... There's a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them! - Author: Elle Casey
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Elle Casey
#37. And It was said to me: "embrace the glorious mess you are". How easy it is to see darkness in the winter shedding and not see that even in its gloominess lies great beauty. That even in our great struggles - lies within a great victory. How then does the Spring green come about without the fertilisation of the Winter brown? Isn't it the very brown that gives way and life to the green we await to goggle in awe. There is power and sheer beauty in your mess. A true triumphing chaos that renders sweet melodic honey to your journey. So again it was whispered to me "embrace the glorious mess that you are - Author: Malebo Sephodi
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Malebo Sephodi
#38. Wouldn't that be a good thing? Not to feel pain?" -Crow

"There's more than one kind of pain...and if you don't feel it, you can get hurt" -Miss Maggie

"But it hurts when you do feel it, too" -Crow

"Yes, but feeling hurt and being hurt aren't always the same thing" -Miss Maggie - Author: Lauren Wolk
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Lauren Wolk
#39. Wandering, ever wandering,
Because life holds not anything so good
As to be free of yesterday, and bound
Towards a new to-morrow ; and they wend
Into a world of unknown faces, where
It may be there are faces waiting them,
Faces of friendly strangers, not the long
Intolerable monotony of friends.

The joy of earth is yours, O wanderers,
The only joy of the old earth, to wake,
As each new dawn is patiently renewed,
With foreheads fresh against a fresh young sky.
To be a little further on the road,
A little nearer somewhere, some few steps
Advanced into the future, and removed
By some few counted milestones from the past;
God gives you this good gift, the only gift
That God, being repentant, has to give.

Wanderers, you have the sunrise and the stars;
And we, beneath our comfortable roofs,
Lamplight, and daily fire upon the hearth,
And four walls of a prison, and sure food.
But God has given you freedom, wanderers. - Author: Arthur Symons
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Arthur Symons
#40. One reason to keep going is that the country was given to us as a sacred charge. It is, as Stephen Vincent Benet says in 'the Devil and Daniel Webster,' not the only place that created free man- but... Read More its a place that demands that we decide what to do with out freedom. You can only punish yourself, That's the existential view. I don't think there's any reward beyond participating, beyond being here. And the antithesis of reward is punishment, and the only punishment that can come is self-inflicted. I remain optimistic. Whether or not the optimism is justified, I don't know. I want to stay around for the third act. - Author: Mort Sahl
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Mort Sahl
#41. We do take pleasure in one thing that you probably won't be able to guess. Namely, making friends with nature ... nature is always there at hand to wrap us up, gently: glowing, swaying, bubbling, rustling.
Just by looking at nature, I feel as if I'm being swallowed up into it, and in that moment I get the sensation that my body's now a speck, a speck from long before I was born, a speck that is melting into nature herself. This sensation is so amazing that I forget that I'm a human being, and one with special needs to boot.
Nature calms me down when I'm furious, and laughs with me when I'm happy. You might think that it's not possible that nature could be a friend, not really. But human beings are part of the animal kingdom too, and perhaps us people with autism still have some left-over awareness of this, buried somewhere deep down. I'll always cherish that part of me that thinks of nature as a friend. - Author: Naoki Higashida
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Naoki Higashida
#42. Childhood trauma can range from having faces extreme violence and neglect to having confronted feelings of not belonging, being unwanted, or being chronically misunderstood. You may have grown up in an environment where your curiosity and enthusiasm were constantly devalued. Perhaps you were brought up in a family where your parents had unresolved traumas of their own, which impaired their ability to attend to your emotional needs. Or, you may have faced vicious sexual or physical attacks. In all such situations, you learn to compensate by developing defenses around your most vulnerabe parts. - Author: Arielle Schwartz
You Not Being A Priority quotes by Arielle Schwartz

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