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Moses?" I said softly.
"Yeah?" His eyes lifted from the canvas briefly.
"There's a new law in Georgia."
"Does it directly contradict one of the laws of Moses?"
"Yes. Yes it does," I confessed.
"Hmm. Let's hear it." He set his brush down, wiped his hands on a cloth and approached the bed where I was positioned, draped in a sheet like a Rubenesque Madonna. I learned the term from him, and he seemed to think it was a good thing.
"Thou shall not paint," I commanded sternly. He leaned over me, one knee on the bed, his strong arms bracketing my head, and I turned slightly, looking up at him.
"Ever?" He smiled. I watched his head descend and his lips brushed mine. But his golden-green eyes stayed open, watching me as he kissed me. My toes curled and my eyes fluttered, the sensation of lips tasting lips pulling me under.
"No. Not ever, just sometimes," I sighed.
"Just when I'm in Georgia? ~ Amy Harmon
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Amy Harmon
They both walked to the center of the room. Jonas put his tunic back on. 'Goodbye, sir,' he said. 'Thank you for my first day.'
The old man nodded to him. He looked drained, and a little sad.
'Sir?' Jonas said shyly.
'Yes? Do you have a question?'
'It's just that I don't know your name. I thought you were The Receiver, but you say that now I'm The Receiver. So I don't know what to call you.'
The man had sat back down in the comfortable upholstered chair. He moved his shoulders around as if to ease away an aching sensation. He seemed terribly weary.
'Call me The Giver,' he told Jonas. ~ Lois Lowry
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Lois Lowry
Why do you always talk like that? With a hand in front of your mouth?" "Because it's too large." And I could not remember to think of peas and prunes and prisms. "Who told you that?" "My aunt." "And what else has she told you?" "That I'm much too tall." "Has she?" "Yes." I said it in a whisper because Harry had come so very close and his lips were hovering just above mine. "I'm afraid that . . . I might just . . . kiss you. If that's all right." "Oh, Harry . . ." What a strange sensation, to feel Harry's lips upon mine. So warm and gentle and giving. Especially when Franklin's had been so hard and urgent and demanding. He broke away with a sigh. Placed a hand to either side of my neck and stared at me for a long moment . . . just stood there looking deeply into my eyes. And then he slid his hands down to my shoulders and clasped me to himself. "It seems just fine to me." The words were whispered into my ear. "What does?" "Your mouth. And you. You're perfect just the way you are. ~ Siri Mitchell
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Siri Mitchell
She tightened her grip on his wrist and slowly pulled it towards her. His index finger slid in farther and she gasped at how it felt. She paused, pulled again. Deeper. Deeper. Her pussy throbbed and she took him as far in to her body as she could. His hand was flat against her pulsing lips, his palm pressing on her clit.

"Oh!" she said. "Oh, Chris… oh, God."

"It feels good, baby?"

"Yes… it feels amazing."

She withdrew his finger slowly, feeling the suction of her body, then pulled him in again, using both her hands this time. He groaned as her pussy muscles tightened on him, and he felt the answering burst of wetness between her lips. Jenny pulled his finger in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster, and Chris felt her body start to tremble.

I'm going to come myself if this goes on much longer.

She pulled him out of her heat completely, unfolded his middle finger to join his index one. The she pulled both of them in to her, giving a small cry at the renewed sensation.

"Touch my clit," she begged. "Use your thumb… Chris, please."

He did as she asked, swirling around her hard nub every time she pulled his fingers in to her body. She plunged his fingers faster, every pull in going deeper and harder. His thumb pushed down consistently, not breaking the contact, and she closed her eyes as the wave of pleasure rose and rose, became larger and stronger than she'd expected.

She ~ Marysol James
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Marysol James
The soul,' he said to Pip, 'is a chemical sensation. What you see lying on this sofa is a glorified enzyme. Every enzyme has its special job to do. It spends its life looking for the specific molecule it's designed to interact with. And can an enzyme be happy? Does it have a soul? I say yes to both questions! What the enzyme you see lying here was made to do is find bad prose, interact with it, and make it better. That's what I've become, a bad-prose-correcting enzyme, floating in my cell here.' He nodded at Leila. 'And she worries that I'm not happy.'

Pip's eyes widened with swallowed comment.

'She's still looking for her molecule,' Charles continued. 'I already know mine. Do you know yours? ~ Jonathan Franzen
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Jonathan Franzen
Then the door opened and Diana entered…with Prince Charles. I held my breath as she gave us a brilliant smile and briskly crossed the floor.
The new Diana was truly breathtaking--beautiful, self-assured, polished, and stunning in her scarlet suit. She looked even more radiant in person than in her best pictures. She was absolute perfection, with her flawless complexion, starry blue eyes, and confident carriage. A remarkable and complete transformation from young nanny to global sensation--and she was only twenty-four!
Before either one of us said a word, Diana and I exchanged glances for just an instant. I didn't even try to hide my amazement and admiration. My eyes and smile said, "Wow! I'm speechless." Diana's impish grin replied, "Yes, I've done pretty well, haven't I?" It was an unforgettable, private moment. ~ Mary Robertson
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Mary Robertson
Lance rolled his eyes. "I'm already sorrier than you could possibly imagine. Now you promise me you won't interfere, or mention it to anyone, or poke your nose in, or follow Mr. Traynor along the street when he comes into town, ... "
Lily snorted. "As if I would tell anyone! You think I want it spread around that my son's into puppy play?"
Lance felt his temper supernova. Yes, that was really quite an interesting sensation, the way the cells inside his chest spontaneously burst into flame. "I AM NOT INTO PUPPY PLAY! AND HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT TERM?"
Lily waved her hand as if he was being silly. "Please. Like I was born fifty years old."
"I want to be stricken dead. Right now," Lance groaned and hid his face.
"Oh, all right. Fine! You're doing some reconnaissance in your dog form, and that's all it is, and it's none of my business, and I've always been a virgin. You and your brothers and sister were all conceived by supernatural means. Happy? ~ Eli Easton
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Eli Easton
Yes. Let's be honest. I'm a privileged white woman who left her kids in a $30,000 minivan watching Dora the Explorer to go in for a Starbucks. Is there any clearer picture of privilege than that? But no matter what color you are, no matter how much money you have, you don't deserve to be harassed for making a rational parenting choice."

It's funny, but in all the time that had passed, I had never thought about what was happening in quite those terms - as harassment. When a person intimidates, insults, verbally abuses, or demeans a woman on the street, in the bedroom, at the office, in the classroom, it's harassment. When a woman is intimidated or insulted or abused because of the way she dresses or her sexual habits or her outspokenness on social media, she is experiencing harassment. But when a mother is intimidated, insulted, abused, or demeaned because of the way she is mothering, we call it concern or, at worst, nosiness. A mother, apparently, cannot be harassed. A mother can only be corrected. ~ Kim Brooks
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Kim Brooks
I feel the American's eyes on me, looking as though I'm more than an amputee, a number, a chore. He crosses over to me, his strides large, a broad smile on his lips. "Veda? Did I say your name right?" "Yes, Doctor." "Call me Jim. Please." His left hand in his pocket, he holds his right hand out to me. As though we're equals. "Thank you, Doctor - I mean - just Jim," I say. He chuckles. "Haven't done anything yet." He has. No older man ever invited me to shake hands. No other adult ever asked me to call them by name. He even said "please" although I'm a patient. ~ Padma Venkatraman
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Padma Venkatraman
I think it's a false distinction to say that conversation and composition are separate. Because even as we speak, I'm seeing. Every interview is different, and I'm finding new ways to talk about ancient preoccupations. And I sometimes come on something that's immensely helpful and valuable. Plus I like the sensation of conversation. ~ Allan Gurganus
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Allan Gurganus
This man of his, yes, this man. Now Sam accepts his own desire. "I'm a gayrod," he shouts marching through crowded plazas. "I'm in love with a man, and I want men. That's what I want. I want man, man, man! ~ Barry Webster
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Barry Webster
Footsteps from the stairwell startle him out of the past. He turns around as Emma's mother takes the last step into the dining area, Emma right behind her.
Mrs. McIntosh glides over and puts her arm around him. The smile on her face is genuine, but Emma's smile is more like a straight line. And she's blushing.
"Galen, it's very nice to meet you," she says, ushering him into the kitchen. "Emma tells me you're taking her to the beach behind your house today. To swim?"
"Yes, ma'am." Her transformation makes him wary.
She smiles. "Well, good luck with getting her in the water. Since I'm a little pressed for time, I can't follow you over there, so I just need to see your driver's license while Emma runs outside to get your plate number."
Emma rolls her eyes as she shuffles through a drawer and pulls out a pen and paper. She slams the door behind her when she leaves, which shakes the dishes on the wall.
Galen nods, pulls out his wallet, and hands over the fake license. Mrs. McIntosh studies it and rummages through her purse until she produces a pen-which she uses to write on her hand. "Just need your license number in case we ever have any problems. But we're not going to have any problems, are we, Galen? Because you'll always have my daughter-my only daughter-home on time, isn't that right?"
He nods, then swallows. She holds out his license. When he accepts it, she grabs his wrist, pulling him close. She glances at the garage door and back to him ~ Anna Banks
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Anna Banks
It wasn't a question he was prepared for. "I . . . Yes. Yes, I'm your friend." "Then you are capable of something beyond the physical." "That's different." Carly shook her head. "No, it's not. My mom and dad always said the most important thing in any relationship was friendship. Infatuation may fade and passion may mellow, but friendship lasts forever. My mom was my dad's very best friend, and he was hers. That's what got them through the hard times. ~ Lissa Bryan
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Lissa Bryan
He nodded. "Okay. We got it out in the open. Here it is. This is your moment to be angry at your own laziness and wallow in self-pity. A moment is all you get, because any minute Adam Pierce might set Houston on fire. Take a few minutes for your pity party. Would five be enough?"
"You're an asshole."
"Yes, but I'm a very well-trained asshole. I'm offering you the use of my expertise. So suck it up, get over this bump, and let's go. Are you with me?"
You know what? No: if he ever fell in love, it wouldn't be great romantic devotion. It would be an exercise in frustration and lust, and at the end of it his significant other would strangle him. ~ Ilona Andrews
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Ilona Andrews
BROADBENT [stiffly]. Devil is rather a strong expression in that
connexion, Mr Keegan.

KEEGAN. Not from a man who knows that this world is hell. But
since the word offends you, let me soften it, and compare you
simply to an ass. [Larry whitens with anger].

BROADBENT [reddening]. An ass!

KEEGAN [gently]. You may take it without offence from a madman
who calls the ass his brother--and a very honest, useful and
faithful brother too. The ass, sir, is the most efficient of
beasts, matter-of-fact, hardy, friendly when you treat him as a
fellow-creature, stubborn when you abuse him, ridiculous only in
love, which sets him braying, and in politics, which move him to
roll about in the public road and raise a dust about nothing. Can
you deny these qualities and habits in yourself, sir?

BROADBENT [goodhumoredly]. Well, yes, I'm afraid I do, you know.

KEEGAN. Then perhaps you will confess to the ass's one fault.

BROADBENT. Perhaps so: what is it?

KEEGAN. That he wastes all his virtues--his efficiency, as you
call it--in doing the will of his greedy masters instead of doing
the will of Heaven that is in himself. He is efficient in the
service of Mammon, mighty in mischief, skilful in ruin, heroic in
destruction. But he comes to browse here without knowing that the
soil his hoof touches is holy ground. Ireland, sir, for good or
evil, i ~ George Bernard Shaw
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by George Bernard Shaw
I sit by his bed and pull the covers over him. In doing so, I accidently brush against his thigh.
And that's when I feel it.
That same electrical sensation I got the first time I touched the spot - in my room, when I begged him to stay the night. The feeling radiates up my spine and gnaws at my nerves. It's like something's there, marked on his leg.
I run my fingers over the spot - through the blanket - almost tempted to have a look. I close my eyes, trying to sense things the way he does - to get a mental picture from merely touching the area. But I can't. And I don't.
Still, I have to know if I'm right.
I peer over my shoulder toward the door, checking to see that no one's looking in. And then I roll the covers down.
Ben's wearing a hospital gown. With trembling fingers, I pull the hem and see it right away: the image of a chameleon, tattooed on his upper thigh. It's about four inches long, with green and yellow stripes.
And its tail curls into the letter C.
I feel my face furrow, wondering when he got the tattoo, and why he never told me. It wasn't so long ago that I told him the story of my name - how my mother named me after a chameleon, because chameleons have keen survival instincts. ~ Laurie Faria Stolarz
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Still lying on the ground, half tingly, half stunned, I held my left hand in front of my face and lightly spread my fingers, examining what Marlboro Man had given me that morning. I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful ring, or a ring that was a more fitting symbol of my relationship with Marlboro Man. It was unadorned, uncontrived, consisting only of a delicate gold band and a lovely diamond that stood up high--almost proudly--on its supportive prongs. It was a ring chosen by a man who, from day one, had always let me know exactly how he felt. The ring was a perfect extension of that: strong, straightforward, solid, direct. I liked seeing it on my finger. I felt good knowing it was there.
My stomach, though, was in knots. I was engaged. Engaged. I was ill-prepared for how weird it felt. Why hadn't I ever heard of this strange sensation before? Why hadn't anyone told me? I felt simultaneously grown up, excited, shocked, scared, matronly, weird, and happy--a strange combination for a weekday morning. I was engaged--holy moly. My other hand picked up the receiver of the phone, and without thinking, I dialed my little sister.
"Hi," I said when Betsy picked up the phone. It hadn't been ten minutes since we'd hung up from our last conversation.
"Hey," she replied.
"Uh, I just wanted to tell you"--my heart began to race--"that I'm, like…engaged."
What seemed like hours of silence passed.
"Bullcrap," Betsy finally exclaimed. Then she repeated: "Bullcra ~ Ree Drummond
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Ree Drummond
Motive," the construct said. "Real motive problem, with an AI. Not human, see?" "Well, yeah, obviously."

"Nope. I mean, it's not human. And you can't get a handle on it. Me, I'm not human either, but I respond like one. See?" "Wait a sec," Case said. "Are you sentient, or not?"

Well, it feels like I am, kid, but I'm really just a bunch of
ROM. It's one of them, ah, philosophical questions, I guess...."
The ugly laughter sensation rattled down Case's spine. "But I ain't likely to write you no poem, if you follow me. Your AI, it just might. But it ain't no way human. ~ William Gibson
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by William Gibson
Listen, Stavrogin: to level the mountains is a good idea, not a ridiculous one. I'm for Shigalyov! No need for education, enough of science! There's sufficient material even without science for a thousand years to come, but obedience must be set up. Only one thing is lacking in the world: obedience. The thirst for education is already an aristocratic thirst. As soon as there's just a tiny bit of family or love, there's a desire for property. We'll extinguish desire: we'll get drinking, gossip, denunciation going; we'll get unheard-of depravity going; we'll stifle every genius in infancy. Everything reduced to a common denominator, complete equality. 'We've learned a trade, and we're honest people, we don't need anything else'--that was the recent response of the English workers. Only the necessary is necessary--henceforth that is the motto of the whole globe. But there is also a need for convulsion; this will be taken care of by us, the rulers. Slaves must have rulers. Complete obedience, complete impersonality, but once every thirty years Shigalyov gets a convulsion going, and they all suddenly start devouring each other, up to a certain point, simply so as not to be bored. Boredom is an aristocratic sensation; in Shigalyovism there will be no desires. Desire and suffering are for us. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Yes, I'm sorry you won't be coming with us," Chloe said to Alex. "But please don't worry. I'm certain The Lord has another plan for you." She glanced at me. "For both of you."
"Oh, I can assure you,"said a new, deeply masculine voice from behind me. I turned to see John sitting, tall and dark and disapproving, on the back of his horse, Alastor. "He does."
"Chloe wasn't talking about you," I said to John, leaning my elbows against the rough wood of the dock railing. "She meant the other lord."
John raised a dark eyebrow. "Oh, that one," he said. "My mistake. ~ Meg Cabot
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Meg Cabot
Still when I'm a mess
I still put on a vest
With an 'S' on my chest
Oh yes, I'm a Superwoman ~ Alicia Keys
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Alicia Keys
You're staring," Lana said.
"Yes. I am. I'm a teenage boy. Beautiful girls in wet underwear have a tendency to cause staring in teenage boys. ~ Michael Grant
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Michael Grant
In case you haven't noticed, Salvador, I'm a woman. A woman who loves you…' She saw his expression suddenly freeze with a watchful intensity. '…Yes, loves you. Fighting against your stubbornness, your arrogance, and fragments of your twisted imagination ~ Hannah Fielding
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Hannah Fielding
Please, enlighten me, Tom. What exactly did you observe?"
"That men fly to you like a bug to a zapper."
"Lovely. That's a lovely analogy. Yes, I'm a man-eater, Tom. ~ Fisher Amelie
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Fisher Amelie
I'm not an overnight sensation. I'm a Texan. And I'm a Texas success story. I am the epitome of hard work and optimism. ~ Wendy Davis
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Wendy Davis
Hey, one week, huh, Lex?" he said, tossing her a Cuff. "Here's your graduation gift."

"Sweet." she slid it onto her wrist. It felt cool, with a slight vibration to it. "Thanks."

"So, you feel all trained up? Driggs teach you everything he knows?"

"Yes. I'm now fully qualified to operate a can opener."

Driggs let out a sigh. "What a lovable scamp you've bestowed upon our fair town, Mort."

"My pleasure," he said to Driggs. ~ Gina Damico
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Gina Damico
I'm always interested in playing different people, in different situationsIt doesn't matter to me whether someone is in love with a man or a woman. I find the idea of love and romance interesting. I'm a sucker for it. I like playing someone who's falling in love because I like the sensation of it. People do extraordinary things when they're falling in love. ~ Ewan McGregor
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Ewan McGregor
Last night I undressed for bed. But instead of crawling between the sheets I decided to stand, naked, in front of the large full-length mirror that is propped against the wall next to my bed. ⠀

I turned off the bright lights, and found a song that spoke to the energy I could feel under my skin. For a while I just stood there. And I looked at myself. Bare skin. Open Heart. Clear truth. ⠀

It's a wonder, after 42 years on earth, to allow it to fully land, this knowing that I can stop, and look at myself and think things other than unkind words. ⠀

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to paint you a pretty social media picture that doesn't play out in real life. I'm not suddenly completely fine with all that is. I'm human and I'm a woman in the midst of this particular culture, and so of course I'd love to be tighter and firmer and lifted. I'd love to have the skin and metabolism I did in my twenties. I wish, often, that my stomach were flatter. I wear makeup and I dye away my gray hair. I worry about these things too, of course I do. ⠀

But finally, and fully - I can stand and look at myself and be filled, completely, with love. I can look at myself entirely bare and think, yes, I like myself now. Just as I am. Even if nothing changes. This me. She is good. And she is beautiful. ⠀

And even in the space of allowing myself to be human, and annoyed with those things I view as imperfections, I honor and celebrate this shift. ⠀
Jeanette LeBlanc
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
I think Hannah had two brothers. Yes, I'm sure she did. Theo and, and--this boy."
I shook my head. "If he's Hannah's brother, why isn't he in any of the other pictures?"
Aunt Blythe didn't answer right away. In the silence, rain pattered against the windows and dripped through holes in the roof. The wind crept in through cracks and stirred the folds of a long white dress hanging from the rafters.
Finally, my aunt raised her eyes from the photograph. "I think his name was Andrew. Isn't that strange? You share a face and a name with a boy who died years before you were born."
My throat tightened. "He died? Andrew died?"
Aunt Blythe looked at me. "Oh, dear," she said, "I didn't mean to frighten you."
"I'm not scared!" My voice came out as high and squeaky as a girl's. Furious at myself for being such a baby, I leapt to my feet and headed for the stairs.
"Slow down, Drew," my aunt called. "You'll go through the floor!"
Before the words were out of her mouth, a board split under my weight, and I fell flat on my face.
In seconds my aunt was beside me. "Are you all right?" she asked. "Did you hurt yourself?"
"I'm fine." Too embarrassed to meet her eyes, I peered into the hole I'd made. ~ Mary Downing Hahn
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
The desert frightens me, I think. It looks too much like the seventh circle of hell. I'm afraid of damnation."


"Why?" Evelyn repeated, peering at Ann from behind her hand. She lay back again and closed her eyes. "I don't know. I've always supposed everyone is."

"Well, they're not. I, for instance, am a hell of a lot more frightened of being saved." Evelyn chuckled.

"I'm serious," Ann protested. "Virtue smells to me of rotting vegetation. Here you burn or freeze. Either way it's clean."

"Sterile," Evelyn said and felt the word a laceration of her own flesh. "I wonder. It's fertility that's a dirty word for me."

"Is it?"

"Yes, I'm terrified of giving in, of justifying my own existence by means of simple reproduction. So many people do or try to. And there are the children, so unfulfilling after all. And they grow up to do nothing but reproduce children who will reproduce, everyone so busy reproducing that there's no time to produce anything. But it's such a temptation. It seems so natural - another dirty word for me. What's the point?"

"You'd have the human race die out?"

"No. We'll multiply in spite of ourselves always. We'll populate the desert. One day there will be little houses and docks all along this shore, signs of our salvation."

"What would you have us do instead?" Evelyn asked.

"Accept damnation," Ann said. "It has its power and ~ Jane Rule
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Jane Rule
I'm a quasi-only child. With my brother and sister, I've more of a tendency to be semi-maternal. So, yes, I spent a lot of time talking to myself - I had this big dressing-up box and would just dress up as lots of characters and talk back to myself ... Verging on schizophrenia, I suppose, if you analyse it carefully. ~ Natalie Dormer
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Natalie Dormer
I'm a great believer in life to saying yes and not saying no, and hopefully making people smile and just having fun in life. ~ Richard Branson
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Richard Branson
The universe gives what the universe gives, yes. Cheap thrills, plenty of those, enough to get you through until Halloween when the Catholic school girls come out in full force and wink as they ask you to spank them (they've been very naughty). I'm going to sleep now and dream of deeper waters with treasure at the bottom. This junk has rendered me catatonic. I'm a mermaid, goddamn it, not the tooth fairy existing solely to place silver dollars beneath your crybaby pillow. ~ Misti Rainwater-Lites
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Misti Rainwater-Lites
I felt a little guilty about jangling the poor bugger's brains with that evil fantasy. But what the hell? Anybody who wanders around the world saying, "Hell yes, I'm from Texas," deserves whatever happens to him. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
As much as a man can guarantee anything against fate. Yes, I'm confident ~ Mario Puzo
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Mario Puzo
I still remember the day I got my first calculator

Teacher: All right, children, welcome to fourth grade math. Everyone take a calculator out of the bin.
Me: What are these?
Teacher: From now on we'll be using calculators.
Me: What do these things do?
Teacher: Simple operations, like multiplication and division.
Me: You mean this device just...does them? By itself?
Teacher: Yes. You enter in the problem and press equal.
Me: knew about this machine all along, didn't you? This whole time, while we were going through this...this charade with the pencils and the line paper and the stupid multiplication tables!...I'm sorry for shouting...It's just...I'm a little blown away.
Teacher: Okay, everyone, today we're going to go over some word problems.
Me: What the hell else do you have back there? A magical pen that writes book reports by itself? Some kind of automatic social studies worksheet that...that fills itself out? What the hell is going on?
Teacher: If a farmer farms five acres of land a day--
Me: So that's it, then. The past three years have been a total farce. All this time I've been thinking, "Well, this is pretty hard and frustrating but I guess these are useful skills to have." Meanwhile, there was a whole bin of these things in your desk. We could have jumped straight to graphing. Unless, of course, there's some kind of graphing calculator!
Teacher: There is. You get one in nint ~ Simon Rich
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Simon Rich
It appears that I am willing to put with many things for the sake of Jamie Watson . . . I can tell he's hiding a laugh when he curls his mouth in like he's eating a lemon. Sometimes I say terrible things just to see him do it . . . He flagellates himself rather a lot, as this narrative shows. He shouldn't. He is lovely and warm and quite brave and a bit heedless of his own safety and by any measure the best man I've ever known. I've discovered that I am very clever when it comes to caring about him, and so I will continue to do so.
Later today I will ask him to spend the rest of winter break at my family's home in Sussex . . . Watson will say yes, I'm sure of it. He always says yes to me. – Charlotte ~ Brittany Cavallaro
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
In 1950, the [Gallup organization] asked high school kids, are you a very important person? Then 12 percent said yes. Asked again in 2005, 80 percent said, yes, I'm a very important person. ~ David Brooks
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by David Brooks
I have a question for you, but it's kind of ... um, personal."
"Yes, I'm gay."
"You really are a fan of saying that, aren't you?"
"Once you start, you just can't stop. ~ Diana Peterfreund
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Diana Peterfreund
Lin says the sensation of standing in the middle of these unsettling effects is a distilled version of how he feels throughout the show: "I am staying in my lane and doing what I'm supposed to do while everyone is doing what they do at the height of their abilities, and if I move to the left or right, I'll get hit with a desk. ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Sam: One day, Mrs. Mandelbaum comes by the store does her usual spiel. Shows me her pictures, tells her lies. "This one's 18, a scholar. This one's 22, a beauty." Some of these pictures were taken before the flashbulb was invented. But it's like this little ritual we have. She has a business and I respect that. I'm a bachelor. She can't help herself.

Izzy: Wait a minute. You mean, you didn't hire her?

Sam: No. But on this particular day she pulled this from her bag.

(Sam pulls Izzy's photo out and shows it to her)

Izzy: Oh, no.

Sam: And I said, "Yes, Mrs. Mandelbaum this one I'll meet."
~Crossing Delancey. Movie. 1988. Peter Regent & Amy Irving. ~ Susan Sandler
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Susan Sandler
I try to give him a dirty look, but I can't help but laugh. "Yes, I'm laughing at you." Raffe pulls me closer and kisses me again. I melt into his taut body. I can't help myself. I'm not even sure I should try. My whole world turns into Raffe sensations as our lips explore each other. ~ Susan Ee
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Susan Ee
Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that. ~ Sarah Mlynowski
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
Yes, I'm a materialist. I'm willing to be shown wrong, but that has not happened - yet. And I admit that the reason I'm unable to accept the claims of psychic, occult, and/or supernatural wonders is because I'm locked into a world-view that demands evidence rather than blind faith, a view that insists upon the replication of all experiments - particularly those that appear to show violations of a rational world - and a view which requires open examination of the methods used to carry out those experiments. ~ James Randi
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by James Randi
These people say things like "If a liberal intellectual like you can't speak about the link between specific doctrines and violence without being defamed as a bigot, what hope is there for someone like me, who has to worry about being killed by her own family or village for merely expressing doubts about God?" So yes, I'm aware that one can't speak in Pakistan as I do here. ~ Sam Harris
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Sam Harris
Was it a convent you escaped from, Miss Turner?" He turned the boat with a deft pull on one oar.
"Escaped?" Her heart knocked against her hidden purse. "I'm a governess, I told you. I'm not running away, from a convent or anywhere else. Why would you ask that?"
He chuckled. "Because you're staring at me as though you've never seen a man before."
Sophia's cheeks burned. She was staring. Worse, now she found herself powerless to turn away. What with the murky shadows of the tavern and the confusion of the quay, not to mention her own discomposure, she hadn't taken a good, clear look at his eyes until this moment.
They defied her mental palette utterly.
The pupils were ringed with a thin line of blue. Darker than Prussian, yet lighter than indigo. Perhaps matching that dearest of pigments-the one even her father's generous allowance did not permit-ultramarine. Yet within that blue circumference shifted a changing sea of color-green one moment, gray the next…in the shadow of a half-blink, hinting at blue.
He laughed again, and flinty sparks of amusement lit them.
Yes, she was still staring.
Forcing her gaze to the side, she saw their rowboat nearing the scraped hull of a ship. She cleared her throat and tasted brine. "Forgive me, Mr. Grayson. I'm only trying to make you out. I understood you to be the ship's captain."
"Well," he said, grasping a rope thrown down to him and securing it to the boat, "now you know I'm not."
"Might I ~ Tessa Dare
Yes Im A Sensation Seeker quotes by Tessa Dare
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