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Social Security Disability Plans: This segment of Social Security is different from the more common retirement benefit payout. Two programs are available: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both programs have stringent eligibility requirements. ~ Michele Tagliati
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Michele Tagliati
My parents didn't know anything about collegiate scholarships, so they had accepted the national team training stipend, the monthly stipend that I received after making the national team, so I was ineligible for NCAA eligibility anyway. ~ Dominique Moceanu
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Dominique Moceanu
I have terrible short-term memory loss, which I like to think of as Presidential eligibility. ~ Paula Poundstone
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Paula Poundstone
When our investigators specifically requested the BSBDA and banks acknowledged the existence of this account, this was usually followed by misrepresentation of the customer's eligibility as well as strong verbal disincentives to open such an account. For instance, bank officers would tell the investigators: "The zero balance account may be offered ... ... . only for exceptional cases like students, delivery cases (of government welfare schemes). Then for "ATP"4, blind persons, deaf persons, other special categories. ~ Anonymous
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Anonymous
This is what class warfare looks like: The Business Roundtable - representing Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and others - has called on Congress to raise the eligibility age of Social Security and Medicare to 70, cut Social Security and veterans' COLAs, raise taxes on working families and cut taxes for the largest corporations in America. ~ Bernie Sanders
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Bernie Sanders
We stiffened the penalties for fraud, we extended nationwide efforts to make sure that payments are accurate and they closed a loophole in which people were gaming the system. We didn't change eligibility requirements or reduce the level of benefits. ~ Kevin Drum
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Kevin Drum
We changed the names of our technical schools to colleges, we expanded the eligibility for HOPE scholarships for technical training, and we added some formula funding. ~ Roy Barnes
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Roy Barnes
This legislation provides Medicaid eligibility to evacuees and residents in (Federal Emergency Management Agency) designated disaster counties, .. It also helps pay private health insurance premiums for those at risk for losing their coverage. ~ Thad Cochran
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Thad Cochran
Promoting dependency is the Democratic Party's vocation. It knows that almost all entitlements are forever, and those that are not - e.g., the lifetime eligibility for welfare, repealed in 1996 - are not for the middle class. ~ George Will
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by George Will
It's repulsive how you act around every two-legged mammal with a beard."
"But it works," Lily returned with a large smile she knew would aggravate her sister. "You should try it, Edythe. God gave you everything needed to capture a man's eye,but then you open your mouth and drive anyone interested in you my way.If you could just learn to keep quiet."
"Amazing,Lily,for that's my aadvice to you.And as far as driving men away,first there would have to be someone to repel.Not one man of marrying age or eligibility has visited since Father left, and secondly, if a man can be so easily intimidated, I wouldn't want him for a dinner companion,let alone a husband."
Lily rolled her eyes,their light shadowy color made only more piercing by her fair skin and dark hair. "You don't intimidate,Edythe. You insult."
"And you,Lily, think anything that isn't dripping with flattery and praise is an insult. ~ Michele Sinclair
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Michele Sinclair
Anybody that's asked, I've counseled that they not expand Medicaid eligibility. I've been critical of any expansion because you know what Washington does. It promises something for a finite period of time, and then it leaves you on the hook. ~ Tom Price
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Tom Price
For me, the essence of being a professional soldier was in being operational. It was the core of a soldier's identity and eligibility. ~ Thomas Rathsack
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Thomas Rathsack
I'll bet My. Pinter knows his way around a rifle.
She scowled. He probably thought he was a grand shot, anyway. For a man whose lineage was reputedly unsavory, Mr. Pinter was so high in the instep that she privately called him Proud Pinter or Proper Pinter. He'd told Gabe last week that most lords were good for only two things-redistributing funds from their estates into the gaming hells and brothels in London, and ignoring their duty to God and country.
She knew he was working for Oliver only because he wanted the money and prestige. Secretly, he held them all in contempt. Which was probably why he was being so snide about her marrying.
"Be that as it may," she said, "I'm interested in marriage now." She strode over to the fireplace to warm her hands. "That's why I want you to investigate my potential suitors."
"Why me?"
She shot him a sideways glance. "Have you forgotten that Oliver hired you initially for that very purpose?"
His stiffening posture told her that he had. With a frown, he drew out the notebook and pencil he always seemed to keep in his pocket. "Very well. Exactly what do you want me to find out?"
Breathing easier, she left the fire. "The same thing you found out for my siblings-the truth about my potential suitors' finances, their eligibility for marriage, and...well..."
He paused in scratching his notes to arch an eyebrow at her. "Yes?"
She fiddled nervously with the gold bracelet she wore. This part, he might bal ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
Since you are chosen by the Muse, your mind is always pregnant with an unstable roller-coaster of the creative itches. The utopian conjectures and hypotheses of perfect romance, fondles the fairyland.. It is like having the higher educational qualification than the eligibility criteria, either you choose to be jobless or you have to compromise and adjust with low salary, low designation and sometimes, you have to start from the cipher who eventually turns out to be a numbskull dick!
Reason, why the crème de la crème sapiosexuals are slaugherous, cynical, sweetly sardonic, spouseless, and of course allergic to baloney and bullshits.. ~ Himmilicious
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Himmilicious
If every American automatically has health coverage, the age at which Medicare kicks in becomes a less fraught issue. We could gradually raise the age of Medicare eligibility a bit, according to income, and save money. ~ Joe Klein
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Joe Klein
The sovereign people, legislators, and reformers, see in public offices, to speak plainly, only opportunities for pecuniary advancement. And, because it regards them as a source of profit, it decrees the eligibility of citizens. For of what use would this precaution be, if there were nothing to gain by it? No one would think of ordaining that none but astronomers and geographers should be pilots, nor of prohibiting stutterers from acting at the theatre and the opera. The nation was still aping the kings: like them it wished to award the lucrative positions to its friends and flatterers. Unfortunately, and this last feature completes the resemblance, the nation did not control the list of livings; that was in the hands of its agents and representatives. They, on the other hand, took care not to thwart the will of their gracious sovereign. ~ Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Work needs to be the single biggest requirements. No more waivers as this administration has done. There should be real work eligibility. ~ Jeb Bush
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Jeb Bush
We ought to make sure that the eligibility for entitlements meets the demographics of America. ~ Mitch McConnell
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Mitch McConnell
I have short-term memory loss, though I'd like to think of it as Persidential eligibility. ~ Paula Poundstone
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Paula Poundstone

That which you are capable of receiving comes into your life.
Therefore, raise your capability and eligibility through consistent practice. ~ Sirshree
Yerdi Eligibility quotes by Sirshree
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