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#1. Treat each guitar track-and each song-completely different. For example, if I'm using a certain amp and guitar on one track, I'll deliberately use something else for the next tune or overdub. - Author: Keith Richards
Xanadu Song quotes by Keith Richards
#2. To die,
so young to die.
No, no, not I,
I love the warm sunny skies,
light, song, shining eyes,
I want no war, no battle cry,
No, no, not I. - Author: Hannah Senesh
Xanadu Song quotes by Hannah Senesh
#3. His own opinion, which he does not air, is that the origin of speech lie in song, and the origins of song in the need to fill out with sound the overlarge and rather empty human soul. - Author: J.M. Coetzee
Xanadu Song quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#4. Radio stations have constructed a narrow door[way], and that's because they don't understand how complex and paradoxical our snap judgments are. It's hard to measure new songs. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Xanadu Song quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#5. I'm made mute by the virtue of decision
And I choose most of your life goes on without me
Oh the fear I've known
That I might reap the praise of strangers and end up on my own
All I've sown was a song
But maybe I was wrong - Author: Emily Saliers
Xanadu Song quotes by Emily Saliers
#6. The May sunshine makes both the trolls and the elves disappear, he thought. They burst like soap bubbles. Only human beings remain, for a little while. We are a brief song beneath the sky, laughter in the wind that ends in a sigh. Then we too are gone. - Author: Johan Theorin
Xanadu Song quotes by Johan Theorin
#7. Love songs last because they are about feelings that don't change. - Author: Diana Krall
Xanadu Song quotes by Diana Krall
#8. Polly was finding the song more and more interesting because she thought she was beginning to see the connection between the music and the things that were happening. When a line of dark firs sprang up on a ridge about a hundred yards away she felt that they were connected with a series of deep, prolonged notes which the Lion had sung a second before. And when he burst into a rapid series of lighter notes she was not surprised to see primroses suddenly appearing in every direction. Thus, with an unspeakable thrill, she felt quite certain that all the things were coming (as she said) "out of the Lion's head." When you listened to his song you heard the things he was making up: when you looked round you, you saw them. This was so exciting that she had no time to be afraid. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Xanadu Song quotes by C.S. Lewis
#9. I say to my students that I can't teach them how to write a good song, but I can teach you how to write a better song. Talking about this idea of it being a process. By going back and not settling for something and find a way to step back from your songs-which is a very hard thing to do-but when you're stuck or you can't move forward, start doing some polishing. - Author: Andy Wilkinson
Xanadu Song quotes by Andy Wilkinson
#10. No dreams, no visions, no delicious fantasies, no castles in the air, with which, as the old song so truly says, hearts are broken, heads are turned. - Author: William Osler
Xanadu Song quotes by William Osler
#11. The scientific world-picture vouchsafe a very complete understanding of all that happens - it makes it just a little too understandable. It allows you to imagine the total display as that of a mechanical clock-work, which for all that science knows could go on just the same as it does, without there being consciousness, will, endeavour, pain and delight and responsibility connected with it - though they actually are. And the reason for this disconcerting situation is just this, that, for the purpose of constructing the picture of the external world, we have used the greatly simplifying device of cutting our own personality out, removing it; hence it it gone, it has evaporated, it is ostensibly not needed.

In particular, and most importantly, this is the reason why the scientific world-view contains of itself no ethical values, no aesthetical values, not a word about our own ultimate scope or destination, and no God, if you please. Whence came I, whither go I?

Science cannot tell us a word about why music delights us, of why and how an old song can move us to tears.

Science, we believe, can, in principle, describe in full detail all that happens in the latter case in our sensorium and 'motorium' from the moment the waves of compression and dilation reach our ear to the moment when certain glands secrete a salty fluid that emerges from our eyes. But of the feelings of delight and sorrow that accompany the process science is completely ignorant - - Author: Erwin Schrodinger
Xanadu Song quotes by Erwin Schrodinger
#12. People have habits about what they think songs should be like. There's the folky thing of: "Poor me, I'm a sensitive person in a cruel world." Or the pop thing of: "Hey, look at me, I'm sexy." - Author: Robert Wyatt
Xanadu Song quotes by Robert Wyatt
#13. 'Gorilla Man' is a composite of a few individuals, but the song itself was actually inspired by James Taylor. I spied his 'Gorilla' album laying on my floor and in some altered state, instantly started singing the chorus. It was fun to write. There's an old notebook with at least three more verses in it somewhere. - Author: Caitlin Rose
Xanadu Song quotes by Caitlin Rose
#14. If you have a song to sing, who are you not to open your mouth and sing to the world? - Author: Maya Angelou
Xanadu Song quotes by Maya Angelou
#15. All I ever wanted to do was take charge of what people were saying online and, sure, maybe make them feel a little bad about it. I never meant for my threat to truly be a swan song – just a loud note to catch some attention. But the whole mess had taken on a rhythm of its own, and it seemed like I was the only one who couldn't keep the beat. I was playing along with no idea how this tune was supposed to end. - Author: Erin Lange
Xanadu Song quotes by Erin Lange
#16. Imagination is my best friend. - Author: Neil Young
Xanadu Song quotes by Neil Young
#17. I like songs that are part of a dramatic texture, and therefore I like the scenes to be active. I wanna follow the story and that means you lean on the actors. - Author: Stephen Sondheim
Xanadu Song quotes by Stephen Sondheim
#18. River gonna take me, Sing me sweet and sleepy,
Sing me sweet and sleepy all the way back home,
It's a far gone lullaby sung many years ago
Mama, Mama, many worlds I've come since I first left home - Author: Robert Hunter
Xanadu Song quotes by Robert Hunter
#19. I try to project not only a song but a personality. - Author: Peggy Lee
Xanadu Song quotes by Peggy Lee
#20. Hope is forgivable when you're young, isn't it? With no suspicion of irony, without a soupçon of cynicism, hope lures with its siren song. - Author: Rabih Alameddine
Xanadu Song quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#21. "Money to Burn" is a fantasy. I mean, I would love for that to be a true story. Most of my songs are written in metaphors. - Author: Ladyhawke
Xanadu Song quotes by Ladyhawke
#22. I am not a music snob. If anything, my musical taste is bad by any critical standards. My favorite song of all time is "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners. A close second is "MMMBop" by Hansen. So I am not out there claiming any musical superiority, but Creed really does suck. Bad music, pretentious lyrics, and a messianic front man. Also they are from Flordia. No good rock music has ever come from Flordia. Undoubtedly, there will be legions of offended readers who think to themselves, What are you talking about! Such-and-such band is from Flordia and they're freaking awesome! No, whatever band you are thinking of, if they are from Flordia, they suck. Not as much as Creed, but they still suck. - Author: Michael Ian Black
Xanadu Song quotes by Michael Ian Black
#23. I'm excited about the old songs. That's a nice place to be after grinding out the music business for twenty years. - Author: Five For Fighting
Xanadu Song quotes by Five For Fighting
#24. I try to make everything I write a little bit different. Those songs that go, 'I love you so much and you love me,' they're boring. If I'm going to write a love song, it's going to be a little bit tortuous. - Author: Jane Wiedlin
Xanadu Song quotes by Jane Wiedlin
#25. These days, I find I'm applying a little more patience to my process. If I look back on my work, I can see those songs I bailed on could have been better, that had those great two verses and then I kind of coasted from there. These days, if a song is giving me trouble, I put it aside and pick it up later, and keep doing that, for a year if I have to, until it takes shape. - Author: Ani DiFranco
Xanadu Song quotes by Ani DiFranco
#26. This morning when I looked out the roof window
before dawn and a few stars were still caught
in the fragile weft of ebony night
I was overwhelmed. I sang the song Louis taught me:
a song to call the deer in Creek, when hunting,
and I am certainly hunting something as magic as deer
in this city far from the hammock of my mother's belly.
It works, of course, and deer came into this room
and wondered at finding themselves
in a house near downtown Denver.
Now the deer and I are trying to figure out a song
to get them back, to get all of us back,
because if it works I'm going with them.
And it's too early to call Louis
and nearly too late to go home.
[from poem, "Song for the Deer and Myself to Return On"] - Author: Joy Harjo
Xanadu Song quotes by Joy Harjo
#27. I think artists are entitled to their songs. I'm very vocal and I understand that not everybody's gonna like me; it's not for everyone. - Author: Jean Grae
Xanadu Song quotes by Jean Grae
#28. There is a fine old saying, which everybody here is of course familiar with: 'Keep your breath to cool your porridge'; and I shall keep mine to swell my song. - Author: Jane Austen
Xanadu Song quotes by Jane Austen
#29. I know a tree feels it when the wind blows through it. It probably goes, 'Chhhhhh, this is wonderful.' And that's how I feel when I'm singing some songs. It's wonderful. - Author: Michael Jackson
Xanadu Song quotes by Michael Jackson
#30. Right now the day length is exactly the same as in spring when birds key into it and begin singing. The birds are a little confused by it all and the singing isn't very intense. It only lasts a week or so each fall, but it's still cool to hear spring bird songs at this time of the year. - Author: Craig Thompson
Xanadu Song quotes by Craig Thompson
#31. A little light in the dark night
A faint voice is calling you
This way! This way!
This flickering, wavering little voice
Like dew, like a bonfire
The voice of insects
the sound of the water
You can never lose them
once you've heard them ... - Author: Natsumi Mukai
Xanadu Song quotes by Natsumi Mukai
#32. I like to have songs with me that have substance. That's missing from a lot of today's music. You might hear a song with a catchy beat, but what's it about? It's not empowering or helping anyone. - Author: Jennifer Hudson
Xanadu Song quotes by Jennifer Hudson
#33. Timbaland's so wishy-washy sometimes - he'll hate a song at first and then love it, and then maybe go back to not liking it as much as something else. - Author: Keri Hilson
Xanadu Song quotes by Keri Hilson
#34. Name ten songs you want to hear again before you die, get all of your friends together and scream them. Because right now all you have is time, but someday that time will run out. That's the only thing you can be absolutely certain about. - Author: Paul Baribeau
Xanadu Song quotes by Paul Baribeau
#35. Seriously, my music really does help my acting, and, like, getting in and out of a character from a different lifestyle and writing a song about it. Likewise, my acting inspires the music because I can write a theme that I wouldn't necessarily approach at all in life. - Author: Bryan Greenberg
Xanadu Song quotes by Bryan Greenberg
#36. This is my seventh decade ... and every once in a while I get a hankering to re-visit these songs again ... songs with which I have had a great relationship. - Author: Eddy Arnold
Xanadu Song quotes by Eddy Arnold
#37. With Whitesnake it would have been inappropriate for me to have played Deep Purple songs, although I did at the beginning because I didn't have enough Whitesnake songs. - Author: David Coverdale
Xanadu Song quotes by David Coverdale
#38. Songs came first. I started out in 1965 trying to copy the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Stones, like most kids I knew. I'm still trying. Songs are hard to beat. - Author: Peter Blegvad
Xanadu Song quotes by Peter Blegvad
#39. It's just that I coulda swore you had sung me a love song back there
and that you meant it
but I guess sometimes people just chew with their mouth open - Author: Buddy Wakefield
Xanadu Song quotes by Buddy Wakefield
#40. I personally believe that most people that play an instrument would be able to write a few songs here and there. But they say, "I tried, I can't do it" and give up and don't try it again; they get too discouraged. - Author: Keith Richards
Xanadu Song quotes by Keith Richards
#41. Early on I realized when you write a song about someone, it flatters them on some level, and gives you a lot of room to move within a relationship. A song can kind of get the girl, for sure. - Author: Nick Cave
Xanadu Song quotes by Nick Cave
#42. The day I was born songs were on records, phones were tied down, computers needed rooms and the web was fiction. Change the world. You can. - Author: Steve Jobs
Xanadu Song quotes by Steve Jobs
#43. You can cage the singer but not the song. - Author: Harry Belafonte
Xanadu Song quotes by Harry Belafonte

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