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#1. ethanol may actually make some kinds of air pollution worse. It evaporates faster than pure gasoline, contributing to ozone problems in hot temperatures. A 2006 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that ethanol does reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent relative to gasoline, but it calculated that devoting the entire U.S. corn crop to make ethanol would replace only a small fraction of American gasoline consumption. Corn farming also contributes to environmental degradation due to runoff from fertilizer and pesticides.
But to dwell on the science is to miss the point. As the New York Times noted in the throes of the 2000 presidential race, ―Regardless of whether ethanol is a great fuel for cars, it certainly works wonders in Iowa campaigns. The ethanol tax subsidy increases the demand for corn, which puts money in farmers' pockets. Just before the Iowa caucuses, corn farmer Marvin Flier told the Times, ―Sometimes I think [the candidates] just come out and pander to us, he said. Then he added, ―Of course, that may not be the worst thing. The National Corn Growers Association figures that the ethanol program increases the demand for corn, which adds 30 cents to the price of every bushel sold.
Bill Bradley opposed the ethanol subsidy during his three terms as a senator from New Jersey (not a big corn-growing state). Indeed, some of his most important accomplishments as a senator involved purging the tax code of subsid - Author: Charles Wheelan
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Charles Wheelan
#2. Look, any cut in greenhouse gases is going to be expensive for American consumers, who are in no mood to bear additional costs. - Author: Robert Reich
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Robert Reich
#3. New York and Connecticut belong to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to cut carbon emissions, and New York City has been a leader in energy efficiency. - Author: Frances Beinecke
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Frances Beinecke
#4. When I was a child," Theodora said lazily, "'
many years ago,' Doctor, as you put it so tactfully
I was whipped for throwing a brick through a greenhouse roof. I remember I thought about if for a long time, remembering the whipping but remembering also the lovely crash, and after thinking about it very seriously I went out and did it again. - Author: Shirley Jackson
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Shirley Jackson
#5. Both rich and poor nations have a common stake in policies that put the globe on a sustainable development path. The conflict is less between poor and rich countries than between the broad interests of people and the narrow interests of extractive industries. We need to find our way towards some kind of global regime that reduces emissions of the greenhouse gases, but well-off nations need to transfer the technology to make this possible, rather than viewing this shift as one more opportunity for private industry to profit. - Author: Robert Kuttner
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Robert Kuttner
#6. Non-believers in the greenhouse scenario are in the position of those long ago who doubted the existence of God ... fortunately for them, the Inquisition is no longer with us! - Author: Marcel Leroux
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Marcel Leroux
#7. Look at it!" George's voice shuddered with barely contained awe. "Look at it! Don't you want to experience it? Don't you want to be brave? You are not a gentle flower who spends its whole life in a greenhouse. You are a wildfire, Lark. A wildfire."
A sun burst on the images, its violent fury drowning the cosmos.
"Dare to take that step and I will show you wonders beyond your imagination. I will give you a chance to make a difference. Come with me." George offered his hand to her. "Live. Join me or not, but live, gods damn you, because I cannot stand the thought of you slowly aging here like some dusty fossil under glass. Take my hand and bring your sword. The universe is waiting. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Ilona Andrews
#8. Voluntary actions by corporations should not go beyond innovative win - win 'no regrets' initiatives. Greenhouse gas control practices that are uneconomic penalize either consumers or stockholders while politicizing the issue of corporate responsibility. Few will be satisfied, and the ineffectual measures will eventually have to be abandoned. - Author: Robert L. Bradley, Jr.
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Robert L. Bradley, Jr.
#9. Researchers at the Naval Postgraduate School have told us that the entire Arctic ice cap may totally disappear in summer in as little as five years if nothing is done to curb emissions of greenhouse gas pollution. - Author: Al Gore
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Al Gore
#10. That's not my concern just now. This man - " "Grayson Thane," Brianna supplied, more than grateful the topic had turned away from their mother. "A respected American author who has designs on a quiet room in a well-run establishment in the west of Ireland. He doesn't have designs on his landlady." She picked up her tea, sipped. "And he's going to pay for my greenhouse. - Author: Nora Roberts
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Nora Roberts
#11. Temperature measurements in the arctic suggest that it was just as warm there in the 1930's ... before most greenhouse gas emissions. Don't you ever wonder whether sea ice concentrations back then were low, too? - Author: Roy Spencer
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Roy Spencer
#12. I did a lot of work on energy efficiency at the White House. By the time I left we had taken the equivalent of six hundred cars a year off the road in reduced greenhouse gas emissions just in the White House complex. - Author: William J. Clinton
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by William J. Clinton
#13. Trying to predict whether global warming will moderate the next ice age is not only impossible but irrelevant. It doesn't help us get through the next few centuries. And one can only imagine our future, shivering, ice age descendants cursing us for leaving them no fossil fuel to create a global warming "greenhouse" effect when one is really needed. - Author: John Harte
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by John Harte
#14. One common strategy on which we should all be able to agree is to take steps to reduce the risk of human extinction when those steps are also highly effective in benefiting existing sentient beings. For example, eliminating or decreasing the consumption of animal products will benefit animals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lessen the chances of a pandemic resulting from a virus evolving among the animals crowded into today's factory farms, which are an ideal breeding ground for viruses. That therefore looks like a high-priority strategy. Other - Author: Peter Singer
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Peter Singer
#15. The greenhouse effect is something you can observe experimentally - and most people have observed the greenhouse effect themselves, in greenhouses. Yes? - Author: Nicholas Stern
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Nicholas Stern
#16. In front of us there is an immense garden of words and non-words, a serre, that is, a greenhouse in which are preserved by my care so many things of speech you have given me while leaving me free to cultivate them. - Author: Helene Cixous
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Helene Cixous
#17. Climate change is a global problem. The planet is warming because of the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. If this trend continues, truly catastrophic consequences are likely to ensue from rising sea levels, to reduced water availability, to more heat waves and fires. - Author: Malcolm Turnbull
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Malcolm Turnbull
#18. The sustainable alternative is one in which smaller and smaller regions produce more and more of the goods they need closer to where they are consumed. These economies will contribute little to the greenhouse effect and will survive the exhaustion of oil. - Author: John B. Cobb
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by John B. Cobb
#19. Grains of error planted innocently in a well-kept greenhouse can become giant poisonous trees. - Author: Thomas Merton
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Thomas Merton
#20. The best way to deal with climate change has been obvious for years: cut greenhouse-gas emissions severely. We haven't done that. In 2010, for example, carbon emissions rose by six per cent - the largest such increase on record. - Author: Michael Specter
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Michael Specter
#21. The next year, the Court decided what is generally viewed as the major case of the early years. The decision, Chisholm v. Georgia (1793), provoked an immediate backlash, in the form of the first constitutional amendment to be ratified after the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights. - Author: Linda Greenhouse
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Linda Greenhouse
#22. I will pull on my stockings and go quietly past the bedroom doors, and down through the kitchen, out through the garden past the greenhouse into the field. It is still early morning. The mist is on the marshes. The day is stark and stiff as a linen shroud. But it will soften; it will warm. At this hour, this still early hour, I think I am the field, I am the barn, I am the trees; mine are the flocks of birds, and this young hare who leaps, at the last moment when I step almost on him. Mine is the heron that stretches its vast wings lazily; and the cow that creaks as it pushes one foot before another munching; and the wild, swooping swallow; and the faint red in the sky, and the green when the red fades; the silence and the bell; the call of the man fetching cart-horses from the fields - all are mine. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Virginia Woolf
#23. And when the ocean starts rising to the level of whatever building they're in and whatever floor they're on as they write their editorials, yeah, then they'll agree that there's a greenhouse effect and we'd better do something about it. Sure, no matter how lunatic people are, at some point or other they're going to realize that these problems exist, and they are approaching fast. It's just that the next thing they'll ask is, "So how can we make some money off it?" In fact, anybody in business who didn't ask that question would find themselves out of business - just because that's the way that capitalist institutions work. I mean, if some executive came along and said," I'm not going to look at it that way, I'm going to do things differently," well, they'd get replaced by someone who would try to make more money off it―because these are simply institutional facts, these are facts about the structure of the institutions. And if you don't like them, and I don't, then you're going to have to change the institutions. There really is no other way. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Noam Chomsky
#24. Greenhouse gas pollution, through its contribution to global climate change, presents a significant threat to Americans' health and to the environment upon which our economy and security depends. - Author: Gina McCarthy
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Gina McCarthy
#25. After weighing the pros and cons, I've decided sex with you would be mutually satisfying. You're attractive and pleasant. And clean. You kiss very well, and while I've found that's not always a reliable gauge for skill in bed, it often follows. If you're agreeable, we can finish dinner, I'll show you the greenhouse, then we can go in and have sex. I'm on birth control, but I would require you wear a condom. - Author: Nora Roberts
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Nora Roberts
#26. The international equity question arises from the costs of climate change itself and mitigation varying greatly across countries. It is affected by the historical responsibility for current greenhouse gas emissions, which countries which were not responsible for what's in the atmosphere now think are very important. Currently rich countries don't think those issues are very important. - Author: Ross Garnaut
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Ross Garnaut
#27. There is a natural greenhouse effect that contributes to warming. Greenhouse gases trap heat and thus warm the Earth because they prevent a significant proportion of infrared radiation from escaping into space. - Author: George W. Bush
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by George W. Bush
#28. What we should be doing [in US] is accelerating every year our efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, have a cleaner energy future, have much more energy conservation. And this won't hurt anybody. This will create a new economy for America, if we've got the discipline to do it. - Author: William J. Clinton
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by William J. Clinton
#29. The greenhouse effect I am knowing;
To protest right now I am going,
But oh my gee whiz,
I'm going that is,
If only it ever stops snowing. - Author: Alan Cook
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Alan Cook
#30. Warming of the climate system is unequivocal ... most of the global average warming over the past 50 years is very likely due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases increases ... - Author: Rajendra K. Pachauri
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Rajendra K. Pachauri
#31. Factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to the most serious environmental problems. The meat industry causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes and ships in the world. - Author: Joan Jett
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Joan Jett
#32. I know. If I want to make you happy, it won't be through gifts like these. Rather than the rose raised in the greenhouse, you prefer the primrose found by the roadside. For Christmas, a heartfelt card. But I can't help wanting to give you all sorts of things. Because I want to see you looking happy every day. - Author: Mizue Tani
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Mizue Tani
#33. The greenhouse effect of carbon-dioxide emissions does produce gentle warming if it is not counteracted by unpredictable natural phenomena, but it cannot be measured directly against the volume of such emissions. - Author: Conrad Black
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Conrad Black
#34. When people switch to car-sharing from car ownership, they reduce their vehicle miles traveled by 44 percent, and thus their greenhouse gas emissions go down by, like, 40 percent. - Author: Jessica Scorpio
Woodill Greenhouse quotes by Jessica Scorpio

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