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#1. You have the eyes of a wolf-girl whose heart has never once been moved. When I press my ear to your chest, I hear only wind and emptiness. - Author: Bae Suah
Wolf Girl quotes by Bae Suah
#2. My favorite sexual position is when the girl is facing Mecca and I am fighting off a wolf. - Author: Dane Cook
Wolf Girl quotes by Dane Cook
#3. Most girls celebrate their birthdays with friends. I spent mine with a pack of wolves. - Author: Ruth Emmie Lang
Wolf Girl quotes by Ruth Emmie Lang
#4. Well, then, let's make a deal. I'll be your slave girl. You can dress me your way, and I'll do anything you say, so long as you give me two weeks to change your mind 'bout sellin' some land I hear you don't even use." She ventured a glance at his face. "We can get as wildly inappropriate as you want." Pointing toward his slow-moving hand, she couldn't resist adding, "I see you already started. - Author: Eden Connor
Wolf Girl quotes by Eden Connor
#5. Abby stared at me, her fingers going all grabby like she wanted to snatch the phone and save me. No girl had ever wanted to save me before. I glanced away, because her worried expression made me want to laugh, but when I wasn't looking at her, the thought of it made me want to kiss her. - Author: Ophelia London
Wolf Girl quotes by Ophelia London
#6. You may not mean to, but you do seem to look down your nose at many of us mere mortals muddling along down here. I feel as though you think everyone should be better than they are. I certainly think you expect me to behave like some sort of perfect princess. But I'm just an ordinary girl who wants to grow up and find out where I belong in the world. - Author: Emily Arden
Wolf Girl quotes by Emily Arden
#7. When you first looked at me
I forgot to breathe
that moment marked my hardened heart
I vowed to never leave

And the touch of your skin
healed something deep within
that left me wanting more of you
the less I got the more it grew

Oh I couldn't help from falling, falling for you

So I'm standing here, oh girl you know
After all that we've been through we couldn't let it go
and as long as I'm alive, in your eyes I'll stare
holding you so close I'll solemnly swear
that I have fallen too far
that I have fallen too far, too far for you.
For you

When I finally found you
I finally found me
that day I won't soon forget
the reason for it all

I'll give you a new name
nothing in life will be the same
the story is now complete
our life and love is all we need

'Cause I couldn't help from falling
falling for you

So I'm standing here oh girl you know
After all we've been through we couldn't let it go
and as long as I'm alive, in your eyes I'll stare
holding you so close I'll solemnly swear
that I have fallen too far, that I have fallen too far
too far for you

My heart is beating
begging for you
this night will be
a dream come true
so fall, fall, fall into my arms

So I'm standing here oh girl you know
After all that we've been through we couldn't let it - Author: Abbi Glines
Wolf Girl quotes by Abbi Glines
#8. Until recently the locus of sexual fantasy was peopled with images actually glimpsed or were sensations actually felt, or private imaginings taken from suggestions in the real world, a dream well where weightless images from it floated, transformed by imagination. It prepared children, with these hints and traces of other people's bodies, to become adults and enter the landscape of adult sexuality and meet the lover face to face. Lucky men and women are able to keep a pathway clear to that dream well, peopling it with scenes and images that meet them as they get older, created with their own bodies mingling with other bodies; they choose a lover because of a smell from a coat, a way of walking, the shape of a lip, belong in their imagined interior and resonate back in time deep into the bones that recall childhood and early adolescent imagination. - Author: Naomi Wolf
Wolf Girl quotes by Naomi Wolf
#9. He'd learned in the past few months that telling a girl what to wear
even one the size of a golf club
was a bad idea. Histrionics often followed. - Author: Kristin Hannah
Wolf Girl quotes by Kristin Hannah
#10. You never told me how everyone liked the sirupskake."
"It was splendid!" she said, her smile returning. "Your fa- my husband asked that you bake another one soon for me to bring him."
Freya was always tripping over her words like that. Anna did the same thing herself. She chalked it up to wanting to say so much in a short amount of time. She was like a pot of melting chocolate: the words bubbled over.
"Did he like the candied oranges I placed on top?"
"Yes! He said he'd never seen it done that way before."
Anna shrugged. "I love to put my own spin on recipes. I like to be unique, if you haven't noticed."
"I have." Freya smiled. "I think my husband would enjoy meeting you. You and I have a similar joyful spirit, while he"- she sighed- "carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, I'm afraid. Much like my daughter."
Freya talked about her daughter a lot but unfortunately never brought her along for visits. From what Anna knew, the girl seemed whip smart and serious. Anna wished she could meet her so she could shake her up a bit. Everyone needed to let their hair down sometimes. Plus it would be nice to have a friend close to her own age. - Author: Jen Calonita
Wolf Girl quotes by Jen Calonita
#11. Before two years of age, human interaction and physical interaction with books and print are the best entry into the world of oral and written language and internalized knowledge, the building blocks of the later reading circuit. - Author: Maryanne Wolf
Wolf Girl quotes by Maryanne Wolf
#12. I was one of the first print models to go on the runway because I wanted to do runway. When I started doing the shows, I was the only print girl there. - Author: Linda Evangelista
Wolf Girl quotes by Linda Evangelista
#13. Girls can do anything, for sure. Even running in the mud in heels. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
Wolf Girl quotes by Bryce Dallas Howard
#14. if god is real, she put all of herself into this girl. she vowed to unleash a woman so violently herself, the sky would collapse every time she came to orgasm. - Author: Taylor Rhodes
Wolf Girl quotes by Taylor Rhodes
#15. That's my good girl, he growled in my ear. And there it was. His good girl? Why did I always have to be the good girl? Fuck that. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Wolf Girl quotes by Kristen Ashley
#16. The fun part of being a girl is that there are little beauty things you can do to make yourself feel special. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Wolf Girl quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#17. Some of those sacrificed in Actun Tunichil Muknal were children, including the skeleton of a teenage girl known as the Crystal Maiden because her calcified bones sparkle in the light. - Author: Cary McNeal
Wolf Girl quotes by Cary McNeal
#18. The hate directed against the colored people here in St. Louis has always given me a sad feeling because when I was a little girl I remember the horror of the East St. Louis race riot. - Author: Josephine Baker
Wolf Girl quotes by Josephine Baker
#19. She's the kind of girl a guy meets when he's too young, and he fucks up because there's too much living to do. But later he realizes she's perfect. - Author: Californication
Wolf Girl quotes by Californication
#20. That's not how you're going to live, Bird Girl. Not on my account. Spread those strong wings of yours. Fly. - Author: Annabel Pitcher
Wolf Girl quotes by Annabel Pitcher
#21. Then I said, "Matt's got a big mouth."
"They all got big mouths, girl, learn that quick. These boys talk more than a pack of women. I lost fifty bucks on you."
I was stunned speechless again, this time it didn't last as long.
"See, Lee nailed Indy the first night they were together. Not nailed her nailed her but she was in his bed. Eddie, with Jet, it took a few days. Hank and Roxie, like, a day. Vance, like three, but Jules was a virgin and he had to interrupt the festivities once to go out and shoot someone."
I was blinking rapidly and feeling kind of faint at the amount and sensitivity of information Shirleen was imparting, not to mention what it might mean to me.
"So we had a pool. Everyone threw down money on when they thought Luke would nail you. Mace won five hundred dollars."
Ho-ly crap.
"So," she went on. "Did he nail you nail you or did you two just sleep?"
For some reason, I answered her unbelievably nosy question. "We just slept."
"New pool!" she shouted. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Wolf Girl quotes by Kristen Ashley
#22. So, did you hold back during that test?"
"Maybe a little," Sophronia admitted.
Soap grinned. "That's my girl."
Sophronia glared at him. He was getting familiar.
"You are, miss." He continued to grin.
"I'm my own girl, thank you very much. - Author: Gail Carriger
Wolf Girl quotes by Gail Carriger
#23. I know the bestseller 'Gone Girl' doesn't need an ounce of support from me, but that book was as sharp and witty as they come. - Author: Jami Attenberg
Wolf Girl quotes by Jami Attenberg
#24. I was a 16-year-old girl at one point, so of course I wrote poetry. - Author: Elizabeth Edwards
Wolf Girl quotes by Elizabeth Edwards
#25. Almost every girl in the world says what they really want is a nice guy, but only handful really mean it. - Author: Heather Havenwood
Wolf Girl quotes by Heather Havenwood
#26. I love my black hair, but some imes I'd like to be blond, but I don't think it suits Asian girl ... What a pity! - Author: Ming Xi
Wolf Girl quotes by Ming Xi
#27. No sooner are her glass toes thrust into the mud grave than the revolutions begin. Uprisings, fire and steel. The prince is lynched in the ballroom with the dead girl's hair. Royalty's a thing of the past. The kingdom chooses their monarch.
Naturally, they elect a wolf. - Author: Allyse Near
Wolf Girl quotes by Allyse Near
#28. Hey, sleepyhead," Mom said brightly when I walked into the kitchen.
I grunted. Tara handed me my coffee mug. I filled it quickly, added my milk and sugar, and took my first sip.
"Watching Ash drink coffee is kinda like watching a werewolf movie," Tara said. "You can see the transformation from man into beast."
"Except for me, it's beast into girl, I know," I said sourly and took another sip.
"Want some pancakes?" Mom asked.
"No, thanks." I leaned against the counter.
"They're really good," Josh said. He was watching me like he was hoping to see the transformation that Tara was talking about. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Wolf Girl quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#29. Stop your whining. If you are frightened, be silent. Whining is for prey. It attracts predators. And you are not prey. - Author: Robin Hobb
Wolf Girl quotes by Robin Hobb
#30. I'm not interested in playing the girl that's just there to make the guy, you know, give him a talking to. - Author: Winona Ryder
Wolf Girl quotes by Winona Ryder
#31. Why are the people all so unhappy?" he asked Mister Wolf. "They have a stern and demanding God," Wolf replied. "Which God is that?" Garion asked. "Money," Wolf said. - Author: David Eddings
Wolf Girl quotes by David Eddings
#32. Ava,' he says quietly, but I've no doubt the whole room can hear him. The silence is screaming. 'My
beautiful girl.' He smiles mildly. 'All mine.' Leaning up, he kisses me sweetly. 'I don't need to stand
up and declare to everyone here how much I love you. I'm not interested in satisfying anyone of that.
Except you.'
A lump is forming in my throat, and he's only just started.
He sighs. 'You've taken me completely, baby. You've swallowed me up and drowned me in your
beauty and spirit. You know I can't function without you. You've made my life as beautiful as you
are. You've made me want to live a worthy existence - a life with you. All I need is you - to look at
you; to listen to you; to feel you.' He drops my hands and smoothes his palms over my thighs. 'To
love you.'
I'm ruined. My mum's ruined. Everyone in the room is ruined. My teeth are clamped on my bottom lip
to prevent a sob escaping, I'm choking on the lump in my throat and my eyes are welling with tears as
I look down at Jesse's handsome face.
'I need you to let me do all of those things, Ava. I need you to let me look after you forever.'
I hear my mum's quiet sob, and I can't help mine. Not now. He used to cripple me with just his touch.
Now he cripples me with his touch and his words. I'm destined for a life of devastating pleasure,
melting tenderness, and heart stopping emotion. He's going to incapacitate me at every turn.
'I know - Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Wolf Girl quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#33. Nothing special has happened today; no one can say she was more provoked than usual. It is only that every day one grows a little, every day something is different, so that in the heaping up of days suddenly a thing that was impossible has become possible. This is how a girl becomes a grown woman. Step by step until it is done. - Author: Naomi Alderman
Wolf Girl quotes by Naomi Alderman
#34. A girl who is really pretty - whether she wraps herself in an abayah, a nun's habit, or the front hall rug - never wraps herself so that the world can't tell. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Wolf Girl quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#35. Never Flinch.' A cold whisper in her ear. 'Never fear. And never, ever forget.'
The girl nodded slowly.
Exhaled the hope inside.
And she'd watched her father die. - Author: Jay Kristoff
Wolf Girl quotes by Jay Kristoff
#36. It's a simple choice! We can all be good boys and wear our letter sweaters around and get our little degrees and find some nice girl to settle, you know, down with ... Take up what a friend of ours calls the hearty challenges of lawn care ... Or we can blaze! Become legends in our own time, strike fear in the hearts of mediocre talent everywhere! We can scald dogs, put records out of reach! Make the stands gasp as we blow into an unearthly kick from three hundred yards out! We can become God's own messengers delivering the dreaded scrolls! We can race satan himslef till he wheezes fiery cinders down the back straight away ... They'll speak our names in hushed tones, 'those guys are animals' they'll say! We can lay it on the line, bust a guy, show them a clean pair of heels. We can sprint the turn on a spring breeze and feel the winter leave our feet! We can, by god, let out demons loose and just wail on! - Author: John L. Parker Jr.
Wolf Girl quotes by John L. Parker Jr.
#37. A sound of laughter was heard-they turned sharply. Vera Claythorne was standing in the yard. She cried out in a high shrill voice, shaken with wild bursts of laughter:
"Do they keep bees on this island? Tell me that. Where do we go for honey? Ha! ha!"
They stared at her uncomprehendingly. It was as though the sane well-balanced girl had gone mad right before their eyes. She went on in that high unnatural voice:
"Don't stare like that! As though you thought I was mad. It's sane enough what I'm asking. Bees, hives, bees! Oh, don't you understand? Haven't you read that idiotic rhyme? It's up in all of your bedrooms-put it there for you to study! We might have come here straightaway if we'd had sense. Seven little soldiers chopping up sticks. And the next verse, I know the whole thing by heart, I tell you! Six little soldier boys playing with a hive. And that's why I'm asking-do they keep bees on this island- isn't it damned funny ... ? - Author: Agatha Christie
Wolf Girl quotes by Agatha Christie
#38. Why did you even come here, Cole?"
I touched her chin. This place, this beautiful place, this girl, this beautiful girl, this music, this life. "I came here for you. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Wolf Girl quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#39. The girl. She brings you peace and tranquality. which is intresting because she is nothing but chaos, but she is the quiet for your storm. Now that´s irony. Be careful, child, don´t play with fire unless you intend to get burnes; that girl is nothing but flames. - Author: M. Robinson
Wolf Girl quotes by M.  Robinson
#40. He slid her a look, and she held up her hand in a solemn vow, making him smile. "Were you a Girl Scout?" he asked.
"Not even a little bit," she said.
-Matt and Amy - Author: Jill Shalvis
Wolf Girl quotes by Jill Shalvis
#41. Maybe you know the monsters, Martin," Murphy said quietly. "But I know the guy who stops them. And if they don't return the girl, we'll make them regret it." She nodded at me and said, "Let's go. We can watch Dresden kill the bitch. - Author: Jim Butcher
Wolf Girl quotes by Jim Butcher
#42. I kind of love going to weddings - it's a guilty pleasure. I've never been the wedding-y type girl dreaming about the big day, the dress, but I always cry. Always. Even if I don't know the bride that well, I'm verklempt! - Author: Alison Brie
Wolf Girl quotes by Alison Brie
#43. I am a girl ready to explode into nothing. - Author: Nina LaCour
Wolf Girl quotes by Nina LaCour
#44. Girls find it rather fun to tease my about my height and the joy I find in the games boys play. Please. I could find a lot of things to say about their stupid makeup and perfect hair! But don't get me wrong. Every girl is a true girl on the inside, so I don't mind the frilly clothes and the constant nagging of combes in my hair all the time. I just think that if boys can wear slacks and do so many things, why can't girls? - Author: Halina
Wolf Girl quotes by Halina
#45. I think that when you get married you have consented to sex. That's what marriage is all about, I don't know if maybe these girls missed sex ed. - Author: Phyllis Schlafly
Wolf Girl quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
#46. This is how you smile to someone you don't like too much; this is how you smile to someone you don't like at all; this is how you smile to someone you like completely; this is how you set a table for tea; this is how you set a table for dinner; this is how you set a table for dinner with an important guest; this is how you set a table for lunch; this is how you set a table for breakfast; this is how to behave in the presence of men who don't know you very well, and this way they won't recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming; - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
Wolf Girl quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#47. The raindrops on her eyelashes made her blue eyes sparkle and he was instantly sure of one thing. He'd never seen any girl more beautiful. - Author: Karen Kingsbury
Wolf Girl quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#48. Nobody has ever felt pain but you,
agony is yours, make a necklace from it.
Chew it. Never spit it out.

You are the only one your age not
having fun. You are puzzled by life
because you were born one Sunday

too early. You will die on the wrong day too.
Try to drown more than once, preferably
in the same place. Fall in love.

Cut your tongue on him so many times
your language starts to bleed out
at the root. Reserve speech

only for begging. You are supposed to
want to dress like the girl at school
who pulled your hair. Hating yourself

is the diet for success. Let it bloat you.
Be the river that is always threatening
to burst. You are not special.

There is no pearl under your tongue. Your heart
has you by the throat. However hard
you try you will never fall back in love

with your life. - Author: Beth McColl
Wolf Girl quotes by Beth McColl

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