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#1. Would you like my advice?"
"Go back with her. Go back and face your problems there, and then defeat them. You have someone at your side now you has accepted you for all of your strengths and all your faults, so just as you share in joy, you share in trials. Go back with her and be brave. There are evils in the world, but none too great for the bravery of Adelaide Sol and the heart of Maaya Sahni combined. Of that I am absolutely certain. - Author: Kay Solo
Wlw quotes by Kay Solo
#2. Last night I spent in her arms - and tonight I hate her - which being interpreted, means that I adore her; that I cannot lie in my bed and not feel the magic of her body. I feel more powerfully all those so-termed sexual impulses with her than I have with any man. She enthrals, enslaves me - and her personal self - her body absolute - is my worship. - Author: Katherine Mansfield
Wlw quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#3. You know, Mimosa," Nadia says, the name beautiful in her mouth as it's never been in anyone else's, "I think we'll manage," and then she kisses her like she means it; like solid proof; like, finally, coming home. - Author: Kady Morrison
Wlw quotes by Kady Morrison
#4. Darling, darling. I live in you, and you would die for me. I love you so. - Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Wlw quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
#5. This isn't really a quote, but why do I follow everyone I send a friend request to? - Author: Will Daab
Wlw quotes by Will Daab

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