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#1. Two days later, Republican senator William Borah of Idaho, though widely considered a progressive Republican, warned that Roosevelt's policies were endangering the very foundations of American liberty and that their "creeping paralysis of bureaucracy threatens freedom of the press, placing the yoke of torture, colossal expense, and demoralization on the nation. - Author: Daniel James Brown
Wisener Idaho quotes by Daniel James Brown
#2. No one won the last war, and no one will win the next war. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
Wisener Idaho quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#3. I moved back to Idaho when I was 6 or 7 and then lived in a little town called Twin Falls and then moved to Boise. So quite different from L.A. I'd been to Disneyland a couple of times, and that was the closest I'd been to L.A. - Author: Aaron Paul
Wisener Idaho quotes by Aaron Paul
#4. A doctrine of class war seemed to provide a solution to the problem of poverty to people who know nothing about how wealth is created. - Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick
Wisener Idaho quotes by Jeane Kirkpatrick
#5. The status quo is the only solution that cannot be vetoed. - Author: Clark Kerr
Wisener Idaho quotes by Clark Kerr
#6. Take you picture off the wall
And carry it away
Dye your hair the shades of fall
Don't let time turn it to gray

Don't think of me, I'll be all right
Seems I've always done okay
Just give me one more kiss good night
For the last time, turn away - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Wisener Idaho quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#7. FOR MOST OF MY LIFE I couldn't have found Idaho on a map. I had no picture of the place in my mind, nothing like a California beach or a Texas oil field. Potato trees, is what I thought on the drive out. Rows - Author: Shawn Vestal
Wisener Idaho quotes by Shawn Vestal
#8. Like all Israelis, I yearn for peace. I see the utmost importance in taking all possible steps that will lead to a solution of the conflict with the Palestinians. - Author: Ariel Sharon
Wisener Idaho quotes by Ariel Sharon
#9. He sings so softly. Almost a whisper. Not like her father at all. Like the voices they give to the dolls, the men. - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Wisener Idaho quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#10. Zeke stood up. He held the Tater Tot up to the sunlight streaming in through the cafeteria window. Some kids sitting at tables nearby took notice. They listened in as Zeke began to recite:

"Oh, Tater Tot, oh, Tater Tot, so tiny and round,
What an amazing potato taste in you I have found!
Crispy on the outside, soft and mushy inside -
What kind of mysterious potato do you hide?
Russet, white, Yukon gold or Idaho?
Are you mashed or baked or fried - I really don't know!
Mystery spud so tasty and round,
What an amazing lunchtime treat in you I have found."

Everyone at the table applauded, and Zeke bowed. The kids around him clapped and whooped and laughed. - Author: Alice Alfonsi
Wisener Idaho quotes by Alice Alfonsi
#11. ...carved marble figures in strata that "suggests the characters were made by intelligent humans from the distant past,"
a section of gold thread found in strata between 320 and 360 million years old,
a report in a nineteenth-century edition of Scientific American recording the discovery of a metallic vase in strata 600 million years old,
a chalk ball in France in strata 45-55 million years old,
a machined coin with undecipherable writing at least 200,000 years old, discovered in Illinois,
a clay figurine discovered in Idaho that is atleast two million years old.
The list of suppressed and conveniently forgotten discoveries goes on and on, - Author: Joseph P. Farrell
Wisener Idaho quotes by Joseph P. Farrell
#12. FEDERAL LANDOWNERSHIP (TOP 12 STATES) STATE TOTAL SQUARE MILES % OWNED BY FEDERAL GOV. 1. Nevada 61,548 87.6 2. Utah 35,723 68 3. Alaska 244,627 67 4. Idaho 34,520 65.2 5. Oregon 34,084 55.5 6. California 49,842 49.9 7. Wyoming 30,902 49.7 8. Arizona 32,228 44.3 9. Colorado 25,851 38.9 10. New Mexico 28,143 36.2 11. Washington 13,984 32.8 12. Montana 29,718 31.9 Source: National Wilderness Institute - Author: C.J. Box
Wisener Idaho quotes by C.J. Box
#13. Of course, there isn't really a black population in Idaho or Utah. - Author: Richard Benjamin
Wisener Idaho quotes by Richard Benjamin
#14. My first job out of college was six weeks of picking fruit alongside a dozen or so men from Mexico. The orchard was in Emmett, Idaho. The men spent almost nothing on themselves. Their paychecks went directly to their families back home. - Author: Will Hobbs
Wisener Idaho quotes by Will Hobbs
#15. ANTHONY DOERR is the author of the story collections Memory Wall and The Shell Collector, the novel About Grace, and the memoir Four Seasons in Rome. He has won numerous prizes both in the United States and overseas, including four O. Henry Prizes, three Pushcart Prizes, the Rome Prize, the New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award, the National Magazine Award for fiction, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Story Prize. Raised in Cleveland, Doerr lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife and two sons. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Wisener Idaho quotes by Anthony Doerr
#16. Colorado and Wyoming are America's highest states, averaging 6,800 feet and 6,700 feet above sea level. Utah comes in third at 6,100 feet, New Mexico, Nevada, and Idaho each break 5,000 feet, and the rest of the field is hardly worth mentioning. At 3,400 feet, Montana is only half as high as Colorado, and Alaska, despite having the highest peaks, is even further down the list at 1,900 feet. Colorado has more fourteeners than all the other U.S. states combined, and more than all of Canada too. Colorado's lowest point (3,315 feet along the Kansas border) is higher than the highest point in twenty other states. Rivers begin here and flow away to all the points of the compass. Colorado receives no rivers from another state (unless you count the Green River's' brief in and out from Utah).Wyoming's Wind River Range is the only mountain in North America that supplies water to all three master streams of the American West: Missouri, Colorado, and Columbia rivers. - Author: Keith Meldahl
Wisener Idaho quotes by Keith Meldahl
#17. sibling laughter–he can hear it– not the laughter of school friends or neighbors or cousins. Something secret in that laughter, private, edged with meanness and devotion - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Wisener Idaho quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#18. I think probably one of the important things that happened to me was growing up in Idaho in the mountains, in the woods, and having a very strong presence of the wilderness around me. That never felt like emptiness. It always felt like presence. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
Wisener Idaho quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#19. A few of the horrendous facts include: He abducted and killed two women in one day and then took me out to dinner that evening. He raped and murdered women and then slept with me. He took my visiting family out for a fun evening of pizza. He then excused himself, went to a bar in South Seattle, found a young woman, and murdered her. The next day he was his charming self at a family event. One day when he was driving to Utah to go to law school, he called from Nampa, Idaho, to tell me he loved me. I learned later that he abducted a young woman that day and murdered her. - Author: Elizabeth Kendall
Wisener Idaho quotes by Elizabeth Kendall
#20. At least half the mystery novels published violate the law that the solution, once revealed, must seem to be inevitable. - Author: Raymond Chandler
Wisener Idaho quotes by Raymond Chandler
#21. I loved to dance and went to Studio 54 at least twice a week. But I always felt nervous around the people there. I was in awe of that whole Halston-Liza Minnelli crowd. To me, they were the real celebrities, and I was just a girl from Idaho. - Author: Margaux Hemingway
Wisener Idaho quotes by Margaux Hemingway
#22. I get tired of hearing it's a crummy world and that people are no damned good. What kind of talk is that? I know a place in Payette, Idaho, where a cook and a waitress and a manager put everything they've got into laying a chicken-fried steak on you. - Author: Robert Fulghum
Wisener Idaho quotes by Robert Fulghum
#23. The sad truth is that, within the public sphere, within the collective consciousness of the general populace, most of the history of Indians in North America has been forgotten, and what we are left with is a series of historical artifacts and, more importantly, a series of entertainments. As a series of artifacts, Native history is somewhat akin to a fossil hunt in which we find a skull in Almo, Idaho, a thigh bone on the Montana plains, a tooth near the site of Powhatan's village in Virginia, and then, assuming that all the parts are from the same animal, we guess at the size and shape of the beast. As a series of entertainments, Native history is an imaginative cobbling together of fears and loathings, romances and reverences, facts and fantasies into a cycle of creative performances, in Technicolor and 3-D, with accompanying soft drinks, candy, and popcorn.
In the end, who really needs the whole of Native history when we can watch the movie? - Author: Thomas King
Wisener Idaho quotes by Thomas King
#24. She feels in fact that Wade's death is the very end of her heart. It is strange to arrive here at the end after all this time, and also strange to realize she hasn't been here before. - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Wisener Idaho quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#25. If you are wise, Matson said to himself grimly, you never take one-way trips. Anywhere. Even to Boise, Idaho ... even across the street. Be certain, when you start, that you can scramble back. - Author: Philip K. Dick
Wisener Idaho quotes by Philip K. Dick
#26. You have defiled my honor!" Stilgar cried. "This is neutral - " "Shut up!" Idaho glared at the shocked Naib. "You wear a collar, Stilgar! " It was one of the three most deadly insults which could be directed at a Fremen. Stilgar's face went pale. "You are a servant," Idaho said. "You've sold Fremen for their water." This was the second most deadly insult, the one which had destroyed the original Jacurutu. - Author: Frank Herbert
Wisener Idaho quotes by Frank Herbert
#27. The first record I bought was a Carl Perkins record, because I saw him at The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho. I loved Elvis and I found out that he wrote 'Blue Suede Shoes' ... so connecting that experience of going to see him play was pretty awesome. That's when I realised I wanted to play guitar. - Author: Josh Homme
Wisener Idaho quotes by Josh Homme
#28. I've participated in meetings where there were concerns by ethical experts. There is no clear solution. - Author: Luc Montagnier
Wisener Idaho quotes by Luc Montagnier
#29. There was a coldness in his unwavering ease, his constant and impersonal joy. - Author: Emily Ruskovich
Wisener Idaho quotes by Emily Ruskovich
#30. Idaho focused on her face. "Would you like me to impregnate you?" he asked. - Author: Frank Herbert
Wisener Idaho quotes by Frank Herbert
#31. The youth of Idaho falls should be encouraged to take drugs in order to cope up with the fact that there is plutonium in their drinking water. - Author: Bill Bryson
Wisener Idaho quotes by Bill Bryson
#32. What the Idaho Health Freedom Act says is that the citizens of our state won't be subject to another federal mandate or turn over another part of their life to government control. - Author: Butch Otter
Wisener Idaho quotes by Butch Otter
#33. Like we could buy Idaho kind of money. - Author: Larry Correia
Wisener Idaho quotes by Larry Correia
#34. Dellosso's cleverly plotted second Jed Patrick novel (after 2015's Centralia) finds the Afghan war vet hiding with his wife, Karen, and their eight-year-old daughter, Lilly, in a cabin in the Idaho wilderness. Two months earlier, two CIA agents gave him a thumb drive containing "every damaging piece of information about the Centralia Project," the exposure of which threatens to cause a "scandal that would be talked and read about for decades to come." Then one day Jed returns to the cabin to find Karen in tears. She tells him that three armed men burst into the cabin asking for the thumb drive, but she didn't know where it was. The men took Lilly, and vowed they would return for Karen. More shocks follow. Meanwhile, CIA technician Tiffany Stockton discovers a plot to control Jed's mind in a sophisticated update of The Manchurian Candidate. Can she stop him from becomes an unwilling assassin? Dellosso expertly misdirects readers, but they should be prepared for only serviceable prose. - Author: Publishers Weekly
Wisener Idaho quotes by Publishers Weekly
#35. The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho. - Author: Michael K. Simpson
Wisener Idaho quotes by Michael K. Simpson
#36. For years now I have been talking about personal responsibility and accountability, both in our private lives and in the halls of government. Those are important principles here in Idaho, and they will form the basis of this administration. - Author: Butch Otter
Wisener Idaho quotes by Butch Otter
#37. The voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii had been the most terrifying experience Greer and Cameron had ever gone through, even more terrible than the time they shot a deputy sheriff in Idaho ten times and he wouldn't die and Greer finally
had to say to the deputy sheriff,
"Please die because we don't want to
shoot you again".
And the deputy sheriff had said, "Ok, I'll die, but don't shoot me again".
"We won't shoot you again", Cameron had said.
"Ok, I'm dead", and he was. - Author: Richard Brautigan
Wisener Idaho quotes by Richard Brautigan
#38. Even in the domain of conventional currencies, this trend is in evidence. Today, 14 U.S. states, namely, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, have taken action to create their own state currency, usually backed by a precious metal such as gold or silver.24 In the case of Utah, for example, the Utah Legislature has passed a bill allowing gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender in the state - and for the value of their precious metal, not just the face value of the coins. Utah's bill allows stores to accept gold and silver coins as legal tender. It also exempts gold and silver transactions from the state's capital gains tax, though that does not shield exchanges from federal taxes. - Author: Bernard A. Lietaer
Wisener Idaho quotes by Bernard A. Lietaer
#39. Ohioans are practical. We're a can-do people. Give us a problem, we'll give you a solution. - Author: Bob Taft
Wisener Idaho quotes by Bob Taft
#40. Another reason Hawthorne set his story in the past (in lies) was 'cause he couldn't say directly all the wild things he wanted to say. He was living in a society to which ideas and writing still mattered. In 'The Custom House', the introduction to The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne makes sure he tells us the story of The Scarlet Letter occurred long ago and has nothing to do with anyone who's now living. After all, Hawthorne had to protect himself so he could keep writing. Right now I can speak as directly as I want 'cause no one gives a shit about writing and ideas, all anyone cares about is money. Even if one person in Boise, Idaho, gave half-a-shit, the only book Mr Idaho can get his hands on is a book the publishers, or rather the advertisers ('cause all businessmen are now advertisers) have decided will net half-a-million in movie and/or TV rights. A book that can be advertised. Define culture that way. - Author: Kathy Acker
Wisener Idaho quotes by Kathy Acker
#41. Man, I smashed her like an Idaho Potato - Author: Mos Def
Wisener Idaho quotes by Mos Def
#42. I was a 12 year old kid in Northern Idaho listening to Billie Holiday and Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole. This whole genre of music is a part of who I am. - Author: Cheyenne Jackson
Wisener Idaho quotes by Cheyenne Jackson
#43. I grew up all over Idaho - I was born in Emmett, a very small town. - Author: Aaron Paul
Wisener Idaho quotes by Aaron Paul

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