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#1. It dishonors the deaths of our loved ones to shut out happiness. We throw away what we could have been and waste our opportunities. We each have a purpose, a destiny, and to realize it, we must reach beyond what we think we are capable of ... A wise woman once told me that I needed to learn the lesson of the lotus flower: All of our human experience, both the good and the bad, grounds us like the sludge in a river. We may be rooted in pain or suffering but our job is to rise above it, find the sun, and bloom. Only then can you brighten the world for others. - Author: Colleen Houck
Wise Woman quotes by Colleen Houck
#2. One recurring characteristic of the traditional British magical practitioner, whether they be labelled 'black witch', 'white witch', 'conjuror', 'cunning man', or 'wise woman' etc. is the presence of a familiar spirit; who it seems was a primary source of the practitioners occult power and magical knowledge. - Author: Gemma Gary
Wise Woman quotes by Gemma Gary
#3. A wise woman indiscriminately picked up all the tools others left lying around. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Wise Woman quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#4. Part of living, part of becoming a wise man or a wise woman, is to get to that point where you can have a friend for whom you are genuinely happy when he or she has a success. That's tough. Very few people get to that point. With writers it's next to impossible. You can't really bless a writer who's as good as yourself. - Author: Norman Mailer
Wise Woman quotes by Norman Mailer
#5. Ill wishing is a curse on the woman who does it, as well as the one who receives it. When you put such words out in the world, they can overshoot-like an arrow. A curse can go beyond your target and harm another. A wise woman curses very sparingly. I would hope that you never curse at all."
"Bless you my daughter, and may you remain pure in heart and get your desires. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Wise Woman quotes by Philippa Gregory
#6. The two women look at each other and in both faces there is a glimpse of the girls that they were. A little smile warms Margaret's face and Jacquetta's eyes are filled with love. It is as if the years are no more than the mists of Barnet or the snows at Towton: they are gone, it is hard to believe they were ever there. Margaret puts out her hand, not to touch her friend but to make a gesture, a secret shared gesture, and, as we watch, Jacquetta mirrors the movement. Eyes fixed on each other they both raise their index finger and trace a circle in the air – that's all they do. Then they smile to each other as if life itself is a joke, a jest that means nothing and a wise woman can laugh at it; then, without a word, Margaret passes silently into the darkness of the tower.

'What was that?' Isabel exclaims.

'It was the sign for the wheel of fortune,' I whisper. 'The wheel of fortune which put Margaret of Anjou on the throne of England, heiress to the kingdoms of Europe, and then threw her down to this. Jacquetta warned her of this long ago – they knew. The two of them knew long ago that fortune throws you up to greatness and down to disaster and all you can do is endure. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Wise Woman quotes by Philippa Gregory
#7. Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you've been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Wise Woman quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#8. Yet genius of a sort must have existed among women as it must have existed among the working classes. Now and again an Emily Bronte or a Robert Burns blazes out and proves its presence. But certainly it never got itself on paper. When, however, one reads of a witch being ducked, of a woman possessed by devils, of a wise woman selling herbs, or even of a very remarkable man who had a mother, then I think we are on the track of a lost novelist, a suppressed poet, of some mute and inglorious Jane Austen, some Emily Bronte who dashed her brains out on the moor or mopped and mowed about the highways crazed with the torture that her gift had put her to.

[…]any woman born with a great gift in the sixteenth century would certainly have gone crazed, shot herself, or ended her days in some lonely cottage outside the village, half witch, half wizard, feared and mocked at. For it needs little skill in psychology to be sure that a highly gifted girl who had tried to use her gift for poetry would have been so thwarted and hindered by other people, so tortured and pulled asunder by her own contrary instincts, that she must have lost her health and sanity to a certainty. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Wise Woman quotes by Virginia Woolf
#9. I see the wise woman.

And she sees me. - Author: Susun S. Weed
Wise Woman quotes by Susun S. Weed
#10. And they need not cause you grief. As my Highland grandmother said - and she had the Sight - "Tis not the dead ye have to be concerned about! Beware of the Living!" And she was a wise woman. The dead are beyond your help or mine, poor things. But the living need us. Thirty souls at the least, Phryne, are still on that island to praise God who might now be angels - or devils. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
Wise Woman quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#11. A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it, she knows the meaning of true generosity, happiness is the reward for a life lived in harmony, with a courage and grace. - Author: Suze Orman
Wise Woman quotes by Suze Orman
#12. A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim. - Author: Maya Angelou
Wise Woman quotes by Maya Angelou
#13. He leaned his head in his hands, as if the burden he bore were too great for endurance. 'You are wise', he said, then raised his head and stared at her with unflinching hatred. 'I wish you were a foolish woman I could despise, damn you! - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Wise Woman quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#14. The wise woman thinks twice and speaks once or, better yet, does not speak at all. - Author: Maya Angelou
Wise Woman quotes by Maya Angelou
#15. The most impoverished peasant can be delighted by the opening of the first spring flower, and the most wealthy aristocrat can curse the day he was born because of some petty offense to his sensibilities. She is a very wise woman. To achieve serenity we have to view life not as it is measured by the world around us but as we ourselves measure it. We must accept that the scales are not at all equal. - Author: Emma Wildes
Wise Woman quotes by Emma Wildes
#16. I've got data incoming. Do you want me to transfer it to my portable unit?"
"No, you stay here, finish the runs. I shouldn't be more than a couple of hours. When you're done with this, I want you to go find a hammer."
Peabody had taken out her memo book, nearly plugged in the order, when she stopped, frowned up at Eve. "Sir? A hammer?"
"That's right. A really big, heavy hammer. Then you take it into my office and beat that fucking useless excuse for a data spitter on my desk to dust."
"Ah." Because she was a wise woman, Peabody cleared her throat rather than loosen the chuckle. "As an alternate to that action, Lieutenant, I could call maintenance. - Author: J.D. Robb
Wise Woman quotes by J.D. Robb
#17. The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge" (Proverbs 18:15). We see again this theme of seriously pursuing knowledge and wisdom. Prudence is a heart attitude, not an IQ level. It is not lazy, but is studying God's Word for more knowledge. I hope you have noticed how often these virtues are connected with knowledge and learning. A wise woman is acquiring knowledge, seeking knowledge, and increasing in learning. She is not intellectually lazy. "When - Author: Nancy Wilson
Wise Woman quotes by Nancy Wilson
#18. A wise woman knows when to stay silent. However, a wiser woman of faith knows that sometimes words can win the battle, when all odds stand against her. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Wise Woman quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#19. You can threaten a village wise woman with death and torture and she may say "jesus is lord" to survive, but you can never know what's really in her heart ... that, I feel, is how the goddess survived centuries of history and hatred. - Author: Dianne Sylvan
Wise Woman quotes by Dianne Sylvan
#20. In order to reclaim our full selves, to integrate each of these aspects through which we pass over the course of our lives, we must first learn to embrace them though our cycles. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Wise Woman quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#21. Let us enter! For it is only in the coming of Aragorn that any hope remains for the sick that lie in the House. Thus spake Ioreth, wise-woman of Gondor: The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Wise Woman quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#22. Who was to know what went on in a person's heart? A wise woman kept her own counsel. - Author: Donna Woolfolk Cross
Wise Woman quotes by Donna Woolfolk Cross
#23. A wise woman protects her kids. A wiser woman hangs out with police officers, retired FBI agents and private investigators. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Wise Woman quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#24. I think through it all, the hardest part was un-attaching myself to the ones I thought would stay around forever. People change and life changes with it, you've got to fight like mad for everything you love and let go with ease for everything that isn't fitting for you anymore. It is apart of maturing your soul, you attract what you need for that stage of your life, and you grow, as people change and so does life. - Author: Nikki Rowe
Wise Woman quotes by Nikki Rowe
#25. Truth is always wilder than fiction. Hold on to your hats and enjoy this page turning
look inside the world of sports betting from a good girl gone bad for love.
Laura Atchison, Author of What Would A Wise Woman Do? - Author: Laura Atchison
Wise Woman quotes by Laura Atchison
#26. A wise woman knows the importance of speaking life into her man. If you love him; believe in him, encourage him and be his peace. - Author: Denzel Washington
Wise Woman quotes by Denzel Washington
#27. For some she came in a dream. For others in words as clear as a bell: it is time, I am here. She may come in a whisper so loud she can deafen you or a shout so quiet you strain to hear. She may appear in the waves or the face of the moon, in a red goddess or a crow. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Wise Woman quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#28. A story is like a nut," Vashet said. "A fool will swallow it whole and choke. A fool will throw it away, thinking it of little worth." She smiled. "But a wise woman finds a way to crack the shell and eat the meat inside. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Wise Woman quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#29. Take care with your words, Jacquetta, especially in cursing. Only say the things you mean, make sure you lay your curse on the right man. For be very sure that when you put such words out in the world they can overshoot-like an arrow, a curse can go beyond your target and harm another. A wise woman curses very sparingly. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Wise Woman quotes by Philippa Gregory
#30. [At the British Museum] For it is a perennial puzzle why no woman wrote a word [in the time of Shakespeare] when every other man, it seemed, was capable of song or sonnet. What were the conditions in which women lived, I asked myself; (...)
[In] Professor Trevelyan's History of England [one can read that] wife-beating [or daughter-beating] was a recognized right of man (...) [A woman] could hardly read, could scarcely spell, and was the property of her husband [or father].
Here I am asking why women did not write poetry in the Elisabethan age, and I am not sure how they were educated; whether they were taught to write; whether they had sitting-rooms to themselves; how many women had children before they were 21; what, in short, they did from eight in the morning till eight at night. They had no money evidently; (...) they were married whether they liked it or not (...) at fifteen or sixteen very likely... [Under these circumstances] It would have been extremely odd (...) for any woman to have written the plays of Shakespeare in the age of Shakespeare.
When, however, one reads of a witch being ducked, of a woman possessed by devils, of a wise woman selling herbs, or even of a very remarkable man who had a mother, then I think we are on the track of a lost novelist, a suppressed poet (...). Indeed, I would venture to guess that Anom, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman. (...) And undoubtedly, I thought, looking at the shelf - Author: Virginia Woolf
Wise Woman quotes by Virginia Woolf
#31. It is a wise woman who knows her place. - Author: George R R Martin
Wise Woman quotes by George R R Martin
#32. He told her, You are a wise woman.
Pleasure warmed her voice. I do have my moments, don't I? - Author: Thea Harrison
Wise Woman quotes by Thea Harrison
#33. When a wise woman speaks, smart people listen and learn from her. - Author: Gift Gugu Mona
Wise Woman quotes by Gift Gugu Mona
#34. A wise woman will always let her husband have her way. - Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Wise Woman quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#35. Wise woman healing teaches the importance of excellent nutrition during pregnancy, understanding that your form your child and yourself from the nourishment you receive in the forty weeks of pregnancy. Excellent nutrition includes pure water, controlled breath, abundant light, loving and respectful relationships, beauty and harmony in daily life, positive, joyous thoughts, and vital foodstuffs. - Author: Susun Weed
Wise Woman quotes by Susun Weed
#36. LAURA ATCHISON, Author of "What Would A Wise Woman Do?", on DANGEROUS ODDS by Marisa Lankester:
"Truth is always wilder than fiction.
Hold on to your hats and enjoy this page turning look inside the world of sports betting from a good girl gone bad for love. - Author: Laura Atchison
Wise Woman quotes by Laura Atchison
#37. This was dangerous talk - in these enlightened times, a wise woman would never be too clever. The accusation of witchcraft had rid many men of an ugly wife and yet more women of an attractive rival. - Author: Joss Alexander
Wise Woman quotes by Joss Alexander
#38. A wise woman judges the world with her love. She is always in love like a mother. She can never do wrong. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Wise Woman quotes by Debasish Mridha
#39. things keep falling in and out of place.
this is the universe's way of taking care of me. - Author: AVA.
Wise Woman quotes by AVA.
#40. Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose! - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
Wise Woman quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#41. A wise woman has already a rite
Where she knows right from left.
She usually writes when she's right
And always leaves before she's left. - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Wise Woman quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#42. The deep Feminine, the mystery of consciousness, She who is life, is longing for our transformation as much as we are. She holds back, allowing us free reign to choose, nudging us occasionally with synchronicities, illness, births and deaths… But when we make space for Her, she rushes into all the gaps, engulfing us with her desire for life and expression. This is what She longs for, this is what we are for: experiencing the Feminine through ourselves. We simply need to slow down, and find where to put our conscious attention. And it is this, this willingness to look again, this willingness to put consciousness onto our places of unconscious, to express what we have always avoided, which starts the process of unblocking, so that She may flow through. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Wise Woman quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#43. The most insightful thing I ever heard, was overheard. I was waiting for a rail replacement bus in Hackney Wick. These two old women weren't even talking to me - not because I'd offended them, I hadn't, I'd been angelic at that bus stop, except for the eavesdropping. Rail replacement buses take an eternity, because they think they're doing you a favour by covering for the absent train, you've no recourse.
Eventually the bus appeared, on the distant horizon, and one of the women, with the relief and disbelief that often accompanies the arrival of public transport said, 'Oh look, the bus is coming.' The other woman - a wise woman, seemingly aware that her words and attitude were potent and poetic enough to form the final sentence in a stranger's book - paused, then said, 'The bus was always coming. - Author: Russell Brand
Wise Woman quotes by Russell Brand
#44. When a wise woman speaks, her words are gracious. Ask God to help you find words that speak life to those around you. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Wise Woman quotes by Stormie O'martian
#45. A wise woman puts a grain of sugar in everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her. - Author: Helen Rowland
Wise Woman quotes by Helen Rowland
#46. Men are not conditioned to be less powerful than a woman. It will be the wise woman who realizes this and is sensitive to that issue. - Author: Joyce Brothers
Wise Woman quotes by Joyce Brothers
#47. The wise woman patterns her life on the theory and practice of modern banking. She never gives her love, but only lends it on the best security and at the highest rate of interest. - Author: Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
Wise Woman quotes by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
#48. At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it.
Traditional Native American saying - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Wise Woman quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#49. those who are weak enough to think this a degrading task, and the time and labour which have been devoted to it misemployed, I shall content myself with opposing the authority of the greatest man of any age, JULIUS CAeSAR, of whom Bacon observes, that 'in his book of Apothegms which he collected, we see that he esteemed it more honour to make himself but a pair of tables, to take the wise and pithy words of others, than to have every word of his own to be made an apothegm or an oracle.' Having said thus much by way of introduction, I commit the following pages to the candour of the Publick. - Author: Anonymous
Wise Woman quotes by Anonymous
#50. Aren't you frightened?"
Somehow I expected her to say no, to say something wise like a grownup would, or to explain that we can't presume to understand the Lord's plan.
She looked away. "Yes," she finally said, "I'm frightened all the time."
"Then why don't you act like it?"
"I do. I just do it in private."
"Because you don't trust me?"
"No," she said, "because I know you're frightened, too. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Wise Woman quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#51. I work every day to live up to my mother's model. She was a very proud woman. And she really prepared me to go off into the world as a proud daughter. - Author: Anita Hill
Wise Woman quotes by Anita Hill
#52. Every woman, whoever she is, wherever she lives, should be able to give birth without the fear she's going to lose her baby or that her baby will lose her mother. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Wise Woman quotes by Hillary Clinton
#53. The Home Office informs us that there are around 400 ex-offenders from overseas currently seeking refuge in this country. One geezer, who has 78 offences to his name, managed to escape deportation on the grounds that he's an alcoholic! Drinking alcohol, it seems, is illegal in his homeland, so because he claims he'll be persecuted and tortured we've said, "Oh, bad show, old chap. Tough call that. Enjoy a spot of scotch myself from time to time. Quite understandable. Well why don't you stay here at our expense? You'll be able to fondle and grope any woman you like. We'd never deport you for that, I can assure you. You'll be perfectly safe here. - Author: Karl Wiggins
Wise Woman quotes by Karl Wiggins
#54. Many people know Christ as their Savior, but the woman who says yes to God longs to know Him as Lord. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
Wise Woman quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#55. We are wonderful souls in a wondrous world. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Wise Woman quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#56. Every woman has a mother, and every woman will have an issue with that mother and things that mother did or didn't do. It just depends on how you choose to process the lessons that you learned from your own mother. - Author: Kate Winslet
Wise Woman quotes by Kate Winslet
#57. When you find yourself in bed with an ugly woman, the best thing to do is close your eyes and get on with it - Author: George R R Martin
Wise Woman quotes by George R R Martin
#58. Phoebe Wolkind Ephron cracked wise like Dorothy Parker and looked like Katharine Hepburn. - Author: Hallie Ephron
Wise Woman quotes by Hallie Ephron
#59. The most important thing any woman can do is promote her inner well-being - Author: Donna Karan
Wise Woman quotes by Donna Karan
#60. If a man is truly in love, the most beautiful woman in the world couldn't take him away. Maybe for a few days, but not forever. - Author: Eva Gabor
Wise Woman quotes by Eva Gabor
#61. I felt clueless and nervous--pretty much the same way I'd been feeling ever since I came back from Italy. - Author: Maria Grazia Swan
Wise Woman quotes by Maria Grazia Swan
#62. A beautiful night with a beautiful woman is supposed to end that night; you're not supposed to go work for her afterwards. - Author: Lance Charnes
Wise Woman quotes by Lance Charnes
#63. All countries take the kidnapping of their troops seriously. But it drives Israel absolutely crazy. It is an affront to every person. Almost everyone in Israel is or has been a soldier. There is total commitment to the principle "leave no man behind" because nearly everyone could be that man or woman. All men and women, except some Israeli Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews, serve in the military, and remain in the reserves. When a soldier is kidnapped, Israelis think of their own sons and daughters. That - Author: Richard Engel
Wise Woman quotes by Richard Engel
#64. As Prairie Flower faced the rising sun and braided her hair,White Eagle strolled by. He had glanced her way many times. Today he stopped. "Howling Wolf did not come to check on his ponies this morning."
"He sleeps."
White Eagle smirked. He reached up to touch one of her braids. "If I had such a beautiful woman in my tepee, I would not sleep while she braids her own hair." He walked on without a backward glance. But Prairie Flower thought of him often that day.Each time his face appeared in her mind, she tried to force it away,but Howling Wolf's insolent smile was often replaced by the handsome face of White Eagle. - Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson
Wise Woman quotes by Stephanie Grace Whitson
#65. Women can always think as much as they like, an' they could get up on a platform an' talk till they bust, as long as they didn't want the world to be made no better, an' they wouldn't be thought unwomanly. It's soon as a woman wants any practical good done that she is considered a unwomanly creature. - Author: Miles Franklin
Wise Woman quotes by Miles Franklin
#66. She broke off the kiss again on a strangled gasp, staring at him, her chest heaving. "We're not having sex here tonight." Even as she said it, she rode his thigh harder. Troy's eyes almost rolled back in his head at her barely leashed restraint, at the buck of hips that didn't seem to buy the message her mouth was selling.
"Okay," he agreed. If she chose to dry hump him all the way to orgasm beneath a billion stars he'd be in that. - Author: Amy Andrews
Wise Woman quotes by Amy Andrews
#67. How shall I ever tell Aunt Shaw?' she whispered, after some time of delicious silence.
'Let me speak to her.'
'Oh, no! I owe it to her, - but what will she say?'
'I can guess. Her first exclamation will be, "That man!" '
'Hush!' said Margaret, 'or I shall try and show you your mother's indignant tones as she says, "That woman!" - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
Wise Woman quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#68. You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. - Author: Martha Graham
Wise Woman quotes by Martha Graham
#69. Some people call that picturesque' said Sir Percival, pointing over the wide prospect with his half-finished walking-stick. 'I call it a blot on a gentleman's property. In my great-grandfather's time, the lake flowed to this place. Look at it now! It is not four feet deep anywhere, and it is all puddles and pools. I wish I could afford to drain it, and plant it all over. My bailiff (a superstitious idiot) says he is quite sure the lake has a curse on it, like the Dead Sea. What do you think, Fosco? It looks just the place for a murder, doesn't it?'
'My good Percival!' remonstrated the Count. 'What is your solid English sense thinking of? The water is too shallow to hide the body; and there is sand everywhere to print off the murderer's footsteps. It is, upon the whole, the very worst place for a murder that I ever set my eyes on. - Author: Wilkie Collins
Wise Woman quotes by Wilkie Collins
#70. When we sing, I am one of many, and the individual me evaporates. I am one of 23 university choir members. Not a professor. Not an American. Not a 46-year-old in the midst of twentysomethings. Not a woman trying to outpace the aspects of self she has yet to make oeace with. I am simply what we all are
another voice, a set of lungs, some vocal chords and someone who finds joy and comfort in singing. But when the music stops, so does the we. The union dissolves. The silence transforms first person plural into first person singular. - Author: Laura Kelly
Wise Woman quotes by Laura Kelly
#71. Have you seen the cover of Newsweek? They have Martha Stewart on the cover, but it's not actually Martha. It's a doctored photo. They put Martha's head on a slimmer woman's body. And Martha was very upset about this. She said, 'Hey, if I wanted my face on another woman's body, I'd stay in prison.' - Author: Jay Leno
Wise Woman quotes by Jay Leno
#72. I'd always fantasized about taking a woman, really taking a woman, and until Alex had destroyed me with a single lie, the fantasy had only been the depraved thoughts of a man who still had his moral compass intact. - Author: Pepper Winters
Wise Woman quotes by Pepper Winters
#73. Never we sleep, a thug doesn't rest,
Cause a wise man said: it was a cousin of death. - Author: Big Pun
Wise Woman quotes by Big Pun
#74. Dorothy is the only woman in history who has had her menopause in public and made it pay. - Author: Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Wise Woman quotes by Alice Roosevelt Longworth
#75. I was not going to attack Palin just for being a woman appealing for support from other women. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Wise Woman quotes by Hillary Clinton
#76. To find not only that this bedlam of color was true but that the pictures were pale and inaccurate translations, was to me startling. I can't even imagine the forest colors when I am not seeing them. I wondered whether constant association could cause inattention, and asked a native New Hampshire woman about it. She said that autumn never failed to amaze her; to elate. 'It is a glory,' she said, 'and can't be remembered, so that it always comes as a surprise. - Author: John Steinbeck
Wise Woman quotes by John Steinbeck
#77. Lisbon Taxi,' a woman said, 'where the mileage is always smileage. How may we help you today? - Author: Stephen King
Wise Woman quotes by Stephen King
#78. There's this mental illness, right? It's called 'anhedonia.' It means 'without pleasure.' You can look it up, though all you really need to do is look around." She motioned to the door the other women had disappeared through, and to the world at large. "A good deal of people, mostly women, spend their entire lives in this state. It's a sort of half-death. But if you recognize this, you can fix it...You focus on bliss. Small pleasures. Fill your day with as many as you can fit into twenty-four hours. You devote every possible moment not to fulfilling another person-a man-but yourself."-Suzanne
"Sounds hedonistic"- Joanna
"But once you can do this, you start attracting everyone to you. You dont need compare yourself to some other girl, no matter how young or firm or perky she is.....Trust me. A woman like this, one at her best? We're the color of the world. We're the light and the beauty. So focus on your pleasure, and the man you want can't help but realize...that he may be a prince...but your a goddess.-Suzanne - Author: Vicki Pettersson
Wise Woman quotes by Vicki Pettersson
#79. Wise politicians will be cautious about fettering the government with restrictions that cannot be observed, because they know that every break of the fundamental laws, though dictated by necessity, impairs that sacred reverence which ought to be maintained in the breast of rulers towards the constitution of a country. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Wise Woman quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#80. According to my rule, you can find in every woman something - damn it! - something extraordinarily interesting, something you won't find in any other woman. Only you must know how to find it - that's the point! That requires talent! For me ugly women do not exist: the very fact that she's a woman is half the attraction for me- but how could you understand that? Even in old maids you sometimes find something so attractive that you can't help marvelling at the damn fools who've let them grow old without noticing it! The first thing to do with barefooted girls and ugly women is to take them by surprise - that's how one should deal with them. You didn't know that, did you? They must be surprised till they're enraptured, till they're transfixed, till they're ashamed that such a gentleman should have fallen in love with such a swarthy creature. What's so wonderful is that so long as there are peasants and gentlemen in the world - and there always will be - there will also be such lovely little scullery maids and their masters - that's all one needs for one's happiness. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Wise Woman quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#81. Drugs and medical technology can be enormously beneficial when used to take care of real complications, but too often they are abused when applied to women birthing normally. These women are thus subjected to unnecessary risks. The key to this problem is informed consent, an ideal too seldom realized. Informed consent means that no woman during pregnancy or labor should ever be deceived into thinking that any drug or procedure (Demerol, Seconal, spinals, caudals, epidurals, paracervical block, etc.) is guaranteed safe. Not only are there no guaranteed safe drugs, but many of them have well-known, recognized side effects and potential side effects.
Informed consent should mean that no woman would ever hear such falsehoods as, "This is harmless," or, "I only give it in such a small dose that it can't affect the baby," or, "This is just a local and won't reach the baby. - Author: Susan McCutcheon
Wise Woman quotes by Susan McCutcheon
#82. A 21st century poet is a woman who can speak her mind and stand upright like a mountain with her convictions, but can adapt like water in an ever changing season without losing her genuine elements. - Author: Roseville Nidea
Wise Woman quotes by Roseville Nidea
#83. The Garden is a metaphor for the following: our minds, and our thinking in terms of pairs of opposites
man and woman, good and evil
are as holy as that of a god. (50) - Author: Joseph Campbell
Wise Woman quotes by Joseph Campbell
#84. As a woman, you need to take control of your health. There's no harm in going in and getting checked out. Eventually, you have to ask yourself: 'Do I want to live at 100% or 80%?' - Author: Summer Sanders
Wise Woman quotes by Summer Sanders
#85. When wisdom gives way to whimsy and ethics fall to excitement, it is highly likely that the ground beneath me will 'give way' and it is I who will 'fall. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Wise Woman quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#86. He kept telling me his affair was over, but I kept catching him in lies. He wouldn't shake this woman, and I simply could not trust him anymore. - Author: Brandi Glanville
Wise Woman quotes by Brandi Glanville
#87. Some Things, Say the Wise Ones Some things, say the wise ones who know everything, are not living. I say, you live your life your way and leave me alone. I have talked with the faint clouds in the sky when they are afraid of being left behind; I have said, Hurry, hurry! and they have said: thank you, we are hurrying. About cows, and starfish, and roses, there is no argument. They die, after all. But water is a question, so many living things in it, but what is it, itself, living or not? Oh, gleaming generosity, how can they write you out? As I think this I am sitting on the sand beside the harbor. I am holding in my hand small pieces of granite, pyrite, schist. Each one, just now, so thoroughly asleep. - Author: Mary Oliver
Wise Woman quotes by Mary Oliver
#88. Time is the least thing we have. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Wise Woman quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#89. It's what I'd like from my life - to live and learn, be wise and to go on without bitterness. - Author: Heather Small
Wise Woman quotes by Heather Small
#90. My Soul to Keep is the ultimate love story with a black man and a black woman. I call it the ultimate love story. It's about an immortal. We're shooting for this Fall and that's been a six year development right there. - Author: Blair Underwood
Wise Woman quotes by Blair Underwood
#91. For a woman, language spoken is an expression of what she is feeling. For a man, language spoken is an expression of what he is thinking. A woman says what is on her heart while a man says what is on his mind. - Author: Myles Munroe
Wise Woman quotes by Myles Munroe
#92. They were, doubtless, good men, just and sage. But, out of the whole human family, it would not have been easy to select the same number of wise and virtuous persons, who should be less capable of sitting in judgment on an erring woman's heart, and disentangling its mesh of good and evil, than the sages of rigid aspect towards whom Hester Prynne now turned her face. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Wise Woman quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#93. In his mind, she was a nurture, kind and comforting, a woman who would give up her freedom for the love of a child even when the child was not hers. But the woman he met was hard and decisive. Perhaps the Black Cottage had changed her. Or perhaps there were more sides to a woman than he had ever understood. - Author: Kendare Blake
Wise Woman quotes by Kendare Blake
#94. On a certain day, I will tweet five times, and then I'll go four days without tweeting at all. It really depends on what time allows. Twitter, priority-wise, has to come after the work is done. - Author: Seth MacFarlane
Wise Woman quotes by Seth MacFarlane
#95. Percy and Reyna occupied matching praeters' chairs on the dais, which made Percy self-conscious. It wasn't easy looking dignified wearing a bedsheet and a purple cape. "The camp is safe," Octavian continued. " I'll be the first to congragulate our heroes for bringing back the legion's eagle and so much Imperial gold! Truly we have been blessed with good fortune. But why do more? Why tempt fate?"
"I'm glad you asked." Percy stood, taking the question as an opening. Octavian stammered, " I wasn't
Part of the quest," Percy said. "Yes I know. And your'e wise to let me explain, since I was. - Author: Rick Riordan
Wise Woman quotes by Rick Riordan

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