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One Divine Moment In The Sweet Sanctuary Of this shade We heard the birds The leaves in the breeze And waves as they played And in one divine moment We felt our hearts melt Suddenly we knew How nature Prayed ~ Silent Lotus
Winnen Bird quotes by Silent Lotus
No bird soars in a calm. WILBUR WRIGHT ~ David McCullough
Winnen Bird quotes by David McCullough
A human heart can never grow old if it takes a lively interest in the pairing of birds, the reproduction of flowers, and the changing tints of autumn leaves. ~ Lydia M. Child
Winnen Bird quotes by Lydia M. Child
It was cruel. Like opening a birdcage to let the bird fly out, whilst all the while it's tethered by the leg, and freedom is only an illusion. ~ Laini Taylor
Winnen Bird quotes by Laini Taylor
He is a rare bird,' the maester said. 'Most ravens will eat grain, but they prefer flesh. It makes them strong, and I fear they relish the taste of blood. In that they are like men ... and like men, not all ravens are alike. ~ George R R Martin
Winnen Bird quotes by George R R Martin
Then you are the bird, and the bird, and the bird. ~ Genevieve Valentine
Winnen Bird quotes by Genevieve Valentine
She thought, He's afraid I'll make a mess of it. She was sure she had been careful to think that on the safe, private side of the silent border, but Ebon turned on her and said, Don't ever think that. About anything. You're my heart's sister, even if you are a funny shape and walk on your hind legs all the time and rattle away out loud like a donkey or a bird. I'm frightened because you're frightened, and because it's hard-it can be hard-the first time going into the Caves, and you're old for it-you can't do ssshuuwuushuu and the ssshasssha will be like ... being thrown in a cold dark lake when you can't swim and you've never seen water before. ~ Robin McKinley
Winnen Bird quotes by Robin McKinley
Isn't there a time or two you can remember when somehow an animal you've hunted has done something to make you let him vanish in the woods? ... Isn't there a bird or covey that somehow always manages to catch you with your gun on safe - even when you know it's there? I think we all know times that for almost certain we gave the hunt to the quarry. ~ Gene Hill
Winnen Bird quotes by Gene Hill
Safe. Right beside mine, right where it belongs. You're not lost, little bird, and you won't be. ~ Shelly Crane
Winnen Bird quotes by Shelly Crane
We're flying free like birds in the sky, because we're ALIVE. ~ Jessie J.
Winnen Bird quotes by Jessie J.
The bird, the bee, the running child are all the same to the sliding glass door. ~ Demetri Martin
Winnen Bird quotes by Demetri Martin
Try and inject into every commercial you make a touch of singularity; a bird that will hook on to the consumers mind ~ David Ogilvy
Winnen Bird quotes by David Ogilvy
On 'State of Affairs,' we're going after some names that you wouldn't think would traditionally do TV. A show that shoots in Los Angeles is such a rare bird in hand that I think we're gonna have the pick of the litter. ~ Joe Carnahan
Winnen Bird quotes by Joe Carnahan
Carrot-and-stick reinforcement' the behaviorists are telling us is needed for this bird to carry out these operations, thirteen different types of construction jobs? B. F. Skinner did a very good thing: in World War ~ William Peter Blatty
Winnen Bird quotes by William Peter Blatty
That little bird has chosen his shelter. Above it are the stars and the deep heaven of worlds. Yet he is rocking himself to sleep without caring for tomorrow's lodging, calmly clinging to his little twig, and leaving God to think for him. ~ Martin Luther
Winnen Bird quotes by Martin Luther
Well, I only wish you may all not have your throats slit by Uygurs," Riley said in deep pessimism, giving up, after he had tried once more at dinner to persuade them to remain. . .
"I will not let anyone slit your throats at all," Temeraire said, a little indignantly. "Although I would like to see an Uygur; is that a kind of dragon?"
"A kind of bird, I think," Granby said; Laurence was doubtful, but he did not like to contradict when he was not sure himself.
"Tribesmen," Tharkay said, the next morning.
"Oh." Temeraire was a little disappointed; he had seen people before. "That is not very exciting, but perhaps they are very fierce?" he asked hopefully.
"Have you enough money to buy thirty camels?" Tharkay asked Laurence, after he had finally escaped a lengthy interrogation as to the many other prospective delights of their journey, such as violent sandstorms and frozen mountain passes. ~ Naomi Novik
Winnen Bird quotes by Naomi Novik
No house was so poor as not to have its 'family altar,' its shelf of wooden gods, and table of offerings. A religious atmosphere pervades Tibet and gives it a singular sense of novelty. ~ Isabella Bird
Winnen Bird quotes by Isabella Bird
I return to the sprinklers and sit down. George plunks down next to me. "Did you know that a bird-eating tarantula is as big as your hand?"
"Jase doesn't have one of those, does he?"
George gives me his sunniest smile. "No. He useta have a reg'lar tarantula named Agnes, but she" - his voice drops mournfully - "died."
"I'm sure she's in tarantula heaven now," I assure him hastily, shuddering to think what that might look like.
Mrs. Garret's van pulls in behind the motorcycle, disgorging what I assume are Duff and Andy, both red-faced and windblown. Judging by their life jackets, they've been at sailing camp.
George and Harry, my loyal fans, rave to their mother about my accomplishments, while Patsy immediately bursts into tears, points an accusing finger at her mother, and wails, "Boob."
"It was her first word." Mrs. Garret takes her from me, heedless of Patsy's damp swimsuit. "There's one for the baby book. ~ Huntley Fitzpatrick
Winnen Bird quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
A person is a freedom. A person is beautiful because of freedom. The bird is beautiful on the wing in the sky - you encage it and it is no longer the same bird, remember. ~ Osho
Winnen Bird quotes by Osho
Faith is a bird that can see the light when it is dawn and starts singing in the dark. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Winnen Bird quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
History repeats itself, but the special call of an art which has passed away is never reproduced. It is as utterly gone out of the world as the song of a destroyed wild bird. ~ Joseph Conrad
Winnen Bird quotes by Joseph Conrad
Good afternoon, Gunnery Sargent."
"Any ideas…?"
Dr. Sloan turned slowly and stared up at Torren through narrowed eyes. "About what?"
"I'm sorry had you not noticed the birds?"
"Oh, ha!" Arms folded she resumed staring to the west. "I'm not doing anything. They just keep coming back."
"Maybe your jacket is…"
"…Is what? Stuffed with bird seed? Emitting matting coos on a frequency only these birds can hear? Looks like their big blue mother? You're so good at getting various and varying species to do what say, you tell them to shoo."
"Fine, pick a tougher word."
No longer trying to hide her smile, Torren leaned slightly forwards and said, "Scram."
The birds took off almost as one bird, their wings chopping at the air. ~ Tanya Huff
Winnen Bird quotes by Tanya Huff
I decided it would be better to be a bird. Birds are very busy at one period each year caring for babies, but this lasts only a few weeks with many of them, and then their babies are grown and gone. Best of all, they leave their houses forever and take to camping for the rest of the year. No wonder they are happy. ~ Margaret Morse Nice
Winnen Bird quotes by Margaret Morse Nice
you are the yellow-breasted finch singing the sound of sunshine into my heart ~ Bodhi Smith
Winnen Bird quotes by Bodhi Smith
You have a wild young heart. Right now, it is like a caged bird that batters itself against the bars. To struggle harder will only hurt you more. Wait, be patient. Your time will come to fly. And when it does, you must be strong, not bloodied and weary. ~ Robin Hobb
Winnen Bird quotes by Robin Hobb
Suspicion amongst thoughts are like bats amongst birds, they never fly by twilight. ~ Francis Bacon
Winnen Bird quotes by Francis Bacon
Classical virtuosity is more than technique, line, proportion, and balance. It is as if the performer and spectator come together to hold in their hands a bird with a broken wing. The creature can be felt to stir, to struggle for freedom. Its life responds to human warmth; its wing might brush your check as it flies away. ~ Gelsey Kirkland
Winnen Bird quotes by Gelsey Kirkland
All night dark wings
flap in my heart,
Each an ambition bird
that wants to be dropped. ~ Shillpi S Banerrji
Winnen Bird quotes by Shillpi S Banerrji
When caricaturist, Al Hirschfeld, did a drawing of a celebrity, it often looked more like the person than the person did. That's our goal in animation. ~ Brad Bird
Winnen Bird quotes by Brad Bird
Children's talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives. ~ Maya Angelou
Winnen Bird quotes by Maya Angelou
These false answers such as, I am stone, I am bird, I am animal, I am man, I am woman, I am great, I am small are, in turn, received, tested and discarded until the Question arrives at the right and Final Answer, I AM GOD. ~ Meher Baba
Winnen Bird quotes by Meher Baba
Some death is as silent as the flight of a bird, some prey as unprotesting as a knot of rags. The ~ Sue Grafton
Winnen Bird quotes by Sue Grafton
Then you pray the prayer that is the essence of every ritual: God, I have no hope. I am torn to shreds. You are my first and my last and only refuge. Don't do daily prayers like a bird pecking, moving its head up and down. Prayer is an egg. Hatch out the total helplessness inside. - RUMI ~ Tim Farrington
Winnen Bird quotes by Tim Farrington
Anytime you've got an opportunity to play for your country and win a gold medal, I think that takes it all. That's the greatest thing you could ever achieve in your sport. So, I have been very fortunate to play on great teams, but the gold medal was probably the best. ~ Larry Bird
Winnen Bird quotes by Larry Bird
Guitars are kind of just, you know, sexy, especially old vintage ones. ~ Andrew Bird
Winnen Bird quotes by Andrew Bird
My films usually start with an idea that I get while walking the streets. For example, I got the idea for 'Guard Dog' when I was walking in the park and I saw a dog barking at a bird. ~ Bill Plympton
Winnen Bird quotes by Bill Plympton
In days of yore, the poet's pen From wing of bird was plunder'd, Perhaps of goose, but now and then, From Jove's own eagle sunder'd. But now, metallic pens disclose Alone the poet's numbers; In iron inspiration glows, Or with the poet slumbers. ~ John Adams
Winnen Bird quotes by John Adams
Men say their pinnacles point to heaven. Why, so does every tree that buds, and every bird that rises as it sings. Men say their aisles are good for worship. Why, so is every mountain glen and rough sea-shore. But this they have of distinct and indisputable glory,
that their mighty walls were never raised, and never shall be, but by men who love and aid each other in their weakness. ~ John Ruskin
Winnen Bird quotes by John Ruskin
Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, a pitcher just before a game, I would imagine they all have nervous energy. But as you perform, the nervous energy dissipates and you start to relax and you start to do what you do best. ~ Randy Johnson
Winnen Bird quotes by Randy Johnson
Sturdy swimmers afloat on water-couch
Beneath the heavy bill their treasured pouch
Fishes pray for them to fly far away
Inland lakes toast to the Pelican's day ~ Munia Khan
Winnen Bird quotes by Munia Khan
I was interrupted in the heyday of this soliloquy, with a voice which I took to be of a child, which complained "it could not get out." - I look'd up and down the passage, and seeing neither man, woman, or child, I went out without further attention.
In my return back through the passage, I heard the same words repeated twice over; and looking up, I saw it was a starling hung in a little cage. - "I can't get out - I can't get out," said the starling.
I stood looking at the bird: and to every person who came through the passage it ran fluttering to the side towards which they approach'd it, with the same lamentation of its captivity. - "I can't get out," said the starling. - God help thee! said I, but I'll let thee out, cost what it will; so I turn'd about the cage to get to the door; it was twisted and double twisted so fast with wire, there was no getting it open without pulling the cage to pieces. - I took both hands to it.
The bird flew to the place where I was attempting his deliverance, and thrusting his head through the trellis, press'd his breast against it, as if impatient. - I fear, poor creature! said I, I cannot set thee at liberty. - "No," said the starling - "I can't get out - I can't get out," said the starling. ~ Laurence Sterne
Winnen Bird quotes by Laurence Sterne
The low bird is not picked tenderly out of the dust by its fellows; rather, it is dispatched quickly and without mercy. ~ Stephen King
Winnen Bird quotes by Stephen King
chair in front of the trestle table behind ~ Anthony J Bird
Winnen Bird quotes by Anthony J Bird
I flipped the good doctor the bird.
Snorting, Gideon caught my hand and pulled me back down the hall.
"What is it with you and giving people the finger?"
"What? It's a classic. ~ Sylvia Day
Winnen Bird quotes by Sylvia Day
Like a bud is born with the knowing that it will flower when the season comes, like a bird is born with the principles of flight that take over when it spreads its wings to fly, the human body-mind-soul, is born with the capacity to heal itself, long before it is taught ... to forget. ~ Sanjiv Ranjan
Winnen Bird quotes by Sanjiv Ranjan
Just as a snowflake
went on to feed a puddle that filled a stream and then the river, the
pumpkin patch is a gathering of molecules from my old goats, chickens,
and cats, feeding the underworld of dirt creatures. And somewhere, my
father's ashes mingle with birds, air, and sea. ~ Katherine Dunn
Winnen Bird quotes by Katherine Dunn
The poetry of earth is never dead When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide I cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead. ~ John Keats
Winnen Bird quotes by John Keats
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