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I remember the first time I saw you," Allie said.
"I thought you smelled me first."
"Right," said Allie. "The chocolate. But then I saw you as I sat up in the dead forest, thinking I knew you. At the time, I thought I must have seen you through the windshield when our cars crashed…. But that wasn't it. I think, way back then, I was seeing you as you are now. Isn't that funny?"
"Not as funny as the way I always complained, and the way you always bossed me around!"
They embraced and held each other for a long time.
"Don't forget me," Nick said. "No matter where your life goes, no matter how old you get. And if you ever get the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder, but there's nobody there, maybe it'll be me."
"I'll write to you," said Allie, and Nick laughed. "No really. I'll write the letter then burn it, and if I care just enough it will cross into Everlost."
"And," added Nick, "it will show up as a dead letter at that the post office Milos made cross into San Antonio!"
Allie could have stood there saying good-bye forever, because it was more than Nick she was saying good-bye to. She was leaving behind four years of half-life in a world that was both stunningly beautiful, and hauntingly dark. And she was saying good-bye to Mikey. I'll be waiting for you, he had said…. Well, if he was, maybe she wasn't saying good-bye at all.
Nick hefted the backpack on his shoulder. "Shouldn't you be heading off to Memphis?" he said. ~ Neal Shusterman
Windshield Decals quotes by Neal Shusterman
The windshield wipers are pushed up so they won't freeze to the glass and a robin just landed on the tip of one, staring beady-eyed at what we both hope is the great giving-up. The field freezes and unfreezes. It's snowing but it's a spineless snow, sugar on top of defrosted mud. There's life under there. The robin took off and the wiper blade twanged like a plucked string.

Everything's coming alive. ~ Kate Inglis
Windshield Decals quotes by Kate Inglis
I don't know how to fit you in my world without hurting you too." The truth in my words revealed more than he'd ever know.
"Don't worry about hurting me," he replied calmly. "I like being a part of your world, and I understand that it's more complicated than you're willing to share with me. But I'll respect that, for now."
He pulled into the parking lot of a drugstore and put the car in park. Evan seemed nervous as he turned to speak to ne. He released a quick breath before he spoke. My chest tightened, afraid to hear what he had to say."
"I don't do this." His hands gestured between us. My eyes narrowed, trying to inerpret his meaning. He exhaled and looked out the windshield. "I don't stay, and I'm used to that. And I'm always prepared to leave-because I have to eventually.
He stopped again, frustrated with himself. I sat motionless, absolutely convinced I didn't want him to continue - but I couldn't bring myself to ask him to stop.
"I want to stay here," he finally decalred. "It would bother me if I left. I mean, I've already unpacked. ~ Rebecca Donovan
Windshield Decals quotes by Rebecca    Donovan
I sat back in my seat and stared out the windshield, much of what I knew about the order of the universe rearranging itself. Perhaps Jennifer Sylvester wasn't feeble after all. Perhaps Jennifer Sylvester was fierce.

That makes no sense. Nobody is that good at playing possum. Well . . . nobody but me. ~ Penny Reid
Windshield Decals quotes by Penny Reid
On the ride back south, she tapped all the anger-management tricks they'd given her in job training. They played across her windshield like PowerPoint slides. Number One: It's not about you. Number Two: Your plan is not the world's. Number Three: The mind can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. (24) ~ Richard Powers
Windshield Decals quotes by Richard Powers
Purple and orange weren't two colors Ruby would ever put together and she couldn't for the life f her understand how this Lord God of theirs could have come up with the combination, but He had, and there they were in the sky outside the Winnebago's windshield. ~ Amy Wallen
Windshield Decals quotes by Amy Wallen
In many areas of understanding, none so much as in our understanding of God, we bump up against a simplicity so profound that we must assign complexities to it to comprehend it at all. It is mindful of how we paste decals to a sliding glass door to keep from bumping our nose against it. ~ Robert Breault
Windshield Decals quotes by Robert Breault
March on. Don't look in the rearview, just the windshield. ~ Josh Bowman
Windshield Decals quotes by Josh Bowman
I leaned my head back. "I look worse than I did the night you met me."
"I thought you looked fine."
I rolled my head to the side, so I could see him. Hoping the shadows made it so he couldn't see me. "What are you talking about? I looked like a Cirque du Soleil performer."
"What are you talking about?"
"The black dots around my eyes?"
He shook his head. "I'm lost."
"You were staring--"
"Oh, yeah." He gazed through the windshield. "Sorry about that. I've just never seen eyes as green as yours. I was trying to figure out if you wore contacts."
"You were looking at my eyes?"
"Not the makeup?"
He turned his attention back to me. "I didn't realize you were wearing any. That night, anyway. Tonight it's pretty obvious."
"Oh." Didn't I feel silly? "I thought--" I shook my head. "Never mind." On second thought...
"You don't like all the makeup?"
"I just don't think you need it. I mean, you look pretty without it."
Oh, really? That was totally unexpected. ~ Rachel Hawthorne
Windshield Decals quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
I got a body stuck to my windshield!" Lula yelled. "I can't drive like this! I can't get my wipers to work. How am I supposed to drive with a dead guy on my wipers? ~ Janet Evanovich
Windshield Decals quotes by Janet Evanovich
But maybe her marriage wasn't a Lexus. Maybe it was a Pinto
one of those cars famous for blowing up when rear-ended. As she waited for the mechanics to fix her car, she walked out the back door to the wrecking yard and through the aisles of totaled cars and pickups, vehicles that other people had decided weren't worth fixing. She felt just like them. She felt like that Buick with the driver's-side door so crushed that the driver was undoubtedly hurt, but from the look of the other side, the passenger likely skated through unscathed. She felt like the Saturn with the shattered windshield through which no one could see what lay ahead. It looked as if it had been sandwiched in a multicar pileup. Jill knew exactly how it felt to crash into one thing and then get smashed from behind. She studied that Saturn and wondered whether it would have been salvageable if it had only been rear-ended instead of sandwiched, and she wondered if the same was true about her marriage. ~ Kaya McLaren
Windshield Decals quotes by Kaya McLaren
I was in the Midwest, and the rain was all I had left of Camilla's goodbye kiss. Raindrops on the windshield, radio stations fading in and out. Cornfields bleak in all those gray, wide-open reaches. I had said goodbye to her once before, but it took everything I had to say goodbye to her then, again, for the last time, like poor Orpheus turning for a last backward glance at the ghost of his only love and in the same heartbeat losing her forever: hinc illae lacrimae, hence those tears. I suppose nothing remains ~ Donna Tartt
Windshield Decals quotes by Donna Tartt
I don't regret saying something," I said as he pulled down the street.
He glanced at me."Well, I regret not punching him in the face."
My lips twitched."Sorry. I couldn't let that happen."
"I'm sure I'll get another opportunity," He muttered, squinting out the windshield. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Windshield Decals quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Thinking you can earn eternal life by just reading the Bible a lot is like staring at the windshield while driving, hoping you'll get where you want to go. The windshield isn't there to be looked at; it is designed to be looked through. ~ Jefferson Bethke
Windshield Decals quotes by Jefferson Bethke
That's the problem with arguing with Sig. We start at point A and then go straight to step thirteen and wind up in phase orange and then, you know, we're in the linen aisle looking for windshield wipers. I ~ Elliott James
Windshield Decals quotes by Elliott James
Lying on his back, Jess kicked furiously at the windshield. Damn. It. Break. Already. You. Sorry. Son. Of. A. Biscuit. Eating. Cat. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Windshield Decals quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Evans was punching the shattered windshield out and thinking he was some helluva hero. ~ Mark Henwick
Windshield Decals quotes by Mark Henwick
Eve started in on his jeans, obviously knowing he was commando as usual by grasping his penis and pulling it free without hesitation.
She went down on him hard. It was like she was punishing her mouth for wanting him as much as she did. Driving the car while Eve expertly handled his stick made him feel so powerful, he wanted to head butt the windshield. ~ Debra Anastasia
Windshield Decals quotes by Debra Anastasia
They recruited the most supple and athletic of the cops to train as mounted policemen, and a small kid could be mesmerized just watching one who'd been lazing majestically down the street stop to write a parking ticket and then lean way over in the saddle so as to place the ticket under the car's windshield wiper, a physical gesture, if ever there was one, of magnificent condescension to the machine age. ~ Philip Roth
Windshield Decals quotes by Philip Roth
Respect is something that should be earned, like eyebrows shaped like windshield wipers in a stormy arcade evening. I like my respect with lots of elbow room and melted cheese on top. ~ Jarod Kintz
Windshield Decals quotes by Jarod Kintz
The phone rang. Joan Rochester leaped to her feet, but Dominick signaled her to sit with a wave of his hand. He wiped his face as though it were a windshield and rose from his seat. Dominick was a thick man. Not fat. Thick. Thick neck, thick shoulders, thick chest, thick arms and thighs. The ~ Harlan Coben
Windshield Decals quotes by Harlan Coben
When is the 'look out the windshield phase' of driving? Pretty much all driving is looking out the windshield! It's not a phase. Saying 'testing takes too long' is a bit like saying 'safe driving takes too long. ~ Gerald M. Weinberg
Windshield Decals quotes by Gerald M. Weinberg
A car is a couch with wheels. My windshield wipers don't work, so I've decided to stop watering my living room carpet. Honk if you want coffee, and I'll pour you an umbrellaful. ~ Jarod Kintz
Windshield Decals quotes by Jarod Kintz
When you decide to be the immovable object standing in front of the unstoppable force, you'd better pray that you're right about being immovable, and they're wrong about being unstoppable.' 'Otherwise, you'll wind up like a bug on a windshield. ~ Seanan McGuire
Windshield Decals quotes by Seanan McGuire
It's pretty amazing to see a guy, while steering at the wheel, suddenly raise his little 300 dollar German camera with one hand and snap something that's on the move in front of him, and through an unwashed windshield at that. (On the road with Robert Frank, 1958) ~ Jack Kerouac
Windshield Decals quotes by Jack Kerouac
Some lessons you learn gradually and some you learn in a sudden moment, like a flash going off in a dark room. I sift and rake and dig around in my vivid recollections of young Sean on the floor in summer, and I try to see what makes him tick, but I know a secret about young Sean, I guess, that he kind of ends up telling the world: nothing makes him tick. It just happens all by itself, tick tick tick tick tick, without any proximal cause, with nothing underneath it. He is like a jellyfish adrift in the sea, throbbing quietly in the warm waves of the surf just off the highway where the dusty white vans with smoked windows and indistinct decals near their wheel hubs roll innocently past. ~ John Darnielle
Windshield Decals quotes by John Darnielle
The Frieds have these two enormous dogs, Pasta Batman and Marco Baseball. They're both some kind of Great Dane/Saint Bernard/werewolf hybrid. I remember the first time I came over, we pulled up in Mrs. Fried's truck, and my first thought upon seeing them was 'We might not be able to kill those things with the car.' I envisioned them bouncing off the fender, getting up, cracking their knuckles, and then diving through the windshield to eat our necks. ~ Kathleen Hale
Windshield Decals quotes by Kathleen  Hale
And presently I was driving through the drizzle of the dying day, with the windshield wipers in full action but unable to cope with my tears. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Windshield Decals quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Wishing I had a towel, I used my fingers to wipe the raindrops off my face. My wet face that had been partially protected by the brim of his cap. Which would have worked if the rain fell straight down. This had been slashing across.
"Oh, no."
"What?" Jason said.
"Turn on the light."
He did. I lowered the sun visor, looked at my reflection in the mirror, groaned, and slapped the visor back into place. "Turn the light off."
"What's wrong?"
I didn't look at him, didn't want him to see. "The makeup ran."
Not as badly as I'd expected, but I had dark smudges beneath my eyes and my bruising was more visible.
"So what?"
I leaned my head back. "I look worse than I did the night you met me."
"I thought you looked fine."
I rolled my head to the side, so I could see him. Hoping the shadows made it so he couldn't see me. "What are you talking about? I looked like a Cirque de Soleil performer."
"What are you talking about?"
"The black dots around my eyes?"
He shook his head. "I'm lost."
"You were staring--"
"Oh, yeah." He gazed through the windshield. "Sorry about that. I've just never seen eyes as green as yours. I was trying to figure out if you wore contacts."
"You were looking at my eyes?"
"Not the makeup."
He turned his attention back to me. "I didn't realize you were wearing any. That night, anyway. Tonight it's pretty obvious."
"Oh." Didn't I feel silly? "I thought--" I ~ Rachel Hawthorne
Windshield Decals quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
Trauma fractures comprehension as a pebble shatters a windshield. The wound at the site of impact spreads across the field of vision, obscuring reality and challenging belief. ~ Jane Leavy
Windshield Decals quotes by Jane Leavy
I remember once when we were moving, driving across country, and it was raining so hard, the windshield wipers going fast and squeaking, and then: nothing. It stopped. I looked out the window ahead of me and it was clear. I looked out the back and there was the rain, still going. Nobody said anything, but there it was, a near miracle, a rain line, a way of seeing just where something starts, when usually you are just in the middle of it before you notice it. That's how it feels to me now, to not want to be like (that) anymore. I see the line. ~ Elizabeth Berg
Windshield Decals quotes by Elizabeth Berg
After about half an hour, Mr. Sorenson turns onto a narrow unpaved road. Dirt rises around us as we drive, coating the windshield and side windows. We pass more fields and then a copse of birch tree skeletons, cross through a dilapidated covered bridge over a murky stream still sheeted with ice, turn down a bumpy dirt road bordered by pine trees. Mr. Sorenson is holding a card with what looks like directions on it. He slows the truck, pulls to a stop, looks back toward the bridge. Then he peers out the grimy windshield at the trees ahead. "No goldarn signs," he mutters. He puts his foot on the pedal and inches forward. Out ~ Christina Baker Kline
Windshield Decals quotes by Christina Baker Kline
Just shut up."
But he doesn't. "I'm not saying you should do anything. And that's why I stepped in and didn't let you bring her home."
His tone turns serious.
"All kidding aside, Pike," he goes on, "she is exactly your type. You shouldn't be alone with her."
I know.
I just hope he's the only person who's noticed.
"Thanks for the intervention," I tell him, "but even if I were attracted to her, I'm capable of controlling myself."
"You're not seeing yourself from my perspective." He looks out the front windshield, solemn. "You look at each other like…"
He swallows, an unusually troubled pinch to his brow. "Like the two of you have your own language. ~ Penelope Douglas
Windshield Decals quotes by Penelope Douglas
I got my windshield replaced for no apparent reason. So now I have a new windshield that looks exactly like my old one, only cleaner. ~ Jarod Kintz
Windshield Decals quotes by Jarod Kintz
The family behind us wants to leave." He twists to peer through the back windshield. "They already have two kids. Let's follow them home." "Let's not. ~ Elle Kennedy
Windshield Decals quotes by Elle Kennedy
When they'd been children there'd been a fallen log in the river, and John had walked on it, keeping his balance, instructing his brother: If you don't think about it, you won't fall. - That would be a perfect epitaph, thought Tyler malevolently, crushing the space invader raindrops with his windshield wipers. ~ William T. Vollmann
Windshield Decals quotes by William T. Vollmann
Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. ~ Byrd Baggett
Windshield Decals quotes by Byrd Baggett
When I'm with you," he began again, "it's like ... I still don't feel normal. But I can see normal at twelve o'clock on the horizon." He pointed past me, through the windshield of an imaginary airplane. "At least I know normal is still out there. I've spent the last three months not sure of that at all. ~ Jennifer Echols
Windshield Decals quotes by Jennifer Echols
Nooooooooooo!" Screaming the word, Amy and Dan moved as one.
Time slowed down, which, Dan knew from experience, often happened when you were in midair. By the time they leaped onto the hood of Fiske's car (oops, dents), and Dan had ripped off a windshield wiper to use as a weapon (probably not the best idea, but hey, he was improvising), Scarey Harley Dude had turned around.
He strode off in his motorcycle boots, moving swiftly to his bike without seeming to hurry. His helmet back on, sunglasses adjusted, he roared off straight into the road, weaving through the thick traffic like smoke.
Amy's face was squashed against the windshield. Dan held the wiper aloft like a club.
And Evan Tolliver stood on the sidewalk, blinking at them.
Dan waved the windshield wiper at him. "Hey, bro. We didn't want to miss our ride. ~ Jude Watson
Windshield Decals quotes by Jude Watson
You don't understand," my dad said. "They stop you."

"Who? What are you talking about?" my mom asked.

"That's why I was being cautious."

"Who stops you?"

"The police. If you're white, or maybe Oriental, they let you drive however you want. But if you're not, they stop you."

"Who told you that?"

"The guys at the diner. That's what they say. If you're black or if you're brown, they automatically think you've done something wrong."

"Rafa, that's ridiculous. We've lived here for fifteen years. We're citizens."

"The police don't know that by looking at us. They see a brown face through the windshield and boom! Sirens!"

My mom shook her head. "That's what that was about?"

"I didn't want to give them reason to stop me."

"You were driving like a blind man, Rafa. That will give them reason to stop you."

"Everybody else just has to obey the law. We have to obey it twice as well."

"But that doesn't mean you have to go twice as slow as everybody else!"

The light turned green and my dad brought the car out of first. We cruised under the overpass, a shadow draping over the car like a blanket.

"Next time, just try to blend in with everyone else and you'll be fine," my mom offered.

"The way of the world," my dad said.

"What?" my mom asked as we emerged back into the sunlight.

"Ju ~ Cristina Henriquez
Windshield Decals quotes by Cristina Henriquez
It's like Tiger Woods' wife, we should take a nine iron to the back windshield of big government spending and smash it out. ~ Tim Pawlenty
Windshield Decals quotes by Tim Pawlenty
The wind howled about the bus, and the wipers slooshed heavily back and forth across the windshield, smeering the city into a red and yellow neon wetness. It was early afternoon, but it looked like night through the glass ~ Neil Gaiman
Windshield Decals quotes by Neil Gaiman
FATBACK'S DEAD" The words on the slip of paper struck me like a blow. "Fatback's dead." It was not just the news itself, though the words cut deep. It was the very fact of the note, stuck on my windshield on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, ~ Kent Nerburn
Windshield Decals quotes by Kent Nerburn
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