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American banks may have been unable to supply adequate loans, but the Rothschild consortium in Britain was both able and willing. It was during this time that the Rothschilds were consolidating their new industrial holdings in the United States through their agent, August Belmont. Derek Wilson tells us: "They owned or had major shareholdings in Central American ironworks, North American canal construction companies, and a multiplicity of other concerns. They became the major importers of bullion from the newly discovered goldfields". ~ G. Edward Griffin
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by G. Edward Griffin
Despite the dazzling successes of modern technology and the unprecedented power of modern military systems, they suffer from a common and catastrophic fault. While providing us with a bountiful supply of food, with great industrial plants, with high-speed transportation, and with military weapons of unprecedented power, they threaten our very survival. ~ Barry Commoner
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Barry Commoner
The assumption is that people so ignorant and thoughtless and silly and greedy may simply call upon the Army Corps of Engineers in order to receive a clean and abundant supply of water from reservoirs in the mountains. A much likelier outcome is that they will be drinking an ever stronger mixture of sewage and mine acid and mud and cropspray and various other defecations of the industrial paradise. ~ Wendell Berry
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Wendell Berry
Of valid economics pre-dating the Power Age (steam and electricity), there remains not a vestige. Of valid economics pre-dating the intensive and extensive use of electricity there will soon exist only rags and tatters. We still have to thank Adam Smith for insisting 'Consumption is the sole end and purpose of production;' but the old form of the law of demand and supply is outmoded, since supply has become practically inexhaustible. ~ Harriet Boyd Hawes
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Harriet Boyd Hawes
In our plan, the state has only to pass labor laws (nothing else?) by means of which industrial progress can and must proceed in complete liberty. The state merely places society on an incline (that is all?). Then society will slide down this incline by the mere force of things, and by the natural workings of the established mechanism. But what is this incline that is indicated by Mr. Louis Blanc? Does it not lead to an abyss? (No, it leads to happiness.) If this is true, then why does not society go there of its own choice? (Because society does not know what it wants; it must be propelled.) What is to propel it? (Power.) And who is to supply the impulse for this power? (Why, the inventor of the machine
in this instance, Mr. Louis Blanc.) ~ Frederic Bastiat
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Frederic Bastiat
Most of what presents itself to us in the marketplace as a product is in truth a web of relationships, between people, yes, but also between ourselves and all the other species on which we still depend. Eating and drinking especially implicate us in the natural world in ways that the industrial economy, with its long and illegible supply chains, would have us forget. The beer in that bottle, I'm reminded as soon as I brew it myself, ultimately comes not from a factory but from nature - from a field of barley snapping in the wind, from a hops vine clambering over a trellis, from a host of invisible microbes feasting on sugars. It took the carefully orchestrated collaboration of three far-flung taxonomic kingdoms - plants, animals, and fungi - to produce that ale. To make it yourself once in a while, to handle the barley and inhale the aroma of hops and yeast, becomes, among other things, a form of observance, a weekend ritual of remembrance. ~ Michael Pollan
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Michael Pollan
The strategic stimulus to economic development in Schumpeter's analysis is innovation, defined as the commercial or industrial application of something new
a new product, process or method of production, a new market or source of supply, a new form of commercial, business or financial organization. ~ Joseph A. Schumpeter
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Joseph A. Schumpeter
Every time a significant discovery is being made one sets in motion a tremendous activity in laboratories and industrial enterprises throughout the world. It is like the ant who suddenly finds food and walks back to the anthill while sending out material called food attracting substance. The other ants follow the path immediately in order to benefit from the finding and continue to do so as long as the supply is rich. ~ Bengt I. Samuelsson
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Bengt I. Samuelsson
Seen from that future time, when every commodity the human mind could imagine would flow from the industrial horn of plenty in dizzy abundance, this would seem a scanty, shoddy, cramped moment indeed, choked with shadows, redeemed only by what it caused to be created.
Seen from plenty, now would be hard to imagine. It would seem not quite real, an absurd time when, for no apparent reason, human beings went without things easily within the power of humanity to supply and lives did not flower as it was obvious they could. ~ Francis Spufford
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Francis Spufford
Oil is essential for a modern, industrial society. It's unique, first of all, because it's the primary source, at 40 percent, of the world's entire supply of energy, and it's irreplaceable in the transportation field; it provides 98 percent of world transportation energy. ~ Michael Klare
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Michael Klare
International inspectors are on the ground and Iran is being subjected to the most comprehensive, intrusive inspection regime ever negotiated to monitor a nuclear program. Inspectors will monitor Iran's key nuclear facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For decades to come, inspectors will have access to Iran's entire nuclear supply chain. In other words, if Iran tries to cheat - if they try to find build a bomb covertly, we will catch them. ~ Barack Obama
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Barack Obama
The truth is that we're drowning in busywork, nonproductive work, everything from "creative" banking and insurance bureaucracies to the pointless shuffling of data and the manufacturing of products designed to be obsolescent almost immediately- and I would argue that a great deal of what we're doing should just stop. Interestingly, people of all sorts are beginning to reconnect to skills and sensibilities that were bulldozed in the frenzy of 'development' that remade our world during the past two generations. Those orchards and fields that once covered the peninsula, the East Bay, and Silicon Valley are haunting us now, as we seek to relocalize our food sources and our economy more generally. People are relearning how to reuse things, how to fix broken items, and even how to make new things from the scraps of industrial waste. The world shaped by capitalist modernization is not good for human life and is certainly rough on the health of the planet. The hollowing out of communities whose lives were once anchored in the old Produce Market area or who shared life along the vibrant Fillmore blues corridor is precisely what people are trying to overcome. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Rebecca Solnit
Ugh, puppy mills. These commercial breeding facilities are horrendous. The animals are kept in tiny wire cages, with little to no human interaction throughout their lives. They are rarely, if ever, seen medically and are forced to breed over and over again and watch as their babies are taken away from them and sold to pet stores. It is a supply-and-demand business, so the more people stop going to pet stores and choose to adopt instead, the quicker we can put an end to these puppy mills. ~ Beth Ostrosky Stern
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Beth Ostrosky Stern
Never before has information been so important, to governments and businesses alike. And please don't imagine that some of you gathered here today may be less concerned than others. Globalization means that the "butterfly effect" is everywhere at work. The mistakes of a stockbroker in Singapore or the collapse of the Baht in Bangkok, the decisions of a Finnish industrial concern, or what the Governor of Minas Gerais in Brazil decides to do about his State's debt, have had consequences for the world as a whole. ~ Jacques Chirac
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Jacques Chirac
Skeleton key property management associated with managing several real estate properties efficiently and organization of residential properties,Investor Services, Property Management commercial and industrial real estate in Rochester NY. ~ Real Estate Investment Property NY
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Real Estate Investment Property NY
We are fortunate to have discovered artificial intelligence at the very moment we seem to be running out of our natural supply. ~ Jeffrey Caminsky
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Jeffrey Caminsky
The work of a believer is responsive, not initiative. We respond to God's love because we must. Like Peter, when called to do the impossible, we do not look to our limitations, but we ponder this: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life" (John 6:68). Owen says this: "Mortification of any sin must be by a supply of grace. Of ourselves, we cannot do it."31 The gospel does not take us halfway there. God takes us all the way home. But if what you seek is grace apart from Christ's blood, you will never get home. ~ Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Western Civilization was responsible for a paradigm shift in history. It created the industrial and scientific revolutions that enabled the birth of a transportation, communications and knowledge revolution unprecedented in the 5 billion year history of this planet. Unfortunately this revolution took place amidst a moral vacuum at the very top of the power structure. It is as if a three year old child had been given control over both a candy story and a shotgun. He was able to use the shotgun to get all the candy he wanted but he had no idea what to do next. Whenever somebody tried to tell him too much candy was bad for him, he shot the person who said that. ~ Benjamin Fulford
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Benjamin Fulford
I expect an energy bill to increase and diversify supply and stabilize energy prices - not drive up energy costs in one part of the country to subsidize energy in another region. ~ Pete Domenici
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Pete Domenici
It's a market economy. Apparently the demand for great coaches exceeds the supply, so of course the price of good coaches is going to be high. ~ Michael Gartner
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Michael Gartner
Every student of political science, every student of political economy, every student of economics knows that the race can only be saved through a solid industrial foundation; that the race can only be saved through political independence. Take away industry from a race, take away political freedom from a race and you have a slave race. ~ Marcus Garvey
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Marcus Garvey
Plastics. Polyesters. Resins. Ersatz - industrial uses. Do you see? No consumers' commodities. ~ Philip K. Dick
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Philip K. Dick
Much to my delight, I found her panties to be full of mashed potatoes - but I had to supply all the gravy. ~ Jarod Kintz
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Jarod Kintz
Why should not Africa give to the world its Black Rockefeller, Rothschild and Henry Ford? Now is the opportunity. Now is the chance for every Negro to make every effort toward a commercial, industrial standard that will make us comparable with the successful business men of other races. ~ Marcus Garvey
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Marcus Garvey
It did not occur to them to refuse. They knew that if you find some person or creature in desperate need of help which you can supply you have a human duty to supply it, even if it could inconvenience or even hurt you to do so. This, after all, is how the greatest and best deeds in the world have been done, and though the children did not say this aloud, they knew it inside themselves without even thinking about it. ~ Mary Stewart
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Mary Stewart
For years, I went around the world looking and then painting, but now I have to think first and then paint. It's driven me to find the design concept first, and to rely on my memory and technical skills to supply only those details that are needed. ~ Milford Zornes
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Milford Zornes
Obviously, oxytocin and vasopressin are the grooviest hormones in the universe. Pour them into the water supply, and people will be more charitable, trusting, and empathic. We'd be better parents and would make love, not war (mostly platonic love, though, since people in relationships would give wide berths to everyone else). Best of all, we'd buy all sorts of useless crap, trusting the promotional banners in stores once oxytocin starts spraying out of the ventilation system. ~ Robert M. Sapolsky
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Robert M. Sapolsky
I attended the High School of Industrial Arts and studied with many great artists as painting is something that you never stop learning about. Actually, in high school there was a time that I was thinking about just concentrating on painting and I asked my music teacher, Mr. Sondberg, for advice and he encouraged me to stick with the music as well. So all my life I have been singing and painting. ~ Tony Bennett
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Tony Bennett
Gun control does not decrease gun ownership by criminals but instead reduces their incentives to refrain from violence because it decreases the supply of armed law-abiding citizens who might resist them. ~ John McGinnis
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by John McGinnis
Why should you buy the cow, if you can get the milk for free?" Answer: There is no reason, no incentive, no need to buy the cow. If the cow continues to supply free milk, the milk's value and the cow's value are greatly reduced and free milk will keep that cow feeling empty, misused and unwanted. This is the harsh reality of giving out discounts. Of course, we are not cows, but rather sons and daughters of the Most High God, so let's be mindful not to discount the price that was paid for us on Calvary. ~ Lindsay Marsh Warren
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Lindsay Marsh Warren
Pliny the Elder wrote once: "If anyone will consider the
abundance of Rome's public supply of water, for baths, cisterns, ditches, houses, gardens,
villas; and take into account the distance over which it travels, the arches reared, the mountains
pierced, the valleys spanned - he will admit that there never was anything more marvelous
in the whole world. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Those who buy in to global warming wish to drastically curb human economic and industrial activities, regardless of the consequences for people, especially the poor. ~ Paul Johnson
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Paul Johnson
I like the word 'gumption' because it's so homely and so forlorn and so out of style it looks as if it needs a friend and isn't likely to reject anyone who comes along. I like it also because it describes exactly what happens to someone who connects with Quality. He gets filled with gumption.

"A person filled with gumption doesn't sit around dissipating and stewing about things. He's at the front of the train of his own awareness, watching to see what's up the track and meeting it when it comes. That's gumption.

If you're going to repair a motorcycle, an adequate supply of gumption is the first and most important tool. If you haven't got that you might as well gather up all the other tools and put them away, because they won't do you any good. ~ Robert M. Pirsig
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
Strapped by tight credit and plummeting sales, businesses have overhauled the way they manage supply chains, inventory, production practices and staffing. ~ Janet Yellen
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Janet Yellen
We see now why the great target of Satan is to break down our faith. He knows all too well that the righteous live by faith, so he aims at cutting our lifeline to God. Faith is like the hand that reaches up to receive what God has freely promised. If the devil can pull your hand back down to your side, then he has succeeded. All of God's intended supply will just stay where it is in heaven. ~ Jim Cymbala
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Jim Cymbala
The Second Wave Society is industrial and based on mass production, mass distribution, mass consumption, mass education, mass media, mass recreation, mass entertainment, and weapons of mass destruction. You combine those things with standardization, centralization, concentration, and synchronization, and you wind up with a style of organization we call bureaucracy. ~ Alvin Toffler
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Alvin Toffler
We cannot wait for great visions from great people, for they are in short supply. It is up to us to light our own small fires in the darkness. ~ Charles Handy
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Charles Handy
An angry artist tells people what (he thinks) they need to hear. A hungry artist tells people what (he thinks) they want to hear. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The innumerable losses of industrial civilization's collapse will, over time, bring forth a new story and a new relationship with people, resources, things, and the earth. It will necessitate living as if our very breath is a gift and every person in our lives is an opportunity to pass on the gifts we have received. The death of the old paradigm and all of the trappings of industrial civilization will provide
space to forge new values, new relationships, and minimize, if not completely obliterate, the concept of debt from human consciousness. ~ Carolyn Baker
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Carolyn Baker
The American Medical Association not only represents the roughly 800,000 practicing physicians in the United States, but also sets the official standards for treatment for virtually every patient malady, and is instrumental in directing and controlling the supply of doctors entering medical school. By virtue of an affiliated licensing body called the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), the AMA determines which medical schools receive its official accreditation, and for over a hundred years it has been very stingy with its approval process. Furthermore, the AMA together with its close affiliate, the American Association of Medical Colleges, conducts regular studies to assess the necessary supply of medical doctors and advises existing medical schools as well as state and federal regulators as to optimal admission levels for new students - and these too have been artificially and unnecessarily constricted[22]. ~ Reid Jenner
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Reid Jenner
The consultant buys a bottle of fake blood at a theater supply store and once every lunar month, for four days, imitates having a period by putting some of this blood into the vagina and preventing it from gushing out by using a tampon. After repeating this for four months, the consultant's period will return to normal. ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Three quarters of the American population literally believe in religious miracles. The numbers who believe in the devil, in resurrection, in God doing this and that - it's astonishing. These numbers aren't duplicated anywhere else in the industrial world. You'd have to maybe go to mosques in Iran or do a poll among old ladies in Sicily to get numbers like this. Yet this is the American population. ~ Noam Chomsky
Windheim Industrial Supply quotes by Noam Chomsky
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