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Bella. "Nathan Malone is dead." He caught her shoulders, shook her.
"No!" she screamed back. And she couldn't hit him. She wanted to, and she couldn't.
"look at me," he yelled. "Look at me, Bella. What happened killed the man you loved. All that is left is this. The man you see now.The name name I carry now. Anything else is no possible."
"No!" She pulled away from him, stumbled to her feet, and shook with the rage pounding through her. "The name may be dead, but you are not dead. "You weren't just a SEAL," she cried. "You weren't just a friend, or a son, or a grandson, or a brother. You weren't just a warrior." She clenched her fists, pressed to her stomach as the agony swell up through every cell of her body. "You are my husband. My lover.
It doesn't matter if your name is Nathan, Noah, or hey fucking you, you are my my lover. My soul. My heart. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Oh yeah, by the way, baby. I'm your husband. You know, the one that died? The one that wouldn't come back to you for six fucking years. Yeah, she'd accept that easily enough.
Bullshit. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
What can I be thinking of? Just imagine my not having presented myself to you even yet! But as a matter of fact I do not want to tell you my name
out loud; it is a romantic one, utterly inappropriate to the typically modern environment in which we now stand. Ah,
if we were only on the steep side of some mountain with the moon like a great lamp above us, or by the shore of
some wild ocean, there would be some glamour in proclaiming my identity in the silence of the night, or in the midst of lightning and thunder as a hurricane swept the seas! But here in a third-floor suite of the Royal Palace
Hotel, surrounded by telephones and electric lights, and standing by a window overlooking the Champs Elysees-> it would be positively anachronistic!" He took a card out of his pocket and drew near the little writing desk. "Allow me, Princess, to slip my card into this drawer, left open on purpose, it would seem," and while the princess uttered a little cry she could not repress, he did just that. "And now, Princess," he went on, compelling her to retreat before him as he moved to the door of the anteroom opening on to the corridor, "you are too well bred, I am sure, not to wish to conduct your visitor to the door of your suite." His tone altered abruptly, and in a deep imperious voice that made the princess quake he ordered her: "And now, not a word, not a cry, not a movement until I am outside, or I will kill you! ~ Marcel Allain
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Marcel Allain
What am I going to do with you?
I have suggestions, but this might not be the place for them. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I love you, Ali. Do you understand? I love you." Wait. What?
"You love me?"
"I've never said those words to another girl." He lifted his chin, squared his shoulders and braced his legs apart, as if preparing for a real battle. "You're stubborn, too curious for your own good and you've become a wild card, but yes, I love you."
He. Loved. Me. ~ Gena Showalter
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Gena Showalter
Marius, where are my pants?"
His grin widened. "Wouldn't you like to know? ~ Jamie Wyman
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Jamie Wyman
Take my heart with you, baby girl. It follows you ... .always ... ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Wild card, got it," Duncan said. "Just like in Crazy Eights. I can be a diamond; I can be a spade. Whatever you need me to be, I'm that thing. That is so me. ~ Christopher Healy
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Christopher Healy
Every game has its Jacks,' she said, the sadness of it pulling down the elation of sudden understanding. 'The thing that acts as a wild card. It can't be counted on or predicted. A weapon, even. But he's in other places, too, isn't he? And do you know what else a Jack is, Puck? ... I do. ~ Ruth Frances Long
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Ruth Frances Long
Why would I get a wild card into an American tournament, (as the) top-ranked American? Why would that happen? That makes too much sense. Maybe I should play more Davis Cup, that's the story. Oh wait, I do. ~ Andy Roddick
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Andy Roddick
I didn't know how much I could love until you were gone. Until your laughter no longer filled my home, your wicked high jinks no longer made me crazy. Until I stood in that damned club and knew, without you by side, my life was as empty as my bed was without you in it. I didn't know what love was, until I saw my refusal to admit it drown all the sweet innocence in your eyes. I love you. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Let me know when you're ready to talk." She stopped and glanced at them both over her shoulder. "Maybe then I'd be ready to discuss your sexual twists and my own little abnormal desires. You never know what we all might learn that we haven't already."
With that, she turned and moved back into the house, closing the door behind her and disappearing out of sight. And Cam found his back slammed against the side of Ian's Hummer, his brother in his face.
Lust and irritation flared in his brother's eyes. "You better start talking," he grated. "Because you know what she just did?"
"She just dared us, Cam. And I don't know about you, but the thought of 'abnormal desires' dancing through her mind is going to drive me fucking crazy. Now, fix it. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I didn't promise I wouldn't break your tender heart, Mica. Protect it from me. Don't let me touch that part of you. Don't let me destroy both of us that way. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Some are born to greatness," Flynn gestured to himself. "Others ... " He eyed Marius. "Well, then there are just others. ~ Jamie Wyman
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Jamie Wyman
I don't have any chocolate bars right now."
She pressed her lips together as she placed two small fingers at the bridge of her nose and shook her head as though she had lost all hope for him. Finally, she sighed as though more than put out. Her eyes were twinkling, though, the shadows of fear easing.
"I'll take you on your word then," she sighed. "But you really should stock up on chocolate bars. It's more precious than gold when dealing with kids, ya know. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Did you wish upon a star and take the time to try to make your wish come true?
Did you try to paint the sunrise and find the gift of life within?
Did you write a song just for the joy of it?
Or write a poem just to feel the pain?
Did you find a reason to ignore the petty injustices, the spoken barbs, or the envies, jealousies and greed that crossed your path?
Did you wake up this morning and whisper inside, "Today, I'll find every reason to smile, and ignore the excuses to frown."
Today will be the day I'll whisper nothing snide, I'll say nothing cruel. I'll be kind to my enemy, I'll embrace my friends, and for this
one day, I'll forget the slights of the past.
Today will be the day I'll live for the joy of it, laugh for the fun of it, and today, I'll love whether it's returned, forsaken, or simply
And if you did, then your heart has joined the others who have as well, uniting, strengthening, and in a single heartbeat you've created
a world of hope. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I don't know about you, but I say we shoot the fuckers, bury the bodies and deny they were ever here. - Mordecai ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Sometimes, she wondered if what she craved even existed. A man who was strong inside and out. A man who knew the world wasn't fair, and knew he had to take responsibility for his part in it. A man who knew there was more to sex than simply the act and that there was more to a woman than breasts and thighs and what lay beyond. A man who accepted the fact that a woman might need adventure as well. That was what she craved. A man she could trust enough not just to give in to her desires with, but to accept her need to live. A man who, even if he wasn't there forever, was at least there long enough to care about fulfilling not just the physical desires, but the adventurous ones as well. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I'm a firm believer that the wild-card teams, because they're grinding it out until the final days, have a tremendous amount of excitement. That excitement carries over into the playoffs and really helps. ~ Tim Salmon
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Tim Salmon
Aw, come on, it's just hot as hell there and my AC doesn't even make a dent. Let's try for something cooler."
~ Loki ~ ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I wanted to die," she suddenly wailed, feeling him flinch, seeing the pain that tightened his face and made his own tears run faster. "I begged them to kill me." He rolled her to the bed, his arms wrapping tightly around her, sheltering her, holding her steady as her soul collapsed and her sobs echoed around them. "I begged them to let me die because I couldn't face it ... I couldn't survive without you ... " She was beating at his chest, her blows weak and ineffectual as the years of resounding agony poured free. "I wanted to die without you ... And now, I don't know how to accept that you're here ... I don't know how to live ... "
-sherra ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
You are my mate, Ria. In my soul. You are my mate.
~ Mercury ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Your language, dear," Victoria reproved gently. "A lady never curses in public. There are much better ways to handle the delicate male ego."
Keiley paused. "With a two-by-four?" she asked.
Victoria's lips pursed a smile tugged at her lips. "Only as a last resort," she murmured humorously. "And never in public. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
just walked away. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Being neurotic seemed to be a kind of wild card, an all-purpose explanation. ~ Renata Adler
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Renata Adler
He was tall, one of the tallest men she had ever seen. Dressed in jeans, boots and a cotton shirt. Thick black hair grew rakishly long, falling over the collar of his shirt. Intense brown eyes, almost the color of amber, surveyed the diner slowly before coming back to her. Electricity sizzled in the air then, as though invisible currents connected them, forcing her to recognize him on a primitive level. Not that she wouldn't take notice anyway. He was power, strength, and so incredibly male that her breath caught at the sight of him. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
Once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children's letters - sometimes very hastily - but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, "Dear Jim: I loved your card." Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said, "Jim loved your card so much he ate it." That to me was one of the highest compliments I've ever received. He didn't care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it. ~ Maurice Sendak
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Maurice Sendak
One wild card was yet to be played. ~ Markus Zusak
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Markus Zusak
Saddam, as most tyrants, was a total control freak. He wanted total control of his regime. Total control of the country. And to introduce a wild card like Al Qaeda in any sense was just something he would not do. ~ Bob Simon
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Bob Simon
Some couples
most couples
waited years and years before they developed the ability to read or to feel each other so well. Then there were those very few who touched each other so deeply, so perfectly that first time that the bond was almost immediate. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
The letter came at a time in his life when the battle inside his soul could have tipped either way. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
You amaze me," he said then, reaching out to lay the toy on her pillow. That wasn't where he had gotten it from. "You bring a toy to do a man's job, knowing the man is more than willing to provide the service. Where does that make sense, Chay? ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
I'm not a wild card, Noah. I'm the safest bet you'll ever make. ~ Sarah Darlington
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Sarah Darlington
She couldn't turn away from the eyes that held her. Eyes as deep, as Dark as the night, yet there was something that sparked with warmth, that kept those eyes from being cold. ~ Lora Leigh
Wild Card Lora Leigh quotes by Lora Leigh
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