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Still, I insisted that I was as entitled to a Survivor's Syndrome as my father, so she asked me two questions. The first one was this: "Do you believe sometimes that you are a good person in a world where almost all of the other good people are dead?"
"No," I said.
"Do you sometimes believe that you must be wicked, since all the good people are dead, and that the only way to clear your name is to be dead, too?"
"No," I said.
"You may be entitled to the Survivor's Syndrome, but you didn't get it," she said. "Would you like to try for tuberculosis instead? ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Wicked Vans quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
I believe that courage is morally neutral. I can well imagine wicked people being brave and good people being timid or afraid. I don't consider it a moral virtue. ~ Susan Sontag
Wicked Vans quotes by Susan Sontag
I drove to Oxford with my van full of petrol and tin cans, as I didn't know there were service stations on the motorway. I pulled up on the hard shoulder and got my cans out. Then I filled up and set off again. That's how naive I was - so much not a cosmopolitan girl. ~ Jeanette Winterson
Wicked Vans quotes by Jeanette Winterson
Alia glares down at us. She is as colossal as Ragnar, but ancient and wicked, like the oldest tree of some primeval forest. The kind that drinks the soil and blocks the sun for lesser trees and watches them wither and yellow and die and does nothing but reach her branches higher and dig her roots deeper. ~ Pierce Brown
Wicked Vans quotes by Pierce Brown
But of course, there's no rest for the wicked, which I certainly am; as I said, no rest for the wicked. ~ Jeff Lindsay
Wicked Vans quotes by Jeff Lindsay
Monsters are easy, Miss Rook. They're monsters. But a monster in a suit? That's basically just a wicked man, and a wicked man is a more dangerous thing by far. ~ William Ritter
Wicked Vans quotes by William Ritter
Heaven: A place where the wicked cease from troubling you with talk of their personal affairs, and the good listen with attention while you expound on yours. ~ Ambrose Bierce
Wicked Vans quotes by Ambrose Bierce
It's about time you saw how fortunate you are. You have ... the most virile man in the world." He grinned, and in his eyes, black as sin, she saw the devil inside him laughing. But he was her devil, and she loved him madly.
"The most conceited, you mean," she said.
He bent his head until his great Usignuolo nose loomed as inch from hers, "The most virile, " he repeated firmly. "You are pathetically slow if you haven't learned that by now. Fortunately for you, I am the most patient of tutors. I shall prove it to you."
"You patience?" she asked.
"My virility. Both. Repeatedly." His black eyes glinted. "I will teach you a lesson you'll never forget. "
She tangled her fingers in his hair and brought his mouth to hers. "My wicked darling," she whispered. "I should like to see you try. ~ Loretta Chase
Wicked Vans quotes by Loretta Chase
And FYI, I don't kiss on the mouth. So if you want to taste me you'll have to do it somewhere else," I add, flashing a wicked grin. "Call it a test. You make me cum with your mouth and I'll let you take me to the hotel next door. If you can't make me cum, then I go back out to the bar and find someone who can. ~ Alexa Riley
Wicked Vans quotes by Alexa Riley
Father said man was born a praying animal, and no matter how wicked he was, if he had an accident, or saw he had just got to die, he cried aloud to the Lord for help and mercy before he knew what he was doing. ~ Gene Stratton-Porter
Wicked Vans quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
Not of the priest, and not of the devils, nor of the pits of fire. She had seen their devils. She saw them every day. Some were wicked, and some were kind, and some were mischievous. All were as human in their way as the folk they guarded. No, Vasya was frightened of her own people. They did not joke on the way to church anymore. ~ Katherine Arden
Wicked Vans quotes by Katherine Arden
The propensity to say and do dumb things, and even wicked things, is simply part of human nature. One can blame the Church or Christianity for such things only on the thoroughly unwarranted assumption that Christianity claims to have abolished human nature. The truth is that Christianity, and the Catholic Church in particular, is the mother of Western civilization, with all it strengths and weaknesses, including its frequently exaggerated penchant for self-criticism. Like others who know what it is to be a mother, she is not surprised, although sometimes disappointed, when she is blamed for everything and thanked for nothing. ~ Richard John Neuhaus
Wicked Vans quotes by Richard John Neuhaus
Her friend who treated her maid badly was not a wicked person. She behaved well towards her family ... but when it came to her maid ... she seemed to have little concern for her feelings. It occurred to Mma Ramotswe that such behaviour was no more than ignorance; an inability to understand the hopes and aspirations of others. Theat understanding ... was the beginning of all morality. If you knew how a person was feeling, if you could imagine yourself in her position, then surely it would be impossible to inflict further pain. Inflicting pain in such circumstances would be like hurting oneself. ~ Alexander McCall Smith
Wicked Vans quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
I was in the original cast of 'Wicked', and that got a bad review in 'The New York Times,' and it's the most successful thing that's ever been put onstage. ~ Norbert Leo Butz
Wicked Vans quotes by Norbert Leo Butz
Outside the room they found his family standing in the Great Hall, discussing something in heated whispers as Freddy nervously paced the other end.
Oliver cleared his throat, and they all jumped. "My fiancée has made it clear that she doesn't appreciate my attempt at a joke."
"Oliver enjoys shocking people," Maria said calmly. When he looked at her, surprised that she had noticed, she arched one eyebrow at him. "I'm sure you know that about him by now. I find it a great flaw in his character."
She seemed to consider many things as flaws in his character. Not that he could blame her.
Gran glanced from Maria to him. "So the two of you didn't meet in a brothel?"
"We did," he said, "but only because poor Freddy got lost and wandered into one by mistake. I was trying to determine what he was looking for when Maria rushed in, mad with worry over where he might have gone off to. With two such Americans lost in the wicked city, hopelessly innocent of its dangers, I felt compelled to help them. I've been squiring them about town the last week. Isn't that right, sweetheart?"
She cast him a sugary and thoroughly false smile. "Oh, yes, dearest. And you were a very informative guide, too."
Jarret arched one eyebrow. "Astonishing that after finding you in a brothel, Oliver, Miss Butterfield wasn't put off of marrying you."
"I ought to have been," Maria said. "But he swore those days were behind him when he pledged his undying love to me on bended kne ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Wicked Vans quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
Low minded people are fraudulent, wicked and chaeat. They shouldnot be trusted. To h ave faith in low minded ones is mistake in policy and useless because they are not trustworthy. An administrator should not invited calamity by trusting the low minded ones. ~ Chanakya
Wicked Vans quotes by Chanakya
It was time to make amends. Time to bring justice to the wronged. Time to bring punishment to the wicked. ~ Susan Dennard
Wicked Vans quotes by Susan Dennard
Tonight he was smiling like a wicked prince, escaped from the stars, ready to spirit her up into the heavens. ~ Stephanie Garber
Wicked Vans quotes by Stephanie Garber
No nation was ever so virtuous as each believes itself, and none was ever so wicked as each believes the other. ~ Bertrand Russell
Wicked Vans quotes by Bertrand Russell
O sweet, sweet Joanna
How torn my heart!
O sweet, sweet Joanna
Our kiss shall never part!
O sweet, sweet Joanna
How thine eyes do mine miss!
O sweet, sweet Joanna
Lushest green now turned to mist!
O sweet, sweet Joanna
How wicked the under-lord king!
O sweet, sweet Joanna
Who stole our cherished ring! ~ M.L. LeGette
Wicked Vans quotes by M.L. LeGette
If you can master me, that look seemed to say, then you can master whatever else this wicked world might bring. I can see her now, standing amidst her deerhounds that had the same thin, lean bodies, and the same long nose and the same huntess eyes as their mistress. Green eyes, she had, with a kind of cruelty deep inside them. It was not a soft face, any more that her body was soft. She was a woman of strong lines and high bones, and that made for a good face and a handsome one, but hard, so hard. What made her beautiful was her hair and her carriage, for she stood as straight as spear and her hair fell around her shoulders like a cascade of tumbling red tangles. That red hair softened her looks, while her laughter snared men like salmon caught in basket traps. There have been many more beautiful women, and thousands who were better, but since the world was weaned I doubt there have been many more so unforgettable as Guinevere, eldest daughter of Leodegan, the exiled King of Henis Wyren.
And it would have been better, Merlin always said, had she been drowned at birth. ~ Bernard Cornwell
Wicked Vans quotes by Bernard Cornwell
I do so love my witches and wicked queens. I find myself drawn to feminine archetypes that previous generations have found threatening or dangerous: crones, oracles, madwomen, Amazons, virgins who aren't helpless, bad mothers. I love to give the vagina dentata voice. It so rarely gets to speak for itself. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Wicked Vans quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'. ~ Charlie Chaplin
Wicked Vans quotes by Charlie Chaplin
I'm sort of like the kid that kicks around in Vans, beat-up Converse, ripped jeans, and t-shirts. ~ Michaela McManus
Wicked Vans quotes by Michaela McManus
There are people who might be with you for much of your waking hours for many years, yet when they are gone you find they've left the smallest of marks on you. There are others who will always mark you deeply no matter how little the time they spend with you. Those people leave you with scars and blemishes, with love kisses, with mind-bending alterations of whatever it is inside that makes you who you are. ~ Cari Silverwood
Wicked Vans quotes by Cari Silverwood
This is the Torture Room. But don't let the name fool you. This is a tent, not a room. ~ Jeremy C. Shipp
Wicked Vans quotes by Jeremy C. Shipp
She smelled them, that pungent smell of fear and bloodlust that she, the Queen of Hearts, was causing. With a wicked smile, she opened up her heart and mind, letting the black rage that she constantly suppressed climb up her chest and flood her body. ~ Colleen Oakes
Wicked Vans quotes by Colleen Oakes
My wicked little belladonna, beautiful, deadly, so tempting to keep tasting but so goddamn toxic every touch is just too much. ~ J.M. Darhower
Wicked Vans quotes by J.M. Darhower
God prefers bad verses recited with a pure heart to the finest verses chanted by the wicked. ~ Voltaire
Wicked Vans quotes by Voltaire
After he was sensibly convicted of the wicked state of his life, and converted, he was baptized into the congregation, and admitted a member thereof, viz., in the year 1655, and became speedily a very zealous professor; but upon the return of King Charles to the crown in 1660, he was the 12th of November taken, as he was edifying some good people that were got together to hear the word, and confined in Bedford jail for the space of six years, till the act of Indulgence to dissenters being allowed, he obtained his freedom, by the intercession of some in trust and power, that took pity on his sufferings; but within six years afterwards he was again taken up, viz., in the year 1666, and was then confined for six years more, when even the jailor took such pity of his rigorous sufferings, that he did as the Egyptian jailor did to Joseph, put all the care and trust in his hand: ~ John Bunyan
Wicked Vans quotes by John Bunyan
Well, of course ... " A wicked smile lights his eyes. "He has Hellfire and whatnot at his disposal. ~ M.A. George
Wicked Vans quotes by M.A. George
For ourselves, Mighty Father, I pray you keep us from the sin of hatred, keep us from the sin of vengeance, keep us from the sin of despair, but protect us from the wicked schemes of our enemies. Walk with us now on this uncertain road. Send angels to go before us, angels to go behind, angels on either side, angels above and below - guarding, shielding, encompassing." He paused for a moment and then added, "May the Holy One give us the courage of righteousness and grant us strength for this day and through all things whatsoever shall befall us. Amen. ~ Stephen R. Lawhead
Wicked Vans quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
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