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#1. I've never really been aware of what is said about me, whether it's positive or negative. I ignore it. I've always had the mind-set: 'No one can challenge me better than myself.' - Author: Troy Polamalu
Who Ignore Me quotes by Troy Polamalu
#2. They'd had this conversation in the cafeteria. They were waiting by the door so that Georgie could casually get in line behind Jay Anselmo, who was two years older than they were, really into No Doubt and competitive car stereos, and who would undoubtedly ignore her. What's - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Who Ignore Me quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#3. We can combat existential anguish – the unbearable lightness of our being – in a variety of ways. We can choose to work, play, destroy, or create. We can allow a variety of cultural factors or other people to define who we are, or we can create a self-definition. We decide what to monitor in the environment. We regulate how much attention we pay to nature, other people, or the self. We can watch and comment upon current cultural events and worldly happenings or withdraw and ignore the external world. We can drink alcohol, dabble with recreational drugs, play videogames, or watch television, films, and sporting events. We can travel, go on nature walks, camp, fish, and hunt, climb mountains, or take whitewater-rafting trips. We can build, paint, sing, create music, write poetry, or read and write books. We can cook, barbeque, eat fine cuisine at restaurants or go on fasts. We can attend church services, worship and pray, or chose to embrace agnosticism or atheism. We can belong to charitable organizations or political parties. We can actively or passively support or oppose social and ecological causes. We can share time with family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances or live alone and eschew social intermixing. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Who Ignore Me quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#4. I chose to ignore her remark on the grounds that it simply didn't suit me. - Author: Suzanne Wright
Who Ignore Me quotes by Suzanne Wright
#5. A friend of mine once asked how to make it in show business and I said "Be so good that they can't ignore you." She thought I was being flip but it's true. The challenge is trying to live up to the opportunities given me. - Author: Steve Martin
Who Ignore Me quotes by Steve Martin
#6. When you have fans who are hassling you the entire game and you ignore them, they respect you because their job is to try and distract you. And if they don't distract you, that means you're focused on doing your job. And who knows, by the end, sometimes you even win them over. - Author: Robert Griffin III
Who Ignore Me quotes by Robert Griffin III
#7. An unexpected sight opens in front of my eyes, a sight I cannot ignore. Instead of the calm waters in front of the fortress, the rear side offers a view of a different sea - the sea of small, dark streets and alleys - like an intricate puzzle. The breathtaking scenery visible from the other side had been replaced by the panorama of poverty–stricken streets, crumbling house walls, and dilapidated facades that struggle to hide the building materials beneath them. It reminds me of the ghettos in Barcelona, the ghettos I came to know far too well. I take a deep breath and look for a sign of life - a life not affected by its surroundings. Nothing. Down, between the rows of dirty dwellings stretches a clothesline. Heavy with the freshly washed laundry it droops down, droplets of water trickling onto the soiled pavement from its burden. Around the corner, a group of filthy children plays with a semi–deflated soccer ball - it makes a funny sound as it bounces off the wall - plunk, plunk. A man sitting on a staircase puts out a cigarette; he coughs, spits phlegm on the sidewalk, and lights a new one. A mucky dog wanders to a house, lifts his leg, and pisses on it. His urine flows down the wall and onto the street, forming a puddle on the pavement. The children run about, stepping in the piss, unconcerned. An old woman watches from the window, her large breasts hanging over the windowsill for the world to see. Une vie ordinaire, a mundane life...life in its purest. These streets bring - Author: Henry Martin
Who Ignore Me quotes by Henry Martin
#8. Hello?" A girl again. "I know you can hear me. I'm sorry my friend is such a wing nut. You can just ignore him."
"That's usually what we do," said the other feminine voice. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Who Ignore Me quotes by Marissa Meyer
#9. The moment you blame life for who you are is that very moment you ignore your talents and inner abilities to change the world. - Author: Jeekeshen Chinnappen
Who Ignore Me quotes by Jeekeshen Chinnappen
#10. Animals do have a voice, if you ignore their suffering I will remind you of it. If you don't understand them I will translate. If you don't hear them I will be their voice. You may silence them, but you cannot silence me as long as I live. - Author: Anita Madhessia
Who Ignore Me quotes by Anita Madhessia
#11. I never ask my wife about my flaws. Instead I try to get her to ignore them and concentrate on my sense of humor. You don't want any woman to look under the carpet, guys, because there's lots of flaws underneath. Joanne believes my character in a film we did together, 'Mr. and Mrs. Bridge' comes closest to who I really am. I personally don't think there's one character who comes close ... but I learned a long time ago not to disagree on things that I don't have a solid opinion about. - Author: Paul Newman
Who Ignore Me quotes by Paul Newman
#12. After 'Sesame Street,' it's a hyper-familiar world to me and I have this childlike ability to ignore the fact that I'm talking to scraps of cloth. Every country I go to, I see posters promoting the film in different languages. 'Los Muppets' - I love that! - Author: Feist
Who Ignore Me quotes by Feist
#13. Even we set aside the nearly 50 percent of all beginner teachers who choose to leave the profession within five years - and ignore the evidence that those who leave are worse performers than those who stay - it is unclear whether teachers are formally terminated for poor performance any less frequently than are other workers. - Author: Dana Goldstein
Who Ignore Me quotes by Dana Goldstein
#14. It is a profound political reality that Christ now occupies the supreme seat of cosmic authority. The kings of this world and all secular governments may ignore this reality, but they cannot undo it. The universe is no democracy. It is a monarchy. God himself has appointed his beloved Son as the preeminent King. Jesus does not rule by referendum, but by divine right. In the future every knee will bow before him, either willingly or unwillingly. Those who refuse to do so will have their knees broken with a rod of iron. - Author: R.C. Sproul
Who Ignore Me quotes by R.C. Sproul
#15. I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend. - Author: Helen Reddy
Who Ignore Me quotes by Helen Reddy
#16. Martin Luther King challenged the conscience of my generation, and his words and his legacy continue to move generations to action today at home and around the world. His love and faith is alive in millions of Americans who volunteer each day in soup kitchens or in schools, or who refused to ignore the suffering of millions they'd never met in far-away places when a tsunami brought unthinkable destruction. His vision and his passion is alive in churches and on campuses when millions stand up against the injustice of discrimination anywhere, or the indifference that leaves too many behind. - Author: John F. Kerry
Who Ignore Me quotes by John F. Kerry
#17. I'll tell you what it's time to do right now. It's time to set your schedule in order so that you don't look back on the day of your death and wonder why you never really lived. It's time to ignore the opinions of those who think your life should be all about their cause, their rules, their agenda, and not your soul's desire. It's time to stop flagellating and start dancing. - Author: Martha Beck
Who Ignore Me quotes by Martha Beck
#18. Because we have a limited time, we cannot go slowly! Ignore anyone who is advising you to go slow! The faster we are the safer we will be in this universe! The salvation of humanity depends on the high speed in all fields and in all matters! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Who Ignore Me quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#19. No one who loves life can ignore literature, and no one who loves literature can ignore life. - Author: Laura Esquivel
Who Ignore Me quotes by Laura Esquivel
#20. Derrick flies through the portal first. "Look at you," he says, stopping to study me. "Alive. Unscathed. Good. If you hadn't been, I would have lopped his fingers off."

Kiaran moves to stand beside me. "I would have pulled off your wings."

"Ignore him, pixie." Aithinne strides into the room, her long coat billowing behind her. "I should have figured he'd be sullen and moody."

Kiaran's emotionless gaze flickers to her. "Phiuthair."

"Bhràthair." She stops and studies him. "You look like hell. I suppose you haven't fed in a few days, if the lack of gifts is any indication."

"Don't." Kiaran's voice dips in warning.

"I'm wonderful, by the way," she continues, as if he hadn't spoken. "Do you like my coat? Don't I look lovely? Aren't I the best sister for standing here, still willing to talk to you after you've ignored me for months, you stubborn bastard?"

"Well, this is fun," Derrick says. "I'm really feeling the love in this room. It's beautiful. Aileana, isn't it beautiful?"

"You're here because Kam wanted your help. Not because I did."

"Damn it, MacKay - "

"You might not have wanted me," Aithinne says, ignoring my attempts to stand between them, "but look how quickly I came. Because I still care about you. Though god only knows why, since you're such an obstinate pain in my arse."

"I love it when Aithinne curses at people." Derrick says to me. "I say we let th - Author: Elizabeth May
Who Ignore Me quotes by Elizabeth May
#21. Truth is often uncomfortable. It is only comforting to those who do not wish to ignore it. Then, truth becomes not only comforting, but inspiring. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Who Ignore Me quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#22. Is this person in between me and what I want to do? If the answer is no, ignore it and move on. Your energy is better used doing your work and outpacing people that way. - Author: Tina Fey
Who Ignore Me quotes by Tina Fey
#23. I didn't want to hear this. "What the hell are you talking about?" "Necromancer with a chaser of werewolf; a drink to make any vampire giddy." He giggled. Jean-Claude never giggled. I ignored him, if you can ignore an intoxicated vampire. "Jason, can you stand?" "I think so." His voice was thick, heavy but not sleepy, more the languor after sex. Maybe I was glad my bite had hurt. "Larry?" Larry walked over to us, glancing at Magnus, gun naked in his hand. He didn't look happy. "Can we trust him?" "We're going to," I said. "Help me stand up, and let's get out of here before fangface busts a gut." Jean-Claude was doubled over with laughter. He seemed to think "fangface" was outrageously funny. Ye gods. Larry - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Who Ignore Me quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#24. Contrary to everything you've heard, the only options are not: Amnesty or deporting 11 million people. There's also the option of letting them stay in the shadows - or the same thing we've been doing for the last thirty years. Americans are under no moral obligation to grant amnesty to people who have broken our laws. "The moral thing to do" is usually defined as "following the law." The fact that Democrats want 30 million new voters is not a good enough reason to ignore the law and screw over American workers, as well as legal immigrants already here. How about Republicans try this: We're not giving you anything - not even half - because there's no reason to do so. - Author: Ann Coulter
Who Ignore Me quotes by Ann Coulter
#25. The same individuals who are doing primary research in the role of humans on the climate system are then permitted to lead the [IPCC] assessment! There should be an outcry on this obvious conflict of interest, but to date either few recognize this conflict, or see that since the recommendations of the IPCC fit their policy and political agenda, they chose to ignore this conflict. In either case, scientific rigor has been sacrificed and poor policy and political decisions will inevitably follow. - Author: Roger A. Pielke
Who Ignore Me quotes by Roger A. Pielke
#26. The big challenge for me was just trying to ignore the embarrassment of being an actor. It's a pretty embarrassing thing to do. You've got people pointing cameras at you and hundreds of people watching you, as you're trying to be great. And often, almost every time, you're not. - Author: Chris Pratt
Who Ignore Me quotes by Chris Pratt
#27. I have learned that in life people will be bitches, & treat you like you are worthless. You just gotta ignore it; let it go in one ear and out the other. Because if you let it bother you, you will be the only one getting harmed. You just have to remember that life is hard, people are idiots, and life will go on and get better. The morons who think they are better than you will look back at you and ask themselves why they treated you that way, because you are living a better life than they ever have. - Author: Cara Wells
Who Ignore Me quotes by Cara Wells
#28. There is, simply, no way, to ignore privacy. Because a citizenry's freedoms are interdependent, to surrender your own privacy is really to surrender everyone's. You might choose to give it up out of convenience, or under the popular pretext that privacy is only required by those who have something to hide. But saying that you don't need or want privacy because you have nothing to hide is to assume that no one should have, or could have to hide anything – including their immigration status, unemployment history, financial history, and health records. You're assuming that no one, including yourself, might object to revealing to anyone information about their religious beliefs, political affiliations and sexual activities, as casually as some choose to reveal their movie and music tastes and reading preferences. Ultimately, saying that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. Or that you don't care about freedom of the press because you don't like to read. Or that you don't care about freedom of religion because you don't believe in God. Or that you don't care about the freedom to peaceably assemble because you're a lazy, antisocial agoraphobe. Just because this or that freedom might not have meaning to you today doesn't mean that that it doesn't or won't have meaning tomorrow, to you, or to your neighbor – or to the crowds of principled dissidents I was follo - Author: Edward Snowden
Who Ignore Me quotes by Edward Snowden
#29. You may claim no affiliation with them, but perhaps some have crossed your path.And perhaps you'd like to help us find them."
"Oh,sure.You killed my mother. You can imagine I'm dying to help you out."
Thomas manages to ignore me again. He glances at the first photo projected on the wall. "Know this person?"
I shake my head. "Never seen him before."
Thomas clicks the remote. Another photo pops up. "How about this one?"
Another photo. "How about this?"
Yet another stranger pops up on the wall. "Seen this girl before?"
"Never seen her in my life."
More unfamiliar faces. Thomas goes through them without blinking an eye or questioning my responses. What a stupid puppet of the state. I watch him as we continue, wishing I weren't chained so I could beat this man to the ground. - Author: Marie Lu
Who Ignore Me quotes by Marie Lu
#30. I come stumbling back into the apartment, dropping a few boxes on the way in and looking like a complete pussy-whipped bellboy. Seriously, what the fuck? This is such bullshit. My alter ego is irritated at me for even going this far with this woman. I ignore him and pick up the boxes and lay them out in the bedroom. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Who Ignore Me quotes by Ella Dominguez
#31. Since I spent eighteen years of my life as a child, and nine years of that life as a pretty sexually active gay child, my complaint against the current attitudes is that they work mightily to silence the voices of children first and secondarily ignore what adults have to say who have been through these situations. One size fits all is never the way to handle any situation with a human dimension. Many, many children-and I was one of them-are desperate to establish some sort of sexual relation with an older and even adult figure. - Author: Samuel R. Delany
Who Ignore Me quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#32. Thanks for getting me out of there," I murmur, lacing my fingers around my knees, and looking up at him on his step.
"Yeah. You looked a little green. "
"I don't handle crowds too well. I've always been that way, I guess."
"You might get in trouble," he warns, staring at me in that strange, hungry way that unravels me. He strokes his bottom lip with a finger. For a flash of a second, his eyes look strange. Different. All glowing irises and thin dark pupils. Almost drake-like. I blink to clear my vision. His eyes are normal again. Just my imagination in overdrive. I'm probably projecting missing home and Az - everything--onto him. "Pep rallies are mandatory," he continues. "A lot of people saw you leave. Teachers included."
"They saw you leave, too," I point out.
He leans to the side, propping an elbow on one of the steps behind him. "I'm not worried about that. I've been in trouble before." He smiles a crooked grin and holds up crossed fingers. "The principal and I are like this. The guy loves me. Really."
Laughter spills from me, rusty and hoarse.
His grin makes me feel good. Free. Like I'm not running from anything. Like I could stay here in this world, if only I have him.
The thought unsettles me. Sinks heavily in my chest. Because I can't have him. Not really. All he can ever be for me is a temporary fix.
"But you're worried I'll get in trouble?" I try not to show how much this pleases me. I've managed to ignore him for days n - Author: Sophie Jordan
Who Ignore Me quotes by Sophie Jordan
By Omrane Khuder.

Mirror, distorted; I sit, paint my Face,
Toxic white Make-up buries my Scars,
My Eyes tell lies; Dumbfounded Confidence hides the Disgrace.

Place the tragic Vehicle called My Life in to Drive,
Sad pathetic Clown; Late for the suppression show,
Despair another time; Let the chuckles and defeat derive.

I paint my Heart; I hide my True.
I paint my Soul; I keep it from You.

I paint, I cannot accept; To ignore you the way you ignore Me?
I paint my scarred and pitiful Face; No Will left to restore Me.

I paint my Face; it's all I know to do.
My painted Face shatters the Mirror, yet still all I see is You. - Author: Omrane Khuder
Who Ignore Me quotes by Omrane Khuder
#34. Tis obvious that you're easily…" She paused, searching for a more sarcastic and descriptive word than "encouraged."
"Aroused?" he queried.
Erienne gasped. "Certainly not!"
"Have you changed your mind? You said at a twitch of a skirt…"
"I know what I said!"
"The subject seems to be on your mind quite a bit, my lady."
"I wonder why," she retorted with unmistakable satire. It was impossible to ignore the manly feel of him against her.
"Because you lust after my body?" he asked, feigning innocence.
Erienne caught her breath in outrage. "I am a married woman, sir!"
He heaved a laborious sigh. "Here we go again!"
"Oh, you buffoon! Why don't you leave me alone?"
"Did I ask you to follow me?" he protested.
She groaned aloud in frustration. "I'm sorry I did!"
"Were you bruised?" He snuggled her closer against his body. "You feel all right to me."
"Christopher, if I weren't so afraid of this horse, I'd slap you," she threatened.
"Why? I only inquired of your health."
"Because you make free with your hands! Now, stop that!" She threw away the hand that had settled on her thigh. "Don't you ever get tired of playing the rake?"
"The sport warms and excites me, madam," he said, chuckling in her ear.

-Erienne & Christopher - Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Who Ignore Me quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#35. Dream by all means… I still want to see every corner of the globe, paint a perfect picture and hold a star in my hand. Dreams and imagination are the fuel of life. But don't ignore the moment and all it has to offer. Who knows what you could be missing? - Author: Sue Vincent
Who Ignore Me quotes by Sue Vincent
#36. I'm not sure why people go to the beach in groups only to ignore each other, but it works for me. - Author: Tracey Martin
Who Ignore Me quotes by Tracey Martin
#37. I keep on repeating something told to me by an American psychologist: "When you are making a joke about someone and you are the only one to laugh, it is not a joke. It is a joke only for yourself." If people are making a joke they have the right to laugh at me but I will ignore them. Ignoring doesn't mean that you don't understand. You understand it so much that you don't want to react. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
Who Ignore Me quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#38. Worse than knowing I needed out, I didn't know what I needed back into. Even when I could feel there was something else beyond the edges of any color in the street or window where no one waited even to just totally ignore me, I couldn't recognize it enough to know how to want it harder. Along each street it was as if I were waiting for some hole to swallow my face. Each moment it didn't made the going into the next step that much less worth doing. This is what life had always felt like. In my mind, expecting the absence of something or someone there before me made the presence in its place feel like the punch line to a routine no one was performing. And where I couldn't find a way to laugh, I became my own stand-in, over and over, like painting white over a window from the inside. - Author: Blake Butler
Who Ignore Me quotes by Blake Butler

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