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#1. Look, we're trying to explore other options to your retirement," the whitecoat said. "You might be useful to us in other ways."
Because we're not that useful dead,"Nudge said thoughtfully.
No," I agreed. "Well, maybe as doorstops."
The whitecat made an "eew" expression.
Or those things in a parking lot that show where the cars should stop," suggested Iggy. He closed his eyes and went stiff, to demonstrate what it would look like.
Also an option. - Author: James Patterson
Whitecoat quotes by James Patterson
#2. AR 601-210 was necessary because conscientious objectors could not enlist as medical experiment volunteers when there was no active draft program, according to prior Army regulations. This meant that the supply of WHITECOAT volunteers was cut off at the end of the Vietnam War. - Author: Colin A. Ross
Whitecoat quotes by Colin A. Ross

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