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#1. It was two whacked-out guys who said they always wanted to kidnap a midget. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Whacked quotes by Janet Evanovich
#2. I know it's a cliche, but the whole family is just whacked. I mean, we're all out of our minds. They're the funniest, most eccentric bizarre people I've ever met, my siblings. - Author: Dana Carvey
Whacked quotes by Dana Carvey
#3. I guess we should get to it. Wade said, reaching down to pick up my skis. Yes please, my evil side thought, before being whacked over the head with a sledge hammer by my inner angel. - Author: Ethan Day
Whacked quotes by Ethan Day
#4. I bled a lot. I got hit across the face. We couldn't film for seven days. I got hit, whacked, underwater, across the face. I finished the shot, got into the boat and blood started coming out. - Author: Steve Irwin
Whacked quotes by Steve Irwin
#5. Watching him lumber back toward the apartment building, I got so mad I did something I can't explain. As Gabe reached the doorway, I made the hand gesture I'd seen Grover make on the bus, a sort of warding-off-evil gesture, a clawed hand over my heart, then a shoving movement toward Gabe. The screen door slammed shut so hard it whacked him in the butt and sent him flying up the stair case as if he'd been shot from a cannon.
Maybe it was just the wind, or some freak accident with the hinges, but I didn't stay long enough to find out.
I got in the Camaro and told my mom to step on it. - Author: Rick Riordan
Whacked quotes by Rick Riordan
#6. A real Deadly Dolly," sniggered Mick. And then, "Ouch!" when she whacked him. - Author: Aaron D'Este
Whacked quotes by Aaron D'Este
#7. Harmony glanced to her left, and my gaze followed hers to the living room, where my aunt had died, my cousin had been restored, and I'd whacked a psychotic grim reaper with a cast-iron skillet.
Weirdest. Tuesday. Ever. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Whacked quotes by Rachel Vincent
#8. Pyotr was the arcane hero, complete with buff body that you secretly whacked off to as a boy. And suddenly he turned and stared straight at him, some carnal fire burning in his eyes now. Pyotr walked for him slow and cautious like he was fighting his own control just then. Cliff could only gape and his eyes followed Pyotr's hand as it reached out to clap his shoulder then moved him firmly for the car. - Author: Talon P.S.
Whacked quotes by Talon P.S.
#9. Over the years our mother has beaten us with belts, shoes, rulers, extension cords, hair brushes, a wooden spoon, a fly swatter, a toilet brush, wire coat hangers, wooden coat hangers and sometimes one of our own toys. When you get whacked by your own paddleball paddle or you have to watch your sister getting spanked with a badminton racquet that she asked Santa Claus (AKA Grandma) to bring, you don't feel much like playing with those things ever again. - Author: Bob Thurber
Whacked quotes by Bob Thurber
#10. If you are prepared for some risk, junk bonds pay about 5%, but they tend to get whacked when interest rates rise. Same with lower-yielding but higher-quality corporate bonds. - Author: Kenneth Fisher
Whacked quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#11. I still refused to believe him and started walking towards the exit area. But Sam was faster. He strode behind me, grabbed me and whirled me around. He pointed a finger towards me and said, "Don't you dare walk on me like that. I have had enough of your non sense for last one month. Don't you think you owe me an explanation?" he hissed.
I cocked my head. Craned my neck to meet his eyes, I purred like a kitten and started to speak. But suddenly a guard appeared out of nowhere and said, "I am really sorry to bother you but fighting is not allowed in the lobby. It distracts people like us from more important things you know. However if you want to continue I suggest you go to the north-east corner of the upper basement. We don't have a CC Camera there."
I had never been more humiliated. My ears burnt hot. I murmured a note of thanks and boarded the elevator. Sam followed suit. He looked quite normal and amused. How could he be so normal after being whacked out by a security guard from his own office lobby? In fact, I thought, he was suppressing a grin. Was he insane? Sulking with mute anger I pressed the UB button in the elevator. - Author: Rajrupa Gupta
Whacked quotes by Rajrupa Gupta
#12. You planned this? Why?"
"Yes." He walked over to one of the picnic tables and grabbed a backpack, which just happened to be there. He pulled a blanket from the pack and laid it down on the sand next to her.
She jumped up and away from him with her fins in her hands. She held them up like a weapon, not taking her eyes off of him. He saw her reaction and it didn't take long to figure out the thoughts running through her mind.
"Hey! No. It's not what you think." He stepped closer, but she swung her fins at him and whacked him across the arm. "Ouch!" He looked at her like she was insane.
"Stay away from me. This is so not happening. I'll hit you again, I swear. - Author: S. Jackson Rivera
Whacked quotes by S. Jackson Rivera
#13. Hey, Hailey, want a bracelet?" Pearl asked.
Everyone turned to look at her. Stilted conversation was one thing. Gifts were quite another.
"Uh…sure," Hailey said.
She turned and unzipped the small pouch on her backpack. As she dug through it, Ria whacked Pearl on the arm.
"You're gonna make her jewelry?" Ria whispered.
"Ow! What's the big deal?" Pearl whispered back.
"That girl does not deserve presents," Ria replied.
"Well, I can't take it back now," Pearl said, looking miserable. - Author: Kate Brian
Whacked quotes by Kate Brian
#14. That was awesome! Now we know how to get our noses whacked. - Author: Erin Hunter
Whacked quotes by Erin Hunter
#15. Your nightmare, mama, was my dream." My heart clenched. He kept going. "Never had a home until you gave me one." My breath started sticking. "Never had anyone give to me the way you gave to me." My breath stopped sticking and clogged. "Never thought of findin' a woman who I wanted to have my baby." Oh God. "Never had light in my life, never, not once. I lived wild but I didn't burn bright until you shined your light on me." Oh God. "Whacked, fuckin' insane, but, at night, you curled in front of me, didn't mind I did that time that wasn't mine 'cause it meant I walked out to you." He had to stop. He had to. He didn't. "Your nightmare," he whispered, turned his head and against my neck he finished, "my dream. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#16. Dez cringed as her boss slammed his door closed. But before she could walk away, he snatched it open again. "And I better not see your ass until after the New Year!" He slammed it again.
Dez glared at Bukowski as she headed back to her desk. "I didn't even do anything."
"You did ask her if she killed Petrov. I think your exact words were, 'You whacked him, didn't you? You sadistic bitch. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
Whacked quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#17. Every step, every breath, every second I lived on this earth, I'm thankful for, no matter how fucked up or whacked or hard or good, 'cause all that shit led me to you. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#18. I'm not an awards-driven person in anything. Anytime you do get caught up in that, you usually end up getting whacked. - Author: Alec Baldwin
Whacked quotes by Alec Baldwin
#19. To Galen's relief, they reached the silver and pearl gate before Rose could convince Pansy to tell her any more. He rode in the boat with Jonquil and her prince, who was not as stoic as his brothers.
"What did you eat for dinner?" the dark prince huffed.
"What do you mean?" Jonquil frowned at her escort as he rowed.
"You're so heavy, it's like you're wearing iron underthings," he panted.
"Oh!" Jonquil whacked her prince on the shoulder with her fan. "How rude!"
When their boat reached the island and the black palace, Jonquil leaped out without waiting for assistance. She stalked into the palace ahead of everyone else, with her prince scuttling at her heels, apologizing every step of the way. - Author: Jessica Day George
Whacked quotes by Jessica Day George
#20. You been asleep, baby."
My body went still at his words.
Tack kept talking.
"Green tea. Yoga. No TV. Placemats for your coffee table. Thursday night takeaway. You got a night for takeaway. Scheduled. A narrow, little world. Fuck me. Crazy. Fuckin' whacked. I woke you up, opened your eyes to a bigger world and scared you shitless. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#21. Miranda!"
"What?" She batted him with her pillow.
"Hoyden! Are you drunk?"
"I don't think so. I'm not sure. They never gave us wine at Yardley. I feel happy."
"Happy?" He grabbed a corner of the pillow as she whacked him again with it. "Stop it!"
"You're too serious, Winterley!" She reached for another pillow. "I will beat you until you smile!"
He ducked out of his chair with a rakish grin as she swung at him, then tackled her flat on the soft bed, both of them laughing.
"You are ... impossible," he chided with a gentle sigh as he braced his elbows on either side of her head. He traced her cheekbones with the pads of his thumbs.
"Difficult, but not impossible." She wrapped her arms around him, relishing the weight of him atop her, the smoothness of his bare chest against her bodice. "It all depends on who's trying."
"That sounded distinctly like an invitation," he murmured. - Author: Gaelen Foley
Whacked quotes by Gaelen Foley
#22. World War III will be triggered off not by suppressed nationalists seeking political independence, as happened the first time around when the Serbs at Sarajevo shot the heir to the Austrian throne, but by some semiliterate, whacked-out "loner" who lobs a rocket into a nuclear arsenal in order to impress Brooke Shields. - Author: Philip Roth
Whacked quotes by Philip Roth
#23. I'd only gone and whacked his front teeth out and they'd stuck in my hand, I still have the scar to this very day. A few weeks later, I got banged up for it; he never went to the police until two weeks later. Somebody had put him wise about getting compensation from the Criminal Injuries Board. Anyway, the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) kicked it in to touch as a 'no go' case. - Author: Stephen Richards
Whacked quotes by Stephen Richards
#24. If he goes after Sophia's father right after the divorce, then everybody knows he's whacked out
over it." She'd spent some time analyzing it, running theories. "Like if I want to get Theo for
something, I sit back, wait, figure out how to hit him best. Then when I do, he's not expecting it and
doesn't even know why he's getting it." She nodded. "It's scientific, and lots more satisfying."
"The kid's a genius," Ty commented. - Author: Nora Roberts
Whacked quotes by Nora Roberts
#25. We end up populating what we call the intelligentsia with people who are delusional, literally mentally deranged, simply because they never have to pay for the consequences of their actions, repeating moderniest slogans stripped of all depth...The principle of intervention, like that of healers, is first do not harm; even more we will argue, those who don't take risks should never be involved in decision making (p.10).

Their three flaws 1) they think in statics not dynamics 2) they think in low, not high dimensions 3) they think in terms of actions, never interactions....The first flaw is they are incapable in thinking in second steps and unaware of the need of them...The second flaw is that they are also incapable of distinguishing between multidimensional problems and their single dimensional representations. The third flaw is they can't forecast the evolution of those one helps by attaching, or the magnification one gets from feedback. (p.9) - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Whacked quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#26. I do have big tits. Always had 'em - pushed 'em up, whacked 'em around. Why not make fun of 'em? I've made a fortune with 'em. - Author: Dolly Parton
Whacked quotes by Dolly Parton
#27. Okay, this bitch had style and class but she was whacked. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#28. He's supposed to look out for you."
"I do!" Kieran sounded offended. "You should be proud of her. Hart requested her presence personally at the Drake coronation."
I closed my eyes briefly. We were doomed.
"You went to a vampire ceremony?" Grandpa asked evenly.
"He didn't know?" Kieran asked.
"No, he didn't."
Grandpa vibrated with rage. "I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my family!"
"It's different now," Kieran tried to assuage him. "I'm dating Solange Drake. They're a good family."
Grandpa went red, then purple. Kieran took a step back. I whacked Grandpa between the shoulder blades.
"Grandpa, breathe! - Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Whacked quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#29. Fine, fuck it," Clay said, tossing the plate into the yard. The chicken parts bounced nicely, breading themselves with a light coating of sand, ants, and dried grass. "When did chicken become like plutonium anyway, for Christ's sake? You can't let it touch you or it's certain fucking death. And eggs and hamburgers kill you unless you cook them to the consistency of limestone! And if you turn on your fucking cell phone, the plane is going to plunge out of the sky in a ball of flames? And kids can't take a dump anymore but they have to have a helmet and pads on make them look like the Road Warrior. Right? Right? What the fuck happened to the world? When did everything get so goddamn deadly? Huh? I've been going to sea for thirty damned years, and nothing's killed me. I've swum with everything that can bite, sting, or eat you, and I've done every stupid thing at depth that any human can -- and I'm still alive. Fuck, Clair, I was unconscious for an hour underwater less than a week ago, and it didn't kill me. Now you're going to tell me that I'm going to get whacked by a fucking chicken leg? Well, just fuck it then! - Author: Christopher Moore
Whacked quotes by Christopher Moore
#30. Already that morning missus had taken her cane stick to me once cross my backside for falling asleep during her devotions. Every day, all us slaves, everyone but Rosetta, who was old and demented, jammed in the dining room before breakfast to fight off sleep while missus taught us short Bible verses like "Jesus wept" and prayed out loud about God's favorite subject, obedience. If you nodded off, you got whacked right in the middle of God said this and God said that. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Whacked quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#31. They play, said the old man. Every week the anglos play a game to celebrate who they are. He stopped, raised his cane and fanned the air. One of them whacks it, then sets off like it was a trip around the world, to every one of the bases out there, you know the anglos have bases all over the world, right? Well the one who whacked it runs from one to the next while the others keep taking swings to distract their enemies, and if he doesn't get caught he makes it home and his people welcome him with open arms and cheering. - Author: Yuri Herrera
Whacked quotes by Yuri Herrera
#32. What looks like garbage from one angle might be art from another. Maybe it did take a crisis to get to know yourself; maybe you needed to get whacked hard by life before you understood what you wanted out of it. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Whacked quotes by Jodi Picoult
#33. You're a pain in the ass," she said, and suddenly, the loofah brush whacked her on the butt. She yelped and leaped forward, nearly smashing into Wyatt.

"What the hell was that for?"

"You threatened to kill me and you're outraged that I gave you a little spanking?"

~Faith/Wyatt - Author: Sydney Croft
Whacked quotes by Sydney Croft
#34. You can learn by listening, or by getting whacked between the eyes with a two-by-four. I always found listening easier. - Author: S.M. Stirling
Whacked quotes by S.M. Stirling
#35. Sam whacked Jacob over the ear. 'You know,' he said, his voice low, 'those pancakes'll go straight to your hips.'

Jacob glowered at him. 'You know,' he mimicked, 'there's a reason nothing rhymes with orange.'

'There is a reason,' returned Sam. 'It's because orange comes from the Arabic word naranj, which in turn is thought to derive from the Tamil words aru, which means six, and anju, which means five. Because when you cut an orange in half, it has six segments in one half and five in the other. So nothing rhymes with it because we don't have many other words appropriated from Tamil. - Author: Lili Wilkinson
Whacked quotes by Lili Wilkinson
#36. They took a baseball bat and whacked open his head. Mummy Boy fell to the ground; he finally was dead. Inside of his head were no candy or prizes, just a few stray beetles of various sizes. - Author: Tim Burton
Whacked quotes by Tim Burton
#37. Nine-year-old Laila rose from bed, as she did most mornings, hungry for the sight of her friend Tariq. This morning, however, she knew there would be no Tariq sighting.
- How long will you be gone? - She'd asked when Tariq had told her that his parents were
taking him south, to the city of Ghazni, to visit his paternal uncle.
- Thirteen days
- Thirteen days?
- It's not so long. You're making a face, Laila.
- I am not.
- You're not going to cry, are you?
- I am not going to cry! Not over you. Not in a thousand years.
She'd kicked at his shin, not his artificial but his real one, and he'd playfully whacked
the back of her head.
Thirteen days. Almost two weeks. And, just five days in, Laila had learned a fundamental truth about time: Like the accordion on which Tariq's father sometimes played old Pashto songs, time stretched and contracted depending on Tariq's absence or presence. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
Whacked quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#38. Her nerves crackled with expectant heat as he reached for the sketchbook in her hand.
Without thinking, she let him take it.
His eyes narrowed as he looked down at the book, which was open to her sketch of Llandrindon. "Why did you draw him with a beard?" he asked.
"That's not a beard," Daisy said shortly. "It's shadowing."
"It looks as if he hasn't shaved in three months."
"I didn't ask for your opinion on my artwork," she snapped. She grabbed the sketchbook, but he refused to release it. "Let go," she demanded, tugging with all her might, "or I'll ... "
"You'll what? Draw a portrait of me?" He released the book with a suddenness that caused her to stumble back a few steps. He held up his hands defensively. "No. Anything but that."
Daisy rushed at him and whacked his chest with the book. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Whacked quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#39. She's whacked with happy, which kind of infects anyone within a ten-foot radius." She stuffed salad in her mouth to get it over with. "Like an airborne virus."
"God, you romantic fool. No wonder I adore you. - Author: J.D. Robb
Whacked quotes by J.D. Robb
#40. Say something, Jess. Say anything.
And just when I'm about to think of what I should say next, my mouth goes into whacked overdrive like I'm possessed. "The graphic art in Clone Wars is my favorite," I say. "I love how they drew the characters. You know - how everything looks so angular and - "
My words tangle and freeze when my brain finally arrives to shut it down.
Say something but NOT THAT, you psycho!
"Clone Wars. Love it, do I? Yesss." He's actually responded in a Yoda voice!
I blink.
His eyes are kind, sparkling with laughter and still, all too green. Yoda green! - Author: Anne Eliot
Whacked quotes by Anne Eliot
#41. Why would our brains throw us into a temporary insanity? What's the evolutionary purpose for this whacked-out loss of control? To understand why fascination grasps us so irresistibly, keep in mind the illogic of flirtation, and the lunacy of love. Fascination, as we've seen, is a visceral and primal decision-making process, one that's largely involuntary. Fisher says that our brains are literally "built to fall in love" because it's in our evolutionary best interest not to think clearly during the two-year time period it takes to meet, court, and produce a child, or else we might come to our senses and avoid the inconvenience of child rearing altogether. - Author: Sally Hogshead
Whacked quotes by Sally Hogshead
#42. Yeah. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun ... We're showing people how, in a pretty crazy and whacked-out, dangerous world, you can still have fun. - Author: Jimmy Buffett
Whacked quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#43. She owned a pipe wrench. Maybe if she whacked the sink enough it would unplug. (Angie) - Author: Annie Nicholas
Whacked quotes by Annie Nicholas
#44. I could tell that the wolf thought he had it in the bag, a savage smile curling up the edges of his mouth, when all of a sudden the tree next to ours swung one of its branches over and whacked the ever-loving shit out of that wolf, right on its stupid wolf head. - Author: Elle Casey
Whacked quotes by Elle Casey
#45. Floote shot his other gun.
This time the bullet hit the man's chest. The vampire fell backward, crashed into a loaded display cabinet, and landed on the floor, making exactly the same sound a carpet makes when whacked to get the dust out. - Author: Gail Carriger
Whacked quotes by Gail Carriger
#46. But there's this way he drums his fingers on the table. Not even like really drumming. More like in-way between drumming and like this scratching, picking, the way you see somebody picking at dead skin. And without any kind of rhythm, see, constant and never-stopping but with no kind of rhythm you could grab onto and follow and stand. Totally like whacked, insane. Like the kind of sounds you can imagine a girl hears in her head right before she kills her whole family because somebody took the last bit of peanut butter or something. You know what I'm saying? The sound of a fucking mind coming apart. You know what I'm saying? So yeah, yes, OK, the short answer is when he wouldn't quit with the drumming at supper I sort of poked him with my fork. Sort of. I could see how maybe somebody could have thought I sort of stabbed him. I offered to get the fork out, though. Let me just say I'm ready to make amends at like anytime. For my part in it. I'm owning my part in it is what I'm saying. Can I ask am I going to get Restricted for this? Cause I have this Overnight tomorrow that Gene he approved already in the Overnight Log. If you want to look. But I'm not trying to get out of owning my part of the, like, occurrence. If my Higher Power who I choose to call God works through you saying I've got some kind of a punishment due, I won't try to get out of a punishment. If I've got one due. I just wanted to ask. Did I mention I'm grateful to be here? - Author: David Foster Wallace
Whacked quotes by David Foster Wallace
#47. I used to be a mean maniac. Someone once threw a firecracker at a show and I jumped off the side of the stage and whacked 'em on the side of the head. - Author: Dick Dale
Whacked quotes by Dick Dale
#48. ****your Parliament and your Constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If those two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant's trunk, whacked good. President Lyndon Johnson to the Greek ambassador in Washington (1964) - Author: Richard Clogg
Whacked quotes by Richard Clogg
#49. But that night, he fell asleep thinking it was whacked, fucking insane but it was true. He - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#50. Because, as someone who does feng shui for a living, there's no way I could do my feng shui if I was whacked out on crack, because my business is about discerning energy fields, and if you're cracked up, or on pot, or even if you've had too much coffee, the energy field gets all wonky, believe me, I know used to smoke! - Author: George Saunders
Whacked quotes by George Saunders
#51. I kicked a rib cage off my foot and swaggered around the tree as if I owned the place. "Hey there!"
Startled, Nidhogg stopped in mid-mutter. He stared at me, his huge yellow eyes blinking in confusion. Then, nostrils flaring dangerously, he let out a bellow that doubled as an impressive display of razor-sharp fangs.
My heart faltered, but I swallowed my fear and pressed on.
"Is that supposed to intimidate me?" I made a big show of rolling my eyes. "I've heard louder roars from Thor's butt."
Nidhogg flinched as if I'd whacked him on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. "That wasn't very nice." He sounded so hurt I almost felt sorry for him.
Instead, I snorted with derision. "Buddy, I insult everyone." I waved my daggers. "See these? They're sharp, but not as sharp as my tongue." Or your fangs, I added to myself as the dragon loomed in closer to inspect my blades.
"Wow. Those are pointy." Nidhogg looked genuinely impressed. "Are your insults really sharper than that?"
"Mister, that question is so dumb it makes me think your brain is like Odin's left eye socket - completely empty."
Nidhogg winced. "Wow. That really, really hurt. But you're right, of course." He tapped a daggerlike claw against his skull. "My brain is empty. Of insults, anyway."
That was my opening. I sheathed my daggers and cocked my head to one side as if considering something. "You know, I have some powerful one-liners that never fail to infuriate. I'd be willing to - Author: Rick Riordan
Whacked quotes by Rick Riordan
#52. Percy?" Annabeth gripped his arm.
"Oh, bad," he muttered. "Bad. Bad." He looked across the table at Frank and Hazel. "You guys remember Polybotes?"
"The giant who invaded Camp Jupiter," Hazel said. "The anti-Poseidon you whacked in the head with a Terminus statue. Yes, I think I remember - Author: Rick Riordan
Whacked quotes by Rick Riordan
#53. My mom giggled and whacked Dick with a dish towel. I would have whacked him harder with the cutting board, but that was just my preference. - Author: Eileen Cook
Whacked quotes by Eileen Cook
#54. If there are meta-beings, a god or gods who did not create the world, then they can tell us what to do the same way bullies can, though they have no jurisdiction. They can run our countries like Italian neighborhoods and along the same principles. Do it or get whacked. Bend your knees, slaughter bulls, lick dirt, give us your milk money. But might, even above the human level, does not make right.
But a creative God, a God without whom none of this would be, a God who spoke reality into being and shapes it even now, He has authority. The world is His. You are His the way my words are mine. We are dust spoken from nothing, shaped with the moisture of His breath, named and now-living. - Author: N.D. Wilson
Whacked quotes by N.D. Wilson
#55. Jealousy is an ugly emotion that makes people do some seriously whacked shit and when a woman is experiencing it, it's worse. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Whacked quotes by Kristen Ashley
#56. I saw him with her last week, at a coffeehouse near my apartment. They were holding hands. She's captivated him."
"The Lakota Captive." Leta made a line in the air with her hand. "I can see it now, the wily, brave Lakota warrior with the brazen white woman pioneer. She carries him off into the sunset over her shoulder…"
Cecily whacked her with a strand of grass she'd pulled.
"You write history your way, I'll write it my way," Leta said wickedly.
"Native Americans are stoic and unemotional," Cecily reminded her. "All the books say so."
"We never read many books in the old days, so we didn't know that," came the dry explanation. She shook her head. "What a sad stereotype so many make of us-a bloodthirsty ignorant people who never smile because they're too busy torturing people over hot fires."
"Wrong tribe," Cecily corrected. She frowned thoughtfully. "That was the northeastern native people."
"Who's the Native American here, you or me?"
Cecily shrugged. "I'm German-American." She brightened. "But I had a grandmother who dated a Cherokee man once. Does that count?"
Leta hugged her warmly. "You're my adopted daughter. You're Lakota, even if you haven't got my blood. - Author: Diana Palmer
Whacked quotes by Diana Palmer
#57. The door opened. We all froze.
"Mom, this isn't what it looks like." Mom put her hand on her hip.
"It looks like a group of boys wrestling on the floor of your bedroom while you watch. Wearing a towel."
"Okay," I admitted, "it is what it looks like, but it's not - "
"Sexual?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Mom!" Luna stuck her head under Mom's arm and sucked in a breath. "She's gone from a love triangle to a kinky sex pentagon."
Blake lifted his head. "Vote for Team Blake!"
Mom rolled her eyes. "Boys, vacate. Now. Aurora get dressed. And everybody head downstairs. Breakfast is on. I made quiche. There's plenty for all."
"First edible breakfast in weeks," Luna said.
Blake smacked his lips. "Yum!" Mom checked behind the door.
"Ayden's not here, is he?" I shook my head. "Then there's no lust factor. Although, your father may not be as easy going as I am. So, gentlemen, get out."
As she left, Mom dragged Luna away with her. Blake shook off the other boys and stood. "That's offensive. I'm a very lustful guy."
"And a big blabbermouth." Logan whacked the back of Blake's head.
"But remember you can't tell - "
"Ayden!" Blake shouted.
"Right," Tristan said, "or - "
"No, it's…" Wide-eyed, Blake jerked his chin toward my door.

Our heads swiveled. Ayden filled the doorway, leaning against the frame, arms folded. "What can't you tell me?" He arched one eyebrow awaiting a reply. The sile - Author: A. Kirk
Whacked quotes by A.  Kirk
#58. How did she get here, I mean how did she really get here, what were the choices, what's a past–she takes a long drink–what is psychological development? Is it as fucking Freudian as it sounds? She sighs the big sigh of twenty-six, wondering if we are all trapped inside identity, genetics, and narrative–some whacked-out Kafka god handwriting our unbearable little life stories. Then she thinks the American-artist thought, the rough-and-tumble kind: how can I use this? - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
Whacked quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#59. The shrinkadinks think I have a screw loose. Ain't playing with a full deck. Whacked-out wiring. Missing marbles." - Dear Life, You Suck - Author: Blagden Scott
Whacked quotes by Blagden Scott
#60. Writing is a hellish task, best snuck up on, whacked on the head, robbed and left for dead. - Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald
Whacked quotes by Ann-Marie MacDonald
#61. If you want to know how powerful you are, count the times you've been punched or whacked by life. This only happens to powerful people. - Author: Meir Ezra
Whacked quotes by Meir Ezra
#62. A singer has got a different attitude, they're they're so whacked out they don't know what they're doing half the time. Singers, they don't, they're spoiled too. - Author: Ben E. King
Whacked quotes by Ben E. King

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