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I was just about to open the door, when it opened up right in front of me. And there stood my parents.
Is there a word for that moment when two parties are so equally shocked to see each other given the circumstances that all they can do is stare at each other, openmouthed? ~ August Westman
Westman Truck quotes by August Westman
I grew up in a household that was a labor household. My dad was a Teamster and a milk truck driver. My mother was a secretary. Neither of them got through high school. But they worked hard and they gave me very, very important opportunities to go to school, get a good education. ~ Dick Gephardt
Westman Truck quotes by Dick Gephardt
And if by some miracle he did manage to start the truck, Pigpen and Dust would stand around it like human cement pillars. ~ Katie McGarry
Westman Truck quotes by Katie McGarry
Trust me, today not even my Timex could take a licking and keep on ticking. Give me a Tonka truck and I'll squash it with my ink pen. (Taryn) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Westman Truck quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I should hit him harder. With a truck, ~ Rhiannon Frater
Westman Truck quotes by Rhiannon Frater
Falling in love is like getting hit by a truck and yet not being mortally wounded. just sick to your stomach, high one minute, low the next. Starving hungry but unable to eat. hot, cold, forever horny, full of hope and enthusiasm, with momentary depressions that wipe you out.
It is also not being able to remove the smile from your face, loving life with a mad passionate intensity, and feeling ten years younger.
Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what's happening. It's inevitable. An event you can't control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course. ~ Jackie Collins
Westman Truck quotes by Jackie Collins
Many of the members of the new upper class are balkanized. Furthermore, their ignorance about other Americans is more problematic than the ignorance of other Americans about them. It is not a problem if truck drivers cannot empathize with the priorities of Yale professors. It is a problem if Yale professors, or producers of network news programs, or CEOs of great corporations, or presidential advisers cannot empathize with the priorities of truck drivers. It is inevitable that people have large areas of ignorance about how others live, but that makes it all the more important that the members of the new upper class be aware of the breadth and depth of their ignorance. ~ Charles Murray
Westman Truck quotes by Charles Murray
The city of Leonia refashions itself every day: every morning the people wake between fresh sheets, wash with just-unwrapped cakes of soap, wear brand-new clothing, take from the latest model refrigerator still unopened tins, listening to the last-minute jingles from the most up-to-date radio.
On the sidewalks, encased in spotless plastic bags, the remains of yesterday's Leonia await the garbage truck. Not only squeezed tubes of toothpaste, blown-out light bulbs, newspapers, containers, wrappings, but also boilers, encyclopedias, pianos, porcelain dinner services.

It is not so much by the things that each day are manufactured, sold, bought, that you can measure Leonia's opulence, but rather by the things that each day are thrown out to make room for the new.

So you begin to wonder if Leonia's true passion is really , as they say, the enjoyment of new things, and not, instead, the joy of expelling, discarding, cleansing itself of a recurrent impurity. The fact is that street cleaners are welcomed like angels. ~ Italo Calvino
Westman Truck quotes by Italo Calvino
Twenty unsettling minutes later she dropped the
pen on her stack of papers, and then leaned back in her chair. The time seemed to be dragging like a immobile car without tires hooked to a tow-truck with square wheels traveling cautiously down a road of fresh gravel. Tess struggled to maintain focus, similar to how an alternator belt would struggle if it had to try to keep traction on a turn spindle that had been lubricated after an antifreeze leak. And similar to the - would be - alternator on the sidelines of that metaphor, Tess's enthusiasm for her after hours work was having difficulty in keeping charged up also. ~ Calvin W. Allison
Westman Truck quotes by Calvin W. Allison
Smell of natural gas, piped from the big metal tank in the backyard, filled once a month by a truck. ~ Tom Franklin
Westman Truck quotes by Tom Franklin
The carver had clearly heard of the golden ratio and wanted no truck with it. ~ T. Kingfisher
Westman Truck quotes by T. Kingfisher
In 1951, a man bought a pickup truck because he needed to load things up and move them. Things like bricks and bags of feed. Somewhere along the line trendsetters and marketers got involved, and now we buy pickups
big, horse-powered, overbuilt, wide-assed, comfortable pickups
so that we may stick our key in the ignition of an icon, fire up an image, and drive off in a cloud of connotations. I have no room to talk. I long to get my International running part so I can drive down roads that no longer exist. ~ Michael Perry
Westman Truck quotes by Michael Perry
It has always appalled me that really bright scientists almost all work in
the most competitive fields, the ones in which they are making the least
difference. In other words, if they were hit by a truck, the same
discovery would be made by somebody else about 10 minutes later. ~ Aubrey De Grey
Westman Truck quotes by Aubrey De Grey
Oh, everything is fun when I'm around." Hercules's knees knocked into the back of my seat as he leaned back. "This one time, when I was ordered by the gods to . . ."

I could only think of three words.

Fuck. My. Life.

"You should drive, because I'm going to end it all. Once we're on the freeway, I'm going to jump out of this vehicle and throw myself in front of a Mack truck."

Josie's laugh cut off her yawn. "That's a little excessive."

Adjusting the sunglasses I'd stolen from Aiden yesterday morning, I smirked. "I do not think anything is excessive when it comes to him."

"But that won't even kill you."

I sighed. "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it'll knock me unconscious for the time being. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Westman Truck quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The vamp-mobile had vanished at some point during the wee hours, replaced by a huge pickup truck I could only assume belonged to a werewolf. Or a Republican from north Louisiana - hard to tell the difference. ~ Cecily White
Westman Truck quotes by Cecily White
Never say "i can't". Instead say "I am not able to do this at the moment ~ Uncle Truck
Westman Truck quotes by Uncle Truck
Traffic lurched forward. I crawled slowly past a flatbed truck that was pulled off onto the grass beside the road. The hood of the truck was up. Seven or eight men in dingy clothes sat on the bed of the truck. They were waiting, too, but they seemed a little happier about it than I was. Maybe they weren't being pursued by an insane homicidal artist. ~ Jeff Lindsay
Westman Truck quotes by Jeff Lindsay
In 1969 my parents, my sister, my brother Jin-ming, and I were expelled from Chengdu one after another, and sent to distant parts of the Sichuan wilderness. We were among millions of urban dwellers to be exiled to the countryside.

In this way, young people would not be roaming the cities with nothing to do, creating trouble out of sheer boredom, and adults like my parents would have a 'future." They were part of the old administration which had been replaced by Mao's Revolutionary Committees, and packing them off to the sticks to do hard labor was a convenient solution.

According to Mao's rhetoric, we were sent to the countryside 'to be reformed." Mao advocated 'thought reform through labor' for everyone, but never explained the relationship between the two. Of course, no one asked for clarification. Merely to contemplate such a question was tantamount to treason. In reality, everyone in China knew that hard labor, particularly in the countryside, was always punishment. It was noticeable that none of Mao's henchmen, the members of the newly established Revolutionary Committees, army officers and very few of their children had to do it.

The first of us to be expelled was my father. Just after New Year 1969 he was sent to Miyi County in the region of Xichang, on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, an area so remote that it is China's satellite launch base today. It lies about 300 miles from Chengdu, four days' journey by truck, as there was no ~ Jung Chang
Westman Truck quotes by Jung Chang
A hip-looking teen watches an elderly woman hobble across the street on a walker.
"Grammy's here!" he shouts.
He puts some MacAttack Mac&Cheese in the microwave and dons headphones and takes out a video game so he won't be bored during the forty seconds it takes his lunch to cook. A truck comes around the corner and hits Grammy, sending her flying over the roof into the backyard, where luckily she lands on a trampoline. Unluckily, she bounces back over the roof, into the front yard, landing on a rosebush. ~ George Saunders
Westman Truck quotes by George Saunders
My life had been characterized by emptiness the size of the Sahara but there, in that moment, in the back of that truck in the armpit of Nicaragua, I wondered - for the first time - if there wasn't a river flowing down deep inside me. If so, the water that would cleanse me was not water from my head - where I'd learned to rationalize my indifference. But water from my heart. ~ Charles Martin
Westman Truck quotes by Charles Martin
You should go,' Raffe says to me. 'This is no place for a human.'
'What about me being your second for the contest?'
'Nobody will remember that once they see the Watchers.'
'Are you sure you're not just trying to avoid getting back into the truck with me and my mom?'
He almost smiles. ~ Susan Ee
Westman Truck quotes by Susan Ee
Somewhere along the line the American love affair with wilderness changed from the thoughtful, sensitive isolationism of Thoreau to the bully, manly, outdoorsman bravado of Teddy Roosevelt. It is not for me, as an outsider, either to bemoan or celebrate this fact, only to observe it. Deep in the male American psyche is a love affair with the backwoods, log-cabin, camping-out life.

There is no living creature here that cannot, in its right season, be hunted or trapped. Deer, moose, bear, squirrel, partridge, beaver, otter, possum, raccoon, you name it, there's someone killing one right now. When I say hunted, I mean, of course, shot at with a high-velocity rifle. I have no particular brief for killing animals with dogs or falcons, but when I hear the word 'hunt' I think of something more than a man in a forage cap and tartan shirt armed with a powerful carbine. In America it is different. Hunting means 'man bonding with man, man bonding with son, man bonding with pickup truck, man bonding with wood cabin, man bonding with rifle, man bonding above all with plaid'. ~ Stephen Fry
Westman Truck quotes by Stephen Fry
With the exception of buying a big rig and becoming cross-country truck drivers, most of Jerry and Ben's ideas for a business involved food. They both liked to eat, so it seemed like a logical career move. ~ Fred Lager
Westman Truck quotes by Fred Lager
On our second date, I picked up Missy at her house and told her we had to make a pit stop to pick up crawfish bait at the fish market. We'd figured out a way to speed up the process by using the fish market's gutbuckets instead of running nets ourselves. Through trial and error, we determined that the best crawfish bait was buffalo-fish heads. Unfortunately, when I pulled up to the market to get the garbage cans full of fish heads, I realized they had been outside for a couple of days. It was a warm day, and I could tell from the buzzing of hundreds of flies it was going to be nasty! I knew it was going to be the ultimate test of our relationship. The tubs were too heavy for one man to carry, so I told Missy, "I'm going to need your help on this." She crawled out the window, and I led her to the trash cans filled with buffalo heads waiting for us. Like an idiot, the first thing she did was open the lid of a trash can. Immediately, she started gagging and dry-heaving in the parking lot.
"Rule number two," I said. "Never pop the lid on a trash can."
Much to my surprise, Missy regained her composure and helped me load the trash cans into the back of my truck. Right then, I realized our relationship might work out. She was climbing through windows and hauling fish heads. ~ Jase Robertson
Westman Truck quotes by Jase Robertson
Oh look," she pointed to them, a fine example of two people in love. Ruin paused and looked from them to her several times before whispering, "You want to? Now?' "Oh my God," she muttered, shaking her head. "Those two are in love, I was trying to show you but of course you'd only think of sex." Ruin followed her to the truck, still watching the couple while he climbed into the driver seat. "Are you sure we're not in love? Pretty sure we look just like that, minus all the laughing. ~ Lucian Bane
Westman Truck quotes by Lucian Bane
He gave her one last kiss before walking toward his truck. She watched his beautiful sculpted ass in his fitted jeans and suppressed a groan. She had never felt the urge to rip a man's clothes off, but ripping Shea Adler's jeans off would be a magical experience if she ever got the balls and confidence to do it. ~ Toni Aleo
Westman Truck quotes by Toni Aleo
Empress. -

I tensed. Was that . . . Matthew's voice? Why would he be in my head after all these months? How dare he contact me now! Leave me alone! A buzz in my ears grew louder and louder, like white-noise on steroids.

- Have a secret. He doesn't want me to tell you. -

His eerie tone gave me chills.

Aric hurried around the truck, snatching open my door. He leaned in, cradling my face in his shaking palms. He was speaking to me with dread in his eyes, but I couldn't hear a word.

Get out of my head, Fool!

- Listen. - A different voice carried into my mind: - "What kind of danger is she in? Damn it, tell me! What's coming, coo-yôn?" -

I whimpered. Jack??? Is that you? He sounded so close.

Blood kept pouring. My breaths shallowed till I was hyperventilating, on the verge of blacking out. But I was desperate to hear more of his voice. Jack, please answer me! ~ Kresley Cole
Westman Truck quotes by Kresley Cole
For me, I never abandoned the truck. Even though I've opened other things, the truck is still the lifeblood of who I am. That's because I enjoy it. I believe in it. It's everything that I am. ~ Roy Choi
Westman Truck quotes by Roy Choi
She learned how to deal with the moments when his memory lapsed. Sometimes, she felt it happen even without him saying a word. On a sunny fall day, she lay next to him on the ground, and as he dozed she felt his old life, his memories, radiate off his skin. She felt everything leave him but her. She shed her own life, too, to match him. They lay there together like a point in time. A cloud drifted in front of the sun and things to shift inside of him, and when she sensed this, she allowed things to shift inside of her, too. They became their regular selves again, still warm from the lost memory of a minute ago.
But underneath her happiness was a dread that one day this would be all they had. All associations would be lost: the smell of the gloves, the sound of the truck door slamming shut. All the details she still wanted to know. Everything reduced to nothing more than itself. ~ Emily Ruskovich
Westman Truck quotes by Emily Ruskovich
I feel like we've already seen the burger truck, we've seen the lobster-roll truck. There's even healthy-food trucks now. But a big-thick-pizza truck? Come on, man. That'd be amazing. ~ Ike Barinholtz
Westman Truck quotes by Ike Barinholtz
She longed to find out if the sparks would still be there, if her body would still quiver at his touch.
When Rob arrived five o'clock sharp, Jordan had her answer.
He climbed out of the truck. Seeing her standing in the doorway, he walked very slowly toward her, like a predator stalking its prey. He was a man on a mission, and Jordan stood frozen to the spot. Rob stopped short in front of her and without any notice, cupped her face, and brought his mouth down on hers. ~ Samantha Chase
Westman Truck quotes by Samantha Chase
Better would be good. Because if she felt a little less like she'd been run over by a truck, she could jump on Dr. Hottie. ~ Larissa Ione
Westman Truck quotes by Larissa Ione
The Beliebers have done some pretty crazy stuff. Last week, the night before I was due to do a show in Germany, four girls went into a dumpster so they could sneak into the building. They climbed in and hid. When the guys working on the truck started getting the garbage they found them straight away. It was crazy. ~ Justin Bieber
Westman Truck quotes by Justin Bieber
Back at the compound, they had dug in a systematic order, row upon row, allowing space for the water truck. But out here there was no system. It was as if every once in a while, in a fit of frustration, the Warden would just pick a spot at random, and say, "What the hell, dig here." It was like trying to guess the winning numbers in a lottery. ~ Louis Sachar
Westman Truck quotes by Louis Sachar
Nowhere in particular on the way from A to Z. Or say for verisimilitude the Balloygan Road. That dear old back road. Somewhere on the Ballyogan Road in lieu of nowhere in particular. Where no truck anymore. Somewhere on the Ballyogan Road on the way from A to Z. ~ Samuel Beckett
Westman Truck quotes by Samuel Beckett
I've died 3 times, I've been shot in the back, stabbed once in my arm, stabbed 2 times in my back, run over by a truck, been poisoned, broke both of my arms, nose (3 times broken), ribs, both legs, but a broken heart hurt me the most. ~ Steve Kaufman
Westman Truck quotes by Steve Kaufman
And she kept following the truck, like we were a very small parade, waving and waving, until Frank took the curve in the road and then she was gone. ~ Morgan Matson
Westman Truck quotes by Morgan Matson
A truck turned the corner and rumbled its way over to our house. I watched it parallel park, then go silent as the lights switched off. The driver's side door opened, and my best friend, Matthew, stepped down. His cowboy boots thudded against the asphalt, then crunched across the gravel that covered our front yard. "Howdy," he said. I ~ E.M. Tippetts
Westman Truck quotes by E.M. Tippetts
Buck up or stay in the truck. ~ Sarah Palin
Westman Truck quotes by Sarah Palin
Liking something and wanting to take it for a ride are two very different things', Joslyn sais, climbing out of the truck to stand on the ground. Hutch's eyes sparkled as he came around to face her. 'I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot pole,' he told her. ~ Linda Lael Miller
Westman Truck quotes by Linda Lael Miller
I want to get a big, lifted truck with mudflaps on the back. Where I'm from, it's an agricultural area, so that's just how I've been raised. ~ Virgil Green
Westman Truck quotes by Virgil Green
Leave that cycle at home. I like a truck bed to play around in under the moon and stars. ~ Carolyn Brown
Westman Truck quotes by Carolyn Brown
I have to give you your wedding present," Marlboro Man said before I could ask where we were going. "I can't wait a month before I give it to you."
Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. "But…," I stammered. "I haven't gotten yours yet."
Marlboro Man clasped my hand, continuing to look forward at the road. "Yes you have," he said, bringing my hand to his lips and turning me to a pool of melted butter right in his big Ford truck. ~ Ree Drummond
Westman Truck quotes by Ree Drummond
I'm sure you could distract me with something better than hand holding, sugar." He winked, then winced and sucked in a breath. "Holy f-f-f-f-fire truck. I think you just stitched my kidney. ~ Eden Summers
Westman Truck quotes by Eden Summers
I change the channel to another movie. An old one, but new to me. And, ironically, a thin, gorgeous blonde - Meg Ryan, maybe - rides her bike on a country road. She smiles like she has no cares in the world. Like no one ever judges her. Like her life is perfect. Wind through her hair and sunshine on her face. The only thing missing are the rainbows and butterflies and cartoon birds singing on her shoulder.

Maybe I should grab my bike and try to catch up with Mom, Mike, and the kids. They can't be going very fast. I would love to feel like that, even if it's just for a second - free and peaceful and normal.
Suddenly, there's a truck. It can't be headed toward Meg Ryan. Could it? Yes. Oh my God. No! Meg Ryan just got hit by that truck.

Figures. See what happens when you exercise? ~ K.A. Barson
Westman Truck quotes by K.A. Barson
Let us have Texas, the Empire State, governed by the people; not Texas, the truck-patch, ruled by corporate lobbyists. ~ James Stephen Hogg
Westman Truck quotes by James Stephen Hogg
Momentum carried the truck's rear wheels up and off the ground. From the perspective of Howard's low-slung sports car, the heaving back end of the truck was the mouth of a monster gaping wide to swallow him. ~ Dan Webb
Westman Truck quotes by Dan Webb
B Y AND BY, WHEN WE GOT UP, WE TURNED OVER THE TRUCK THE GANG had stole off of the wreck, and found boots, and blankets, and clothes, and all sorts of other things, and a lot of books, and a spyglass, and three boxes of seegars. ~ Mark Twain
Westman Truck quotes by Mark Twain
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