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Our great leader, Chairman Mao, has taught us, 'Every reactionary is the same; if you do not hit him, he will not fall. This is also like sweeping the floor; as a rule, where the broom does not reach, the dust will not vanish by itself.'" Her ~ Ji-li Jiang
Wenchao Li quotes by Ji-li Jiang
Tangled grasses lie matted with death,
but generals keep at it. And for what?
Isn't it clear that weapons are the tools of misery?
The great sages never waited until the need
for such things arose. ~ Li Bai
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Bai
In the West, the spirit is separate from the body. In the East these are things that are very real and concrete. ~ Li Hongzhi
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Hongzhi
Are you a doctor?" Li said.
"I'm better than that. I'm a vet. Vets do everything: brain surgery, heart surgery, lab analysis, dislocations – ~ Matthew Reilly
Wenchao Li quotes by Matthew Reilly
People of all countries have the right to choose their own social system and road to development in the light of their national conditions and characteristics. ~ Li Peng
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Peng
Isolation, I was reminded again and again, is a danger. But what if one's real context is in books? Some days, going from one book to another, preoccupied with thoughts that were of no importance, I would feel a rare moment of serenity: all that could not be solved in my life was merely a trifle as long as I kept it at a distance. Between that suspended life and myself were these dead people and imagined characters. One could spend one's days among them as a child arranges a circle of stuffed animals when the darkness of night closes in. ~ Yiyun Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Yiyun Li
That's what I want, that kind of recklessness where the poem is even ahead of you. It's like riding a horse that's a little too wild for you, so there's this tension between what you can do and what the horse decides it's going to do. ~ Li-Young Lee
Wenchao Li quotes by Li-Young Lee
Master Li turned bright red while he scorched the air with the Sixty Sequential Sacrileges with which he had won the all-China Freestyle Blasphemy Competition in Hangchow three years in a row. ~ Barry Hughart
Wenchao Li quotes by Barry Hughart
I've gotten my butt kicked by the best. Jet Li beat me up the best, but Steven Segal can still kick a good butt. It's a different kind of kicking, though. ~ Anthony Anderson
Wenchao Li quotes by Anthony Anderson
I was one of two first cultural exchange artists been allowed to go to the West. I knew it was such a rare opportunity and I had to treasure it by giving my utter most to achieve excellence. ~ Li Cunxin
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Cunxin
It was 'Shaolin Temple,' Jet Li's first movie. That was the movie that got me to want to learn martial arts. Then I became a huge Jet Li/Jackie Chan fan after that. ~ Daniel Wu
Wenchao Li quotes by Daniel Wu
I wish to create trends rather than follow them. ~ Li Bingbing
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Bingbing
She wonders if this is what people call falling in love, the desire to be with someone for every minute of the rest of her life so strong that sometimes she is frightened of herself. ~ Yiyun Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Yiyun Li
In the past, proactive fiscal polices almost always meant just more investment and an increase in the fiscal deficit. ~ Li Keqiang
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Keqiang
I want to get my music out there. I enjoy playing shows; I just don't enjoy airports. I want to be more creative, but it's hard to get into that zone on tour. ~ Lykke Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Lykke Li
I need to talk about Chinese culture. We have deep, strong philosophy and culture. I want to share some information, tell the worldwide audience. ~ Jet Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Jet Li
Art that has depth makes a strong impact on the spirit, emotion, mood and thoughts of a human being. ~ Li Shan
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Shan
If you take the hard facts of a failed relationship, it's pretty grim. But if you make an album out of it, and if the violins represent all the tears, you create something magical out of something very normal. ~ Lykke Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Lykke Li
One cannot choose how one's life begins but one can choose to face the end with courage ~ Jet Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Jet Li
Even the most innocent person, when cornered, is capable of a heartless crime. ~ Yiyun Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Yiyun Li
People commit suicide for only one reason - to escape torment. ~ Li Ang
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Ang
When I was 8 years old, I knew nothing about martial arts. The coach told me I was talented with learning martial arts, and put me in a school. ~ Jet Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Jet Li
To say we know a person is to write that person off. ~ Yiyun Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Yiyun Li
People can get information - on entertainment, politics, finance - much easier than before. That will change the way people do business, the way people live. ~ Robin Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Robin Li
Environment protection weighs the same in my life as my professional acting career. ~ Li Bingbing
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Bingbing
No one understands now. Those who could
hear a song this deeply vanished long ago. ~ Li Bai
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Bai
In the spring and summer of 1989, a serious political disturbance took place in China. ~ Li Peng
Wenchao Li quotes by Li Peng
Every President that went to China, I would meet them and have dinner and talk about the past and the future. That was in the '70s. ~ Jet Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Jet Li
I think 'Hero' is not a real martial arts movie; it is not about violence, or formula. ~ Jet Li
Wenchao Li quotes by Jet Li
If you're trapped in a room, and nobody is coming to save you, what can you do? You have to bang on the walls and break the windows. You have to climb out and save yourself. It's obvious, Li-ling, that crying doesn't help a person live. ~ Madeleine Thien
Wenchao Li quotes by Madeleine Thien
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