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#1. I like beautiful clothing. I love Bergdorfs. - Author: Jackee Harry
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Jackee Harry
#2. Leo Tolstoy, the greatest anti-patriot of our time, defines patriotism as the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers; a trade that requires better equipment in the exercise of man-killing than the making of such necessities as shoes, clothing, and houses; a trade that guarantees better returns and greater glory than that of the honest workingman. - Author: Emma Goldman
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Emma Goldman
#3. [W]e might do better here to think of culture as fashion. And in fashion, of course, the key is not wearing a particular outfit but being able to wear it ... Clothing is a mere collection of garments; fashionability is a performative capacity, an ability to effect the right look through an effective combination of garments, social sense, and bodily performance. - Author: James Ferguson
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by James Ferguson
#4. Wow" is all I can say. I'm amazed. It never occurred to me to change the clothes to fit me. I always thought it had to be the other way around. And it never occurred to me that people who aren't overweight could have trouble with the off the rack sizes. - Author: K.A. Barson
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by K.A. Barson
#5. At the end of that week, Navin arrived to marry me. I was repulsed by the sight of him, not because I had betrayed him but because he still breathed, because he was there for me and had countless more days to live. And yet without his even realizing it, firmly but without force, Navin pulled me away from you, as the final gust of autumn wind pulls the last leaves from the trees. We were married, we were blessed, my hand was placed on top of his, and the ends of our clothing were knotted together. I felt the weight of each ritual, felt the ground once more underfoot. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#6. The clothes are different: pre-dog, I used to be very finicky and self-conscious about how I looked; now I schlep around in the worst clothing - big heavy boots, baggy old sweaters, a hooded down parka from L.L. Bean that makes me look like an astronaut. - Author: Caroline Knapp
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Caroline Knapp
#7. Being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which psychoanalysis is powerless to bestow. - Author: Sebastian Horsley
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Sebastian Horsley
#8. We inherit every one of our genes, but we leave the womb without a single microbe. As we pass through our mother's birth canal, we begin to attract entire colonies of bacteria. By the time a child can crawl, he has been blanketed by an enormous, unseen cloud of microorganisms--a hundred trillion or more. They are bacteria, mostly, but also viruses and fungi (including a variety of yeasts), and they come at us from all directions: other people, food, furniture, clothing, cars, buildings, trees, pets, even the air we breathe. They congregate in our digestive systems and our mouths, fill the space between our teeth, cover our skin, and line our throats. We are inhabited by as many as ten thousand bacterial species; those cells outnumber those which we consider our own by ten to one, and weigh, all told, about three pounds--the same as our brain. Together, they are referred to as our microbiome--and they play such a crucial role in our lives that scientists like [Martin J.] Blaser have begun to reconsider what it means to be human. - Author: Michael Specter
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Michael Specter
#9. In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices. - Author: Criss Jami
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Criss Jami
#10. Pedro Algorta, a lawyer, showed me the fat dossier about the murder of two women. The double crime had been committed with a knife at the end of 1982, in a Montevideo suburb.

The accused, Alma Di Agosto, had confessed. She had been in jail more than a year, and was apparently condemned to rot there for the rest of her life.

As is the custom, the police had raped and tortured her. After a month of continuous beatings they had extracted several confessions. Alma Di Agosto's confessions did not much resemble each other, as if she had committed the same murder in many different ways. Different people appeared in each confession, picturesque phantoms without names or addresses, because the electric cattle prod turns anyone into a prolific storyteller. Furthermore, the author demonstrated the agility of an Olympic athlete, the strength of a fairground Amazon, and the dexterity of a professional matador. But the most surprising was the wealth of detail: in each confession, the accused described with millimetric precision clothing, gestures, surroundings, positions, objects.....

Alma Di Agosto was blind.
Her neighbours, who knew and loved her, were convinced she was guilty:
'Why?' asked the lawyer.
'Because the papers say so.'
'But the papers lie,' said the lawyer.
'But the radio said so too,' explained the neighbours.
'And the TV! - Author: Eduardo Galeano
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#11. There is no doubt a new dress is a help under all circumstances. - Author: Noel Streatfeild
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Noel Streatfeild
#12. So many girls have become famous for literally nothing, other than falling out of clubs in shocking clothing or going out with a different person every week. - Author: Bonnie Wright
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Bonnie Wright
#13. She had, it seems, no difficulty in sustaining the different parts, for her sex changed so far more frequently than those who have worn only one set of clothing can conceive; nor can there be any doubt that she reaped a twofold harvest by this device; the pleasure of life were increased and its experiences multiplied. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Virginia Woolf
#14. Pleasure and sensation are essential features of the second chakra. If desire is the seed of movement, then pleasure is the root of desire, and sensation is the medium of pleasure. Pleasure is essential for the health of the body, the rejuvenation of spirit, and the healing of our personal and cultural relationships. Unfortunately, we are taught to beware of pleasure, that it's a dangerous temptress waiting to lure us away from our true path. We are taught to repress our need for pleasure, and in so doing, repress our natural bodily impulses, and once again, segregate mind and body. We don't easily allow ourselves enjoyment of even the simple pleasures - time for a little extra sleep, a leisurely walk, or comfortable clothing. These stringent measures arise from the mind, but seldom from the body. We then may experience a backlash in our emotions. - Author: Anodea Judith
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Anodea Judith
#15. Clothing creates the illusion that bodies fit an aesthetically pleasing norm. And that illusion depends on getting the fit right. Garments that bunch, pull, or sag call attention to figure flaws and often make people look worse than they would without clothes. - Author: Virginia Postrel
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Virginia Postrel
#16. If sometimes our poor people have had to die of starvation, it is not that God didn't care for them, but because you and I didn't give, were not an instrument of love in the hands of God, to give them that bread, to give them that clothing; because we did not recognize him, when once more Christ came in distressing disguise, in the hungry man, in the lonely man, in the homeless child, and seeking for shelter. - Author: Mother Teresa
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Mother Teresa
#17. I absorbed as many Impressionist paintings as I could, in Parisian museums and in many museums in the United States and in books, looking for clues to architecture, clothing, settings. - Author: Susan Vreeland
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Susan Vreeland
#18. Where are your clothes?" Callie asked, noting he wore very little underneath his "borrowed" kirtle. Very little except for that warm, tawny flesh she found so delectable.
"The brambles caught him," Angus answered. "That's how we found him. There's shreds of English clothing from hither to yon."
Callie felt weak at the news of how close her husband had come to being seriously injured. "Are you truly unharmed?"
"A bit scratched and bruised, but nothing other than my ego is seriously damaged." Sin grinned playfully. "See now why I always travel with a sword? One never knows when a raging bull is likely to come storming down the street."
-Callie, Angus, & Sin - Author: Kinley MacGregor
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Kinley MacGregor
#19. Three worldly things have been made dear to me: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reading the Qur'an. - Author: Uthman Ibn Affan
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Uthman Ibn Affan
#20. Your treasure is where your heart is. If a person believes that his or her treasure is in the body only - for example, in good food, a comfortable house, nice clothing, or other pleasures - then this person will be consumed by the pursuit of such things. Indeed, the more energy one puts into pleasing the body, the less energy one will have to invest in a spiritual life. The - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#21. Too soon the two weeks were over and we were back in Lugano, and there we learned about Disaster.
We weren't completely ignorant. We knew about disaster from our previous schools and previous lives. We'd had access to televisions and newspapers. But the return to Lugano marked the beginning of Global Awareness Month, and in each of our classes, we talked about disaster: disaster man-made and natural. We talked about ozone depletion and the extinction of species and depleted rain forests and war and poverty and AIDS. We talked about refugees and slaughter and famine.
We were in the middle school and were getting, according to Uncle Max, a diluted version of what the upper-schoolers were facing. An Iraqi boy from the upper school came to our history class and talked about what it felt like when the Americans bombed his country. Keisuke talked about how he felt responsible for World War II, and a German student said she felt the same.
We got into heated discussions over the neglect of infant females in some cultures, and horrific cases of child abuse worldwide. We fasted one day each week to raise our consciousness about hunger, and we sent money and canned goods and clothing to charities.
In one class, after we watched a movie about traumas in Rwanda, and a Rwandan student told us about seeing his mother killed, Mari threw up. We were all having nightmares.
At home, Aunt Sandy pleaded with Uncle Max. "This is too much!" she said. "You can't dump all the - Author: Sharon Creech
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Sharon Creech
#22. The sexual map we acquire in youth includes body image, masturbatory guilt, sexual preferences and more. From what turns us on to what turns us off. From attitudes about menstruation to the right of women to wear certain clothing. But using this guilt- and shame-ridden map as a guide to sexuality is like using a map of an ancient city sewer system to locate the fiber optic network. What if the only map we had of a city was made 2,000 years ago? How useful would it be today? My city was an open prairie 2,000 years ago with no roads and maybe a few animal paths. A map of that reality would be of little use today. - Author: Darrel Ray
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Darrel Ray
#23. With a deep regret, I wiggled out from under him despite his sleepy protests and grabbed articles of clothing as I tiptoed to his door. What amazing willpower I had. What fantastic self-control. I'd come over for one reason, and everything but that reason seemed to be resolved. When I reached the door, I saw what looked like another note. But this was his door, not mine. I peeled it off, then angled it until I could read it by the light of the fire.
Is that all you've got?
With a smile spreading slowly across my face, I dropped everything I'd just picked up and went back for more. - Author: Darynda Jones
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Darynda Jones
#24. They were wrapped in each other's arms, lips and tongues dancing, and their hands exploring each other with wild abandon. With a wave of his hand and a seductively wicked wink, he divested them both of their clothing, - Author: Sara Humphreys
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Sara Humphreys
#25. But there's a price."
"Oh?" She knew what it would be, felt her whole body come alive in anticipation.
"Yes," he said. "Exactly that."
She forgot everything when he drew her into his arms, everything but the wonder and the magic of his touch, the intoxication of his kisses, the sting of his fangs that should have been painful but filled her with sensual pleasure.
She wrapped her arms around his neck when he carried her to her bed, her hands clumsy in their haste as she undressed him. He was so beautiful, his body perfectly formed, his belly ridged with muscle, his limbs long and lean. He watched over her, his eyes hot, as she removed her own clothing, then covered his body with hers.
They fit together well, she thought, her body somehow molding to his. She ran her hands over him, loving the play of emotions on his face as her hands caressed him.
He gave her free rein until, with a growl of impatience, he tucked her beneath him.
She felt the sweet sting of his fangs at her throat as he possessed her with a fierceness he had never shown before.
"Mine." His voice whispered in her ear, echoed off the walls. "Mine! - Author: Amanda Ashley
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Amanda Ashley
#26. I like to add props to render the specificities of place - paintings, food, clothing, signs, infrastructure, music, sayings and slang particular to the region and particular to the character. And props shouldn't just sit there; they should get used. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#27. Clothing and makeup and hair and all of that so much indicates the kind of person you are inside and the person you are presenting on the outside. Sometimes they are in conflict, and sometimes they are the same. That psychology of the exterior informing the interior is just so interesting. - Author: Tatiana Maslany
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Tatiana Maslany
#28. I, like every #GIRLBOSS, am a wolf in wolf's clothing. - Author: Sophia Amoruso
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Sophia Amoruso
#29. It is often assumed that the chief reason for making things - furniture, clothing, toys, a garden - is to save money. There are other factors that may be of equal or greater importance: making what we need for life is a way of expressing creativity and of gaining greater confidence. Emotional security comes from providing the necessities of life in personal, meaningful ways, by our own hands or those of friends and loved ones. Another value in studying how things are made is to increase our appreciation for them as we better understand what makes them work. The knowledge that comes from shaping the things around us helps us build relationships with the world that are more intimate. - Author: William Coperthwaite
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by William Coperthwaite
#30. The whites who administered Native American subjugation claimed to be recruiting the Indians to join them in a truer, more coherent worldview - but whether it was about spirituality and the afterlife, the role of women, the nature of glaciers, the age of the world, or the theory of evolution, these white Victorians were in a world topsy-turvy with change, uncertainty and controversy. Deference was paid to Christianity and honest agricultural toil, but more than few questioned the former, and most, as the gold rushes, confidence men, and lionized millionaires proved, would gladly escape the latter. So the attempt to make Indians into Christian agriculturists was akin to those contemporary efforts whereby charities send cast-off clothing to impoverished regions: the Indians were being handed a system that was worn out ... - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#31. The terms "idiot" and "lunatic" were acceptable diagnostic terms in England up until 1959. "Imbecile" and "feeble-minded person" were, likewise, listed as official categories in the 1913 Mental Deficiency Act. England has always lagged a bit behind in discarding outdated terms for the disadvantaged. When I was there in 1980, it was still possible to shop for used clothing at the local Spastic Shop. That is, compared to the United States, where it takes, oh, about twenty-five minutes for a diagnostic euphemism to become a conversational faux pas. - Author: Mary Roach
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Mary Roach
#32. We amass material things for the same reason that we eat - to satisfy a craving. Buying on impulse and eating and drinking to excess are attempts to alleviate stress. From observing my clients, I have noticed that when they discard excess clothing, their tummies tend to slim down, when they discard books and documents, their minds become clearer, when they reduce the number of cosmetics and tidy up the area around the sink and bath, their complexion tends to become clear and their skin smooth. -p226 - Author: Marie Kondo
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Marie Kondo
#33. We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing. - Author: Ernest Holmes
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Ernest Holmes
#34. The assimilation of taboo images to the everyday language of doing business produces a strange effect. It domesticates the taboo while at the same time making the everyday transactional world more porous, more open to the forbidden. The wolf of unbridled appetite slips into everyday convention in the sheep's clothing of commercial language. - Author: Lee Siegel
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Lee Siegel
#35. He lay back on the blanket, pulling her with him. Every few minutes, one of them would lose an article of clothing, until there was nothing and yet everything between them. - Author: Cindi Madsen
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Cindi Madsen
#36. The language of clothing is high symbolism and we all, in moments where we need to know this, realize it. - Author: Judith Martin
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Judith Martin
#37. Dana daydreamed of one day being able to set her agenda at B.Altman with the same courage and tenacity as the woman who was now driving the VW while speaking animatedly about her travel plans for the near future. She would be journeying to India in search of exotic merchandise for the store's Indian extravaganza, a lavish event planned by Ira Neimark and Dawn Mello to compete with Bloomingdale's Retailing as Theater movement. The movement was the brainchild of Bloomingdale's Marvin Traub, who staged elaborate presentations such as China: Heralding the Dawn of a New Era. Typical extravaganzas featured fashion, clothing, food, and art from various regions of the world.
"I'll bring back enough items to make Bloomingdale's blush!" Nina said confidently. "And I'm not just talking sweaters, hats, and walking sticks. I'll stop first in the Himalayas and prowl the Landour Bazaar."
Lynn Steward ~ A Very Good Life - Author: Lynn Steward
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Lynn Steward
#38. Clothes as text, clothes as narration, clothes as a story. Clothes as the story of our lives. And if you were to gather all the clothes you have ever owned in all your life, each baby shoe and winter coat and wedding dress, you would have your autobiography. - Author: Linda Grant
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Linda Grant
#39. Your clothing is the most important survival tool you have. Dress properly and any emergency you may have to endure becomes more manageable. - Author: Mors Kochanski
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Mors Kochanski
#40. The expression "following suit" is a curious one, because it has nothing to do with walking behind a matching set of clothing. If you follow suit, it means you do the same thing somebody else has just done. If all of your friends decided to jump off a bridge into the icy waters of an ocean or river, for instance, and you jumped in right after them, you would be following suit. You can see why following suit can be a dangerous thing to do, because you could end up drowning simply because somebody else thought of it first. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Lemony Snicket
#41. Home economics should find its way into the curriculum of every school because the scientific study of a problem pertaining to food, shelter or clothing ... raises manual labor that might be drudgery to the plane of intelligent effort that is always self-respecting ... Home economics is not one department, in the sense in which dairying or entomology or soils is a department. It is not a single speciality ... Many technical and educational departments will grow out of it as time goes on. - Author: Martha Van Rensselaer
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Martha Van Rensselaer
#42. Was like being in a Jane Austen novel, but one with far less clothing. It - Author: Terry Pratchett
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Terry Pratchett
#43. The thing that I enjoy about animation is the fact that it is unbridled, and there are no boundaries; when you are in the room, you don't have to focus on your clothing, make-up, hair, your choreography or your blocking; you really do have total freedom. - Author: Jodi Benson
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Jodi Benson
#44. HOUSE RULES [at the Praetor Lupus Headquarters]
No shape-shifting in the hallways.
No howling.
No silver.
Clothing must be worn at all times. ALL TIMES.
No fighting. No biting.
Mark all your food before you put it in the communal refrigerator. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Vollbracht Clothing quotes by Cassandra Clare

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