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Oh, but Paris isn't for changing planes, it's ... it's for changing your outlook, for ... for throwing open the windows and letting in ... letting in la vie en rose. ~ Sabrina
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Sabrina
Paranormalcy seduced me. The two sexy paranormals who vie for Evie's affections each had their own victory; one won Evie's heart and the other won mine. ~ Aprilynne Pike
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Aprilynne Pike
Haleine contre haleine, échauffe-moi la vie,
Mille et mille baisers donne-moi je te prie,
Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour n'a point de loi

Translated: Breath against breath warms my life.
A thousand kisses give me I pray thee.
Love says it all without number,
love knows no law. ~ Pierre De Ronsard
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Pierre De Ronsard
Apre' s le rare bonheur de trouver une compagne qui nous soit bien assortie, l'e tat le moins malheureux de la vie est sans doute de vivre seul. After the rare happiness of finding a companion with whom we are well matched, the least unpleasant state of life is without doubt to live alone. ~ Jacques-Henri Bernardin De Saint-Pierre
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Jacques-Henri Bernardin De Saint-Pierre
If you know so much,then tell me of Lily or are you too swayed by her beauty?"
"Aye,she's beautiful, but also complicated and young.She is opportunist,but not necessarily a selfish one."
"Ha.She can be. Lily's world revolves only around her."
Tyr chuckled and the sound sent ripples of awareness down her arms. "I'd rather talk about you, Lady Edythe."
"I'd rather not."
"Lady Edythe," Tyr repeated, drawing out her name. His forehead wrinkled. "No. Don't like it. A girl like you needs a nickname."
She hadn't been a "girl" for several years,and Edythe was irked that he saw her as such. "That's one thing I'll never want."
"That's a shame.Everyone should have a nickname."
"Really,then what's yours?"
Tyr licked his lips and in a low voice, lied, "Bachelor."
"Fitting," Edythe retorted. "I doubt with your type of self-serving charm, too many women vie to change that status."
Tyr clucked his tongue, completely unfazed by her ridiculous barb. "Ed,I think.Little and sweet...just like you."
"Thoin," Edythe hissed and moved to walk away,not dreaming for a second that he would know Gaelic and understand what she meant.
"Bauchle," Tyr chirped back in retaliation. Edythe spun around, her jaw open, but before she could retort, he added, this time with a Scottish brogue, "Ed,even if I didn't know my own language, certain words are known far and wide, and "ass" is certainly one of them."
Straightening, she puffed out ~ Michele Sinclair
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Michele Sinclair
Doctors said that the test most commonly used to screen for colon cancer doesn't go far enough. They're recommending a procedure that involves photographing the entire colon. I say, don't vie CBS an idea for another reality show. ~ Bill Maher
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Bill Maher
- Qui vous a mis dans cette fichue position? - c'est le pigeon, Joseph. Patrice, home on furlough, lapped warm milk with me in the bar MacMahon. Son of the wild goose, Kevin Egan of Paris. My father's a bird, he lapped the sweet lait chaud with pink young tongue, plump bunny's face. Lap, lapin. He hopes to win in the gros lots. About the nature of women he read in Michelet. But he must send me La Vie de Jesus by M. Leo Taxil. Lent it to his friend. - C'est tordant, vous savez. Moi, je suis socialiste. Je ne crois pas en l'existence de Dieu. Faut pas le dire a mon p-re. - Il croit? - Mon pere, oui. ~ James Joyce
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by James Joyce
Who are we without our memories? ~ Marta Acosta
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Marta Acosta
Intelligence is the shadow of objective truth. How can the shadow vie with sunshine? ~ Rumi
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Rumi
Glen Shiel, Socttish Highlands, 1296
Strife abounds. King Edward of England has invaded the southern strongholds of Scotland and is pressuring King John of Scotland to abdicate. Several Scottish nobles, called Claimants, vie for his throne. The Cause divides the country, as each clan must choose and support a Claimant. Many contenders seek fortune and power, but a few seek Scotland's independence. Only by a great force can this be achieved. However, the road to independence is fraught with those that wish to see the Cause crushed, at any cost. ~ Jean M. Grant
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Jean M. Grant
Ma vie piu lieta, piu ridente a belle/ ardisce aprire il seno al sol la rosa ... which express that the rose is more daring then the humble violet! ~ Marina Fiorato
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Marina Fiorato
One learned to take time to savor life, much as one took time to savor a good meal or glass of wine. The French called it "l'entente de la vie," the harmony of life. ~ David McCullough
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by David McCullough
The body is a clothing that suits us for life. (Le corps est un habit - Qui nous va à vie.) ~ Charles De Leusse
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Charles De Leusse
Why must one talk? Often one shouldn't talk, but live in silence. The more one talks, the less the words mean. (Nana Kleinfrankenheim, Vivre Sa Vie) ~ Jean-Luc Godard
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Jean-Luc Godard
One can not come back from life. ~ Ljupka Cvetanova
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
And yet, in each human coupling, a thousand million sperm vie for a single egg.
Multiply those odds by countless generations, against the odds of your ancestors being alive; meeting; siring this precise son; that exact daughter ... Until your mother loves a man she has every reason to hate, and of that union, of the thousand million children competing for fertilization, it was you, only you, that emerged. To distill so specific a form from that chaos of improbability, like turning air to gold ... that is the crowning unlikelihood. The thermo-dynamic miracle. ~ Alan Moore
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Alan Moore
I'll give you a gift." Too late, you're already there ... ("Je vais t'offrir un cadeau." - Trop tard: tu es déjà là ...) ~ Charles De Leusse
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Charles De Leusse
From the pleasure podium of Ali Qapu, beyond the enhanced enclosure, the city spread itself towards the horizon. Ugly buildings are prohibited in Esfahan. They go to Tehran or stay in Mashhad. Planters vie with planners to outnumber buildings with trees. Attracting nightingales, blackbirds and orioles is considered as important as attracting people. Maples line the canals, reaching towards each other with branches linked. Beneath them, people meander, stroll and promenade. The Safavids' high standards generated a kind of architectural pole-vaulting competition in which beauty is the bar, and ever since the Persians have been imbuing the most mundane objects with design. Turquoise tiles ennoble even power stations.
In the meadow in the middle of Naghshe Jahan, as lovers strolled or rode in horse-drawn traps, I lay on my back picking four-leafed clovers and looking at the sky. There was an intimacy about its grandeur, like having someone famous in your family. The life of centuries past was more alive here than anywhere else, its physical dimensions unchanged. Even the brutal mountains, folded in light and shadows beyond the square, stood back in awe of it. At three o'clock, the tiled domes soaked up the sunshine, transforming its invisible colours to their own hue, and the gushing fountains ventilated the breeze and passed it on to grateful Esfahanis. But above all was the soaring sky, captured by this snare of arches.(p378) ~ Christopher Kremmer
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Christopher Kremmer
Without lies, humanity would perish of despair and boredom ~ Anatole France
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Anatole France
Ma vie est une énigme dont ton nom est le mot. (My life is an enigma, of which your name is the word.) ~ Victor Hugo
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Victor Hugo
The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon - forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract to bubbling fountain. ~ John Wesley Powell
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by John Wesley Powell
I think what's happening for me, it's fun to see other things besides Facebook and Twitter take hold. The maturity of Tumblr as a real player is exciting. I think Pinterest has proved to be a major player. It's fun to see Instagram become a major player. It's fun to watch things like SnapChat, and Vine, try to vie to be the next thing. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
I once went to one of his Virgin Vie parties and had a really good time watching Chas having a paddy whilst trying to put on Dave's socks, before realising that he only had two feet, compared to Dave's three. ~ St John Morris
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by St John Morris
The Heavenly City will vie with the moon and even the sun for beauty and splendour! ~ David Berg
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by David Berg
The Procrastinator has the opposite problem. He can't selectively focus his attention and might endure frequent accusations about his laziness. In truth, he's so distracted by stimuli that he can't figure out where or how to get started. Sounds, smells, sights and the random wanderings of his thoughts continually vie for his attention. ~ Kate Kelly
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Kate Kelly
The survival instinct prove that we are alive. (L'instinct de survie - Prouve qu'on est en vie.) ~ Charles De Leusse
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Charles De Leusse
Support other women! We are taught to be competitive with other women, to vie with them for the 'girl spot' in a group or job. Anything that helps an individual woman is good for all of us! Love and support your friends! ~ Megan Amram
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Megan Amram
I always start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon - I find it really cleanses and hydrates me. I have very sensitive, dry skin, so I have to be careful about what I put on my face. My must-haves are Dermalogica cleansing gel and L'Or De Vie Creme Riche by Dior, which is thick and nourishing. ~ Eva Green
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Eva Green
Of all the herbs, Jasmine thought, basil was her soul mate. She rubbed her fingers over a leaf and sniffed deeply at the pungent, almost licorice scent. Basil was sensuous, liking to stretch out green and silky under a hot sun with its feet covered in cool soil. Basil married so well with her favorite ingredients: rich ripe tomatoes, a rare roast lamb, a meaty mozzarella. Jasmine plucked three leaves from her basil plant and slivered them in quick, precise slashes, then tucked them into her salad along with a tablespoon of slivered orange rind. Her lunch today was to be full of surprises. She wanted to impress as well as amuse this particular guest. They would start with a tomato soup in which she would hide a broiled pesto-stuffed tomato that would reveal itself slowly with every sip. Next she would pull out chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and mint. Then finish with poached pears, napped heavily in eau-de-vie-spiked chocolate. ~ Nina Killham
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Nina Killham
The truth then is, that the Russian Comintern is still confessedly engaged in endeavoring to foment war in order to facilitate revolution, and that one of its chief organizers, Lozovsky, has been installed as principal adviser to Molotov ... A few months ago he wrote in the French publication, L Vie Ouvriere ... that his chief aim in life is the overthrow of the existing order in the great Democracies. ~ Denis Fahey
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Denis Fahey
Do not vie with others in the accumulation of wealth. Vie with them in Ibadaah. ~ Al-Shafi'i
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Al-Shafi'i
So what you're really saying is you'll come only when you think you'll be too old to care. When my kids have left. Or when I'm a grandfather. I can just see us - and on that evening, we'll sit together and drink a strong eau-de-vie, like the grappa your father used to serve at night sometimes."
"And like the old men who sat around the piazzetta facing the Piave memorial, we'll speak about two young men who found much happiness for a few weeks and lived the remainder of their lives dipping cotton swabs into that bowl of happiness, fearing they'd use it up, without daring to drink more than a thimbleful on ritual anniversaries." But this thing that almost never was still beckons, I wanted to tell him. They can never undo it,
never unwrite it, never unlive it, or relive it - it's just stuck there like a vision of fireflies on a summer field toward evening that keeps saying, You could have had this instead. But going back is false. Moving ahead is false. Looking the other way is false. Trying to redress all that is false turns out to be just as false.
Their life is like a garbled echo buried for all time in a sealed Mithraic chamber.
Silence. ~ Andre Aciman
Vie Ieji Pirkimai quotes by Andre Aciman
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