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#1. [I]t's impossible to evade the fact that Endless War will inevitably degrade the citizenry of the country that engages in it. A country which venerates its military above all other institutions, which demands that its soldiers be spoken of only with religious-like worship, and which continuously indoctrinates its population to believe that endless violence against numerous countries is necessary and just - all by instilling intense fear of the minorities who are the target of that endless violence - will be a country filled with citizens convinced of the virtues and nobility of aggression. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
Venerates quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#2. Love asks us to enjoy our life
For nothing good can come of death.
Who is alive? I ask.
Those who are born of love.
Seek us in love itself,
Seek love in us ourselves.
Sometimes I venerate love,
Sometimes it venerates me. - Author: Rumi
Venerates quotes by Rumi
#3. In the Eucharistic Sacrifice the Church venerates the memory of Mary the ever Virgin Mother of God and the memory of Saint Joseph, because he fed Him whom the faithful must eat as the Bread of Life - Author: Pope John Paul II
Venerates quotes by Pope John Paul II
#4. The tea party venerates the Constitution while despising the political system it has produced. - Author: Gideon Rachman
Venerates quotes by Gideon Rachman
#5. Man is a venerating animal. He venerates as easily as he purges himself. When they take away from him the gods of his fathers, he looks for others abroad. - Author: Max Jacob
Venerates quotes by Max Jacob

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