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Yes, life has to go on, and I suppose a cup of tea does make it seem to be doing that more than anything. ~ Barbara Pym
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Barbara Pym
He reached forward to cup my cheek, the touch surprising me. "Please understand that no matter what I am or what has happened in the past, I am yours. I am devoted to you above all else, including my own life."
I exhaled after holding my breath for what felt like forever. "That's pretty heavy, Will."
His expression was impassioned, and the backs of his fingers brushed the side of my neck.
"It is a burden I am glad to carry. ~ Courtney Allison Moulton
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
She was the night,
in love with the stars,
always chasing the moon.
He was an early cup of coffee,
in love with her wild ocean breeze,
her mischievous ways,
her childish play. ~ Melody Lee
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Melody  Lee
Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them. ~ Kevin Costner
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Kevin Costner
Clark had always been fond of beautiful objects, and in his present state of mind, all objects were beautiful. He stood by the case and found himself moved by every object he saw there, by the human enterprise each object had required. Consider the snow globe. Consider the mind that invented those miniature storms, the factory worker who turned sheets of plastic into white flakes of snow, the hand that drew the plan for the miniature Severn City with its church steeple and city hall, the as**sembly-line worker who watched the globe glide past on a conveyer belt somewhere in China. Consider the white gloves on the hands of the woman who inserted the snow globes into boxes, to be packed into larger boxes, crates, shipping containers. Consider the card games played belowdecks in the evenings on the ship carrying the containers across the ocean, a hand stubbing out a cigarette in an overflowing ashtray, a haze of blue smoke in dim light, the cadences of a half dozen languages united by common profanities, the sailors' dreams of land and women, these men for whom the ocean was a gray-line horizon to be traversed in ships the size of overturned skyscrapers. Consider the signature on the shipping manifest when the ship reached port, a signature unlike any other on earth, the coffee cup in the hand of the driver delivering boxes to the distribution center, the secret hopes of the UPS man carrying boxes of snow globes from there to the Severn City Airport. Clark shook the globe and he ~ Emily St. John Mandel
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
And at this hour of the day it is no good saying
'Take away this cup';
Having helped to fill it ourselves it is only logic
That now we should drink it up. ~ Louis MacNeice
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Louis MacNeice
The grunt pulled his collar up around his neck. "Butterfinger." "Yeah." Queho nodded, a smile spreading across his face. "Butterfinger. Good one. I liked that one. I always got the candy stuck between my teeth. Same with the Heath Bar." He picked at his teeth with his finger. "Not worth the effort." The grunt kept pace with Queho. The caravan was traveling more like an amorphous pack. The town's wide streets accommodated the disorganization as the posse clopped along. Queho was so preoccupied with Dairy Queen, he didn't notice. "I always got the chocolate chip cookie dough," Queho said, licking his lips. "Oh, that was good. And remember? They'd hold it upside down?" He held out his hand to pantomime a Dairy Queen clerk holding a cup of ice cream upside down. "That way you knew how thick they made it." The ~ Tom Abrahams
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Tom Abrahams
It is through this practise of gratitude that I discovered something quite profound: shyness doesn't survive when your cup is overflowing with gratitude. It doesn't matter if you're grateful for things that have happened or things that have yet to come to fruition, gratitude grows Quiet Confidence. ~ Joel Annesley
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Joel Annesley
There, fighting their way toward Harry, were Ron and Hermione. Words failed them. They simply beamed as Harry was borne toward the stands, where Dumbledore stood waiting with the enormous Quidditch Cup. ~ J.K. Rowling
Vendelbo Cup quotes by J.K. Rowling
And I suppose they [Spurs] are nearer to being out of the FA Cup now than any other time since the first half of this season, when they weren't ever in it anyway. ~ John Motson
Vendelbo Cup quotes by John Motson
I prefer the still joy:
The wasp drinking at the edge of my cup;
A snake lifting its head;
A snail's music. ~ Theodore Roethke
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Theodore Roethke
She might have been brained right then but Ash managed to cup one hand behind her head to cushion the impact His other hand had a fistful of the back of her jeans, holding the waist so she didn't slide down him. She had both legs wrapped tight around his middle, her hand clutching his shoulders.
Time slowed. The noise of the crowd disappeared. Ash was pressed hard into her, crushing her against the post, his body hot against her front. His bare chest rose and fell as he breathed deep. His hand formed a fist in her hair and pulled her head back until their eyes met in a stare that cut right through her. His irises weren't quite black but close. His strength was all around her, holding her, pinning he helplessly. She met his stare her teeth bared fiercely.
Then she grabbed his head and yanked his mouth down onto hers.
It wasn't a gentle kiss. Ash's mouth met hers and it was like a flame meeting oil- fire and raging heat. She arched into him as he shoved her into the post, pressing them even tighter together. His mouth moved with hers, against hers, fierce and carnal and demanding. She clamped her fingers over the back of his head and pulled him closer still, demanding even more. His hand tightened in her hair and she tilted her head farther back as their kiss deepened into something even wilder.
Seconds later - minutes later? Ash pulled back with one last nipping bite to her bottom lip that made heat plunge through her middle. They held there, faces inche ~ Annette Marie
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Annette Marie
Ranieri? He's right in what he says: I am very demanding of myself and I need to win to be secure about things. That's why I've won so many trophies in my career. He, on the other hand, has the mentality of someone who doesn't need to win and at nearly 70 years old he has won a Supercoppa and another small cup. He's too old to change his mindset. ~ Jose Mourinho
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Jose Mourinho
I tried golf for a while, but I wasn't very good at it, so I didn't play a lot of golf. I enjoy all sports, not just football. I like basketball, baseball, and I got into the World Cup. So really, sports in general are my life, and football specifically. ~ John Madden
Vendelbo Cup quotes by John Madden
CREAM CHEESE FROSTING FOR RED VELVET SURPRISE CUPCAKES 4 ounces cream cheese (I used Philadelphia Brand in the rectangular silver package - half a package was 4 ounces) ¼ cup salted butter (½ stick, 2 ounces, pound) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups powdered sugar (pack it down in the cup when you measure it) Place the cream cheese and the butter in a medium-size microwave-safe bowl. (I used a quart measuring cup.) Microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. Stir. If you can stir the cream cheese and the butter smooth, take the bowl out and put it on the counter. If it's still not soft enough to stir, microwave on HIGH in 20-second intervals until it is. Add the vanilla extract to your bowl and stir that in. Add the powdered sugar, a half-cup at a time, stirring after each addition. Continue to add powdered sugar until the frosting is spreadable, not runny. ~ Joanne Fluke
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Joanne Fluke
Now into the small ceramic pan I grate the block of couverture. Almost at once the scent rises, the dark and loamy scent of bitter chocolate from the block. At this concentration it is slow to melt; the chocolate is very low in fat, and I will have to add butter and cream to the mixture to bring it to truffle consistency. But now it smells of history; of the mountains and forests of South America' of felled wood and spilled sap and campfire smoke. It smells of incense and patchouli; of the black gold of the Maya and the red gold of the Aztec; of stone and dust and of a young girl with flowers in her hair and a cup of pulque in her hand.
It is intoxicating; as it melts, the chocolate becomes glossy; steam rises from the copper pan, and the scent grows richer, blossoming into cinnamon and allspice and nutmeg; dark undertones of anise and espresso; brighter notes of vanilla and ginger. Now it is almost melted through. A gentle vapor rises from the pan. Now we have the true Theobroma, the elixir of the gods in volatile form, and in the steam I can almost see-
A young girl dancing with the moon. A rabbit follows at her heels. Behind her stands a woman with her head in shadow, so that for a moment she seems to look three ways-
But now the steam is getting too thick. The chocolate must be no warmer than forty-six degrees. Too hot, and the chocolate will scorch and streak. Too cool, and it will bloom white and dull. I know by the scent and the level of steam that we ar ~ Joanne Harris
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Joanne Harris
He reached out to cup her elbow. Best to move slowly, to communicate that she could refuse him. The choice was hers. Her luminous eyes remained fixed on his. Her lips parted as he trailed his hand from the point of her elbow to her wrist. God. Her bare skin, that small, vulnerable patch exposed between cuff and glove, was indescribably soft. His thumb rubbed her pulse once, twice. A small noise came from her, the loosening of her breath, a sound as meaningful as the shushing of silk as a dress fell to the floor. This was how it began: how a woman came undone. ~ Meredith Duran
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Meredith Duran
She was forever tilted sideways by the notion that pain was inevitable, chance was cruel, and all human ingenuity should go towards the making of a good cup of tea. ~ Colum McCann
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Colum McCann
Rose barely poured herself a cup of hot, mouth-watering chocolate, when she saw Grey and Archer walking across the lawn. Archer was impeccable as always, but Grey was a mess. His clothes were the same he'd worn the night before, and obviously slept in. His shirt, open at the throat, revealed a glimpse of tanned flesh that made her heart twitch and her gingers itch to touch him. His hair was mussed, and stubble covered his cheeks and jaw, except where prohibited by his scar.
In short, he looked absolutely beautiful-a fallen angel. The only thing that made him remotely human was that scar, and she could easily tell herself he got that from battling the archangel Gabriel before being thrown out of heaven.
She squinted as she realize Grey held something against his chest-something that moved. Was that a puppy?
She jumped to her feet, and skipped down the few steps that took her down to the lawn. Lifting the skirts of her yellow morning gown, she hurried to meet them. "Good morning!" she cried. "What have you there?"
Archer smiled in greeting, but Rose barely noticed. Her gaze was riveted on the man looking at her with an expression so hopeful it neigh on broke her heart.
"I brought you something," he said, his voice low and strangely rough. "A gift." And then he held out his arms and offered her the sweetest face she'd ever seen.
"Oh!" What an idiot she must seem, her eyes welling with tears over a dog, but she didn't care. She let the tears come and ~ Kathryn Smith
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Kathryn Smith
Black Bean Soup Makes 4 Servings. Ingredients 2 15 oz. cans of black beans, undrained 1 16 oz. can of vegetable broth ½ cup of hot salsa 2 tbsp chili powder 1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese ¼ cup of sour cream Directions Add 1 can of the beans to a blender and blitz until smooth. Place a pot over a medium heat and add the smooth beans, the whole beans, the broth, the salsa and the chili powder. Bring everything to the boil, stirring occasionally. Cover and let simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in the sour cream and garnish with ~ Sarah Sophia
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Sarah Sophia
Is that Isobella?" Gavin asked. "Aye. Every desirable, beautiful inch." "T would seem ye are the envy of every man in the hall," Ronan said. "I can see why." "Don't take fancy to the lass," Alysandir warned. Ronan laughed and slapped his brother on the back. "Not to worrit. I value my life too much." Alysandir swallowed, his hand almost crushed the silver cup in his hand. He knew the beauty was Isobella, but his mind couldn't accept the idea. All he could think was, it had been a good thing she wasna dressed like that in the glen because he wasna certain he could have kept his gentlemanly manners. ~ Elaine Coffman
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Elaine Coffman
We're going to do it. We're going to get to the World Cup. ~ Wayne Rooney
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Wayne Rooney
You know what's just as powerful as a good cup of coffee in the morning? Starting your day with some good, loving thoughts. It can change how your whole day unfolds. ~ Karen Salmansohn
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Karen Salmansohn
Hot as hell isn't he?' Exie questioned from over my shoulder.
'Yeah, I guess he is'
'You guess? Are you blind? Girl, he is so fine it's scary. I nearly had an orgasm the other day when he asked me a cup of tea. But don't stare too hard, Meagan will scratch your eyes out if she catches you staring at her man.' Exie said with a high eyebrow warning. ~ Jennifer Loren
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Jennifer Loren
At any rate, I can only see such a success having positive effects for everyone, particularly as our anticipation of the World cup would only increase further. ~ Franz Beckenbauer
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Franz Beckenbauer
I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot. ~ Kobe Bryant
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Kobe Bryant
Nothing seems tiresome or painful when you are working for a Master who pays well; who rewards even a cup of cold water given for love of Him. ~ Dominic Savio
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Dominic Savio
Look at great teams like Detroit a couple of years ago; they win the Stanley Cup and guys only score 25 goals, nobody has a really big season. ~ Peter Bondra
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Peter Bondra
He was just drifting off when he heard her soft whisper. "Cooper?"
"Still here." Maybe she'd changed her mind about the sheet. The thought made his body twitch. Yeah, she was going to toss that damn thing aside and roll toward him. She'd wrap that hot little bod tight to his, and he'd
"Thank you." Breanne said very quietly.
He blinked. "Thank you? He slid his hand down to cup himself. Still hard. Nope, he hadn't missed anything ... ~ Jill Shalvis
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Jill Shalvis
For a cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted. ~ Amy Carmichael
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Amy Carmichael
An empty coffee cup is full of hope. Now there's something worth voting for. ~ Jarod Kintz
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Jarod Kintz
The horror that riveted through me, the absolute terror with a taint of nausea, stunned me speechless for three, maybe four seconds. I put the mug down and made a cross with my fingers, screaming, "Death before decaf!" as Garrett poured himself a cup. The fool. ~ Darynda Jones
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Darynda Jones
Candles blazing, the people closet to me in the world sang "Happy Birthday," and I grinned like a fool and tried not to cry because it was so wonderful and so disarming - almost like being transported back to a moment in childhood that I had not actually lived through. I blew out the candles and everyone cheered. "Thank you all for being here with me," I said, too choked up to manage more. It is so easy to go through your days stewing about someone stealing your parking spot without giving the same attention to your child's arms around your neck, to grumble about the ever-increasing cost of groceries without realizing just how good it is have warm toast and a fresh cup of coffee while sitting across from the one you love. ~ Camille Pagan
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Camille Pagan
The poem, the song, the picture, is only water drawn from the well of the people, and it should be given back to them in a cup of beauty so that they may drink - and in drinking understand themselves. ~ Federico Garcia Lorca
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
Sloane sauntered into the observation room like she didn't have a care in the world, and scowled when she saw the coffee cup in my hand. "I came for coffee," she said. "If you have consumed all the coffee, I am going to straight-up fucking murder you, and drink a latte out of your skull. ~ Seanan McGuire
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Seanan McGuire
You think too much of your "toilette", Adele; but you may have a flower." I took a rose from a vase and fastened it in her sash. She sighed a sign of ineffable satisfaction, as if her cup of happiness were now full. I turned my face away to conceal a smile I could not suppress; there was something ludicrous as well as painful in the little Parisienne's earnest and innate devotion to matters of dress. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Charlotte Bronte
All anyone can hope for is just a tiny bit of love, like a drop in a cup if you can get it, or a waterfall, a flood, if you can get that too. ~ Edwidge Danticat
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Edwidge Danticat
All of Africa will be free before we can get a lousy cup of coffee. ~ James A. Baldwin
Vendelbo Cup quotes by James A. Baldwin
I sauntered to the kitchen, where the lone pot of afternoon coffee had been reduced to thick black syrup. Glad that no one was around to watch, I filled a Styrofoam cup halfway with the molten matter, swished it, and sniffed. Nose of burning rubber, with light tar accents. I topped it off with Sparklett's, then nuked it. Kills the germs. ~ Denise Hamilton
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Denise Hamilton
Whatcha gonna do to this?
You may be older than me, but you're new to this.
Cause I been out there, queen of MC's,
When your man was walkin' round in mocknecks and Lee's.
While you were over here perpetratin' a fraud,
I was overseas on the charts with Boy George.
You're the beginner, Shante's the winner,
Havin' other competition for dinner.
Sit you on the table with a plate and cup,
Say grace ... and then eat your ass up. ~ Roxanne Shante
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Roxanne Shante
Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done ~ Angela De Souza
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Angela De Souza
In this way, his unhappy soul struggled with its anguish. Eighteen hundred years before this unfortunate man, the mysterious Being, in whom all the sanctities and all the sufferings of humanity come together, He too, while the olive trees trembled in the fierce breath of the Infinite, had brushed away the fearful cup that appeared before him, streaming with shadow and running over with darkness, in the star-filled depths. (pg. 236) ~ Victor Hugo
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Victor Hugo
The only parental authority I had was the studio. When I was a star, there was always somebody with me, to guard me. I was not allowed to be photographed with a cigarette, a drink, a cup of coffee or even a glass of water because someone might think it was liquor. When I left the studio I was already married and had two children, but I felt as sad as a child leaving home for the first time. ~ June Allyson
Vendelbo Cup quotes by June Allyson
I took the stone bowl in both hands and poured out my time onto the ground drowning hapless insects feeding the weeds until the sun stood looking down and stole the stain. Seeing in the vessel's cup a thousand cracks a thousand cracks I looked back the way I came and saw a trail green with memories lost whoever made this bowl was a fool but the greater he who carried it. Stone ~ Steven Erikson
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Steven Erikson
Headache!" Zeus bellowed. "Bad. bad headache!"
As if to prove his point, the lord of the universe slammed his face into his pancakes, which demolished the pancakes and the plate and put a crack in the table, but did nothing for his headache.
"Aspirin?" Apollo suggested. (he was the god of healing)
"Nice cup og tea?" Hestia suggested
"I could split your skull open," offered Hephaestus, the blacksmith god
"Hephaestus!" Hera cried. "Don't talk to your father that way!"
"What?" Hephaestus demanded "Clearly he's got a problem in there. I could open up the hood and take a look. Might relieve the pressure. Besides, he's immortal. It won't kill him ~ Rick Riordan
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Rick Riordan
There have been times when I felt that I might die of loneliness. People sometimes say they might die of boredom, that they're dying for a cup of tea, but for me, dying of loneliness is not a hyperbole. When I feel like that, my head drops and my shoulders slump and I ache, I physically ache, for human contact - I truly feel that I might tumble to the ground and pass away if someone doesn't hold me, touch me. I don't mean a lover - this recent madness aside, I had long since given up on any notion that another person might love me that way - but simply a human being. The scalp massage at the hairdresser, the flu jab I had last winter - the only time I experience touch is from people whom I am paying, and they are almost wearing disposable gloves at the time. I'm merely stating the facts. ~ Gail Honeyman
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Gail Honeyman
Georgie grabbed a Zima then poured it into a cup so she wouldn't look like she was drinking Zima. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Rainbow Rowell
A chance, as a coach, to take a team to the World Cup finals is probably as high up the tree as it gets, certainly with one-day cricket. ~ Andy Pick
Vendelbo Cup quotes by Andy Pick
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