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#1. [A]s a species, we are very poor at programming. Our brains are built to understand other humans, not computers. We're terrible at forcing our minds into the precise modes of thought needed to interact with a computer, and we consistently make errors when we try. That's why computer science and programming degrees take such time and dedication to acquire: we are literally learning how to speak to an alien mind, of a kind that has not existed on Earth until very recently. - Author: Stuart Armstrong
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Stuart Armstrong
#2. When you live your life in alignment with a purpose that is centered on selflessly adding value for others, opportunities become abundant and your life becomes fulfilled. - Author: Hal Elrod
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Hal Elrod
#3. If you create and market a product or service through a business that is in alignment with your personality, capitalizes on your history, incorporates your experiences, harnesses your talents, optimizes your strengths, complements your weaknesses, honors your life's purpose, and moves you towards the conquest of your own fears, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that anyone in this or any other universe can offer the same value that you do! - Author: Walt F.J. Goodridge
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Walt F.J. Goodridge
#4. Consistent alignment of capabilities and internal processes with the customer value proposition is the core of any strategy execution. - Author: Robert S. Kaplan
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Robert S. Kaplan
#5. What you value at the highest level needs to be in alignment with your partner or you will have conflict. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#6. The heart of the issue is not simply that a group that gets a large portion of its budget from the Walton family fortune is unlikely to be highly critical of Walmart. The 1990s was the key decade when the contours of the climate battle were being drawn - when a collective strategy for rising to the challenge was developed and when the first wave of supposed solutions was presented to the public.

It was also the period when Big Green became most enthusiastically pro-corporate, most committed to a low-friction model of social change in which everything had to be 'win- win.' And in the same period many of the corporate partners of groups like the EDF and the Nature Conservancy - Walmart, FedEx, GM - were pushing hard for the global deregulatory framework that has done so much to send emissions soaring.

This alignment of economic interests - combined with the ever powerful desire to be seen as 'serious' in circles where seriousness is equated with toeing the pro-market line - fundamentally shaped how these green groups conceived of the climate challenge from the start. Global warming was not defined as a crisis being fueled by overconsumption, or by high emissions industrial agriculture, or by car culture, or by a trade system that insists that vast geographical distances do not matter - root causes that would have demanded changes in how we live, work, eat, and shop. Instead, climate change was presented as a narrow technical problem with no end of profita - Author: Naomi Klein
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Naomi Klein
#7. All humans possess a built-in motivation to stay away from people with low or negative social value. In contrast, we may vastly improve our chances for survival and replication if we proactively seek out and form partnerships, both sexual and nonsexual, with those who offer us a high survival-and-replication value ... we are hardwired to seek alignment with them.
We may draw value from other people by influencing them to help us, but in a fair exchange, we must work to improve their chances as well. If one were to take too much from the other person, he or she would lower the other's chances of survival and replication. - Author: Mystery
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Mystery
#8. A 20/20 mindset produces uncontainable joy and peace. These fruits allow you to live more creatively, effectively, and positively. When your life is in alignment with your purpose and passion, then working hard and creating value are inherent and success becomes a given. - Author: Farshad Asl
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Farshad Asl
#9. Boundaries protect the things that are of value to you. They keep you in alignment with what you have decided you want in life. That means the key to good boundaries is knowing what you want. - Author: Adelyn Birch
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Adelyn Birch
#10. Alignment, to us, means bringing pieces into the same line - the same direction. The metaphor is that a magnet will make pieces of iron point toward it. Agreement is share intellectual understanding. Tribes are clusters of people, and people are complex and nonrational at times. If a tribe is united only by agreement, as soon as times change, agreement has to be reestablished. If people learn new ideas or see a problem from a new perspective, they no longer agree, so tribes based on agreement often discourage learning, questioning, and independent thought. Tribes based on alignment want to maximize each person's contribution, provided that they stay pointed in the same direction like magnetized iron filings. - Author: Dave Logan
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Dave Logan
#11. To instill the values for the culture was and is the responsibility of the leadership, and staff alignment was critical to its success. It started with both board and staff. They realized that they needed to share the same value system that says, "I am the equipper, not the doer." If not, there were going to be immense roadblocks to effectively mobilizing people for ministry. - Author: Sue Mallory
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Sue Mallory
#12. In truth, there will never be enough power in the presidency for an incumbent to make good on a purely constructive leadership project, and it is unlikely that there will ever be another president stretched so thinly by a determination to use great power to do just that. Lyndon Johnson was a full-service president who had at his disposal an alignment of political resources, economic resources, international resources, and military resources unmatched in the annals of presidential history. The problem is that in a full-service presidency, where no interest of political significance is denied a modicum of legitimacy, resources turn fickle; the exercise of power consumes authority. Committed to a wholly affirmative result, Johnson could not rest content to let anyone carry the brunt of change. - Author: Stephen Skowronek
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Stephen Skowronek
#13. In a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else's mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and corporations, about the quality or value of products, or about the health of one's own place and economy.
In such a society, also, our private economies will depend less and less upon the private ownership of real, usable property, and more and more upon property that is institutional and abstract, beyond individual control, such as money, insurance policies, certificates of deposit, stocks, and shares. And as our private economies become more abstract, the mutual, free helps and pleasures of family and community life will be supplanted by a kind of displaced or placeless citizenship and by commerce with impersonal and self-interested suppliers...
Thus, although we are not slaves in name, and cannot be carried to market and sold as somebody else's legal chattels, we are free only within narrow limits. For all our talk about liberation and personal autonomy, there are few choices that we are free to make. What would be the point, for example, if a majority of our people decided to be self-employed?
The great enemy of freedom is the alignment of political power with wealth. This alignment destroys the commonwealth - that is, the natural wealth of localities and the local economies of household, neighborhood, and community - and so destroys democracy, of which the commonwe - Author: Wendell Berry
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Wendell Berry
#14. Clues. Sometimes we get involved with things that have both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the bad points outweigh (or outwit) the good, and we choose to ignore the negatives. Our subconscious won't let us get away with that. Remember, the mind will lie, the body cannot! * * * Getting Better by Getting It Together As we've see, your state of health depends on many constantly changing conditions. When you experience an illness or accident, it is usually because an imbalance between your inner and outer worlds has triggered a body problem. So you must work backwards: begin by looking at the body problem for clues to the cause of the imbalance, then take the steps necessary to restore your inner alignment. - Author: Rochelle Gordon
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Rochelle Gordon
#15. The real problem is what to do with problem solvers after the problem is solved. - Author: Gay Talese
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Gay Talese
#16. There was a second problem that was still not a technical problem ... the project became classified. I couldn't work on it after having gone to all that trouble. I was considered a security risk, so I could not get a clearance. - Author: Gordon Gould
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Gordon Gould
#17. Our tendency to create heroes rarely jibes with the reality that most nontrivial problems require collective solutions. - Author: Warren G. Bennis
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#18. Even the king's Erkynguard might have wished to be elsewhere, rather than here on this killing ground where duty brought them and loyalty prisoned them. Only the mercenaries were here by choice. To Simon, the minds of men who would come to this of their own will were suddenly as incomprehensible as the thoughts of spiders or lizards - less so, even, for the small creatures of the earth almost always fled from danger. These were madmen, Simon realized, and that was the direst problem of the world: that madmen should be strong and unafraid, so that they could force their will on the weak and peace-loving. If God allowed such madness to be, Simon could not help thinking, then He was an old god who had lost His grip. - Author: Tad Williams
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Tad Williams
#19. Few boys have been as fortunate as I, raised into manhood with only the gentlest of words and blandishments in my ears and the kindest of caresses upon my person, by a mother who sheltered us from everything that is harsh and ugly in this world. I was spoiled, utterly unprepared for cruelty, and perhaps this sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not! You mustn't think I blame you. I'm afraid I must sound like the most ungrateful son in the world, when in fact the opposite is true. I am more grateful now than ever for the way you raised us, teaching us the value of kindness, of education, of independent thinking and liberal ideals, in the face of the fascism that is sweeping our country. The cruelest punishments now fail to bring even a tear to my eye, but the thought of the hardship you've suffered on behalf of your ideals makes me weep like a baby. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#20. But I honestly don't read critics. My dad reads absolutely everything ever written about me. He calls me up to read ecstatic reviews, but I always insist that I can't hear them. If you give value to the good reviews, you have to give value to the criticism. - Author: Fiona Apple
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Fiona Apple
#21. Revolutions are the only political events which confront us directly and inevitably with the problem of beginning. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Hannah Arendt
#22. Come over early tomorrow morning," Marlboro Man asked over the phone one night. "We're gathering cattle, and I want you to meet my mom and dad."
"Oh, okay," I agreed, wondering to myself why we couldn't just remain in our own isolated, romantic world. And the truth was, I wasn't ready to meet his parents yet. I still hadn't successfully divorced myself from California J's dear, dear folks. They'd been so wonderful to me during my years of dating their son and had become the California version of my parents, my home away from home. I hated that our relationship couldn't continue despite, oh, the minor detail of my breaking up with their son. And already? Another set of parents? I wasn't ready.
"What time do you want me there?" I asked. I'd do anything for Marlboro Man.
"Can you be here around five?" he asked.
"In the evening…right?" I responded, hopeful.
He chuckled. Oh, no. This was going to turn out badly for me. "Um…no," he said. "That would be five A.M."
I sighed. To arrive at his ranch at 5:00 A.M. would mean my rising by 4:00 A.M.--before 4:00 A.M. if I wanted to shower and make myself presentable. This meant it would still be dark outside, which was completely offensive and unacceptable. There's no way. I'd have to tell him no.
"Okay--no problem!" I responded. I clutched my stomach in pain.
Chuckling again, he teased, "I can come pick you up if you need me to. Then you can sleep all the way back to the ranch."
"Are you kiddin - Author: Ree Drummond
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Ree Drummond
#23. When I was building robots in the early 1990s, the problems of voice recognition, image understanding, VOIP, even touchscreen technologies - these were robotics problems. - Author: Colin Angle
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Colin Angle
#24. We're spending money that we don't have to solve a problem that doesn't exist at the behest of people we didn't elect. - Author: Douglas Carswell
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Douglas Carswell
#25. The person who exudes a love of life, infused with charm and a smile, this is the person of value. - Author: Colin Myles
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Colin Myles
#26. There's an intrinsic value in creating something for the sake of creating it. - Author: Rodney Mullen
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Rodney Mullen
#27. One feels, in this possessive relationship, enriched, creative, and active; one feels one's own little flame of being is increased by another and so in order not to lose this source of completeness one fears the loss of the other, and so possessive fears come into being with all their resulting problems. Thus in this relationship of psychological dependence, there must always be conscious or unconscious fear, suspicion, which often lies hidden in pleasant-sounding words..

Though one is dependent on another, there is yet the desire to be inviolate, to be whole. The complex problem in relationship is how to love without dependence, without friction and conflict; how to conquer the desire to isolate oneself, to withdraw from the cause of conflict. If we depend for our happiness on another, on society, or on environment, they become essential to us; we cling to them and any alteration of these we violently oppose because we depend upon them for our psychological security and comfort. Though, intellectually, we may perceive that life is a continual process of flux, mutation, necessitating constant change, yet emotionally or sentimentally we cling to the established and comforting values; hence there is a constant battle between change and the desire for permanency. Is it possible to put an end to this conflict? - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#28. Another long run, hoping to put distance between me and everything else. The farther, the better. Only problem is, the distance is just temporary, because no matter how far I go, I always have to come back. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#29. In comparing therefore the value of the same commodity, at different periods of time, the consideration of the comparative skill and intensity of labour, required for that particular commodity, needs scarcely to be attended to, as it operates equally at both periods. - Author: David Ricardo
Value Alignment Problem quotes by David Ricardo
#30. Even if your inner voice is friendlier, the dialogues you have with yourself often have to do with what's weighing on you - things like relationship problems, professional disappointments, health concerns, and the like. Human beings are by nature problem solvers, so in quiet moments, this is where our minds go. Our fixation on what needs to be fixed is why some people can't abide downtime and always have to have something to do so they won't think about what's wrong. However, trying to suppress your inner voice only gives it more power. It gets louder and more insistent, which makes some people get even busier and overscheduled to drown it out. It never works, though. Your inner voice is always there and, if it can't get your attention during the day, it will roust you at 4:00 a.m. Hello! Remember me? - Author: Kate Murphy
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Kate  Murphy
#31. The saying "no self, no problem" probably comes from Zen. In their cultures, where Buddhism is kind of taken for granted, as well as karma, causality, former and future life, and the possibility for becoming enlightened, then it's safe to skirt the danger of nihilism, which would be, I don't exist because Buddha said I have no self, and therefore I have no problem because I don't exist. That would be a bad misunderstanding. But in those cultures, it would not be as easy to have that understanding as it would be here in the west, where we really are nihilistic. - Author: Robert Thurman
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Robert Thurman
#32. I am able to hug Rosie. This was the issue that caused me the most fear after she agreed to live with me. I generally find body contact unpleasant, but sex is an obvious exception. Sex solved the body contact problem. We are now also able to hug without having sex, which is obviously convenient at times. - Author: Graeme Simsion
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Graeme Simsion
#33. His sumptuous tents, and those of his satraps, afforded an immense booty to the conqueror; and an incident is mentioned which proves the rustic but martial ignorance of the legions in the elegant superfluities of life. A bag of shining leather, filled with pearls, fell into the hands of a private soldier; he carefully preserved the bag, but he threw away its contents, judging that whatever was of no use could not possibly be of any value. - Author: Edward Gibbon
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Edward Gibbon
#34. A very good senior programmer (who might get paid $200,000) gets paid about the same as a great programmer, who delivers $5 million worth of value for the same price. That's enough of a difference to build an entire company's profit around. Do it with ten programmers and you're rich. - Author: Seth Godin
Value Alignment Problem quotes by Seth Godin
#35. You've got to find a man who will build you up. Enough with the boys who like to break things apart and put them back together just to see how they work. Even though you have already built yourself up, the value in adding anyone else to your life lies in the question if whether or not they can add more to that structure. If not, you're better off alone. You've got this one life, who are you going to let into it? And why? - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Value Alignment Problem quotes by C. JoyBell C.

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