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#1. Valerie Sherwood, I said to myself, you're going to die. - Author: Debra Doyle
Val Sherwood quotes by Debra Doyle
#2. I think that those of us who are what are called intellectuals make a terrible mistake in overvaluing the yen we have for the arts, books, etc. There is a sweet, fine quality in life that has nothing to do with this, and more and more I find myself valuing myself with those people. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#3. Alicia, enough!' We all froze. My dad had only invoked his Code Red Warning: You've Done It Now voice twice in my lifetime. The first was when Val was trying to feed me 'magical pills' from the medicine cabinet when I was four, and other was when my mom thought he was being too flirty with my aunt. 'He's twenty-fucking-two years old! If he doesn't want to go, he doesn't want to go, okay? - Author: Barry Brennessel
Val Sherwood quotes by Barry Brennessel
#4. Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness." (Lamentations 3:22-23) Philippians - Author: Val Waldeck
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Waldeck
#5. For the first time in forever, he'll wake up to a new beagle's bark every motning, with a feeling that the world is all right and everyone he cares about is safe and sound - Author: Ben Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Ben Sherwood
#6. Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore. - Author: Val Guest
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Guest
#7. I live on a ranch that's larger than Manhattan. That's a weird circumstance. - Author: Val Kilmer
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Kilmer
#8. And autos are not the only product that could be made more energy efficient if we just put in place sensible requirements. This is also true of many appliances and even of entire buildings. - Author: Sherwood Boehlert
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Boehlert
#9. Time is the only commodity that is irreplaceable: invest it, share it, spend it...but never waste it. - Author: Tracy Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Tracy Sherwood
#10. All religions seem alike to me, one mass of absurdities and lies - I know that there is a God, but I know no more of him; and I believe that all those are liars who pretend to know more than I do. - Author: Mary Martha Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Mary Martha Sherwood
#11. I started playing drums at a pretty early age because my parents were musicians. My dad was an amazing multi-instrumentalist and I can play a lot of instruments, but my dad actually played all the instruments I could play and then added another twenty five or thirty five different categories on there ... he was incredible! He got an act actually in Vegas, my parents Bobby and Phyllis Sherwood. - Author: Billy Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Billy Sherwood
#12. I don't know what I shall do. I just want to go away and look at people and think. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#13. It was a while before my mind was quiet enough for reading. The conversation with Shevraeth I was determined not to think about. What was the use? It was over, and it was clear it wasn't going to be repeated.
Recalling the name he'd mentioned, Lady Trishe
one of the names Bran had spoken earlier that morning
I realized it was Shevraeth they were planning to go riding with. She wouldn't enjoy this ride was what Nee had said, meaning that I wouldn't enjoy it because Shevraeth would be along. What it probably also meant, I realized glumly, was that they wouldn't enjoy having me along if I glared at Shevraeth and started squabbling. - Author: Sherwood Smith
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Smith
#14. The writer, an old man with a white mustache, had some difficulty in getting into bed. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#15. If you should put a knife into a French girl's learning it would explode and blow away like an omelette soufflee ... - Author: M. E. W. Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by M. E. W. Sherwood
#16. So tonight I'm, pursuing more commercial joys around the bedpost. And I plan to get drunk as a skunk. - Author: Valerie Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Valerie Sherwood
#17. Three criteria to inspire as well as cultivate intercultural trust - sincerity, competence and reliability. - Author: Sherwood Fleming
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Fleming
#18. And then he saw her burning eyes. They gazed at him calmly and he saw in them benediction.
He fell to his knees before her, pressing his face to her purple-velvet-clad-belly. "Séraphine, Séraphine, Séraphine. O most beloved of women, most fiery of saints, never leave me, please. I'll erect columns of white marble to you, build gardens of delight for you, cause ships to sail and warriors to rise for you, if you'll only remain by my side."
She smiled down at him and cupped his cheeks. "Valentine, do you love me?"
Ah, God, it was like a shot to the gut.
He squeezed tight his eyes. To come so close and lose her because of this. "If I were able I would love you as no man has ever loved a woman since the beginning of time."
She knelt then to face him and whispered, "But you are able."
He clutched her. He wouldn't let her go, no, not even when she realized... "Séraphine, my darling, burning one, do you not remember? I told you, so long ago now, that I lacked that part. I cannot-"
"But you can, Valentine." She touched a finger to his cheek and then showed it to him.
He blinked.
Her finger was wet. His eyes were wet.
She smiled at him, his burning Séraphine, and it was as if the night sky were ablaze. "You love me."
"I love you," he said in wonder, and felt his chest fill with warmth. "I love you."
"And I love you," she whispered, her hands cupping his face.
So he kissed her until she was limp and pliable and so very hot - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Val Sherwood quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#19. Oh, Val," said Father. "All you have to do is live your life, and everyone around you will be happier."
"No greatness, then."
"Val," said Mother, "goodness trumps greatness any day."
"Not in the history books," said Valentine.
"Then the wrong people are writing history, aren't they?" said Father. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Val Sherwood quotes by Orson Scott Card
#20. And again she wished for Sherwood, and the dappled roof of leaves that never weighed upon her. She pulled her scarf closer around her and thought, I would rather live in a hut in the woods; a hut like the one of my first memories, with a clean-swept dirt floor, and a brown-eyed boy watching me from behind his mother's skirts as I watched him from behind mine. - Author: Robin McKinley
Val Sherwood quotes by Robin McKinley
#21. I looked up--for he was half a head taller than I--into his gold-colored eyes, and though their expression was merely contemplative, and his manner mild, I felt my neck go hot. Turning away from that direct, steady gaze, I just couldn't find the words to ask him about his mother's political plans. So I said, "I came to ask a favor of you."
"Speak, then," he said, his voice just a shade deeper than usual.
I looked over my shoulder and realized then that he was laughing. Not out loud, but internally. All the signs were there; the shadows at the corners of his mouth, the sudden brightness of his gaze. He was laughing at me--at my reaction.
I sighed. "It concerns the party I must give for my brother's coming marriage," I said shortly, and stole another quick look.
His amusement was gone--superficially, anyway.
"You must forgive my obtuseness," he murmured. "But you could have requested your assistance by letter."
"I did. Oh." I realized what he meant, and then remembered belatedly one of Nee's more delicate hints about pursuit--and pursuers. "Oh!" So he hadn't guessed why I'd come; he thought I'd come courting. And, well, here we were alone.
My first reaction was alarm. I did find him attractive--I realized it just as I was standing there--but in the way I'd admire a beautifully cut diamond or a sunset above sheer cliffs. Another person, finding herself in my place, could probably embark happily into dalliance and thus speed along her true purpo - Author: Sherwood Smith
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Smith
#22. You skip merrily along, - Author: Val Beedamon
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Beedamon
#23. Oh, for God's sake." Westhaven sounded most displeased. "Evie just switched her glass of wassail for Deene's, and the idiot man didn't even notice." Maggie's brows knit. "Why does that matter?" "Because," St. Just said as Westhaven moved off, "Deene's is spiked with a dose of the loveliest white rum ever to knock a grown man on his arse." Maggie took a little sip of her drink. "So's mine." Val reached over and plucked her glass from her hand. "Then you'd better share, sister dear, or I'm going to go fetch Sindal here myself." *** - Author: Grace Burrowes
Val Sherwood quotes by Grace Burrowes
#24. There is this thing called life. We live it, not as we intend or wish, but as we are driven on by forces outside and inside ourselves. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#25. Daryl Hannah likes to goof around with fashion, but she does have pretty impeccable taste. - Author: Val Kilmer
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Kilmer
#26. Jean Valjean, who was listening attentively, heard something like the sould of retreating footsteps.
"They are going away," he thought. "I am alone." All at once he heard over his head a noise which appeared to him like a thunder-clap; it was a spadeful of earth falling on the coffin; a second spadeful fell, and one of the holes by which he breather was stopped; a third spadeful fell, and then a forth. "There are somethings stronger than the the strongest man, and Jean Val Jean lost his senses. - Author: Victor Hugo
Val Sherwood quotes by Victor Hugo
#27. I have two children and they're young yet but all of the children that I know really inspire me. - Author: Val Kilmer
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Kilmer
#28. Did anyone ever really know anyone else? Really, truly know them, so much so that you never even had to doubt their thoughts or intentions? - Author: Val Brelinski
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Brelinski
#29. I go about looking at horses and cattle. They eat grass, make love, work when they have to, bear their young. I am sick with envy of them. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#30. What's it really like to always be the prettiest person in a room? Dos it mean you're always acting as if in a play, because no one stops looking at you?'
'Life is a play, isn't it? - Author: Sherwood Smith
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Smith
#31. Around five-eight, slim, good shoulders, narrow hips, legs and trunk in proportion, short dark hair, side parting, dark eyes, probably blue, shadows under the eyes, fair skin, average nose, wide mouth, lower lip fuller than upper. - Author: Val McDermid
Val Sherwood quotes by Val McDermid
#32. Everybody seemed to like Skype except him, Tony thought, closing his office door then settling in front of his screen. His dislike was both personal and professional. Everybody looked weird on Skype. Everyone, frankly, looked like a potential patient. There was something very unsettling about that fish-eyed stare. Even people he liked looked deranged. From a professional perspective, the trouble was you could never see enough of the person you were in conversation with to gauge their body language. They might be giving off all sort of signals you'd be aware of in what his boss had taken to calling "F2F encounters," but the Skype interface could hide a multitude of clues. - Author: Val McDermid
Val Sherwood quotes by Val McDermid
#33. I'm not going out with Val. I broke up with Val. I have a new date tonight."

Chunk's arms go up in the air and she looks up to the ceiling. "Thank the Lord!" she proclaims loudly.

My mother laughs and nods. "Yes. Thank the Lord," she says, relieved. She turns back toward the stove and I can't stop looking back and forth between the both of them. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Val Sherwood quotes by Colleen Hoover
#34. I am old, but the word to me means familiar, comfortable. Accustomed after long and venerable use. Not dilapidated and useless. - Author: Sherwood Smith
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Smith
#35. Father was made for romance. For him there was no such thing as a fact. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#36. But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all men, and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man." (John 2:24,25) Sometimes - Author: Val Waldeck
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Waldeck
#37. Acting is not a science. Anybody who believes that their success exists in relation to their goals is deluding themselves; unless you think of a career in terms of financial goals. I have nothing against Tom Cruise, but he must have a large capacity to deal with the business side of movies. - Author: Val Kilmer
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Kilmer
#38. And he said that he wrote the Bond character based on the character of David Niven. That's how he saw Bond. - Author: Val Guest
Val Sherwood quotes by Val Guest
#39. I grew up at 16 years old driving trucks across the George Washington Bridge. - Author: Don Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Don Sherwood
#40. They wanted to make her less rural, less of a cartoon. Not that Southern woman are cartoonish - they're the strongest women in this country, but with Val they wanted to take the stereotypical things out. - Author: Joan Van Ark
Val Sherwood quotes by Joan Van Ark
#41. Marry the widow, little brother. She makes you smile." Val - Author: Grace Burrowes
Val Sherwood quotes by Grace Burrowes
#42. We all come from our own little planets. That's why we're all different. That's what makes life interesting. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Robert E. Sherwood
#43. In most parts of the world, people go to sleep without fearing that in the middle of the night a neighbouring tribe might surround their village and slaughter everyone. Well-off British subjects travel daily from Nottingham to London through Sherwood Forest without fear that a gang of merry green-clad brigands will ambush them and take their money to give to the poor (or, more likely, murder them and take the money for themselves). Students brook no canings from their teachers, children need not fear that they will be sold into slavery when their parents can't pay their bills, and women know that the law forbids their husbands from beating them and forcing them to stay at home. Increasingly, around the world, these expectations are fulfilled. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Val Sherwood quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#44. Ellen?" Val knelt to peer up at her where she sat. "Shall I leave?" He put a hand on her knee then slid it up to her hip, holding her gaze as he did. She laid her fingers over the back of his debilitated left hand. They'd been heading for this moment for weeks, but now that it was upon her, she looked not just surprised but stunned. "I'll leave," Val said, settling back onto his heels and resting his cheek against her thigh. "If you ask it of me, I'll get up and see about your locks, share a cup of cider and an apple tart, ask you your plans for the week, and understand." "Understand?" He brought his other hand around her waist and held on, knee-walking in close to hug her middle on a sigh. "Now - Author: Grace Burrowes
Val Sherwood quotes by Grace Burrowes
#45. And I was even beginning to think home might be with you. - Author: Ben Sherwood
Val Sherwood quotes by Ben Sherwood
#46. They're safe,' he said. "And you're not made of glass". He swept me up in his arms.
I laughed. "And I'm not made of glass."
He carried me into our room and kicked the door shut behind us. - Author: Sherwood Smith
Val Sherwood quotes by Sherwood Smith
#47. I think that crime is a good vehicle for looking at society in general because the nature of the crime novel means that you draw on a wide group of social possibilities. - Author: Val McDermid
Val Sherwood quotes by Val McDermid

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