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#1. I'm yours, for eternity! - Author: Tima Maria Lacoba
Urban Contemporary quotes by Tima Maria Lacoba
#2. Eternity, I repeated, the words burning into my brain, so much so it felt we'd made some form of sacred and unbreakable bond. - Author: Tima Maria Lacoba
Urban Contemporary quotes by Tima Maria Lacoba
#3. Now we have so many different genres of music, it's amazing to me. Even in the gospel music arena, you've got hip-hop, you got contemporary, urban contemporary, you got traditional, you got neo-soul gospel, you've got all of these different things. - Author: Marvin Sapp
Urban Contemporary quotes by Marvin Sapp
#4. In those few words you've summed up my life - my reason for existence. It's you. Any pain I've suffered, the mistakes I've made, the path laid out for me have all led here - to you. - Author: Tima Maria Lacoba
Urban Contemporary quotes by Tima Maria Lacoba
#5. In great cities, spaces as well as places are designed and built: walking, witnessing, being in public, are as much part of the design and purpose as is being inside to eat, sleep, make shoes or love or music. The word citizen has to do with cities, and the ideal city is organized around citizenship
around participation in public life. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Urban Contemporary quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#6. There's never been a woman that can compare to you, Maddie, and I know there never will be," he told her sincerely. - Author: Erin Nicholas
Urban Contemporary quotes by Erin Nicholas
#7. Guilt added to Rachael's grief. Swirled amongst it like a river of shame. - Author: Ellen Read
Urban Contemporary quotes by Ellen Read
#8. Well then, I guess I'm man enough to admit that I'm trying to get in touch with my inner bitch. - Author: Elle Lothlorien
Urban Contemporary quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#9. If there really was one true god, it should be a singular composite of every religion's gods, an uber-galactic super-genius, and the ultimate entity of the entire cosmos. If a being of that magnitude ever wrote a book, then there would only be one such document; one book of God. It would be dominant everywhere in the world with no predecessors or parallels or alternatives in any language, because mere human authors couldn't possibly compete with it. And you wouldn't need faith to believe it, because it would be consistent with all evidence and demonstrably true, revealing profound morality and wisdom far beyond contemporary human capacity. It would invariably inspire a unity of common belief for every reader. If God wrote it, we could expect no less. But what we see instead is the very opposite of that. - Author: Aron Ra
Urban Contemporary quotes by Aron Ra
#10. ...what goes on inside believers is mysterious. So far as it can be guessed at - if for some reason you wanted to guess at it - it appears to be a kind of anxious pretending, a kind of continual, nervous resistance to reality. It looks as if, to a believer, things can never be allowed just to be what they are. They always have to be translated, moralised - given an unnecessary and rather sentimental extra meaning. A sunset can't just be part of the mixed magnificence and cruelty and indifference of the world; it has to be a blessing. A meal has to be a present you're grateful for, even if it came from Tesco and the ingredients cost you £7.38. Sex can't be the spectrum of experiences you get used to as an adult, from occasional earthquake through to mild companionable buzz; it has to be, oh dear oh dear, a special thing that happens when mummies and daddies love each other very much...

Our fingers must be in our ears all the time - lalala, I can't hear you - just to keep out the plain sound of the real world.

The funny thing is that to me it's exactly the other way around. In my experience, it's belief that involves the most uncompromising attention to the nature of things of which you are capable. It's belief which demands that you dispense with illusion after illusion, while contemporary common sense requires continual, fluffy pretending. Pretending that might as well be systematic, it's so thoroughly incentivised by our culture. - Author: Francis Spufford
Urban Contemporary quotes by Francis Spufford
#11. Since all these novelists [the realists] happened to be men, the present writer, proposing at this moment to write a novel and looking round for a contemporary pattern, was faced with the choice between following one of her regiments and attempting to produce a feminine equivalent of the current masculine realism. - Author: Dorothy M. Richardson
Urban Contemporary quotes by Dorothy M. Richardson
#12. There is no basis in text, tradition, or even in contemporary practice (if that were enough), for finding in the Constitution a right to demand judicial consideration of newly discovered evidence of innocence brought forward after conviction. My concern is that in making life easier for ourselves we not appear to make it harder for the lower federal courts, imposing upon them the burden of regularly analyzing newly-discovered-evidence-of-innocence claims in capital cases (in which event such federal claims, it can confidently be predicted, will become routine and even repetitive). - Author: Antonin Scalia
Urban Contemporary quotes by Antonin Scalia
#13. As reforms have come into India, as India has started opening up, prosperity is increasing, as is demand for urban housing. - Author: Kushal Pal Singh
Urban Contemporary quotes by Kushal Pal Singh
#14. She had become the demon, only too much, and too fast. I had an incredible urge to knock her on her ass, take her down a few notches. Turning her just got higher on the priority scale. That's if I didn't kill her first. - Author: L.J. Kentowski
Urban Contemporary quotes by L.J. Kentowski
#15. The hand at her back stroked up and down. Never straying too far south, but igniting a fire inside her that she wanted this fireman to stoke instead of extinguish - Author: Tamara Hoffa
Urban Contemporary quotes by Tamara Hoffa
#16. as in Heinrich Heine's (a contemporary of Kierkegaard's) well-known saying that one should value above everything else 'freedom, equality and crab soup'. 'Crab soup' stands here for all the small pleasures in the absence of which we become (mental, if not real) terrorists, - Author: Slavoj Zizek
Urban Contemporary quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#17. Gracie: You have an unusual house. Have you lived here long?
Bobby Tom: A couple of years. I don't much like it myself, but the architect is real proud of it. She calls it urban Stone Age with a Japanese Tahitian influence. I sort of just call it ugly. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Urban Contemporary quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#18. It's okay, I love the creepy feeling of waking up to someone staring at me. - Author: Madeleine Urban
Urban Contemporary quotes by Madeleine Urban
#19. Happiness comes in many forms. Whether through a passion for something or someone, it makes no difference. The results are the same: you live. - Author: Megan Duke
Urban Contemporary quotes by Megan Duke
#20. This is New York, babe. Be ready to expect anything. - Author: Faith Sullivan
Urban Contemporary quotes by Faith Sullivan
#21. Xavier had thought he was in paradise before. He'd been wrong. Sophia was more than paradise. She was the very reason he breathed. - Author: Justine Dell
Urban Contemporary quotes by Justine Dell
#22. James looked at the people around his table. He stared at each one of them as though he were looking at a magic-eye puzzle and he could see all of the different pieces and the colours but not beyond what was on the surface, and the more he tried, the depth, the revealing images, were kept away from him. - Author: Tan Redding
Urban Contemporary quotes by Tan Redding
#23. Unfortunately, the Church's position on most contemporary issues makes it hard to take them seriously. - Author: Andres Serrano
Urban Contemporary quotes by Andres Serrano
#24. I'm going to go after what I want.", Summer Jones in Loving Summer by Kailin Gow - Author: Kailin Gow
Urban Contemporary quotes by Kailin Gow
#25. Freedom you earn is more powerful than freedom handed to you. - Author: Marissa Clarke
Urban Contemporary quotes by Marissa Clarke
#26. This whole urban rap thing needs to be pulled back some. The ghetto is being glorified, and there's nothing good about the ghetto except getting out of one. - Author: Franklyn Ajaye
Urban Contemporary quotes by Franklyn Ajaye
#27. I'd have to say, you've got something behind those hazel eyes of yours that I haven't seen in a long time - Author: Magan Vernon
Urban Contemporary quotes by Magan Vernon
#28. Here's a new 'Blessing' for our time
'May Anderson Cooper never be sent to report on your town! - Author: Vera Nazarian
Urban Contemporary quotes by Vera Nazarian
#29. More profoundly, Nihilist "simplification" may be seen in the universal prestige today accorded the lowest order of knowledge, the scientific, as well as the simplistic ideas of men like Marx, Freud, and Darwin, which underlie virtually the whole of contemporary thought and life.

We say "life," for it is important to see that the Nihilist history of our century has not been something imposed from without or above, or at least has not been predominantly this; it has rather presupposed, and drawn its nourishment from, a Nihilist soil that has long been preparing in the hearts of the people. It is precisely from the Nihilism of the commonplace, from the everyday Nihilism revealed in the life and thought and aspiration of the people, that all the terrible events of our century have sprung.
The world-view of Hitler is very instructive in this regard, for in him the most extreme and monstrous Nihilism rested upon the foundation of a quite unexceptional and even typical Realism. He shared the common faith in "science," "progress," and "enlightenment" (though not, of course, in "democracy"), together with a practical materialism that scorned all theology, metaphysics, and any thought or action concerned with any other world than the "here and now," priding himself on the fact that he had "the gift of reducing all problems to their simplest foundations." He had a crude worship of efficiency and utility that freely tolerated "birth control", laughed at the institution - Author: Seraphim Rose
Urban Contemporary quotes by Seraphim Rose
#30. Urban farming is not only possible, it is crucial. But it can't be like the farming techniques of yore. - Author: Homaro Cantu
Urban Contemporary quotes by Homaro Cantu
#31. The contemporary world has turned its back on the attempt and even on the desire to live reasonably. - Author: George Santayana
Urban Contemporary quotes by George Santayana
#32. The bathroom's down the hall if you want to take off your tights. I can throw 'em in the dryer for you if you want. Or, you can hang them on the shower curtain rod." He turned. "It's
been a long time since I've had a woman's tights draped over my rod." A quick wink and he was gone before she could do anything more than gape. - Author: Linda Morris
Urban Contemporary quotes by Linda Morris
#33. You should go upstairs and relax a little. Take a nap or read one of those books that make your cheeks burn."
She playfully squinted at him. "How would you know what I look like when I read?"
He leaned forward, crossing his arms on the table. "I like watching you read."
"Really?" she questioned.
"It's sexy the way you react to the stories," he whispered. "Your gestures are usually simple like a giggle or a gasp. But occasionally, your nipples harden. - Author: Stacey O'Neale
Urban Contemporary quotes by Stacey O'Neale
#34. The building of publicly funded stadiums has become a substitue for anything resembling an urban policy. - Author: Dave Zirin
Urban Contemporary quotes by Dave Zirin
#35. Stumbling closer, I held up the manuscript, the pages flapping frantically in the wind. "I take it this is a murder mystery? You killed the ex-fiancée and thanked her in the dedication? Mighty dignified of you, I must say."

"Nah. It's a horror novel. But yeah, the bimbo dies in the end. Bob Hall says it's going to be a bestseller, so I figured I owed her some thanks for the inspiration." He edged a few feet closer, his smile spread from ear to ear. The glimmer in his eyes flickered toward the ocean, breaking our connection. He hung his head, licked his lips, then returned his eyes to mine, restoring the connection with an intense smolder. "Are you gonna get over here, or what?"

Letting out a soft chuckle, the tears began to blind me. "Make me. - Author: Rachael Wade
Urban Contemporary quotes by Rachael Wade
#36. Being with Holden and Gavin was driving Stella mad. Mad with desire when she was with them; mad with impatience when they were apart. In their arms, she felt beautiful and desirable - two things she hadn't experienced nearly enough in her lifetime. They reminded her that there was more to being a woman than complicated beauty regimens and menstrual cycles. - Author: Amanda Young
Urban Contemporary quotes by Amanda Young
#37. She rocked her hips into him and gasped. "Do you have a sleeping cabin on this boat?"
His teeth brushed her ear. "Yes."
"Do you have protection?"
Her question didn't register through the haze of his hunger for her.
"Cannons, a cutlass, and a few pistols."
She chuckled and kissed him again.
"How about condoms? - Author: Lisa Kessler
Urban Contemporary quotes by Lisa Kessler
#38. I want to go slow, baby, I really do," he whispered at the side of her neck. "But I'm not going to be able to this first time."
"Thank heavens. - Author: Robin Bielman
Urban Contemporary quotes by Robin Bielman
#39. No one extraordinary appears to be entirely contemporary. People who are contemporary don't appear at all: they are invisible. - Author: Susan Sontag
Urban Contemporary quotes by Susan Sontag

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