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I started writing movie scripts. They excited me a lot, but I didn't like them when they were finished because they were simple copies of the films I saw in childhood. ~ Manuel Puig
Unicycle Movie quotes by Manuel Puig
Whether it's a blessing or a curse, I have always played someone like 10 years younger. When I was 23 or 24, I was playing 15 opposite Evan Rachel Wood in a movie called 'Pretty Persuasion.' She was 16 and nobody in a million years would have thought I was that much older than her. ~ Elisabeth Harnois
Unicycle Movie quotes by Elisabeth Harnois
The television screen, so unlike the movie screen, sharply reduced human beings, revealed them as small, trivial, flat, in two banal dimensions, drained of color. Wasn't there something reassuring about it!
that human beings were in fact merely images of a kind registered in one another's eyes and brains, phenomena composed of microscopic flickering dots like atoms. They were atoms
nothing more. A quick switch of the dial and they disappeared and who could lament the loss? ~ Joyce Carol Oates
Unicycle Movie quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
When I did 'The Passion,' nobody believed in the movie. Everybody was telling me, 'You shouldn't do this movie ... But I wanted to play Mary Magdalene. I thought that I could do something strong and deep with this character. ~ Monica Bellucci
Unicycle Movie quotes by Monica Bellucci
I was supposed to have a script, and had mislaid it. I was supposed to hear cues, and no longer did. I was meant to know the plot, but all I knew was what I saw: flash pictures in variable sequence, images with no 'meaning' beyond their temporary arrangement, not a movie but a cutting-room experience. ~ Joan Didion
Unicycle Movie quotes by Joan Didion
I grew up wanting to make movies, and along the way I suddenly found that I had a career doing comedy. ~ Ben Stiller
Unicycle Movie quotes by Ben Stiller
I don't underestimate audiences' intelligence. Audiences are much brighter than media gives them credit for. When people went to a movie once a week in the 1930s and that was their only exposure to media, you were required to do a different grammar. ~ Michael Mann
Unicycle Movie quotes by Michael Mann
Before I go off and direct a movie, I always look at four films. They tend to be The Seven Samurai, Lawrence Of Arabia, It's A Wonderful Life and The Searchers. ~ Steven Spielberg
Unicycle Movie quotes by Steven Spielberg
The way I see it, if you're going to make an action movie, you've got to make one with John Woo. ~ Christian Slater
Unicycle Movie quotes by Christian Slater
I went to do Eclipse right after The Runaways, and I think the director of that movie might have said to another cast member that he had to beat the Joan Jett out of me. ~ Kristen Stewart
Unicycle Movie quotes by Kristen Stewart
The Japanese, despite the trade deficit and their ability to build fabulous automobiles, still think that a guy in a monster suit is all that is needed for a monster movie. ~ Stephen Hunter
Unicycle Movie quotes by Stephen Hunter
I've asked myself that a thousand times over and I'm no closer to an answer now than I was when it began. I think that's why I always loved movies so much. In a movie, everything has to make sense. The characters always have to have motivation. Good, solid motivation for everything they do. They can't be a dickhead without reason. If someone turns on a character, they have to have a hardcore, believable reason for it. Unfortunately, in real life you don't. People turn on each other for anything from catching a constipated look on your face when you had gas and thinking it was directed at them, to not liking the brand of shoes you're wearing. People are sick. (Aiden) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Unicycle Movie quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I'd love to be able to do a really good English movie. ~ Mitch Hewer
Unicycle Movie quotes by Mitch Hewer
His scowl returned. "Why, if they're supposed to be Greek, are all of them speaking with an English accent?"
She laughed. "Didn't you know that British is, like, the universal 'foreign' language in Hollywood? They use it in any movie where they want to have a foreign feel to it, regardless of where it's set ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Unicycle Movie quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
In every movie and every TV show, the dads are morons. And dads tend to react by doing what dads do best: They check out. They say, 'Ask your mother.' ~ Steve Schirripa
Unicycle Movie quotes by Steve Schirripa
When I first envisioned 'Funny Games' in the mid-1990s, it was my intention to have an American audience watch the movie. It is a reaction to a certain American cinema, its violence, its naivety, the way American cinema toys with human beings. In many American films, violence is made consumable. ~ Michael Haneke
Unicycle Movie quotes by Michael Haneke
I've seen many, many movies over the years, and there are only a few that suddenly inspire you so much that you want to continue to make films. ~ Martin Scorsese
Unicycle Movie quotes by Martin Scorsese
Goodness knows, I tried. But I think it's virtually impossible for the right kind of man to be married to a movie star. ~ Joan Fontaine
Unicycle Movie quotes by Joan Fontaine
[On Edna Ferber's Ice Palace] ... the book, which is going to be a movie, has the plot and characters of a book which is going to be a movie. ~ Dorothy Parker
Unicycle Movie quotes by Dorothy Parker
It's so hard to actually get the money to make your movie. When you actually have the chance to do it, you have to be absolutely ruthless in order to make the best movie you can make. ~ Jamie Babbit
Unicycle Movie quotes by Jamie Babbit
When I say 'yes' to a movie it's usually because, to a greater or lesser extent, it's because I'm enthusiastic about the character. How well that character ultimately comes off depends on a lot of things: your relationship with the director and so on. But at first, you're on board because you think you can do something with it. ~ John Travolta
Unicycle Movie quotes by John Travolta
The Black Hole?" Grey asked, incredulously. "Nobody quotes The Black Hole, Dresden. Nobody even remembers that one." "Hogwash. Ernest Borgnine, Anthony Perkins, and Roddy McDowall all in the same movie? Immortality. ~ Jim Butcher
Unicycle Movie quotes by Jim Butcher
This feels like a really bad movie," I said. "One where you just know everything's going to blow up in a huge mess at the end. ~ Lisa Brown Roberts
Unicycle Movie quotes by Lisa Brown Roberts
You see that movie, Chicken Run, where the chickens gang up together and escape from the farm? ~ Charlie Higson
Unicycle Movie quotes by Charlie Higson
There we met Distance, a hardened ANC fighter with the looks and physique of an adventure movie-star. It was a quiet day and one of us mentioned Abdul. Distance looked at us and then said: "I am not sorry your friend Abdul was killed. It is good that one of you dies. Nothing personal, but now you feel what is happening to us every day. ~ Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva
Unicycle Movie quotes by Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva
I think there were moments on Snow White where I wished there was a little bit more of a sick humor toward Ravenna. But maybe the tone of the movie couldn't really support that. So you always have to kind of figure out where you are and adapt to it. ~ Kristen Stewart
Unicycle Movie quotes by Kristen Stewart
So what happened?"
"I don't know." Another glance to ensure his continued state of Not Looking, and then I rip off my clothes in one fast swoop. I am now officially stark naked in the room with the most beautiful boy I know. Funny,but this isn't how I imagined this moment.
No.Not funny.One hundred percent the exact opposite of funny.
"I think I maybe,possibly, vaguely remember hitting the snooze button." I jabber to cover my mortification. "Only I guess it was the off button.But I had the alarm on my phone set,too, so I don't know what happened."
"Did you turn the ringer back on last night?"
"What?" I hop into my jeans, a noise he seems to determinedly ignore.His ears are apple red.
"You went to see a film,right? Don't you set your mobile to silent at the theater?"
He's right.I'm so stupid. If I hadn't taken Meredith to A Hard Day's Night, a Beatles movie I know she loves, I would have never turned it off. We'd already be in a taxi to the airport. "The taxi!" I tug my sweater over my head and look up to find myself standing across from a mirror.
A mirror St. Clair is facing.
"It's all right," he says. "I told the driver to wait when I came up here. We'll just have to tip him a little extra." His head is still down. I don't think he saw anything.I clear my throat, and he glances up. Our eyes meet in the mirror,and he jumps. "God! I didn't...I mean,not until just now..."
"Cool.Yeah,fine." I try to shake it off ~ Stephanie Perkins
Unicycle Movie quotes by Stephanie Perkins
I love the theatre. It's a perfect life for an actor: you can do a couple of movies and then go and do a play, and then go back and do another movie. It's a nice way to live your life. ~ Alfred Molina
Unicycle Movie quotes by Alfred Molina
My dear countrymen, I hope that you will live to see the day when you learn to believe in other gods than a few movie whores and a couple of prize-fighters. ~ Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen
Unicycle Movie quotes by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen
I looked at Ethan and smiled a little.
"I love you," he mouthed.
"I love you, too," I mouthed back.
"And I'm nauseous," Catcher grumbled. "Let's get on with this. I am seriously in need of a beer and a Lifetime movie. ~ Chloe Neill
Unicycle Movie quotes by Chloe Neill
There's no shower, no paper towels. Just the sink, cold water, and hand soap.

Girl, you look like a poster for that Carrie movie.

He has a point. There's blood on my arms and neck, even in my hair. Nothing to do but start scrubbing, hopefully before someone walks in with sleepy kids in need of a bathroom break. I'd probably give them nightmares for a week. ~ Rysa Walker
Unicycle Movie quotes by Rysa Walker
A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad. ~ Samuel Goldwyn
Unicycle Movie quotes by Samuel Goldwyn
I'm working on a movie called 'Virgin Mary' with Abigail Breslin. I'm also in 'Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.' And I have a television movie coming on Nickelodeon that I worked on with Nick Cannon. I acted in it, but I am more excited about being a producer! ~ Keke Palmer
Unicycle Movie quotes by Keke Palmer
If my life were a corny horror movie, and the heroine was lost and alone, trapped in an underwater cave, what would happen next? If you guessed, "She drops her flashlight, and it hits a rock and breaks, leaving her in utter darkness," you would be right. But I bet you didn't guess the part about an attack by a giant octopus. ~ James Patterson
Unicycle Movie quotes by James Patterson
I mostly gave away what I had from the James Bond movie. ~ Ursula Andress
Unicycle Movie quotes by Ursula Andress
So a failed movie is not going to ruin my career. ~ Vincent D'Onofrio
Unicycle Movie quotes by Vincent D'Onofrio
If I want to write a movie, I'll write a screenplay, but if I have an idea for a book, it's something that I think can only be done novelistically. ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Unicycle Movie quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
I don't hang out with movie stars, and you won't see me going to many Hollywood parties. I'm actually quite boring. ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Unicycle Movie quotes by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Economy, speed, nervousness, and desperation produce the final wasteful, semi-incoherent movies we see. ~ Pauline Kael
Unicycle Movie quotes by Pauline Kael
Do you fancy catching a movie at the Sturbridge Theater tonight? That new Robert Pattinson movie is showing," I ask her, the phone cradled against my chest.
"Definitely sign me up for that!" Ari replies, chuckling as I mock scowl. Her easy laugh warms my soul.
"We're in," I tell Gil, arranging to meet him and his date in the diner later.
"So, who is it this time?" Ari asks, resting her chin in her hands. "Anyone we know?"
Considering I can count the girls on one hand who have enjoyed more than one date with Gil, I doubt it'll be someone familiar. "I didn't ask; guess we'll find out soon enough."
"Five bucks says it's a blonde," Ari quips.
"That's one bet I'm not taking," I admit, twirling a lock of her hair around my finger. "Gil's penchant for blondes is world-renowned. ~ Siobhan Davis
Unicycle Movie quotes by Siobhan Davis
What was the good of being a movie werewolf? You howled at the moon; you couldn't remember what you did, and then somebody shot you. ~ Anne Rice
Unicycle Movie quotes by Anne Rice
When you see all of the pandas in this movie [Kung Fu Panda 3], they are rolling because that is exactly what they do. Not only were we able to watch the pandas play but we had free range to walk around and get a feel for the architecture and get a sense of where they lived ,so there's a lot of firsthand exploration. ~ Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Unicycle Movie quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
I want a movie to be satisfying for an audience. That sense of having to get it done, no matter what cost, is what I like. ~ Sam Worthington
Unicycle Movie quotes by Sam Worthington
When I go away to do a movie, I bring the blanket I've had since I was a little girl. It helps me sleep. I also always bring my laptop so I can E-mail friends. And I bring my dog, Beauty, wherever I can. ~ Kirsten Dunst
Unicycle Movie quotes by Kirsten Dunst
I scurry out to the three-way mirror. With an extra-large sweatshirt over the top, you can hardly tell that they are Effert's jeans. Still no Mom. I adjust the mirror so I can see reflections of reflections, miles and miles of me and my new jeans. I hook my hair behind my ears. I should have washed it. My face is dirty. I lean into the mirror. Eyes after eyes after eyes stare back at me. Am I in there somewhere? A thousand eyes blink. No makeup. Dark circles. I pull the side flaps of the mirror in closer, folding myself into the looking glass and blocking out the rest of the store. My face becomes a Picasso sketch, my body slicing into dissecting cubes. I saw a movie once where a woman was burned over eighty percent of her body and they had to wash all the dead skin off. They wrapped her in bandages, kept her drugged, and waited for skin grafts. They actually sewed her into a new skin. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Unicycle Movie quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
To make a movie is very stressful, especially when you work with your father. You want to think the movie is good. Even when I don't work with my father, I want it to be good. ~ Louis Garrel
Unicycle Movie quotes by Louis Garrel
I'm a wire-walker, but actually, I'm a moviemaker that hasn't done his first movie. ~ Philippe Petit
Unicycle Movie quotes by Philippe Petit
Years ago, even prior to 9/11, I did a movie called "The Siege." I did a lot of research with the FBI and the CIA. And I was amazed at that time (I guess we might all know it now) how little information they shared with each other. So after that, I'm not surprised by anything. ~ Denzel Washington
Unicycle Movie quotes by Denzel Washington
If there ever is a struggle, making a good movie will always supersede the need to be noble. ~ Michael Moore
Unicycle Movie quotes by Michael Moore
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