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Little boy and little girl.I don't know how old. Sweetest family in the world, of you listen to the old folks around here." Xander was stunned. "And nobody knows what happened to them?"
"Some say they high-tailed it to Europe." She raised her eyebrows at him. "Most believe he took them somewhere and killed them. Then took his own life."
Dad forced a smile. "Just old rumors," he said. ~ Robert Liparulo
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Robert Liparulo
Shelter me from the powder and the finger
Cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger
Think of me as one you'd never figured
Would fade away so young
With so much left undone
Remember me to my love,
I know I'll miss her. ~ Neil Young
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Neil Young
It seemed that my identity had necessarily split, that I'd turned into a different person. I could look at her now and see all that stoic ferocity in her eyes, how she wanted to do something that could never be undone. Something permanent. Some little forever. But I'm not interested in forever. Not anymore. ~ Catherine Lacey
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Catherine Lacey
He cleared his throat. When she jerked her gaze to his face, he raised his eyebrows.
Caught ogling the prey! The indignity! What is wrong with me? ~ Kresley Cole
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Kresley Cole
I may have no emotional skin and come undone at the smallest interpersonal upset, but I'd make a great bullfighter or firefighter - anything that gets my adrenaline going and focuses me on a physical target. The motorcycle is all of that and more. When I'm on the bike, it feels like a door opens in my chest and the world rushes in, pure, fresh, and sparkling with clarity. It forces me to approach fear with total awareness and to pull reason mind into the moment of intense reactions. ~ Kiera Van Gelder
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Kiera Van Gelder
Rick nudged Amelia and grinned. "Hey, stick with me baby, and I'll keep you in shape. Good food. Exercise. Fun games. You name it." He wiggled his eyebrows flirtatiously. "And plenty of lovin'. I guarantee it."
An elderly couple sat on a bench, gazing at the scenery. The man grinned at Rick as he approached and gave an approving nod. Apparently they had heard his insinuations. Rick had spoken loud enough.
"You've got the right idea, young man," said the elderly gentleman as he winked at his wife. "Plenty of lovin'. That's what we do for sure. ~ Linda Weaver Clarke
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
Burn my eyebrows and call me Bette. But if I've got eyebrows, don't call me Bette - call me Davis. Then let's make love like The Bad Sister. ~ Jarod Kintz
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Jarod Kintz
Edward was always a good listener, since his own form of self-expression then consisted in making uneartly and to me quite meaningless sounds on his small violin. I remember him, at the age of seven, as a rather solemn, brown-eyed little boy, with beautiful arched eyebrows which lately, to my infinite satisfaction, have begun to reproduce themselves, a pair of delicate question-marks, above the dark eyes of my five-year-old son. Even in childhood we seldom quarrelled, and by the time that we both went away to boarding-school he had already become the dearest companion of thos brief years of unshadowed adolescence permitted to our condemned generation. ~ Vera Brittain
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Vera Brittain
Abraham saw God as Father. He proved Him to be the source of all things. Isaac received the inheritance as a son. It is a blessed thing to have a gift bestowed upon us by God. Yet even what we receive we may seize upon and spoil. Jacob attempted to do this, and was only saved from the consequences by having his natural strength undone. There must be a day in our experience when this happens. The characteristic of those who truly know God is that they have no faith in their own competence, no reliance upon themselves. When Jacob learned this lesson, then in truth there began to be an Israel of God ... ~ Watchman Nee
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Watchman Nee
Where is the dog tag you found?"
"What?" Shelton yipped. "We…lost it."
"In the woods. After we ran."
"Where in the woods? Ran from what?"
"Oh, uh…Tory dropped the tag when we ran from…whatever."
"From whatever?" Hi hammered. "Did you see men with guns or not?"
"Um, no. I guess not."
"You guess?"
"It was dark." Shelton struggled. "I realize now that nobody was there."
"Then what did you hear?"
"Uh, er…pops. Like sticks breaking?"
Shelton's responses were growing increasingly feeble.
"How many? From which direction?"
"Lots. Like, from everywhere."
Hi's eyebrows shot up. "You heard 'lots' of 'pops like sticks' coming from everywhere? That's your story?"
"Wait, no, not everywhere. From the…left? ~ Kathy Reichs
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Kathy Reichs
Evie was so nervous that she downed her cocktail in two stiff swigs, then refilled her glass.
Henry arched an eyebrow. "A pro, I see."
"What else is there to do in Ohio? ~ Libba Bray
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Libba Bray
Halt! How are you? What have you been doing? Where's Abelard? How's Crowley? What's this all about?"
"I'm glad to see you rate my horse more important than our Corps Commandant," Halt said, one eyebrow rising in the expression that Will knew so well. Early in their relationship, he had thought it was an expression of displeasure. He had learned years ago that it was, for Halt, the equivalent of a smile. ~ John Flanagan
Undone Eyebrows quotes by John Flanagan
My clothes aren't going to get dried until you wash them. Which involves putting them in the washer, and that involves picking them off the floor." Marshell wiggled his eyebrows at me, then turned and stepped into the shower.
I did drool when I got a look at his ass. "Oh my…." Did I mention I was an ass man?
"Uh-huh?" My vocabulary had taken a hike, it appeared.
"I can smell your desire. If you're still here by the count of five, I'm getting out and coming after you. One of us is going to get fucked in this awesome shower of yours, so…." Marshell said from the shower. "One."
The sound I made was a cross between a squeak and a growl, thanks to acres and acres of wet, glistening skin. I wanted to run my tongue over every square -
I grabbed his jeans and ran. The softly whispered word "chicken" followed me out of there. I was halfway to the laundry room before I could take a deep breath. Then it hit me what I'd done. I ran out on him. Honestly calling me a chicken was too kind. I was a coward. The only reason I ran was because I was afraid to bottom.
I was a top. I always topped. I threw his clothes in the washer, tossed in one of those little pods, and turned it on. Then banged my head against it. What was I doing? Why was I standing here and not in the shower with him?
Yes, I topped because I was afraid to do anything else. My one and only experience with bottoming was an unmitigated disaster. A painfu ~ M.A. Church
Undone Eyebrows quotes by M.A. Church
Look, you came all the way out here to help me. The least I can do is give you a place to stay. But my dad will be there, so ... "
"So we have to be quiet," he whispers, waggling his eyebrows comically.
I just smile. I neither confirm nor deny that there will be more sex. But there will be. If he tries very hard at all, there definitely will be. ~ M. Leighton
Undone Eyebrows quotes by M. Leighton
Choir is the one time of day when he lets down his guard; there is peace in the strict concentration that Faughnan demands of all of them, in the sweet dissonance of voices in chorus. He has sung in here since he was a freshman. Faughnan is a serious student of music; also, a perfectionist of the sternest sort, who cares about nobody, about nothing other than the music. His shirt sleeves rolled to the elbows, his tie undone, he drives them. Every minute of every hour that is spent there, they work, and there is only one way to prove yourself. You sing, and sing, and sing. All else is unimportant. ~ Judith Guest
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Judith Guest
I want to marry his smile, and if his smile is already married to someone else, then I want to marry his eyebrows and eyes. They're remarkable. Nobody's ever made better use of his or her eyes or eyebrows as a rapper than Kurtis Blow. ~ Shea Serrano
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Shea Serrano
To give oneself the law is the highest freedom. The much-lauded 'academic freedom' will be expelled from the German university; for this freedom was not genuine because it was only negative. It primarily meant lack of concern, arbitrariness of intentions and inclinations, lack of restraint in what was done and left undone. The concept of the freedom of the German student is now brought back to its truth. Henceforth, the bond and service of German students will unfold from this truth. ~ Martin Heidegger
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Martin Heidegger
So tell me, Miss Fitt, do you know when your brother will return?"
"No." I wet my lips. "Do you know Elijah?"
He looked off to the right. "I know of your brother."
"Of course." He folded his arms over his chest and returned his gaze to me. "Everyone knows of the Philadelphia Fitts.I even know of you."
"You mean Allison told you about me."
His lips twitched. "Certainly."
I stroked my amethysts and made my expression passive. I didn't care one whit about her gossip-though I did wish she wouldn't talk about me to Clarence. I'd prefer if eligible young men learned my faults after meeting me.
He flashed his eyebrows playfully, as if knowing where my thoughts had gone. "You needn't worry. She's said nothing unkind. She finds you amusing-she likes to talk, you know?"
"I hadn't noticed," I said flatly. Saying Allison loved to gossip was like saying birds enjoyed flying. It was not so much a hobby as part of her physiology.
Clarence's smile expanded, and his eyes crinkled. "Apparently there was an insult you gave her a few days ago, though...She had to ask me what it meant."
My face warmed, and I looked away. "I believe I might have called her a spoiled Portia with no concept of mercy."
He laughed and hit his knee. "That's right. Portia's speech on mercy in the final act of The Merchant of Venice. Allie had no idea what you meant."
"In my defense, she was taunting me-"
"With no mercy?"
"Something like tha ~ Susan Dennard
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Susan Dennard
But at some point it becomes obvious that, ultimately, the adventure of faith is the most sensible thing to do, and in fact the only thing worth doing. As Sam says toward the end of The Two Towers, no one remembers the tales in which the characters give up and turn back. Great and heroic deeds remain undone if no one leaps into the dark to do them. That's true when it comes to faith, too. You can't play a meaningful role in the great story by playing it safe. Once you hit the road, there is no going back to life as it was before. When Jesus asks His disciples if they will leave him to, Peter says, "Lord to whom will we go?" (verse 68). It's either walk with Jesus, unsafe as it seems sometimes, or go home. ~ Sarah Arthur
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Sarah Arthur
We breathe when we're wrong, we breathe when we're right, we breathe even as we slip off the ledge toward an early grave. It cannot be undone. So I breathe. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Tahereh Mafi
Her eyebrows had been plucked and then drawn on again at a more rakish angle, but the efforts of nature toward the restoration of the old alignment gave a blurred air to her face. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Undone Eyebrows quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
The true workers all die in a fidget of frustration. So much to do, and so much left undone. ~ John Banville
Undone Eyebrows quotes by John Banville
You couldnt make headlines with raised eyebrows ~ Vakill
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Vakill
Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone. ~ Elvis Costello
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Elvis Costello
A raised eyebrow, an inflection of the voice, a caustic remark dropped in the middle of a broadcast can raise doubts in a million minds about the veracity of a public official or the wisdom of a governmental policy. ~ Spiro T. Agnew
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Spiro T. Agnew
We shall have to stay the night here,' he said, as if preparing to spend the night at an inn, and he proceeded to unfasten the collar-straps. The buckles came undone.
'But shan't we be frozen?' remarked Vasili Andreevich.
'Well, if we are we can't help it.' said Nikita. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Key Rabbit, allow me to bore you with a comparison of your wife and a beautiful woman," I said. "In the morning a beauty must lie in bed for three or four hours gathering strength for another mighty battle with Nature. Then, after being bathed and toweled by her maids, she loosens her hair in the Cascade of Teasing Willows Style, paints her eyebrows in the Distant Mountain Range Style, anoints herself with the Nine Bends of the River Diving-water Perfume, applies rouge, mascara, and eye shadow, and covers the whole works with a good two inches of the Powder of the Nonchalant Approach. Then she dresses in a plum-blossom patterned tunic with matching skirt and stockings, adds four or five pounds of jewelry, looks in the mirror for any visible sign of humanity and is relieved to find none, checks her makeup to be sure that it has hardened into an immovable mask, sprinkles herself with the Hundred Ingredients Perfume of the Heavenly Spirits who Descended in the Rain Shower, and minces with tiny steps toward the new day. Which, like any other day, will consist of gossip and giggles. ~ Barry Hughart
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Barry Hughart
Perhaps I don't express myself very well. But you all demand so much from life--you're never satisfied. In the old days, a poor man was content if he had something to eat and a roof over his head. Nowadays, everything has to be so high-and-mighty. Everything you set your minds on, you have to have, whether you can afford it or not.... And everyone's up to their eyebrows in debt... A fat lot of use it is having schools, books and I don't know what! In the old days we used to be a lot more reasonable. ~ Hedin Bru
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Hedin Bru
Gods, to fall for someone so hard surely you were bound to break apart. Unravel at the seams because you are undone by how they make you feel. ~ Penelope Fletcher
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Penelope Fletcher
Then I watched his eyebrows go up. Way up. ~ Meg Cabot
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Meg Cabot
The constant nagging in your mind of undone things pulls you out of the present
tethers you to a mind-set of the future so that you're never fully in the moment and enjoying what's now. ~ Daniel Levitin
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Daniel Levitin
The Russians imitate French ways, but always at a distance of fifty years. ~ Stendhal
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Stendhal
Shut the front door!" Jenna exclaimed.
Andrew disappeared into the foyer, and when he returned, his eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. "The door is shut? ~ Laura Kreitzer
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Laura Kreitzer
Well, you've done it now," was her sisterly
opening shot.
Jaine rubbed between her eyebrows; a definite headache was forming. After the exchange with
David, she waited to see where this one was going.
"I won't be able to hold up my head in church."
"Really? Oh, Shelley, I'm so sorry," Jaine said sweetly. "I didn't realize you have the dreaded
Limp Neck disease. When were you diagnosed? ~ Linda Howard
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Linda Howard
It wasn't easy once I started running 20th Century Fox. There were a lot of eyebrows raised, and it wasn't easy, that transition, because, you know, I had big shoes to fill and I was very young, 27. ~ Richard D. Zanuck
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Richard D. Zanuck
But not you, O girl, nor yet his
stretched his eyebrows so fierce with
Not for your mouth, you who hold him
did his lips ripen into these fervent
Do you really think your quiet
could have so convulsed him, you who
move like dawn wind?
True, you startled his heart; but older
rushed into him with that first jolt
to his emotions.
Call him . . . you'll never quite
retrieve him from those dark consorts.
Yes, he wants to, he escapes; relieved,
he makes a home
in your familiar heart, takes root
there and begins himself anew.
But did he ever begin himself? ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
He was undone. His cock throbbed against his trousers and his whole body was poised, ready to explode. "Some day the time will come when I will take my time with you," he promised. "I'm certain at some point this madness that steals my control will cease." Mariah's lips parted in surprise at his statement. John was known for his restraint with lovers - how could it be that she stole that from him? She might have asked, but at that moment John stripped his shirt over his head and shucked his boots and trousers off. She could scarcely breathe, let alone speak, as she stared at him. They were naked together. She never would have dreamed that would ever happen. But here they were. He stepped forward and dragged her against him. His mouth came to hers again, rough and demanding, but utterly and sinfully pleasurable. She lost herself when he tasted her, sucking her tongue like he had laved her tingling nipple. ~ Jess Michaels
Undone Eyebrows quotes by Jess Michaels
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