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#1. I was considered as a jazz man rather than as a blues player. There were no blues players-you played one sort of jazz of another sort of jazz. - Author: Alexis Korner
Under Player quotes by Alexis Korner
#2. I think Gadhafi is on the mark. And up until this point in time, I think they truly want to turn this around and become a positive player with the West after years and years of terrorism and stagnation. - Author: Curt Weldon
Under Player quotes by Curt Weldon
#3. You can have the greatest player in terms of mastering an instrument and you could be yawning your head off when you hear them. So, it's not what you do, but the way you're doing it and in the end that's all that we have. - Author: John McLaughlin
Under Player quotes by John McLaughlin
#4. Rooney has those things that you cannot teach players - the positions he takes up just behind the front men is a European trait, - Author: John Toshack
Under Player quotes by John Toshack
#5. Vanity should never tempt a player to engage in a combat at the risk of loss of health. It is bad enough to lose without the additional annoyance of paying doctors' bills. - Author: Emanuel Lasker
Under Player quotes by Emanuel Lasker
#6. The (volleyball) player is not a soloist, but a member of an orchestra. When that player begins to think, 'Im special,' (The player) is finished. - Author: Bernardo Rezende
Under Player quotes by Bernardo Rezende
#7. So much for you to learn, Empress. Beware the inactivated card." One Arcana's powers lay dormant - until he or she killed another player. "Who is it?" "Don't ask, if you ever want to know. - Author: Kresley Cole
Under Player quotes by Kresley Cole
#8. Messi is the best player of all time. Better than Pele, better than Maradona and better than anyone else. - Author: Adriano Galliani
Under Player quotes by Adriano Galliani
#9. No game designer ever went wrong by overestimating the narcissism of their players, - Author: Will Wright
Under Player quotes by Will Wright
#10. Managers are never 100 percent in control. You're at the mercy of the players. When you're a player, you're driving. I'm the navigator. I hardly ever think about driving anymore, unless there's two out in the bottom of the ninth. - Author: Dusty Baker
Under Player quotes by Dusty Baker
#11. I do not want players who do not have a keen desire to win and do not play hard and aggressively to accomplish that objective. - Author: John Wooden
Under Player quotes by John Wooden
#12. I feel like football players are overworked and underpaid compared to any other sports. - Author: Terrell Owens
Under Player quotes by Terrell Owens
#13. I am always giving advice to young players about how things are, how important it is to work hard every day to reach the glory days. - Author: Milagros Cabral
Under Player quotes by Milagros Cabral
#14. A lot of other bass players have told me I'm the only bass player who plays with a pick but sounds like he's playing with the thumb and fingers, which is a great compliment. - Author: Glenn Hughes
Under Player quotes by Glenn Hughes
#15. I was always a closet blues player. - Author: Tito Jackson
Under Player quotes by Tito Jackson
#16. I wanted to be a football player. Football is a sport that I love, but the more I started playing basketball, the more I started dreaming of playing in the NBA. - Author: Dwyane Wade
Under Player quotes by Dwyane Wade
#17. When you heard Jimi Hendrix, you knew it was Jimi Hendrix. He introduced himself with his instrument. His attack to a guitar man, was, oh, something else! You think of one of the great American ball players, or one of the great fighters of the world, you know, that's the way he would attack any note on his guitar. - Author: B.B. King
Under Player quotes by B.B. King
#18. Everywhere I've been, I've been the best player. I love being a leader, and I love being the best. I just want to get better. It's not about being cocky or selfish or anything like that. It's just how I am. - Author: LeBron James
Under Player quotes by LeBron James
#19. Youth soccer is big business. If I don't win, it doesn't matter if I'm developing players, my business is going to hell. - Author: Tony DiCicco
Under Player quotes by Tony DiCicco
#20. I had lots of posters on my bedroom wall of players like Zico, many Brazilian and Italian players, not many players in particular but I loved football so much and I especially loved skilful players. - Author: Emmanuel Petit
Under Player quotes by Emmanuel Petit
#21. Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back - Author: Tony Adams
Under Player quotes by Tony Adams
#22. It is more satisfying to be a bad player at golf. The worse you play, the better you remember the occasional good shot. - Author: Nubar Gulbenkian
Under Player quotes by Nubar Gulbenkian
#23. You don't have to be the best guitar player, or have the best voice, or even be the best looking person - writing a song that moves people is worth more than all the other nonsense. (Just look at Bob Dylan - he's got almost no vocal range at all, but his songs are deeply moving and iconic.) If I had to offer one piece of advice: Write a song that moves people, and write it from within yourself. Your personal narrative is more engaging and moving than anything else you can imagine in your mind. - Author: Ryan Ross
Under Player quotes by Ryan Ross
#24. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players. - Author: Steve Jobs
Under Player quotes by Steve Jobs
#25. Gold Gloves are nice to have people mention. They're basically saying you're a pretty good defensive player along with everything else. But I was about the offensive side. - Author: Mike Schmidt
Under Player quotes by Mike Schmidt
#26. The USGA doesn't want to recognize the fact that today's players are better than ever. They seem willing to do anything to prevent us from shooting scores that would make us appear better than the great names of the past. - Author: Hale Irwin
Under Player quotes by Hale Irwin
#27. Most of the network related programming in games has to do with providing a good interactive experience when playing over the internet. This matter is very different from serving web pages. The primary concern there is to handle connection latency, latency fluctuations, packet loss and bandwidth limitations, and pretty much hide all of that from the player's experience. - Author: Timothee Besset
Under Player quotes by Timothee Besset
#28. I have to constantly tell my personnel staff, 'Hey guys, we're still a good staff even though we're allowing good players to go play for other people,' - Author: Ozzie Newsome
Under Player quotes by Ozzie Newsome
#29. I don't know why the players make such a big fuss about sitting in the first class section of the plane. Does that mean they'll get there faster? - Author: Sparky Anderson
Under Player quotes by Sparky Anderson
#30. The viewer of television, the listener to radio, the reader of magazines, is presented with a whole complex of elements - all the way from ingenious rhetoric to carefully selected data and statistics - to make it easy for him to "make up his own mind" with the minimum of difficulty and effort. But the packaging is often done so effectively that the viewer, listener, or reader does not make up his own mind at all. Instead, he inserts a packaged opinion into his mind, somewhat like inserting a cassette into a cassette player. He then pushes a button and "plays back" the opinion whenever it seems appropriate to do so. He has performed acceptably without having had to think. - Author: Mortimer J. Adler
Under Player quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#31. I have a senior staff meeting every day, with key personnel who interface with the players - coaches, the medical staff, our analyst department. This is a useful exercise as it means we are all across what is happening and they are aware of my expectations. - Author: Brendan Rodgers
Under Player quotes by Brendan Rodgers
#32. As a guitar player, it's harder for me to impress somebody than it is to write a song that they like. - Author: Brad Paisley
Under Player quotes by Brad Paisley
#33. He knew what the Beats know and what the great tennis player knows, son: learn to do nothing, with your whole head and body, and everything will be done by what's around you. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Under Player quotes by David Foster Wallace
#34. For skills and tricks, Ronaldinho was the best player I've played with. - Author: Edgar Davids
Under Player quotes by Edgar Davids

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