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When I discovered that I had been made custodian of this gift, in my earliest childhood, I pledged myself to God to be worthy of it, but I have received uncovenanted mercies all my life. The custodian has too often kept faith on his all-too-worldly terms. ~ Igor Stravinsky
Uncovenanted quotes by Igor Stravinsky
One of the uncovenanted benefits of living for a long time is that, having so many more dead than living friends, death can appear as a step backwards into the joyous past ... ~ Storm Jameson
Uncovenanted quotes by Storm Jameson
There is no hope for you but in Christ. Rest assured that all the mercy of God is concentrated in the Cross. I hear some talk about the uncovenanted mercies of God - there is no such things. The mercies of God are all emptied out into the Covenant. God has put all His grace into the Person of Christ and you shall have none elsewhere. Trust, then, in Christ - so you shall be blessed, but you shall be blessed nowhere else. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Uncovenanted quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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