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#1. I won't lie to you. This changes things. It may even change you. I know it will change me."
"I guess it's a reminder of the uncertainty in life and the foolishness of merely existing when the world is pleading with you to live. If you take anything from this, please take that. We take life for granted. We have to stop that. We have to start living. - Author: Samantha Young
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Samantha Young
#2. Thinking about sadness and loneliness, and what it means to be sad, how to live with it, walk through it and grow from it. There is a loneliness in sadness that one can find distractions to escape, but at the end of the day, there it is again. So, how to embrace that loneliness, and trust the uncertainty of tomorrow and the next days, weeks, and months? Loneliness seems like a constantly expanding universe and the sadness is like a sheer veil surrounding it. The two work hand in hand, and there is only one way to navigate; go deep into oneself, as no one else has the map. None of this is a terrible thing; sadness adds rich meaningful layers into life, painful as it is, and loneliness is only a state of mind. Profound changes can come from living your sadness, feeling it completely, and housing it in solitude. The day will come when one emerges, brave and beautiful. - Author: Riitta Klint
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Riitta Klint
#3. No matter what there always seems to be something clouding my existence, nothing is ever clear. - Author: Emilyann Girdner
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Emilyann Girdner
#4. I am smiling, for my trust for my Lord is above all uncertainties of the universe. - Author: Preeth Nambiar
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Preeth Nambiar
#5. With his head on the fender and all his limbs relaxed, he felt almost as safe as he felt once when his mother killed a ghost in the passage by carrying him through it in her arms. There was no ghost now; he was frightened at reality; he was frightened at the splendors and horrors of the world. - Author: E.M. Forster
Uncertainty In Life quotes by E.M. Forster
#6. For an adventurous life, seek not security. Dance with uncertainty to create magnificence and beauty. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#7. I believe people are fundamentally good and want to find things that make life better for themselves. There are social dynamics for people that work, and there are ones that are pathological. But beneath every 'no' lays a 'yes' that had never been broken. I put my life-faith in that. - Author: Tim O'Reilly
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Tim O'Reilly
#8. In college I lost the capacity for heartfelt, extemporized prayer. I would have considered it gauche to pray spontaneously aloud with other college sophomores. I had also left behind my love the church's Scriptures, prayers, and especially its hymns, but I always knew they would be there if I went back to find them. - Author: Thomas C. Oden
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Thomas C. Oden
#9. Are you perhaps one of those who worries about having committed the unpardonable sin? If so, you should face squarely what the Bible says on this subject, not what you may have heard from others. The unpardonable sin is rejecting the truth about Christ. It is rejecting, completely and finally, the witness of the Holy Spirit, which declares that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who alone can save us from our sins. Have you rejected Christ in your own life, and said in your heart that what the Bible teaches about Him is a lie? Then I tell you as solemnly and as sincerely as I know how that you are in a very dangerous position. I urge you without delay to accept the truth about Christ, and to come to humble confession and repentance and faith. It would be tragic for you to persist in your unbelief, and eventually go into eternity without hope and without God. - Author: Billy Graham
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Billy Graham
#10. If you want the Cinderella moments then you have to believe in magick. - Author: Stephen Richards
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Stephen Richards
#11. My earliest realization of the stir of national life was the torch parade in the Garfield campaign. On that occasion, I was not only allowed out that night, but I saw the lamps being filled and lighted. - Author: Herbert Hoover
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Herbert Hoover
#12. The Christian life is participation in the encounter of Christ with the world. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#13. Think that everyone that knew Kesey knew him differently. Maybe that's true about all larger than life people, or it may be that no one really ever knows them at all - we just have exper - iences near them and claim them as our own. We say their names and wish that something intimate is coming out of our mouths. But intimacy isn't like in books or movies. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#14. Keep in mind too, our failures serve to teach us, and usually teach us more than our successes do. What we may perceive as a failure is also an opportunity for someone else to rise to the occasion and perform a mitzvah, or mitzvot. Do not begrudge someone their joyous performance of mitzvot. Sometimes, perhaps even more often then you may think, what we consider our failures were blessings in disguise for ourselves, or others, or everyone. Abraham did not change the world just because he himself changed, and followed his own destiny. He changed the world through his giving others opportunities to rise to their own greatness. - Author: Laura Weakley
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Laura Weakley
#15. Let's not put our lust of life on the back burner of a distant future, but let's share and walk up to others, listening to the sound of their words, and taking part in the vibrant carrousel of their pursuits. ("Waiting for the smoke signals") - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#16. Anarchists are opposed to violence; everyone knows that. The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the gendarme. For this reason we are the enemies of capitalism which depends on the protection of the gendarme to oblige workers to allow themselves to be exploited
or even to remain idle and go hungry when it is not in the interest of the bosses to exploit them. We are therefore enemies of the State which is the coercive violent organization of society. - Author: Errico Malatesta
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Errico Malatesta
#17. In life, you may face hard times. But in the face of adversity, always seek to remain positive. What we think, will eventually become our life. And if you think positive, you will have a positive life. - Author: Sarah Wilson
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Sarah Wilson
#18. Sometimes you tell someone to never call you again; and then the phone rings and you hope it's them - it's the most twisted logic of all time. - Author: John Mayer
Uncertainty In Life quotes by John Mayer
#19. Why are all reflections lovelier than what we call reality?
not so grand or so strong, it may be, but always lovelier? Fair as is the gliding sloop on the shining sea, the wavering, trembling, unresting sail below is fairer still ... All mirrors are magic mirrors. The commonest room is a room in a poem when I turn to the glass ... There must be a truth involved in it, though we may but in part lay hold of the meaning. - Author: George MacDonald
Uncertainty In Life quotes by George MacDonald
#20. Struggle and pain aren't something to fear. We will all face trials while here on earth. What matters is how we're dealing with the challenges that come our way. Do we let them mold us into stronger, better people, or do we grouse and complain about our lot in life? - Author: Colleen Coble
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Colleen Coble
#21. -and our lips meet with feels
like not slow motion
but every moment in my life and the lack of time altogether. - Author: Sarah Tregay
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Sarah Tregay
#22. What Walter thinks is that people are like rivers. We never stay in the same place but jest keep flowing along, learning new stuff and picking up new experiences and changing all the time. So today's you isn't the same as yesterday's you and won't be the same as tomorrow's you.
But Walter also thinks that there's a real perfect you that you're always trying to get to, and the better you are at living your life, the closer you come to it. - Author: Rebecca Rupp
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Rebecca Rupp
#23. Your own forefathers killed to have and hold the land where you were born, and sought to extinguish the memories and souls of those that were slain. What of those who prayed in the mountains of Appalachia for thousands of years? That to me is an abomination, although it is the way of men. - Author: Bruce Lee Bond
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Bruce Lee Bond
#24. Cultivating self-awareness is a life-long journey. Listening to our inner voice as our guide will help us to balance our experiences in life, making us stronger, wiser and freer. - Author: Dee Waldeck
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Dee Waldeck
#25. Anarchism proposes to rescue the self-respect and independence of the individual from all restraint and invasion by authority. Only in freedom can man grow to his full stature. Only in freedom will he learn to think and move, and give the very best in him. Only in freedom will he realize the true force of the social bonds which knit men together, and which are the true foundation of a normal social life. - Author: Emma Goldman
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Emma Goldman
#26. There is salt and sweet in every life. - Author: Martin Pistorius
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Martin Pistorius
#27. It's like everyone around you has a copy of the script of life, but no one
gave it to you so you have to go in blind and hope you can muddle your way
through. And you'll be wrong most of the time. - Author: Tracey Garvis Graves
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Tracey Garvis Graves
#28. Our happiness is certainly mixed in with the tragedies of life. You have to find the lemonade. You have to find the silver lining in the middle of everything that happens in life. - Author: Chandra Wilson
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Chandra Wilson
#29. Was emotionally true because I had already grown to feel that there existed men against whom I was powerless, men who could violate my life at will. I resolved that I would emulate the black woman if I were ever faced with a white mob; I would conceal a weapon, pretend that I had been crushed by the wrong done to one of my loved ones; then, just when they thought I had accepted their cruelty as the law of my life, I would let go with my gun and kill as many of them as possible before they killed me. The story of the woman's deception gave form and meaning to confused defensive feelings that had long been sleeping in me. My imaginings, of course, had no objective - Author: Richard Wright
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Richard Wright
#30. It would've been easier to die. It's not that I want to be dead now. I don't. I have a lot in my life that I get satisfaction from, that I love. But some days, especially in the beginning, it was so hard. And I couldn't help but think that it would've been so much simpler to go with the rest of them. But you - you asked me to stay. You begged me to stay. You stood over me and you made a promise to me, as sacred as any vow. - Author: Gayle Forman
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Gayle Forman
#31. Life sucked all right. It sucked hard, because it was random and terrifying and too easily lost. Life was full of death cults and psychopaths, bad timing and bad people. Life was broken ... Because you could make one mistake in righteous anger, and lose the person you most loved.
But everything that sucked about life also proved that it was priceless, because otherwise all of that wouldn't hurt so bad. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#32. The trick is to think of life as a process rather than a substance. When a candle is burning, there is a flame that clearly carries energy. When we put the candle out, the energy doesn't "go" anywhere. The candle still contains energy in its atoms and molecules. What happens, instead, is that the process of combustion has ceased. Life is like that: it's not "stuff"; it's a set of things happening. When that process stops, life ends. - Author: Sean Carroll
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Sean Carroll
#33. She was breathing deeply, she forgot the cold, the weight of beings, the insane or static life, the long anguish of living or dying. After so many years running from fear, fleeing crazily, uselessly, she was finally coming to a halt. At the same time she seemed to be recovering her roots, and the sap rose anew in her body, which was no longer trembling. Pressing her whole belly against the parapet, leaning toward the wheeling sky, she was only waiting for her pounding heart to settle down, and for the silence to form in her. The last constellations of stars fell in bunches a little lower on the horizon of the desert, and stood motionless. Then, with an unbearable sweetness, the waters of the night began to fill her, submerging the cold, rising gradually to the center of her being, and overflowing wave upon wave to her moaning mouth. A moment later, the whole sky stretched out above her as she lay with her back against the cold earth. - Author: Albert Camus
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Albert Camus
#34. Toxically shamed people tend to become more and more stagnant as life goes on. They live in a guarded, secretive and defensive way. They try to be more than human (perfect and controlling) or less than human (losing interest in life or stagnated in some addictive behavior). - Author: John Bradshaw
Uncertainty In Life quotes by John Bradshaw
#35. There is an advantage, the research shows us, in being op­timistic. People who cope well tend to have an indelible belief that things will somehow turn out OK. They also tend to be confident.
They believe that they will be able to exert at least some control over
the outcome of even the most difficult life events. This is not to say that
optimistic people believe they can undo the past or stop certain things
from happening. Sometimes, even the hardiest of individuals are initially stunned after a tragedy. Nonetheless, fueled by their deep-rooted sense that they can and should be able to move on, they manage to gather their strength, regroup, and work toward restoring the balance in their lives.
Along with these optimistic, self-confident beliefs, people who cope
well also have a broader repertoire of behaviors. Simply put, they seem
to have more tools in their toolboxes. One example is how resilient
people express emotion. We think that, as a general rule, the more we
show what we are feeling, the better off we will be. This is especially
true when bad things happen to us, and it is actually a cornerstone of
the traditional grief work idea. - Author: George A. Bonanno
Uncertainty In Life quotes by George A. Bonanno
#36. Perhaps that is why we love life so much, Anjin-san. You see, we have to. Death is part of our air and sea and earth. You should know, Anjin-san, in this Land of Tears, death is our heritage. - Author: James Clavell
Uncertainty In Life quotes by James Clavell
#37. It seems an odd idea, life being centered around pleasure." "What is life supposed to be, then?" "It's about duty, and sacrificing for others. And if we've been good, our pleasure comes later when we're rewarded in the hereafter." "I'll take my rewards now. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#38. One of the most critical decisions made in life is choosing with whom to spend your time. For it is those close relationships that gradually mold our character until we become a reflection of the company we keep. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#39. I don't base my books on my life (thank goodness) and I don't pick the topic first. In fact, the topic picks me - via a question I can't answer as a mom, a wife, a woman, an American. I find myself wondering "What if ... " and it blossoms into a whole novel. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Jodi Picoult
#40. I learned to love the fool in me. The one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes & loses often, lacks self-control, loves & hates, hurts & gets hurt, promises & breaks promises, laughs & cries. - Author: Theodore Isaac Rubin
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Theodore Isaac Rubin
#41. Wherever Hana is now, in the future, she is aware of the line of movement Kip's body followed out of her life. Her mind repeats it. The path he slammed through among them. When he turned into a stone of silence in their midst. She recalls everything of that August day - what the sky was like, the objects on the table in front of her going dark under the thunder. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Michael Ondaatje
#42. I never was a great Thatcher fan, and it wasn't a sad day in my life when she resigned. - Author: Jim Broadbent
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Jim Broadbent
#43. Our rulers, who rule our symbols, and so rule a symbolic class of life, impose their own infantilism on our instituitions, educational methods, and doctrines. This leads to maladjustment of the incoming generations which, being born into, are forced to develop under the un-natural (for man) semantic conditions imposed on them. In turn, they produce leaders afflicted with the old animalistic limitations. The vicious circle is completed; it results in a general state of human un-sanity, reflected again in our instituitions. And so it goes, on and on. - Author: Alfred Korzybski
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#44. In academic life, false ideas are merely false, and useless ones can be fun to play with. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Michael Ignatieff
#45. My grandfather used to say the placement of a birthmark was the story of how a person lost the battle in their past life. I guess you got stabbed in the neck. Bet it was a quick death, though. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Colleen Hoover
#46. Love in Life is never a battle of 'win' or 'loss' but a journey of unconditional acceptance. - Author: Sandhya Jane
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Sandhya Jane
#47. Telling me I'm pretty is nice and all, but if you really want to make my day, tell me I inspired you to read a book. Say you picked up a novel I've raved about and that you fell in love with it, too. Or tell me the time we spent reading aloud together was one of your favorite moments. Ask me to read to you, and beg for another chapter. This will fill me with indescribable joy and purpose.
And if you really want to make me speechless with wonder, tell me it was MY words and MY story you enjoyed. Tell me you shed tears over the things my characters went through, and that you're just a little bit in love with them, too. I might never recover. I will carry those words around in my heart for the rest of my life, like a talisman against all past and future criticisms.
That's how important stories are to me. - Author: J.M. Richards
Uncertainty In Life quotes by J.M. Richards
#48. You get what you ask for in this life. If you ask for nothing, you get nothing. - Author: Phil McGraw
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Phil McGraw
#49. This is a work of fiction.
If certain characters resemble people in real life, it is because certain people in real life resemble characters from a novel.
Nobody, therefore, is entitled to feel included in this book.
Nobody, by the same token, to feel excluded. - Author: Fernando Del Paso
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Fernando Del Paso
#50. You can get everything in your life, if you help other people to get what they want - Author: Zig Ziglar
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Zig Ziglar
#51. One needs to pursue some sort of a creative interest in order to keep life from eating us alive. - Author: Pawan Mishra
Uncertainty In Life quotes by Pawan Mishra

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