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I like attics. They're as peaceful as God's church. Alone and apart, but a body can hear everything. The past stacked up like forgotten memories, but with a small effort, brought down and enjoyed again. ~ Kim Harrison
Unbiological Sister quotes by Kim Harrison
I love you," Amir told her.
Samirah stumbled backwards like she'd been hit in the face with a giant eagle egg. Alex propped her up.
"I ... yes," Sam squeaked. "Also. Too."
Amir nodded. He turned and got into his car. A moment later, his tail-lights disappeared down Flagship Way.
Samirah smacked her own forehead. "Also? Too? I am such an idiot."
Alex patted her arm. "I thought you were quite eloquent. Come on sister. Your neon-yellow warship awaits. ~ Rick Riordan
Unbiological Sister quotes by Rick Riordan
I point at Drew, as I turn to Dawn. See? My sister finds her soulmate, and not only does she get rewarded with love and happiness, she gets free champagne flutes, and dutch ovens, and fifty-dollar checks. And what do I get? What do I get on a day when I still haven't found anyone to love? When I'm waiting by the phone for some jerk to call me, and acting like a crazy woman, e-mailing him at three a.m., clutching at straws that I might ever find anyone? Do I get gifts? No! I get condemnation from my grandmother, and I get to wear a dress that makes me look like a baked potato. ~ Kim Gruenenfelder
Unbiological Sister quotes by Kim Gruenenfelder
Ignore reality, there's nothing you can do about it. ~ Natalie Imbruglia
Unbiological Sister quotes by Natalie Imbruglia
Hallie and I ... were all there was. The image in the mirror that proves you are still here. We had exactly one sister apiece. We grew up knowing the simple arithmetic of scarcity: A sister is more precious than an eye. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Unbiological Sister quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
He's only with me because I'm your sister," I said hotly.
"Diana - Demeter, she's my mother. She decided to have me in a last-ditch effort to save Henry because she felt so damn guilty for what you did to him, and she didn't want to be responsible for him fading. He married me because he couldn't have you, and I was the next best thing. Thanks for rubbing my nose in it. ~ Aimee Carter
Unbiological Sister quotes by Aimee Carter
My sister gave me a big bucket of Cool Whip. Isn't that awesome? For two weeks I basically watched Emergency! and ate cool whip with a spoon. ~ Steve Zahn
Unbiological Sister quotes by Steve Zahn
death of a child or a brother or a sister, one may half-waken, thinking of that person with that same lost emptiness, that feeling of places which may never be filled . . . perhaps not even in death? ~ Stephen King
Unbiological Sister quotes by Stephen King
I would love to fall in love and get married and have beautiful children. I mean that's one of the goals in life, I think, to have, and it's a beautiful thing. My sister has kids and all my friends have kids. They show me their, you know their report cards. And I can show them my sports car. ~ Tiesto
Unbiological Sister quotes by Tiesto
If people really grew up, there would be no crime, no divorce, no Civil War reenactors ... it's not like you think it will be, that one day you'll wake up and realize that you've got things figured out. You never figure it out. Ever. - Isabel Spellman attempting to explain growing up to her sister Rae ~ Lisa Lutz
Unbiological Sister quotes by Lisa Lutz
You're a big boy, No. You'll figure something out. Just make sure it includes the groveling." -Abby
It come to all of us. Especially those of us foolish enough to fall in love with women who have minds of their own. If you will recall, your own sister had a few things she had to forgive me for before we could move on with our relationship." -Rule
There's a big difference between a little kidnapping and what he did." -Abby
"You did not call it a 'little' anything at the time, sweet. You were furious with me. Believe me, the groveling does do wonders." -Rule ~ Christine Warren
Unbiological Sister quotes by Christine Warren
That as my sister-in-law at Colchester had said, beauty, wit, manners, sense, good humour, good behaviour, education, virtue, piety, or any other qualification, whether of body or mind, had no power to recommend; that money only made a woman agreeable; that men chose mistresses indeed by the gust of their affection, and it was requisite
to a whore to be handsome, well-shaped, have a good mien and a graceful behaviour; but that for a wife, no deformity would shock the fancy, no ill qualities the judgment; the money was the thing; the portion was
neither crooked nor monstrous, but the money was always agreeable, whatever the wife was. ~ Daniel Defoe
Unbiological Sister quotes by Daniel Defoe
Will looked at his sister. "And you don't care about being a Shadowhunter. How is this: I shall write a letter and give it to you if you promise to deliver it home yourself - and not to return."

Cecily recoiled; she had many memories of shouting matches with Will, of the china dolls she had owned that he had broken by dropping them out an attic window; but there was also kindness in her memories: the brother who had bandaged up a cut knee, or retied her hair ribbons when they came loose. That kindness was absent from the Will who stood before her now. Her mother had used to cry for the first year or two after Will went; she had said, in Welsh, holding Cecily to her, that they - the Shadowhunters - would "take all the love out of him." A cold, unloving people, she had told Cecily, who had forbidden her marriage to her husband. What could he want with them, her Will, her little one?

"I will not go," Cecily said, staring her brother down. "And if you insist that I must, I will - I will - "

The door of the attic slid open and Jem stood silhouetted in the doorway… ~ Cassandra Clare
Unbiological Sister quotes by Cassandra Clare
All of them watched the footage, even Fisayo. After it finished, none of them said a word, yet in their minds, they saw plenty. Jacobs saw an end to living with parents who refused to accept him. His sister Fisayo saw all of Lagos in flames. Seven saw infinite possibilities and a people from outer space that could make the world embrace and love everyone. Rome saw the rise of Rome. ~ Nnedi Okorafor
Unbiological Sister quotes by Nnedi Okorafor
But the good news was that my elder sister refused to get married straight away and I couldn't get married until she did so I had the licence to go off and dream. ~ Indra Nooyi
Unbiological Sister quotes by Indra Nooyi
Remembering how my mother looked before she gave birth to my sister is frightening. But even more frightening is the feeling that I wanted them to catch me and beat me. Why did I want to be punished? Shadows out of the past clutch at my legs and drag me down. I open my mouth to scream, but I am voiceless. My hands are trembling, I feel cold, and there is a distant humming in my ears. ~ Daniel Keyes
Unbiological Sister quotes by Daniel Keyes
If the characters are not wicked, the book is. We must tell stories the way God does, stories in which a sister must float her little brother on a river with nothing but a basket between him and the crocodiles. Stories in which a king is a coward, and a shepherd boy steps forward to face the giant. Stories with fiery serpents and leviathans and sermons in whirlwinds. Stories in which murderers are blinded on donkeys and become heroes. Stories with dens of lions and fiery furnaces and lone prophets laughing at kings and priests and demons. Stories with heads on platters. Stories with courage and crosses and redemption. Stories with resurrections. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Unbiological Sister quotes by G.K. Chesterton
This pandemic is world reset. We have a chance to change the world. What is has proven is no matter what your politics, no matter what your religion, no matter what your job status. We are all brother and sister in the world together. Human kindness has come out in so many ways. Can't buy a mask people make it for you. Don't have food, let me drop some off at your porch. Love is all around you. All you have to do is look! I think the world need a hippie right now and I am going to be a tad optimistic. Some advise from the original hippie. Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself. Let's have that as the new rule in this world reset. ~ Johnny Corn
Unbiological Sister quotes by Johnny Corn
Forgive me," he said tightly. "That was uncalled for."
"It certainly was," Maria said. "She was saying nice things about you."
His gaze shot to her. "She was pointing out, yet again, how I've failed my family."
"If you don't like it," Maria countered, "why don't you stop failing them?"
"Touche, Maria," Minerva said softly.
Gritting his teeth, Oliver turned his gaze out the window, no doubt wishing he could be well away from them all. And as he retreated into himself, Minerva began to tell one story after another about Oliver as a boy.
Maria didn't want to be enchanted by them, but she couldn't help herself. She laughed at the tale of how he'd fallen into the pond in front of Halstead Hall while trying to "charm" fish into the boat the way Indians charmed snakes out of their baskets. She tried not to laugh at the one where he coaxed Gabe into sharing Gabe's piece of cake by claiming that it might have been poisoned, requiring Oliver to "taste it and make sure it was safe."
But the tale about some lad pulling five-year-old Minerva's hair, and Oliver jumping to her rescue by punching Minerva's attacker, made Maria want to cry. The Oliver who'd defended his sister still existed-she glimpsed him from time to time. So where had the other, carefree Oliver gone? His siblings didn't seem nearly as bitter over the tragedy of their parents' deaths as he. Was it simply because he'd been older? Or did something else about it plague him? ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Unbiological Sister quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
She's my sister and I go where she goes. I don't care how dark it is when we get there, but I'm going with her. ~ E.E. Borton
Unbiological Sister quotes by E.E. Borton
Have you learned nothing from Kitty of how a married sister ought to behave? You must invite young ladies of your own choosing, and foist them upon me with adamance directly proportional to my lack of interest. ~ Cecilia Grant
Unbiological Sister quotes by Cecilia Grant
She, uh, came out of the closet recently, my niece. Um ... She announced to the family that she's a lesbian and ... She's seven, did I mention that? And, uh, I don't even know if she knows what a lesbian is, but I support her completely. And, uh ... I'll tell you what's heartbreaking. My sister punished her for it. Can you believe that? No pussy for a week. Which to us may not sound like ... But when you're seven, you know, a week is a long time. ~ Sarah Silverman
Unbiological Sister quotes by Sarah Silverman
Fidelity is the sister of justice. ~ Horace
Unbiological Sister quotes by Horace
Jeez, we haven't even slept together and already you don't trust me."
"I've known you all your life not to mention the fact that my idiot sister is in the next room and when you two get together it's like Laurel and Hardy do Denver. ~ Kristen Ashley
Unbiological Sister quotes by Kristen Ashley
And I realized that even if she didn't know it yet, everything had changed for her. She wouldn't stay here now, no matter what happened with Will Traynor. She had an air about her, a new air of knowledge, of things seen, places she had been. My sister finally had new horizons. ~ Jojo Moyes
Unbiological Sister quotes by Jojo Moyes
Contentment is an asset that we take for granted until we lose it. It's the brother of happiness, the sister of peace of mind, and the mother of purpose. ~ Joan Marques
Unbiological Sister quotes by Joan Marques
my sweet old etcetera
aunt lucy during the recent

war could and what
is more did tell you just
what everybody was fighting

my sister

isabel created hundreds
hundreds) of socks not to
mention shirts fleaproof earwarmers

etcetera wristers etcetera, my

mother hoped that

i would die etcetera
bravely of course my father used
to become hoarse talking about how it was
a privilege and if only he
could meanwhile my

self etcetera lay quietly
in the deep mud et

cetera, of
Your smile
eyes knees and of your Etcetera) ~ E. E. Cummings
Unbiological Sister quotes by E. E. Cummings
Watching his sister be a mother was perhaps the greatest argument for marriage. And watching his niece spit up on her was perhaps the best argument against procreation. ~ Kate Noble
Unbiological Sister quotes by Kate Noble
The whole family sang:
"Over the river and through
the woods, now grandmother's
cap I spy!
Hurray for the fun!
Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!"

"But Gran doesn't have a cap," said Sister. "She has a scarf."
"Well, I spy it anyway--through the kitchen window," said Brother. ~ Mike Berenstain
Unbiological Sister quotes by Mike Berenstain
Shy South comes home to her farm to find a blackened shell, her brother and sister stolen, and knows she'll have to go back to bad old ways if she's ever to see them again. She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old step-father Lamb for company. But it turns out he's hiding a bloody past of his own. None bloodier. Their journey will take them across the lawless plains, to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feuds, duels, and massacres, high into unmapped mountains to a reckoning with ancient enemies, and force them into alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, a man no one should ever have to trust ... ~ Joe Abercrombie
Unbiological Sister quotes by Joe Abercrombie
My sister is 4 years older than me and I've always looked up to her, she was the girl I always wanted to be. ~ Aeriel Miranda
Unbiological Sister quotes by Aeriel Miranda
I remember having a conversation with my sister, saying, 'What if I don't make it? What if I'm still waiting tables when I'm 35?' I was just at the end of my rope. But I've been at the end of that rope several times. ~ Chelsea Handler
Unbiological Sister quotes by Chelsea Handler
Your very own sister may take your husband away and your husband may be the ticket for economic survival. ~ Frederick Lenz
Unbiological Sister quotes by Frederick Lenz
There had been three of them once: James, then a sister named Fonsiba, then Lucas, children of Aunt Tomey's Turl, old Carother McCaslin's son, and Tennie Beauchamp, whom Edmonds' great-uncle Amodeus McCaslin won from a neighbor in a poker game in 1859. . .But James, the eldest, ran away before he became of age and didn't stop until he had crossed the Ohio River and they never heard from or of him again at all––that is, that his white kindred ever knew. It was as though he had not only. . .put running water between himself and the land of his grandmother's betrayal and his father's nameless birth, but he had interposed latitude and geography too, shaking from his feet forever the very dust of the land where his white ancestor could acknowledge or repudiate him from one day to another, according to his whim, but where he dared not even repudiate the white ancestor save when it met the white man's humor of the moment. ~ William Faulkner
Unbiological Sister quotes by William Faulkner
20 If someone says, "I love God," but hates a Christian brother or sister,* that person is a liar; for if we don't love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? 21 And he has given us this command: Those who love God must also love their Christian brothers and sisters.* ~ Anonymous
Unbiological Sister quotes by Anonymous
By the time she turned fifteen, all of that was gone. She hardly spoke in class. She refused to function in any sort of school event, and rather than discuss her feelings she deferred the world with a hard and perfectly practiced smile.

Apparently - if her sister is to be believed - Karen spent every night of her fourteenth year composing that smile in front of a blue plastic handled mirror. Tragically her creation proved flawless and though her near aphonia should have alarmed any adept teacher or guidance counselor, it was invariably rewarded with the pyritic prize of high school popularity. ~ Mark Z. Danielewski
Unbiological Sister quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
Seems we can never just be brother and sister like in other families. Our whole lives, people have felt an urge to make up special names for what we are. at Lafayette Christian, we were the 'Oreo twins' or 'Kimberly and Arnold' after the characters on Diff'rent Strokes. And while those nicknames bugged us, they were certainly preferable to what they call us at Harrison ~ Julia Scheeres
Unbiological Sister quotes by Julia Scheeres
Dragging the trap attached to its leg. Dovewing leaped at it, claws out, and landed on its neck as the fox's jaws snapped down toward her sister. Below, Thornclaw and Birchfall launched themselves at the creature's haunches while Blossomfall and Mousewhisker ~ Erin Hunter
Unbiological Sister quotes by Erin Hunter
Alan Shepard was the first and only interplanetary golfer," Coke told his sister. "He was also the first and only interplanetary litterbug," Moe said. "What he did was disgraceful. ~ Dan Gutman
Unbiological Sister quotes by Dan Gutman
In the eulogy by the graveside, I told everyone how my sister and I used to sing to each other on our birthday. I told them that, when I thought of my sister, I could still hear her laughter, sense her optimism, and feel her faith. I told them that my sister was the kindest person I;ve ever known, and that the world was a sadder place without her in it. And finally, I told them to remember my sister with a smile, like I did, for even though she was being buried near my parents, the best parts of her would always stay alive, deep within our hearts. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Unbiological Sister quotes by Nicholas Sparks
In the big house opposite someone was playing the piano at Dolzhikov's. It was beginning to get dark, and stars were twinkling in the sky. Here my father, in an old top-hat with wide upturned brim, walked slowly by with my sister on his arm, bowing in response to greetings.
"Look up," he said to my sister, pointing to the sky with the same umbrella with which he had beaten me that afternoon. "Look up at the sky! Even the tiniest stars are all worlds! How insignificant is man in comparison with the universe!"
And he said this in a tone that suggested that it was particularly agreeable and flattering to him that he was so insignificant. How absolutely devoid of talent and imagination he was! ~ Anton Chekhov
Unbiological Sister quotes by Anton Chekhov
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