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Anything acquired without effort, and without cost is generally unappreciated. ~ Napoleon Hill
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Napoleon Hill
To be born a Southern woman is to be made aware of your distinctiveness. And with it, the rules. The expectations. These vary some, but all follow the same basic template, which is, fundamentally, no matter what the circumstance, Southern women make the effort. Which is why even the girls in the trailer parks paint their nails. And why overstressed working moms still bake three dozen homemade cookies for the school fund-raiser. And why you will never see Reese Witherspoon wearing sweatpants. Or Oprah take a nap. ~ Allison Glock
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Allison Glock
We erect a statue in our own image inside ourselves - idealised, you know, but still recognisable - and then spend our lives engaged in the effort to make ourselves into its likeness. ~ John Banville
Unappreciated Effort quotes by John Banville
Instead of sitting on the sidelines, President Obama has made it clear that the US is ready to lead a global effort to combat climate change. ~ Valerie Jarrett
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Valerie Jarrett
My aim was to safeguard justice, without doing harm to our war effort. ~ Hans Frank
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Hans Frank
You must take the first step. The first steps will take some effort, maybe pain. But after that, everything that has to be done is real-life movement. ~ Ben Stein
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ben Stein
You don't like me do you?'
'That would take effort,' she replied. 'Indifference is much, much easier. ~ Jasper Fforde
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Jasper Fforde
And instead of dying Immediately after they shot him, he would go on to survive several days solely because of the cold that January. Maybe that's why we are drawn to those who posses the coldest of hearts ... In effort to survive. ~ Bethany Brookbank
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Bethany Brookbank
[perfectionism leads to] a tendency to apologize preemptively for one's efforts, knowing from experience that there's sure to be something wrong with them. ~ William Westney
Unappreciated Effort quotes by William Westney
Poets, if they're genuine, must keep repeating "I don't know." Each poem marks an effort to answer this statement, but as soon as the final period hits the page, the poet begins to hesitate, starts to realize that this particular answer was pure makeshift that's absolutely inadequate to boot. So the poets keep on trying, and sooner or later the consecutive results of their self-dissatisfaction are clipped together with a giant paperclip by literary historians and called their oeuvre. ~ Wislawa Szymborska
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Wislawa Szymborska
Make the second effort your second nature. ~ Harvey MacKay
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Harvey MacKay
You don't need great skill to be a tough rebounder; being a rebounder is all about effort, determination, and physicality ~ Michael Malone
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Michael Malone
Are stress and worry evidences of a soul too lazy, too undisciplined, to keep gaze fixed on God? To stay in love? I don't like to ask these questions, sweep out these corners where eyes glare from shadows. Stress brings no joy. Isn't joy worth the effort of trust? This is the work (service) that God asks of you: that you believe in the One Whom He has sent [that you cleave to, trust, rely on, and have faith in His Messenger]. ~ Ann Voskamp
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ann Voskamp
And what kind of sick and twisted impulse would cause a professional sportswriter to deliver a sermon from the Book of Revelations off his hotel balcony on the dawn of Super Sunday? I had not planned a sermon for that morning. I had not even planned to be in Houston, for that matter ... . But now, looking back on that outburst, I see a certain inevitability about it. Probably it was a crazed and futile effort to somehow explain the extremely twisted nature of my relationship with God, Nixon and the National Football League: The three had long since become inseparable in my mind, a sort of unholy trinity that had caused me more trouble and personal anguish in the past few months than Ron Ziegler, Hubert Humphrey and Peter Sheridan all together had caused me in a year on the campaign trail. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
Great effort from great motives is the best definition of a happy life ~ William Ellery Channing
Unappreciated Effort quotes by William Ellery Channing
From my point of view it is immoral for a being not to make the most intense effort every instant of his life. ~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
The people too seemed diminished. Her favourite aunt was still her favourite, of course, but whereas she had always been impressed by the wisdom of what her aunt said, now her words seemed no more than trite. And what was worse, she had actually felt embarrassed at some of her pronouncements, thinking that such observations would seem quaint in Gaborone. That had made her feel guilty, and she had tried to smile appreciatively at her aunt's remarks, but somehow the effort seemed too great. She knew this was wrong; she knew that you should never forget what you owed to home, and to family, and to the place that nurtured you, but sometimes it was difficult to put this into practice. ~ Alexander McCall Smith
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
In fact, humans on Titan could fly by muscle power. A human in a hang glider could comfortably take off and cruise around powered by oversized swim-flipper boots - or even take off by flapping artificial wings. The power requirements are minimal - it would probably take no more effort than walking. ~ Randall Munroe
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Randall Munroe
Things which do not require effort of some sort are seldom worth having. ~ Ivor Novello
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ivor Novello
Culture is any and all human effort and labor expended upon the cosmos, to unearth its treasures and its riches and bring them into the service of man for the enrichment of human existence unto the glory of God. ~ Henry R. Van Til
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Henry R. Van Til
You know, making a movie is a collaborative effort and sometimes all the ingredients don't work out. I know that every now and again I am going to make a movie that won't work. ~ Eddie Murphy
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Eddie Murphy
The play is really a kind of nightmare. It ought to flow rapidly and effortlessly from one moment to another. In London, we had difficulty with the set, which required too much effort to move around. Having gotten the benefit of seeing it done once, I wanted to work on the script, to make it sharper and more pointed. ~ Arthur Miller
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Arthur Miller
The war propaganda effort requires demonizing the enemy, especially the leader of the country targeted. It's easier to convince people to sacrifice to fight another "Hitler" than an enemy who demonstrates an element of humanity. That is the role of the propagandists: Demonize and build hate regardless of how many lies have to be told. ~ Ron Paul
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ron Paul
A contemplative should pay equal attention to concentration, energetic effort and equanimity, and not exclusively to one of these factors only. ~ Gautama Buddha
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Gautama Buddha
Spikes first had been our code. Our mantra in life, the thought that you dove full force into confrontation, damn the repercussions to others, should they be too dumb to move out of the way. Sometimes you made it there safely. Sometimes you didn't, the enormous effort a waste. But if you had the opening, you had to try. ~ Alessandra Torre
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Alessandra Torre
When changes are not converted to new habits, it takes conscious effort to continue performing the changed behavior. Willpower, which drives proper behavior that has not yet become a habit, is like a ~ Kyle Havill
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Kyle Havill
Like everything else in the world, it is one man's work. ~ Rudyard Kipling
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Rudyard Kipling
Every man who praises himself brushes the luster from his best efforts. ~ Ellen G. White
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ellen G. White
Success comes from repeated efforts day in and day out. You learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and continue pressing forward until you achieve the results you desire. ~ Zig Ziglar
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Zig Ziglar
As children, Siddhartha and Jesus both realized that life is filled with suffering. The Buddha became aware at an early age that suffering is pervasive. Jesus must have had the same kind of insight, because they both made every effort to offer a way out. We, too, must learn to live in ways that reduce the world's suffering. ~ Nhat Hanh
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Nhat Hanh
If you're not gonna go all the way, why go at all? ~ Joe Namath
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Joe Namath
Devoted though we must be to the conservation cause, I do not believe that any of us should give it all of our time or effort or heart. Give what you can, but do not burn yourselves out -- or break your hearts. Let us save at least half of our lives for the enjoyment of this wonderful world which still exists. Leave your dens, abandon your cars and walk out into the great mountains, the deserts, the forests, the seashores. Those treasures still belong to all of us. Enjoy them to the full, stretch your legs, expand your lungs, enliven your hearts -- and we will outlive the greedy swine who want to destroy it all in the name of what they call GROWTH.
God bless America -- let's save some of it.
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet! ~ Edward Abbey
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Edward Abbey
The "environmental crisis," in fact, can be
solved only if people, individually and in their communities, recover responsibility for their thoughtlessly given proxies. If people begin the effort to take back into their own power a significant portion of their economic responsibility, then their inevitable first discovery is that the "environmental crisis" is no such thing; it is not a crisis of our environs or surroundings; it is a crisis of our lives as individuals, as family members, as community members, and as citizens. We have an "environmental crisis" because we have consented to an economy in which by eating, drinking, working, resting, traveling, and enjoying ourselves we are destroying the natural, the god-given world. ~ Wendell Berry
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Wendell Berry
A mature person has the integrity to be alone. And when a mature person gives love, he gives without any strings attached to it: he simply gives. And when a mature person gives love, he feels grateful that you have accepted his love, not vice versa. He does not expect you to be thankful for it – no, not at all, he does not even need your thanks. He thanks you for accepting his love.

And when two mature persons are in love, one of the greatest paradoxes of life happens, one of the most beautiful phenomena: they are together and yet tremendously alone, they are together so much so that they are almost one. But their oneness does not destroy their individuality; in fact, it enhances it: they become more individual. Two mature persons in love help each other to become more free. There is no politics involved, no diplomacy, no effort to dominate. How can you dominate the person you love? Just think over it.

Domination is a sort of hatred, anger, enmity. How can you even think of dominating a person you love? You would love to see the person totally free, independent; you will give him more individuality. That's why I call it the greatest paradox: they are together so much so that they are almost one, but still in that oneness they are individuals. Their individualities are not effaced; they have become more enhanced. The other has enriched them as far as their freedom is concerned.

Immature people falling in love destroy each other's freedom, creat ~ Osho
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Osho
Tension means hurry, fear, doubt. Tension means a constant effort to protect, to be secure, to be safe. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow now, or for the afterlife - afraid tomorrow you will not be able to face the reality, so be prepared. Tension means the past that you have not lived really but only somehow bypassed; it hangs, it is a hangover, it surrounds you. ~ Rajneesh
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Rajneesh
In all jazz, and especially the blues, there is something tart and ironic, authoritative and double-edged. White Americans seem to feel that happy songs are happy and sad songs are sad, and that, God help us, is exactly the way most white Americans sing them - sounding, in both cases, so helplessly, defenselessly fatuous that one dare not speculate on the temperature of the deep freeze from which issue their brave and sexless little voices. Only people who have been "down the line," as the song puts it, know what this music is about…. White Americans do not understand the depths out of which such an ironic tenacity comes, but they suspect that the force is sensual, and they are terrified of sensuality, and do not any longer understand it. The word "sensual" is not intended to bring to mind quivering dusky maidens or priapic black studs. I am referring to something much simpler and much less fanciful. To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread. It will be a great day for America, incidentally, when we begin to eat bread again, instead of the blasphemous and tasteless foam rubber that we have substituted for it. And I am not being frivolous here, either. ~ James Baldwin
Unappreciated Effort quotes by James Baldwin
I find it an effort to keep up appearances. ~ Dusty Springfield
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Dusty Springfield
I think it is every woman's duty to make herself as attractive as her time and means permit. After all, there you are, in your person- a living symbol of the progress of art, science and imagination. To be as attractive as we can be is almost a civic duty; there are so many sad and ugly things in the world that I think women should say to themselves humbly, not with vanity, 'I will try to be as pretty as I can, so that when people look at me, they will feel refreshed. I will make an effort to be easy on the eye.' ~ Ilka Chase
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Ilka Chase
You can believe what you like. Not everyone can love. We–and they–may believe that, but it is so. They learn the movements, the lines and the steps, that's all. Some of them are so good they can fool us for quite a while. What surprises me is not that they succeed, but that they can be bothered. Why go to all the effort to have a feeling reciprocated which you don't understand? Do you understand, Constable? ~ Jo Nesbø
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Jo Nesbø
Engagement is that optional effort that employees (or volunteers) add beyond just following instructions. ~ Rex Miller
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Rex Miller
There still remains one effort of magnanimity, one sacrifice of prejudice and passion, to be made by the individuals throughout the nation who have heretofore followed the standards of political party. It is that of discarding every remnant of rancor against each other, of embracing as countrymen and friends, and of yielding to talents and virtue alone that confidence which in times of contention for principle was bestowed only upon those who bore the badge of party communion. ~ John Quincy Adams
Unappreciated Effort quotes by John Quincy Adams
Here, in the vanguard, beyond the borders of knowledge, science becomes even more beautiful - incandescent in the forge of nascent ideas, of intuitions, of attempts. Of roads taken and then abandoned, of enthusiasms. In the effort to imagine what has not yet been imagined. Twenty ~ Carlo Rovelli
Unappreciated Effort quotes by Carlo Rovelli
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