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It was just as shocking for me to sing opera in a falsetto soprano in Germany. ~ Klaus Nomi
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Klaus Nomi
It was too nerve-wracking, a shocking spectacle, like seeing an old, calm friend go insane. ~ John Steinbeck
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by John Steinbeck
The status quo is unacceptable, and it is costly. Whatever money the province may feel it is losing with revenue sharing will be more than paid off by the revitalization and empowerment of Aboriginal communities. To put matters of dignity in blunt economic terms: healthier communities cost less to taxpayers. ~ Bob Rae
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Bob Rae
Life seems somehow less shocking, painful, and lonely - and more hopeful, agreeable, and beautiful - when our experiences are confirmed by those of others. Although each of us is unique, there are familiar responses and doubts and joys that let us know we have kin. We are not, after all, too strange to live. ~ Rosalie Maggio
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Rosalie Maggio
What's distinctively shocking about Machiavelli is that he didn't care. He believed not only that politicians must do evil in the name of the public good, but also that they shouldn't worry about it. He was unconcerned, in other words, with what modern thinkers call 'the problem of dirty hands.' ~ Michael Ignatieff
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Michael Ignatieff
Jenny Fields discovered that you got more respect from shocking other people than you got from trying to live your own life with a little privacy. ~ John Irving
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by John Irving
I won't meet his glare. "I guess I didn't care." Telling him I meant to murder his sister probably wouldn't go over very well. It would definitely cancel out the Hallmark vote.
"Unacceptable. Don't ever risk your life like that again, do you understand?"
I snort, sending little air bubbles dancing upward. "Hey, you know what else I don't care about? You giving me orders. I acted stupid, but-"
"Actually, this is a good time to point out that I'm a Royal," he says, pointing to the small tattoo of a fork on his stomach, just above the border where his abs turn into fish. "And since you're obviously Syrena, you do have to obey me."
"I'm what?" I say, trying to figure out how an eating utensil could possibly validate his claim of seniority.
"Syrena. That's what we-including you-are called."
"Syrena? Not mermaids?"
Galen clears his throat. "Uh, mermaid?"
"Really? You're gonna go there now? Fine, merman-wait, I wouldn't be a merman." Really though, what do I know about fish gender? Except that Galen is definitely male, no matter what species he is.
"Just for the record, we hate that word. And by we, I mean you also."
I roll my eyes. "Fine. But I'm not Syrena. Did I mention I don't have a big fin-"
"You're not trying hard enough."
"Trying hard enough? To grow a fin? ~ Anna Banks
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Anna Banks
We're no longer in the Cold War. Eavesdropping on friends is unacceptable. ~ Vladimir Putin
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Vladimir Putin
He is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I have watched Lord of the Rings and films with strange looking people, but for a human being to look like he does is pretty shocking. ~ David Haye
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by David Haye
You're mad."
"No, I'm just plagued with a grandmother who thinks that forcing me and my siblings into marriage will settle her mind about our futures-an idea that I mean to show her is absurd."
"By pretending to be engaged to a perfect stranger?"
He shrugged. "I came here looking for a whore to do the job. But they're expensive, and why should I settle for a whore when you'll do nicely?"
His gaze traveled down her body with thorough insolence. "You're exactly the sort my grandmother would find unacceptable as a wife for me: an American of low birth, with an impudent manner and a reckless tongue. And you're just pretty enough to convince her that I might actually contemplate marriage to you."
Shock held her motionless. She didn't know which was worse-his nonchalant attitude toward hiring a whore to fool his poor grandmother, or the insults he'd lobbed at her with insufferable arrogance. "Now that you've offended me in every possible way, do you think I'd agree to this insanity?"
Amusement flickered in his black eyes. "Given that your other choice is to take your chances with the gentlemen in the hall…yes, I do. Of course, if you want to watch your cousin hang-" He headed for the door.
He paused with his hand on the handle, one eyebrow arched in question.
The curst man had her trapped, and he knew it. ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
Nobody sets out to offend or shock for the sake of shocking. You set out to get laughs. ~ Seth MacFarlane
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Seth MacFarlane
The first episodes I actually read for 'Downton,' Sybil was really intimidated and hadn't come into her own. So it's only in Series Two that she's become so headstrong. In general, I find it exciting to play strong, female roles because they're shocking. ~ Jessica Brown Findlay
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Jessica Brown Findlay
On our first flight out, and for all the following ones, we boarded two Black Hawk helicopters. On that first flight, we were looking for the area where a marine in our group lost both of his hands. While we were airborne, the door was kept open. There were only a few pairs of headsets for the group, so whoever was the focus of the trip got first dibs on a pair and would help guide the pilot to the right spot. The rest of us shared the remaining few sets as we squinted against the wind to the terrain below. Right before we made it to this marine's area, the guy sitting next to me handed me the headset. Just as I put it over my ears, I saw the marine looking out the window, and then I heard him say, "And that's where my hands are."
Suddenly it wasn't about me, the injured guy. I was privy to this man's intimate struggle. It was a painfully shocking statement. I knew all of the rest of these guys were injured, too, but I don't think it really hit me until that moment that these guys all faced the same kinds of struggles and confusion I'd faced. ~ Noah Galloway
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Noah Galloway
Fast food is both evil and genius. Because of it we can feed a large number of people fairly decently at an affordable price. However, all the artificial flavors and artificial ingredients in some of their products are unacceptable. And it's designed so you can eat fast so you get back to work more quickly. Not good. ~ Eric Ripert
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Eric Ripert
The government has to treat all citizens equally. I am a strong supporter not of a weak version of civil unions, but of a strong version, in which the rights that are conferred at the federal level to persons who are part of the same-sex union are compatible. When it comes to federal rights, the over 1,100 rights that right now are not being given to same-sex couples, I think that's unacceptable. ~ Barack Obama
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Barack Obama
I used to live in a gap jumper, tracksuit bottoms and a fake flower in my hair. Shocking. ~ Jessie J.
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Jessie J.
Of course I do know it is the French who are so wicked; but there are all these people who keep coming and going - the Austrians, the Spaniards, the Russians. Pray, are the Russians good now? It would be very shocking - treason no doubt - to put the wrong people in my prayers. ~ Patrick O'Brian
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Patrick O'Brian
Don't worry," she whispered. "You're going to make it."
"I know." His whisper came so quietly, and sounded so impossibly sad, that Luce wasn't sure she'd heard him right. Until then,she'd thought he was unconscious,but something in her voice seemed to reach him.
His eyelids fluttered. Then, slowly, they opened.
They were violet.
The jug of water fell from her hands.
Her instinct was to crawl in next to him and cover his lips with kisses, to pretend he wasn't as badly wounded as he was.
At the sight of her, Daniel's eyes widened and he started to sit up. But then the blood began to flow from his neck again and his face drained of all its color. Luce had no choice but to restrain him.
"Shhh. She pressed his shoulders back against the stretcher, trying to get him to relax.
He squirmed under her grip. Every time he did, bright new blood bloomed through the bandage.
"Daniel,you have to stop fighting," she begged. "Please stop fighting. For me."
They locked eyes for a long,intense moment=and then the ambulance came to an abrupt stop. The back door swung open. A shocking breath of fresh air flowed in. The streets outside were quiet, but the place had the feel of a big city,even in the middle of the night.
Milan. That was where the soldier had said they were going when he assigned her to this ambulance. They must be at a hospital in Milan. ~ Lauren Kate
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Lauren Kate
'Marnie' was ahead of its time. People didn't talk about childhood and its effects on adult life. It was taboo to discuss sexuality and psychology and to put all that into a film was shocking. ~ Tippi Hedren
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Tippi Hedren
[José] Saramago for the last 25 years stood his own with any novelist of the Western world [..] He was the equal of Philip Roth, Gunther Grass, Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo. His genius was remarkably versatile - he was at once a great comic and a writer of shocking earnestness and grim poignancy. It is hard to believe he will not survive. ~ Harold Bloom
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Harold Bloom
Change from below, the formulation of demands from the populace to end unacceptable injustice, supported by direct action, has played a far larger part in shaping British democracy than most constitutional lawyers, political commentators, historians or statesmen have ever cared to admit. Direct action in a democratic society is fundamentally an educational exercise. ~ Tony Benn
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Tony Benn
People can tolerate two homosexuals they see leaving together, but the next day they're smiling, holding hands, tenderly embracing one another, then they cannot be forgiven. It is not the departure for pleasure that is unacceptable, it is waking up happy. ~ Michel Foucault
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Michel Foucault
Some may underestimate her abilities - and those are the ones she enjoys shocking the most. ~ Lily Collins
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Lily Collins
Everything was so much sharper without the Link fogging me
sights, sounds, smells. It was exhilarating and shocking and terrifying. I knew my emotions had grown too strong. They were dangerous to the Community. They were dangerous to me.
But still, I wanted color. I wanted to soar with happiness even if it meant dealing with the weight of fear and guilt, too. I wanted to live. And that meant that I couldn't give the glitching up. At least not yet. Just a little bit longer. ~ Heather Anastasiu
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Heather Anastasiu
Nearly every black man faces an unacceptable level of violence in this society. I'm not different. Money can shield you; it can protect you. But it doesn't make you white. ~ Puff Daddy
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Puff Daddy
The ancestors of the higher animals must be regarded as one-celled beings, similar to the Amoebae which at the present day occur in our rivers, pools, and lakes. The incontrovertible fact that each human individual develops from an egg, which, in common with those of all animals, is a simple cell, most clearly proves that the most remote ancestors of man were primordial animals of this sort, of a form equivalent to a simple cell. When, therefore, the theory of the animal descent of man is condemned as a 'horrible, shocking, and immoral' doctrine, tho unalterable fact, which can be proved at any moment under the microscope, that the human egg is a simple cell, which is in no way different to those of other mammals, must equally be pronounced 'horrible, shocking, and immoral. ~ Ernst Haeckel
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Ernst Haeckel
It's sometimes shocking to find out what people really believe in. ~ Tracey Ullman
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Tracey Ullman
It is fine for a woman to know a lot; but I don't want her to have this shocking desire to be learned for learnedness sake. When I ask a woman a question, I like her to pretend to ignore what she really knows. ~ Moliere
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Moliere
Racism is unacceptable in the real world, and it's unacceptable online. ~ FKA Twigs
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by FKA Twigs
For a moment, I believe, there was a stillness. A shocking realization by all things - beetles, dormice, the spiders spinning their webs in the moonlight, even the hot metal of the tracks and the wind in the trees - that Death had just shrieked past like a stinking black eagle and made off with a remarkable man. ~ Alexander Masters
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Alexander Masters
We are absolutely right to condemn the suicide bomber's targeting of innocent civilians and mourn his victims. But as we have seen, in war the state also targets such victims; during the 20th century, the rate of civilian deaths rose sharply and now stands at 90 percent. In the West we solemnize the deaths of our regular troops carefully and recurrently honor the memory of the soldier who dies do his country. Yet the civilian deaths we cause are rarely mentioned, and there has been no sustained outcry in the West against them. Suicide bombing shocks us to the core; but should it be more shocking than the deaths of thousands of children in their homelands every every year because of land mines? Or collateral damage in a drone strike? ~ Karen Armstrong
Unacceptable Shocking quotes by Karen Armstrong
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