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Never worry about things That you are unable to change. Change your own way Of looking at truth, ~ Sri Chinmoy
Unable To Change quotes by Sri Chinmoy
When you feel unable to change your bar you have become old. ~ Graham Greene
Unable To Change quotes by Graham Greene
There are many ways to become mistress (or master) of one's fate after a betrayal, but they all have things in common: conscious effort and a fighting spirit, embodied in what I call 'the Affirmative No.' The Affirmative No incorporates self-enhancing outrage, independence, and courage. It is a stance through which a traumatized person actively proclaims her will by rejecting the role of victim.... Unable to change our predicaments, we actively changed their meaning and our relationship to them, and in the process, we discovered that we could exert power when we thought we had none. ~ Jeanne Safer
Unable To Change quotes by Jeanne Safer
In order for agape to flourish, I must not be afraid to change my life. If I liked what I was doing, very well. But if I did not, there was always the time for a change. If I allowed change to occur, I would be transforming myself into a fertile field and allowing the Creative Imagination to sow its seeds in me.
"Everything I have taught you, include agape, makes sense only if you are satisfied with yourself. If you are not, then the exercises you have learned are inevitably going to make you seek change. And if you do not want all of those exercises to work against you, you have to allow change to happen.
"This is the most difficult moment in a person's life
when the person witnesses the good fight and is unable to change and join the battle. When this happens, knowledge turns against the person who holds it. ~ Paulo Coelho
Unable To Change quotes by Paulo Coelho
When a legislator succeeds, after persevering efforts, in exercising an indirect influence upon the destiny of nations, his genius is lauded by mankind, whilst, in point of fact, the geographical position of the country which he is unable to change, a social condition which arose without his co-operation, manners and opinions which he cannot trace to their source, and an origin with which he is unacquainted, exercise so irresistible an influence over the courses of society that he is himself borne away by the current, after an ineffectual resistance. Like the navigator, he may direct the vessel which bears him along, but he can neither change its structure, nor raise the winds, nor lull the waters which swell beneath him. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Unable To Change quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
As long as a memory is inaccessible, the mind is unable to change it. But as soon as a story starts being told, particularly if it is told repeatedly, it changes – the act of telling itself changes the tale. The mind cannot help but make meaning out of what it knows, and the meaning we make of our lives changes how and what we remember. ~ Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Unable To Change quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Some people make the mistake of confusing "submission" with "weakness", whereas it is anything but. Submission is a form of peaceful acceptance of the terms of the universe including the things we are currently unable to change or comprehend.
I accepted the fact that there are things beyond my limits. I can only see some parts, like floating fragments from a movie, but the bigger scheme is beyond my comprehension. ~ Elif Shafak
Unable To Change quotes by Elif Shafak
One of my biggest fears is not being able to break out of a rut; of becoming a prisoner to my ways, unable to change course. But in my mid-thirties, I learned you can change your thinking. ~ Matt Dillon
Unable To Change quotes by Matt Dillon
When something goes wrong, what's the best course of action? To change your direction. The word repentance means to stop going one direction (your own way) and turn toward the right direction (God's way). Your past may be a part of who you are, but it certainly doesn't have to define your future. Or if you feel stuck and unable to change directions and move toward God, think of this transformation another way. The Bible says that God is the Potter and we are his clay (Jer. 18:2-6). ~ Craig Groeschel
Unable To Change quotes by Craig Groeschel
It feels like a moment I've lived a thousand times before, as if everything is familiar, right up to the moment of my death, that it will happen again an infinite number of times, that we will meet, marry, have our children, succeed in the ways we have, fail in the ways we have, all exactly the same, always unable to change a thing. I am again at the bottom of an unstoppable wheel, and when I feel my eyes close for death, as they have and will a thousand times, I awake. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Unable To Change quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
Rand had changed a number of laws in Tear, especially those that weighed heavily on the poor, but he had been unable to change everything. He had not even known how to begin. Lews Therin began to maunder on about taxes and money creating jobs, but he might as well have been spilling out words at random for all the sense he made. ~ Robert Jordan
Unable To Change quotes by Robert Jordan
Anger harms no one more than he who harbors it. That both bitterness and true happiness are choices that we make, not conditions that fall upon us from the hands of fate. That peace is to be found in the acceptance of things that we are unable to change. That friends and family are the blood of life, and that the purpose of existence is caring, commitment. ~ Dean Koontz
Unable To Change quotes by Dean Koontz
History teaches us, however, that when the times are ripe for change and the government refuses or is unable to change, either society starts to decay or a revolution begins. ~ Mikhail Gorbachev
Unable To Change quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
Hindsight, I thought, was like a punishment, remorseless in its clarity and painfully unable to change what had gone before. ~ Susanna Kearsley
Unable To Change quotes by Susanna Kearsley
Charisma becomes the undoing of leaders. It makes them inflexible, convinced of their own infallibility, unable to change ~ Peter Drucker
Unable To Change quotes by Peter Drucker
While functions being unable to change state is good because it helps us reason about our programs, there's one problem with that. If a function can't change anything in the world, how is it supposed to tell us what it calculated? In order to tell us what it calculated, it has to change the state of an output device (usually the state of the screen), which then emits photons that travel to our brain and change the state of our mind, man. ~ Miran Lipovaca
Unable To Change quotes by Miran Lipovaca
One thing that has helped me personally in the past was to stop interfering with the people around me and getting frustrated when I couldn't change them. Instead of intrusion and passivity, may I suggest submission?
Some people make the mistake of confusing "submission" with "weakness", whereas it is anything but. Submission is a form of peaceful acceptance of the terms of the universe, including the things we are currently unable to change or comprehend. ~ Elif Shafak
Unable To Change quotes by Elif Shafak
The Warrior-Sage will get focused, turn the power on and concentrate on the job at hand. And by doing this he is an effective role model for others around him. One way or another, he will get the job done. And if he finds himself in a situation that he is unable to change he will simply shrug his shoulders, go inside himself and wait it out. ~ Karl Wiggins
Unable To Change quotes by Karl Wiggins
Always prepare ourselves for more difficult times. Always accept what we're unable to change. Always manage our expectations. Always persevere. Always learn to love our fate and what happens to us. Always protect our inner self, retreat into ourselves. Always submit to a greater, larger cause. Always remind ourselves of our own mortality. ~ Ryan Holiday
Unable To Change quotes by Ryan Holiday
It's not a war. It's an annihilation," he'd mumbled low for her ears only. She'd been unable to respond, only focusing on her own breath and marveling that she in fact was still breathing. ~ Jettie Necole
Unable To Change quotes by Jettie Necole
I've come across people who say that there is a sort of inborn restlessness in the human spirit and an urge to change one's abode; for man is endowed with a mind which is changeable and and unsettled: nowhere at rest, it darts about and directs its thoughts to all places known and unknown, a wanderer which cannot endure repose and delights chiefly in novelty. ~ Seneca.
Unable To Change quotes by Seneca.
I don't do a lot of rehearsal. I don't like rehearsals. I rehearse the day or morning. I spend one hour and a half with all the actors, and we go over the scenes, and we change it and change the dialogue, and we do a lot of things to it, but prior to shooting, I don't really rehearse. ~ Susanne Bier
Unable To Change quotes by Susanne Bier
This means, of course, that the most foundational change of all, the one from which all else issues, is hardest to track. It means that politics arises out of the spread of ideas and the shaping of imaginations. It means that symbolic and cultural acts have real political power. And it means that the changes that count take place not merely onstage as action but in the minds of those who are again and again pictured only as audience or bystanders. The revolution that counts is the one that takes place in the imagination; many kinds of change issue forth thereafter, some gradual and subtle, some dramatic and conflict-ridden - which is to say that revolution doesn't necessarily look like revolution. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Unable To Change quotes by Rebecca Solnit
People are always shouting they want to create a better future. It's not true. The future is an apathetic void of no interest to anyone. The past is full of life, eager to irritate us, provoke and insult us, tempt us to destroy or repaint it. The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past. ~ Milan Kundera
Unable To Change quotes by Milan Kundera
With self-awareness we can change our inner conversation about what we are feeling and create different outcomes in conversations with others. To create conversations for change we must be able to process ourselves and others through emotions. ~ Shawn Kent Hayashi
Unable To Change quotes by Shawn Kent Hayashi
For me, the first sign of oncoming madness is that I'm unable to write. ~ Marya Hornbacher
Unable To Change quotes by Marya Hornbacher
The atmosphere almost looks like an eggshell on an egg, it's so thin. We know that we don't have much air - we need to protect what we have. ~ Eileen Collins
Unable To Change quotes by Eileen Collins
I'm not going to let the government make a profit out of lending money for people to go to college. So we're going to really change this. I see it as an investment, not an expense, and I'm going to treat it that way. ~ Hillary Clinton
Unable To Change quotes by Hillary Clinton
Philosophies change by the day while God never changes, simply because, being perfect, He does not have to change! ~ Jimmy Swaggart
Unable To Change quotes by Jimmy Swaggart
Almost always the men who achieve these fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change.15 And perhaps that point need not have been made explicit, for obviously these are the men who, being little committed by prior practice to the traditional rules of normal science, are particularly likely to see that those rules no longer define a playable game and to conceive another set that can replace them. ~ Thomas S. Kuhn
Unable To Change quotes by Thomas S. Kuhn
Our human tragedy is that we are unable to comprehend our experience, it slips through our fingers, we can't hold on to it, and the more time passes, the harder it gets ... My father said that the natural world gave us explanations to compensate for the meanings we could not grasp. The slant of the cold sunlight on a winter pine, the music of water, an oar cutting the lake and the flight of birds, the mountains' nobility , the silence of the silence. We are given life but must accept that it is unattainable and rejoice in what can be held in the eye, the memory, the mind. ~ Salman Rushdie
Unable To Change quotes by Salman Rushdie
To change the world , we need to combine Ancient wisdom with new technologies ~ Paulo Coelho
Unable To Change quotes by Paulo Coelho
I change the world by changing myself. I am changing the world by loving myself, by enjoying life, by making my personal world a dream of heaven. I change myself, and just like magic, other people start to change. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
Unable To Change quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Sometimes you have to do nothing to make something happen. ~ Marty Rubin
Unable To Change quotes by Marty Rubin
In order to change your life outside, you must first change inside ~ Louise Hay
Unable To Change quotes by Louise Hay
You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write. ~ Saul Bellow
Unable To Change quotes by Saul Bellow
Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. Some people don't want to believe that. But if you're over age twenty-one, your life is what you're making of it. To change your life, you need to change your priorities ~ John C. Maxwell
Unable To Change quotes by John C. Maxwell
It is up to us to change laws on the books like 'Stand Your Ground' laws and push elected officials to enact regulations that hold police officers to the same standards as the rest of society. This is why we vote. ~ Al Sharpton
Unable To Change quotes by Al Sharpton
To be an American and unable to play baseball is comparable to being a Polynesian and unable to swim. ~ John Cheever
Unable To Change quotes by John Cheever
Rules and systems were created by people. And that awareness gives us the courage to contemplate how we can change them. ~ Adam M. Grant
Unable To Change quotes by Adam M. Grant
My goal has not ever been to change minds, my goal is to open minds. ~ Michael Franti
Unable To Change quotes by Michael Franti
Some people won't like me; that's just human nature. I battled with that for years, trying to please people, but now I haven't got time to win people over! I've got nappies to change! ~ Rebecca Ferguson
Unable To Change quotes by Rebecca Ferguson
On visioning: In visioning, you're not using your limited perception of life to manifest. You're using your mind for the purpose it was actually created - as an avenue of awareness, a receiving station to pick up the divine ideas being broadcast everywhere. And once you catch this vision, it doesn't just manifest, it changes you, stretches you, transforming you into a person who can handle the higher vibration and larger manifestation. You don't just get the new Mercedes, you get Mercedes Consciousness. You become the change you want to see. ~ Derek Rydall
Unable To Change quotes by Derek Rydall
Obviously it's easier when I' m doing the adapting myself. But my feeling is, your potential upside far outweighs the downside. Ultimately, they [moviemakers] can't change your book. Your book remains on the shelf the way you wrote it. If they make a great movie of your book, then you have the equivalent of millions and millions of dollars of advertising for your book. If the movie's not that good, that doesn't mean the book's not good. It doesn't change what you've already written. It has the potential to reach more people. ~ Jonathan Tropper
Unable To Change quotes by Jonathan Tropper
Dance today is clearly in an unsettled state. Old forms and traditions are being given up. New ones are arising to take their place. A time of change presents a confused picture. That there is change is proof that dance is organically vital
and much more so than it has ever before been in this country. ~ Margaret H'Doubler
Unable To Change quotes by Margaret H'Doubler
He stared at her in insolent silence, unable to believe the alluring, impulsive girl he remembered had become this coolly aloof, self-possessed young woman. Even with her dusty clothes and the smear of dirt on her cheek, Elizabeth Cameron was strikingly beautiful, but she'd changed so much that-except for the eyes-he scarcely recognized her. One thing hadn't changed: She was still a schemer and a liar.
Straightening abruptly from his stance in the doorway, Ian walked forward. "I've had enough of this charade, Miss Cameron. No one invited you here, and you damn well know it."
Blinded with wrath and humiliation, Elizabeth groped in her reticule and snatched out the handwritten letter her uncle had received inviting Elizabeth to join Ian there. Marching up to him, she slapped the invitation against his chest. Instinctively he caught it but didn't open it.
"Explain that," she commanded, backing away and then waiting.
"Another note, I'll wager," he drawled sarcastically, thinking of the night he'd gone to the greenhouse to meet her and recalling what a fool he'd been about her.
Elizabeth stood beside the table, determined to have the satisfaction of hearing his explanation before she left-not that anything he said could make her stay. When he showed no sign of opening it, she turned furiously to Jake, who was sorely disappointed that Ian was deliberately chasing off two females who could surely be persuaded to do the cooking if they stayed. "Make him read ~ Judith McNaught
Unable To Change quotes by Judith McNaught
Either you vegetate and look out a window, or activate and try to effect change. ~ Christopher Reeve
Unable To Change quotes by Christopher Reeve
The Andrians were the first of the islanders to refuse Themistocles' demand for money. He had put it to them that they would be unable to avoid paying, because the Athenians had the support of two powerful deities, one called Persuasion and the other Compulsion.
The Andrians had replied that Athens was lucky to have two such useful gods, who were obviously responsible for her wealth and greatness; unfortunately, they themselves, in their small & inadequate land, had two utterly useless deities, who refused to leave the island and insisted on staying; and their names were Poverty and Inability. ~ Herodotus
Unable To Change quotes by Herodotus
Wow," I said. "That story is disturbing on so many different levels. One thing that's mystifying about Indian mythology is how often the names change. The skin color changes – she's golden, she's black, she's pink. Her name changes – she's Durga, Kali, Parvati. Her personality changes – she's a loving mother, she's a fierce warrior, she's terrible in her wrath, she's a lover, she's vengeful, she's weak and mortal, then she's powerful and can't be defeated. Then there's her marital status – she's sometimes single, sometimes married. It's hard to keep all the stories straight."

Ren snickered. "Sounds like a normal woman to me. ~ Colleen Houck
Unable To Change quotes by Colleen Houck
Life's like a lottery. Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes bad luck follows you. Life is not fair. I'd trade away my computer to be a boy. But God chose me to be a girl, and I can't change that. So you just gotta deal with what you have, and try to be happy about it. Nothing's all bad. There are some good stuff in bad stuff, and sometimes bad stuff in good stuff. Just deal with it. ~ Janice Liang
Unable To Change quotes by Janice Liang
Giving is a universal opportunity. Regardless of your age, profession, religion, income bracket, and background, you have the capacity to create change. ~ Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Unable To Change quotes by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Is autism a disease?

If a woman asked me right now, "but wouldn't you rather be cured?" I'd reply, "would you like to be cured of being a woman?"

Autism, like womanhood, is painful, and difficult, and not made easy by the structure of our society. But it is who we are.

There are treatments that can make certain aspects easier, yes. But there is no whole cure because there is no whole disease.

Some women take birth control to reduce the effects of PMS or PMDD, to stop their bodies from being so at odds with the world, to make living just a little more easy, a little more comfortable. But it is not for every woman, it does not change the fact that they are a woman, and it does not change the sexism that they face every day, all the problems that result from the fact of society being built to serve people who are not them.

I'd like treatments for autistic people to be seen in the same light. Medicine's priority should be to improve quality of life, not to make a person more palatable to society.

Society must be forced to deal with these people because these people will not be easily consigned to oblivion. ~ Irene Wendy Wode
Unable To Change quotes by Irene Wendy Wode
The clear and present danger of climate change means we cannot burn our way to prosperity. We already rely too heavily on fossil fuels. We need to find a new, sustainable path to the future we want. We need a clean industrial revolution. ~ Ban Ki-moon
Unable To Change quotes by Ban Ki-moon
Oftentimes, small business owners are unable to obtain reasonably priced financing and instead turn to higher priced forms of capital, such as credit cards. ~ Melissa Bean
Unable To Change quotes by Melissa Bean
Instant enlightenment. A quintessential modernism, culture and religion accommodated to the age of fast food and bumper stickers. But psyche and spirit are not so exempt from the natural domain that they can simply produce self-change instantaneously, on demand. Wisdom precipitates through a notoriously slow apparatus of retorts and flasks, and it has to find receptive ground only in a properly seasoned mind. ~ Kenny Smith
Unable To Change quotes by Kenny Smith
Yes. Kissing. Overrated."
"I could change your mind," Zach said, surprising the hell out of them both. Why would he take something as simple as this banter as a challenge? "I don't know that I want to, but I feel right sure I could."
"How arrogant. How typically male."
"I suppose." He shrugged and reached for the wine bottle. "More?"
She nodded, frowning now. "How do you know you could change my mind? It's been a long time since you ... well - "
"Over two years." The pain was there, an ache in his chest he imagined he would feel every time he thought of Hannah.
And he thought of her every day. Dreamed of her about as often. But lately, maybe only in the past week, he'd begun to realize that his life had not ended with his wife's.
He either had to die or start living again. ~ Tracy Sumner
Unable To Change quotes by Tracy Sumner
People can change the volume, the location and the composition of their income, and they can do so in response to changes in government policies. ~ Arthur Laffer
Unable To Change quotes by Arthur Laffer
Society will always do better where citizens have a belief in justice, honour and private morality. Where individuals are reduced to the satisfaction of personal appetites society will decline. The need to preserve society is at the very heart of conservatism and the absolute moral truths that are required for this preservation are not subject to change. ~ Cory Bernardi
Unable To Change quotes by Cory Bernardi
Men are but children of a larger growth, Our appetites as apt to change as theirs, And full as craving too, and full as vain. ~ Diane Arbus
Unable To Change quotes by Diane Arbus
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