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#1. We bury our seeds and wait,
Winter blocks the road,
Flowers are taken prisoner underground,
But then green justice tenders a spear - Author: Rumi
Umeme Tenders quotes by Rumi
#2. Faeries are known to be tenders of plants and energizing inhabitants of gardens. They are more elusive than Angels and often have lively, mercurial temperaments. They are active in preserving what little wilderness remains on the Earth. - Author: Elizabeth S. Eiler
Umeme Tenders quotes by Elizabeth S.  Eiler
#3. s ships Phoenix and Rose, in the company of three tenders, cast off their moorings at Staten Island and started up the harbor under full sail, moving swiftly with the favorable wind and a perfect flood tide. Alarm guns sounded in New York. Soldiers - Author: David McCullough
Umeme Tenders quotes by David McCullough

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